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  1. You're missing the points of this thread - why need secrecy from doctors if their files (journals, records whatever named) are more or less public our medical records are worthless (especially mine) but some are more interesting and not worthless - celebs, politicians, religious leaders... ---- Creating an audit trail was an idea(l) already in 1976 when I started with computer security. Sure log all access, but it's possible to erase, change or add posts to it - "TheCorinthian accessed governor X file" if not your patient, for example can make you lose you job, being kicked out from the medical profession or send you to jail....
  2. You can audit illegal access within the system, people with access checking wrong persons. You can't audit a hacker breaking the system or accessing directly the database via the server.
  3. I don't believe, Limbo is one of nicest persons I know both on this board and in IRL. If he did he must had been utterly provoked by you. Also I think it's bad manners to refer to a PM....especially 5 years after.
  4. Take it easy guys, moron yes but not of the decade, a legitimate question yes but not of the century. The answer is 42.
  5. I think I know who he is, buth have never met him. Probably his wife as she is friend of friends.
  6. I think that the fat lady to right on first photo is his GF. A little surprised about the location - gay/lesbian area, but also close to WS. I haven't seen many tourists there - IMO the key is the GF.
  7. Boutique Sexy owner arrested for sale of sex toys The British owner of a Naklua lingerie shop was arrested after police discovered an illicit supply of sex toys. X was taken into custody May 3 at the Boutique Sexy store on Naklua Road. More than 1,000 toys - illegal in Thailand - were confiscated, including various fetish costumes, whips, props, catalogs and other accessories. Pattaya Mail At least a few years ago you could buy hand-cuffs, whips and dildos on the Beach Rd. Boutique Sexy has moved from Naklua and you can probably now find it in 3rd Road Pattaya, beside this Fetish and BDSM club Link
  8. Also there's a shop in Pattaya selling sexy lingerie and domina outfits - almost opposite from the hotel where Tiffany's daughter is manager. I've been there and bought a CD with their catalogue, they had a website before but I don't remember the name. Possibly I can find it in old backups if somebody is interested. But remember such a shop is illegal in Thailand, so is porn and prostitution....
  9. I've met the daughter of the owner of Tiffany. She tried to be elected mayor of Pattaya and ended as #3, rest of the time she was manager of a big hotel in Naklua not so far away from Dusit (same side). BTW, Tiffany's is a ladyboy show and it's almost impossible to date those working there as they have 3 performances every day 7 days a week.
  10. Don't listen to those guys, OK I'm not a candidate either (I've a lesbian GF but I'm not bi and she doesn't like men - with just a small exception). I know however that the gay/lesbian nightlife area in Pattaya is as big as the hetero one (if not bigger) and there're many gay and lesbian boards. So I suggest you google Pattaya gay and you will probably find a better place for that question. I know some bars but as I haven't been in Thailand for 3½ years I don't know how the situation is now. Sorry, didn't see that you're going to BKK and Koh Samui - sure there's a gay nightlife. S/M actually I just know (knew better) in BKK, Jade something I think... I hope you will find what you're looking for but a questionmark for Koh Samui.
  11. I agree most of those support the man or now the woman in power and will change to next in power.... (Don't forget that families of Thaksin and Pojaman (khunying Ah) are thai-chinese - the first not so rich but second very rich.) On the other side I don't see this is especially thai - they do the same in USA and all other democracies...
  12. Many tourists use the wrong word - Songkram - but it's a good description (war).
  13. It's the old southeastasian new year - so Burma, Cambodia and Vietnam have the same on same days. Some expats in Pattaya go to Angeles City (Phillippines) instead the Songkran week.
  14. It's more complicated than you can think - I use Sweden as an example of european law which excludes UK and Ireland. My doctor is bound to secrecy except in cases of murder or high treason. Tax Authority has the right to access of all medical journals if the purpose is to check the doctor (lawyers are the same except defence lawyers) - (if they get some information not so good about me they can tell police). If you want to have a life insurance you must sign that you give the insurance company access to all your medical journals - if not you will not get any insurance. But the biggest problem is however that they are building big computer system with all citizens in a region (state) inside. Of course is access easy even for a medium hacker....
  15. I had a discussion tonight with a professor of biology and he said a lot of bullshit here. Chimps and bonobo share 99 % of DNA with humans.
  16. And a french candidate she was - I guess - under 145 cm and less than 45 (maybe less than 40) kg. Probably the biggest female voice of all times - IMO of course. A translation - No, I regret nothing! (Maybe not so good in english but it's not easy to translate without a double negation like - No, I don't regret nothing - which is closer to original but not better really... My best translation is No I'don't regret anything - but it's not correct...)
  17. Thank you, friend Mekong Rolling Stones (or The Beatles) are never wrong, for once I've an american suggestion
  18. At first sight it seems like that, but there're many muslims in CM and Mr T isn't popular with muslims at all - they regard him as Satan as a certain country. If he wants to hide he can do that in his big estate overlooking Hua Hin. My opinion is however that he will return as a hero and make public meetings. Then I agree with Flashermac about the outcome....
  19. Who said that a politician needs IQ, many experts agree that GWB was around 70... Yingluck is at least 50 % higher - 105 or more... 5555
  20. TB, surely not much under 2000, maybe 1900. Private limo (illegal but TIT), Pattaya - Hua Hin including toll roads 3000 baht, he came back and drove the return leg too, for 2500. Happened almost 4 years ago but price is still the same. I was surprised how quick the trip was - around 3 hours I remember.
  21. I agree, maybe he can stay in Udon, but never in Bangkok, in the South or CM! I think he will return for his own funeral....
  22. Actually i agree for once with you Munchie - it's my fault! I've just have 2 things to say in a lame defence 1. I saw it as news and wasn't expecting any comments (don't sure if that's the truth ) 2. I've never posted in USA thread (if I declare my opinions it will cause a flame war), a little the same with the Scotland thread I'm not afraid of scots - they're mostly OK.... If you want to complain about me again remember I'm as much swedish as you're english. Scanian is most correct but half-danish acceptable.
  23. I'm not so sure OBL had a heart - hatred surely but no heart. Funny thing is that the bin Ladin family sells oil from the royal saudi family - they had an agent in USA GWB, GWB had guests from the bin Ladin family on 9/11, and were allowed to leave the same day as only flight... If we add that OBL had a CIA training and financing - I can't trust anything anymore....
  24. In Sweden 1 or 3 years. Googled and found 1, 3, 5 and 10 years are the possibilities (but never longer than your DL).
  25. I've heard it before in London, a very typical english expression - that "respectfully" before an insult it's the style of an english gentleman in the end of 17hundreds up to now....
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