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  1. I don't trust the baht at this time. Sure the loss on the money in the bank may not be huge, but I hate to lose anything.
  2. Mine is up in mid November so we will see!
  3. migrant

    Summer Fishing In Middle Earth

    Very nice!
  4. migrant


    Got stung by one of the little scorpions, bastard! Hit my finger opening a BBQ briquet bag. I had checked but the little shithead was in the folds of the bag. Hurt like hell for 2 days, then tingled for 3. Didn't stop the BBQ though but needed a lot of cold beer (for the finger guys).
  5. migrant

    Usa Thread

    When West Hollywood "came out of the closet" I believe in the early 80's the saying was "what do you do if you drop your wallet in West Hollywood?", "kick it to LA before you bend to pick it up"
  6. migrant

    Usa Thread

    Regarding Coss's question on insurance, and a follow up to CS's comments (that I agree with). The insurance companies ( a personal hate) always end up in good shape. Large claims paid out, simply bump premiums to everyone else. California has earthquake insurance, very expensive. I never purchased the insurance since in most all disasters such as hurricanes, and earthquakes, the Federal government offered very low cost loans. During past natural disasters the government has, I imagine, paid out considerable amounts (I'm sure the amounts are available somewhere on the net) but no real effects to the markets. Perhaps because they are viewed as loans the market guru's discount them?
  7. migrant

    Usa Thread

    I lived, on and off, in California for around 15 years mostly in the southern areas, LA and Orange county. I remember working in LA in the very early 80's and seeing homeless camps at that time. Now there seem to be quite a few.
  8. migrant

    TIT. Thank God!

    There was a local cleanup here that one needed to take a boat to. Big event, lots of kids, government workers, governor speeches, etc. Out of maybe 1,000 there were 2 other falangs besides me. Getting out of the boat, coming back after the event, I stumbled and fell on the dock (embarrassing, had boats most my life). I was fine, but 5-6 Thais (I'm kind of big) helped me up, grabbed my arm, and wouldn't let go until well on shore. I could have done without it, but it was nice. I've quite a few other examples of very helpful Thais, funny how these are all outside tourist areas!!
  9. migrant

    Usa Thread

    Here in Bang Saphan I see quite a few Women in hijab. Started looking closer a couple years back (after all I am a trained accountant) and noticed many cute ones!! In the US I had many Muslim friends, and clients, but saw very few hajibs, probably more burqa's. I've never felt animosity towards Muslims in general but it took me a while to get used to the many I see here wearing some of the garments. Combine that with some of the head covers that the field workers wear and it can be pretty scary for one who sees it for the first time!
  10. migrant

    Usa Thread

    Hi Mekong, I do see your point but most of the T & C's I have seen (probably not as many as you, but seen my share) usually have some language that states the employee will perform the job given them unless illegal or dangerous ( or some such language) . There has been a lot in the news in the past about Muslims wanting to wear habibs, do their prayers and have been fired, or disciplined for that. From what I have read the results tend to be mixed, some have said religious freedom, some have said detriment to the workplace. I go from memory on this, no specific cite, I am retired mostly so try not to follow to closely!! So kneeling isn't illegal, nor dangerous (although after a few drinks can be tricky) and would be freedom of expression, not religion, so would that hold up? I don't know, and do not question your knowledge and experience. You are correct that kneeling, or mooning, is not against the law (well kneeling anyway) but is it a part of the job? Has CK filed for wrongful termination? I do not know. But thanks Mekong for some differing thoughts!!
  11. migrant

    Jack Ma retiring, but that pic?

    With his money you would think he could buy some curves.
  12. migrant

    Usa Thread

    I guess I view things differently, maybe because I am "old school". CK (sorry early morning typing) chose to go against the wishes of his bosses, he got fired, period. I don't really care why he did it, he is entitled to his opinions as much as all of us, but his boss said stand, he didn't. How many of you would have lasted in your job after telling your boss, "I know you want me to do this, but nahhhh I'm not going to". He was talented, no doubt, I played college football but would never have made it in the pros, they are gifted individuals. But did he risk more than the construction worker telling his boss that the job was too far to drive to? The migrant worker who said "I'm not picking today, you sprayed insecticide last night", The IT man who said, "I wrote the code my way, not really the way you wanted boss" (OK I know shit about IT). Granted, he was a higher profile than other workers, but what, really, is the difference? I'll admit I have not studied every piece of news on this but I would believe he had plenty of opportunity to discuss his desire to kneel with his management before, and after, and he should have known being released was going to be the result, unless his opinion of himself was higher than those in the management. I've owned my own business most my working life, only 10 - 15 employees but still. I used to tell my people that what I say isn't gospel, but I am the boss. If you disagree, or want to do it a different way, talk to me. But, mine is the ultimate decision since the business is my financial risk, if I say do this, and you do that, it sure as hell better work out better and, even then, their job is at risk.
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    The Golden Era of Thailand Travel: 1947-1979

    Thanks for the link, enjoyed it greatly!!
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    Any New Jokes

    Ahh in the immortal words of Andrew Dice Clay (paraphrased) "What do you expect with Asian drivers, you can blindfold them with dental floss". Yes I do mention that to my (Thai) wife and the wounds are healing.
  15. migrant

    Tex Mex

    I do it similar but like to take the cooked pork out, drain, and put in the oven until I get a little crispness on the meats edges. Not enough to dry them out though.
  16. migrant

    Tex Mex

    Lived in California many years and spent lots of time over the border in Mexico. Like many foods, the American version can get a little wobbly depending on where you go. It's very popular in So California and many of our Mexican friends from, as Flashermac pointed out, the south of Mexico cook it. With all the cheap pork here in Thailand I have made it a few times, very easy and good!!
  17. I lived in Maine for a while, lobstering was, and still is, a big industry there. Wars, large and small, popped up all the time including some killings
  18. migrant

    Return of the Begpacker

    Hopefully he stays positive when he keels over from hunger
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    Well it could be for creative people!!
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    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    That academy award nominated film (I think it was, couldn't find it though) Cowboys and Aliens. Wonder what pictures the studio execs had on Daniel Craig and Harrison ford to get them in this flick. Despite that, god help me, I found it amusing.
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    Any New Jokes

    Still read it wrong
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    Best Ways To Manage Your Traveling Money.

    That's why! I always pictured NZ women like the only other New Zealandites I know, small Lord of the Ring types. Figured they liked small cars due to that.
  23. migrant

    Global RIP thread

    Good Morning Vietnam broadcaster dies https://www.bangkokpost.com/news/world/1506406/good-morning-vietnam-broadcaster-dies
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    The Anything Goes Youtubery Thread

    Another great one!
  25. migrant

    Best Ways To Manage Your Traveling Money.

    I thought the best way is to ask the first Lady you meet to do the finances? Let her have all the money to pay the bills since it's her country. No wonder my trips are cut short!