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  1. :neener: :neener: :neener:
  2. I'd say all posts are. Including this!
  3. just brilliant a new billiniare is born
  4. don't know. but there's a crash in munich today & rome yesterday
  5. yes fucking brilliant that skype thingy is for IM & audio between up to 5 persons I believe? even enables chat/im behind most firewalls/tricky configurations for HTML/web editing I never quite found the killer application so would be interested to hear what you guys use? Netscape/Mozilla got a decent WYSIWYG editor & so does MS with OE or frontpage, which can be good to track links etc. for a complete web site. html-kit is good for HTML editing & checking your code or even converting 'old' html to xhtml supporting mobile lite browsers
  6. no you must be joking?
  7. hmm - good question and yours? :hubba:
  8. yep & the most scary part is that I might have to share with some of these weird fellow board members - like yourself! peace ::
  9. that's exactly what sounded good about it: trading it for holidays around the world in expensive places unlike LOS. I'll look into your supplied link. thanks! p.s. noticed the guys doing surveys on suk rd in front of ambassador, but did not partake this time as it was a male!
  10. matey your post is always a perfect combination of fun & information. thanks for making my day p.s. good luck with the muppet
  11. sorry to hear that, but thanks for sharing. if it's any comfort to you I can't believe I wasted some odd 4 hours in that supposedly office of them england boys & a few secretary's & ending up not getting any last night
  12. well done mister valentino - that's exactly the one they we're trying to sell me. starting price for 1 week 19k. last offer 5k. very last offer on the 3 year trial was 'only' 2k euro! good deal if all they said we're valid... wonder how they're able to pull of the CC dosh & what sort of certificate they'd give you? the good thing about little hill is it's near to butterfly bar, but apart from that a shitty location cheers guys for helping me getting over the lost deal of the century Little hill time share
  13. ok I give in - I'll buy your identity instead - cheaper at least - not sure what's in it for me though :hubba: anyways the funny thing is to they even try scam you for your free price which you need to send in 1000bt to a postal adress in jomtien to claim LOL. can't believe I still though I wanted that one, but that they did not hit me up for it... ok next time I shag 5 girls in 24h I won't go claim any free prices even a fluent english speaking cute TG sweettalking you
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