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    learning how to live abroad and in Thailand.
  1. LucasReti

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    Yes for sure. can anyone recommend a good book or Ibook from I tunes to download or the best way to learn the basics?
  2. LucasReti

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    Yep I ditched the dead weight a few weeks ago. Glad Im not moving into a place in canada with her. so your saying dont bring a back pack and join preemptive strike.
  3. LucasReti

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    Thanks for all the advice everyone!. I defiantly want to get my affairs squared away in canada. I sold my houses years ago and just have a loan on a fifth wheel and a vehicle and few toys that are paid for. So I plan on claiming non resident of canada since I will not really be there much. I guess I need a tax accountant and laywer to make sure everything is taken care of. I am getting a bank account with Barclays in the UK and getting rid of my one in canada along with the health insurance so I can claim non resident. not sure what all else I gotta do yet. besides research the crap out of how to get around and communicate once i'm there. any advice.
  4. LucasReti

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    I have though of this. Thank you. I'll bring a passport also.
  5. LucasReti

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    I everyone. I am coming to Thailand in early November. Dont know a whole lot about much when it comes to living there but that's what i plan to do once I have traveled around and found a quite spot to get a little place by the water. Just going to show up with my packback. My company will fly me there each set of days off for my month off. I cant wait bu know I have allot of learning to do.