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  1. Fat people are harder to kidnap.
  2. There are 1.6 billion muslims in the world and that article as well as people on here are labelling all of them as terrorists when in fact it is only a tiny percentage and the vast majority are normal peaceful people. I was going to comment that it is either down to racism or sheer ignorance. I suspect though it is a combination of both.
  3. Thought this was going to be about premature ejaculation.
  4. teddy

    Any Idea

    Probably on the coast somewhere. Hope that helps.
  5. Wow, you are really cool. Not mainstream eh, wow!
  6. Down in Aqaba at the moment and they are finishing at 1.30pm FFS. So I am coming out in sympathy and fecking of back to the hotel soon after.
  7. teddy

    Any New Jokes

    You're thinking of Biggus Dickus. Platitudinous Ponderous was a Senator.
  8. Munchie. Forget about that shit and get yourself a pair of SMS Audio headphones. These are mine which are around £350 but they have a full range at all price levels. I didn't pay for mine, I won them when I bought a Macbook Pro in a new shop in Dubai. They had an offer where if you bought a Macbook Pro you could dip your hand in a bucket and pull out a raffle ticket. They were advertising stuff like a free 16gb thumb drive but I got lucky and won the headphones. And that's not me. I don't wear baseball caps. WebRep currentVote noRating noWeight
  9. Welcome to the real world? Is that the real world as most people experience it or your imaginary world that you live in? Is there an e-gate pass or something similar or at least a fast track pass available? I am curious but wouldn't want to spend time queuing. Far too busy.
  10. teddy

    World Cup 2014

    I think you using that type of shite that comes out of the lowest of the lowest United fans wins the contest for being the biggest asshole hands down.
  11. PL Fixtures are out, here is the opening day August 16th: Arsenal v Crystal Palace Burnley v Chelsea Leicester City v Everton Liverpool v Southampton Manchester United v Swansea City Newcastle United v Manchester City Queens Park Rangers v Hull City Stoke City v Aston Villa West Bromwich Albion v Sunderland West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur
  12. Vermaelen was a liability last season. Van Gal obviously thinks he can turn him around but it's no loss for Arsenal.
  13. teddy

    World Cup 2014

    At least Luis will be getting a good rest this summer after that result. Costa Rica impressed me though. Is that Campbell lad still in contract with Arsenal?
  14. teddy

    World Cup 2014

    This is a promising start. Holland proved that their brand of football will beat Tiki Taka if the tikitakarists can be scared out of their confidence by the way the Dutch played. Great game. Brazil result worries me because it seemed like the referee was under orders to get the result that would prevent an uprising outside of the stadium. And Robben, what a player, love watching him despite the fact he played for the Chavs.
  15. In the Nuremburg trials, high ranking Germans were prosecuted for war crimes, most of them were convicted and executed. That is because the allies won and could do it. If the Japanese could have miraculously turned things around and won the war, impossible I know, then they would have conducted their own trials were the likes of Truman and Bill Parsons. They would have been as justified to do that as the allies thought they were justified in conducting the Nuremburg trials. The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a war crime just as much as the German attempted extermination of the Jews was.
  16. Soccer and football are the same but the USA came up with the word soccer to differentiate true football as the rest of world knows it from their own American Football which is the most boring stupidest game in the world and which like baseball is designed by the USA to make sure that it can be screened to maximise advertisement time with loads of breaks. It also enables them to host the equivalent of the football World Cup, such as the world series in baseball and always be guaranteed to win the thing and always have it in their own country. Sepp Blatter would hate that as he wouldn't be able to fill his bank account with bribe money.
  17. I thought you were there last weekend, Bill said he had a pint with you?
  18. It's a pub on Silom Road
  19. teddy

    Any New Jokes

    A man and his wife go for a meal at a Chinese restaurant and order the 'Chicken Surprise'. The waiter brings the meal, served in a lidded cast iron pot. Just as the wife is about to serve herself, the lid of the pot rises slightly, and she briefly sees two beady little eyes looking around before the lid slams back down. “Good grief, did you see that?†she asks her husband. He hadn’t, so she asks him to look in the pot. He reaches for it and again the lid rises, and he sees two little eyes looking around before it slams down. Rather perturbed, he calls the waiter over, explains what is happening, and demands an explanation. “Please sir,†says the waiter, “what you order?†The man replies, “Chicken Surpriseâ€. “Ah! So sorryâ€, says the waiter, " I bring you Peeking Duck!"
  20. I really can't see DiMaria going to a club who are not in the CL.
  21. That was a low point of the season. No way had he finished his job at United. Booooo!
  22. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Pause, breathe ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Haven't read this thread at all this season so decided to read from the start. What a gem unearthed so early on.
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