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  1. Remember this is the same Arsenal side that was up 4-0 against Newcastle and drew and up 2-0 at half time against Tottenham at home and lost 3-2. Supporters know their clubs like no other. Intimately involved. Arsenal were in troulbe since last season. There is a general lack of belief throughout the squad whereby they don't think any scoreline can be held.


    I continue to say that the league top to bottom is weaker than in previous seasons. No disrespect to Man Utd, they deserve to be champions but doesn't compare to the previous sides of this decade. Chelsea woefully under perform as well. Unheard of for a Chelsea side since '04 to lose 3-0 at home to the likes of Sunderland as they did last season. Liverpool out of the CL, Arsenal barely hanging on to a CL place. Man City with all their quality can 'only' muster a 3rd place (although things look like they will turn this season).


    I'm not buying the rest of the league has gotten stronger argument. I don't see the clubs in the middle of the table any better than the clubs in the middle a half dozen years ago. The top of the table sides compared to their same squads of 5 or 6 years ago would lose to them with the exception of Citeh of course. Tottenham are better, a few are but the top aren't.


    Arenal were very entertaining today, I had to change my undercrackers at least 3 times during that match.

  2. the islamaphobic thing will be a thing of the past. it'll be an economic war. you cant rule it out. africa is not the dark continent, europe is and always will be despite modernity and euro-zones......count on it. btw, i dont want war, but fear it.


    There are and have always been many schools of thought about where we are heading. After every crash the doomsayers are always the loudest but also always the ones that miss the opportunities that the said crash bring up. Fill yer friggining booots is a better philosophy and one that will bring you more riches than betting on armageddon.

  3. A woman asks her doctor "How many calories are in cum?" The doctor replies "If you swallow, no bloke will care that your fat!"



    A lesbian went to weight watchers and the organiser said, 'Remember you are what you eat', the lesbian replied, 'You calling me a cunt?'




    I realised I was dyslexic when I went to a toga party dressed as a goat.

  4. I pay between £58 and £65 depending on whether or not I get conditioner which I always do apart from once when I was going swimming after the haircut so I thought fuck it.


    Works out to be around 3' date='600 Bht[/quote']

    As soon as I looked at the poll and saw that someone had admitted to paying more than Baht 1500 I just new it had to be you.


    So do you go to an upmarket gents stylist or do you go to a ladies hairdressers that also caters for men?


    Unisex Munchie, Toni & Guy, there's one in Emirates Towers if you want to try.


  5. If ever there was a night for a storm, this has to be it.....my god it is hot and humid.


    The worst thing about hot and humid weather is that your balls sweat. I much prefer dry balls, hate it when you can feel the moisture in your undercrackers.


  6. A man gets up one morning to find his wife in the kitchen cooking. He looks to see what she's cooking, and sees one of his socks in frying pan.


    'What are you doing?' he asks.


    'I'm doing what you asked me to do last night when you came to bed very drunk,' she replied.


    Completely puzzled, the man walks away thinking to himself, 'I don't remember asking her to cook my sock......'


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