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  1. I've worked in Lebanon and Syria, and am currently in Jordan, and have to say - I'd steer clear of the Lebanese, amongst the three. The Syrians - okay, from the central/west/northern areas, I'm not so keen on the tribal Sunni types in the South and East - are the best - maybe not as beautiful on the surface as Lebanese and Jordanians even may be (more access to docs with scalpels, etc), but there's something special underneath. If I had to choose, I'd go Syrian.


    When you travelled to Syria and if you went through Damascus airport did you ever pay for the VIP transit through the airport? Basically you arrived and were met by a tasty Syrian lady in business type attire. A black skirt, a white blouse and a black blazer. They took you to a room, made you coffee and then took your passport and did the formalities of the visa stamping.


    I presume that you got one each attending to you as when I used them that was the deal. It was on my second trip that curiosity got the best of me and I asked would they like to join us at our hotel which was the Four Seasons. Sure enough they turned up and had dinner with us. One of them had massive tits and I can still picture them now.

  2. I recently met a lovely Lebanese lady.


    We get married next Tuesday.


    She speaks good English, she's very presentable, she cooks, she cleans, and the nookie ain't too bad.


    No-one can say the Lebanese are fat, lazy and ugly.



    You sure she isn't Jordanian? Check her passport.


    In my experience Lebanese are fat, lazy and ugly.


    Maybe she is, good nookie can blind a man.

  3. The Aussies are fucked. Haddin has slowed down and no longer has that spring which makes him catch the impossible, he also averages around 15 in his last 10 tests. Watson is like a carthorse that you just can't motivate to get a move on to the knackers yard. Johnson just can't work out how to bowl if he isn't on his favourite pitch. Then there's the rest of them. The only player I fear is Starc but he is fucked and with it so is the Aussies chances. They need to cast away their old boys and rebuild but they have left it far too late so will have to die a slow painful death with the likes of Siddle or Cummings coming in. Ha ha.

  4. Welbeck could turn out to be a good deal or not, depending how things turn out. I recall Henry's career had stagnated before Wenger brought him to Arsenal and turned things around for him.

    Also turning to Manchester United, I can't understand how they run the club with so much debt. They're apparently hundreds of millions in debt, yet buying new players for millions more. Isn't it all going to collapse like a house of cards one day like Leeds Utd? :dunno:


    Yeah, hopefully

  5. Are people bored with the EPL already? Some interesting signings at the end. Falcao to United, Welbeck to Arsenal was an interesting one.


    I think that was desperation by United. Falcao isn't the Falcao they think he is. Why would he be hawked around Europe for the whole transfer window only to be signed needing an extension to the transfer window by United?


    I'm loving this next phase in United's history. A last gasp attempt to get back into the the top four and resume CL participation. It might push them back years if doesn't pay off. They should have recognised that they had an ageing squad and tried to rebuild with the best young talent around, instead they added to the ageing squad ageing players.


    A forward line of Rooney aged 28, Falcao aged 28, soon to be 29, RVP 31.


    Even if they do manage to pull it off they will need to replace them in the next few years just like they needed to replace Evra, Ferdinand and Vidic which they haven't.


    And Arsenal fans, what do you think of Welbeck for £17m? I saw him for the first time live at Anfield in the FA youth cup semi final about 4 years ago and he was unstoppable played on his own up front. Then I saw him come through and United played him everywhere but his best position. I don't think he is world class but in the right set up and played in the right position I think he could be a good buy.











  6. Ever tried a nice fresh olive right off the tree? Yummy. :)


    They are not yummy at all, they would eat your teeth with their bitterness.


    I went camping in Greece and set my tent under some trees one night and had olives dropping onto the tent all night. I tried one that had dropped off and it tasted fecking awful.


    They undergo a process for months and months to get rid of the bitterness, even commercially. The best ones take nine months to prepare.

  7. The Place Beyond The Pines (2012)




    "A motorcycle stunt rider turns to robbing banks as a way to provide for his lover and their newborn child, a decision that puts him on a collision course with an ambitious rookie cop navigating a department ruled by a corrupt detective."


    I liked that film but disliked it also. Brilliant thought provoking film making but there was something annoying about it.

  8. I went into a small Ma/Pa shop in Malaysia and asked, on the off chance, if they sold beer. I knew

    it was a Muslim shop but the owner was quite polite and informed me they didn't sell beer as they

    were Muslim.


    No fuss, no mess and being Malaysia is about 60% Muslim, no big deal.


    So the thing to learn about that little episode is that the world should be geared to your experience of it regardless of how other people choose to live their lives?

  9. The Dutch goalie must have been full of confidence given that his manager thought he was shit at penalties and would have subbed him if he could.


    If Van Gaal brings this brilliant man management technique to the toilet we will be in for some interesting times.

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