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  1. its the morning after ,, things seem a taft diffrent...
  2. since the operation , im feeling fine... pleased to say the dresses match the colour of the shoes,
  3. now . would i suggest wax for anything other than cock roaches!
  4. cock roaches dont like the smell of candle wax m8,,
  5. well the last time i was in there , i sat down on a seat,, but got wedged in it as the inside of the sofa had split! i do remember the days it was open until 5am,,, it was packed to the rafters,,,
  6. stone soup.. Sorry mate , your right i meant soi 7.... ok i had some nice rooms , but a couple of aweful ones.. with some creppie crawlies!! ( cock roaches).... it was quite bad , that 1 night i had to get a spray!! and candle wax ,,, is handy as u say for the beer garden and victoria bar! and that bar about 50 yards to the left of the hotel with pool tables.
  7. gosh ,, just me thinking... i wonder what Sarsin,, is doing now.. remember the night owl bernard trink,,, Sarasin loved gold fingers go go . in patpong,.. infact after his generous remarks , i also loved the place,,, and after a few beers,, i went to the pink panther,, at the top of the road ( next soi)....
  8. i remember going to the VERY ORIGINAL termae.. the toilets were better than the one now ( haaaa).... dont have a go at belgian boy...... im sure he enjoys the site.. like we all do... taaaaa
  9. been some time since my last visit ( i guess things change) so how is termae,,, any changes ? still there? are the toliets any better!!!! ummmmm tnks ....
  10. anyone been there recently. noted there web site is newer! rgds
  11. wow what memories.... re goldfingers alas,, times have changed for me and havnt been n goldfingers for a long time,,, it was really a meeting place.. with fine cigars added,
  12. Hiya was thinking of this site several years back and some of the things that have happened since... anyone remember the " Bernard Trink " column in that news paper.. ware he reviewed the bars and night places he had been to... anyone remember "Sarasin"( forgive spelling) fantastic posts on this very site and the gogos he had been to .. his favourite seemd to be goldfingers in patpong... And then there was the original Thermai before the new one opened... gosh how time flys ,
  13. and wgat happens if 200 tons of water arrive ,,, my friend has left for singapore today!
  14. wow u have a good memory,,,, my friend in bkk has evacuated her home this morning actually.
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