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  1. Chatting with a Thai lady, she had this story that a Thai lady can "work" in Hong Kong and make a pile of money...better then in Singapore.


    Where do they work in Hong Kong? I know many places on Nathan Road and some discos/clubs but last time I was in Hong Kong, 5 years ago, I never saw Thai ladies.


    Of course, this info is not for me but a friend :rolleyes:


    Tell your "friend" it would be cheaper and better to get a cheap flight to BKK. :cool:

  2. Kung Fu guy had a very beautiful assistant. :hubba:


    If you're talking about the Kung Fu show at the 3rd floor Hollywood of Nana' date=' yes his assistant was [i']outstanding[/i], she was quite a Fox! :devil:


    Yep, it was in that gogo I learned the phrase nom yai. :content:

  3. Santos - Mexican father, Indian (dot type) mother. The Warbler did have a good buffet. We'd sometimes go over after meeting at Woodstock. The Titty Twisty was a nice bar ... except that Santos had sold maybe half a dozen Farangs a 50% share in the bar. :p



    Plus Santos never owned anything! He was just the manager! :deal:

  4. That would be showing on Monday morning here in the LOS, not Sunday. Start time for the SB game on Sunday is currently set at 6 pm EST. So game start here is 6 am Monday morning.


    You never heard of a pre-superbowl party!?! :_party:

  5. Link


    ... I had my eyes opened almost 10 years ago, when I received a sample of a boxed chardonnay from France. This chardonnay came from Jean-Marc Brocard, a big Chablis producer who also makes a series of other chardonnays intended to display the qualities of the various soils in which the grapes were grown. ...


    ... The wine was so good, and I loved the packaging. It was great fun to have the box sitting in my fridge, and to simply pull the spigot whenever I wanted a glass. My attitude may have been childish, but isn’t every kid’s fantasy to have a favorite beverage on tap like that? And with bag-in-a-box technology, which keeps out air, the wine stayed fresh for weeks. ...

  6. It is more likely BP hands out bonuses based on cost cutting and not on maintaining safety.


    Safety regulators said the Texas blast had been partly caused by cost cuts imposed by the former chief executive, John Browne, while BP itself said cost cuts had contributed to the pipeline leaks in Alaska that forced a partial shutdown of the largest oil field in the United States.

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