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  1. cool i arrive at 7:15 and expect to be on the town by 9:30. if anyone is interested in meeting up for bar hoping let me know
  2. Do you guys still get together on friday evenings. i am coming into town on Feb. 6 and will spend 3-4 days in town. I met up with you guys several years ago. The last two times I came in I went to pattaya but I was thinking of staying in bangkok this time. doing the same old thing a single guy does for 4 days
  3. I agree with what you said. I just will only be in town for a few days and dont have time to train a BG. I dont know enough thai and after being in town a few days It is nice to actually be able to talk to someone and go out to eat besides the bars. I had non BG girlfriends in the past but that was when I lived in BK for a longer period of time. Just passing through and hoping to have a good time
  4. Another_Guy

    Hotel Rec.

    Hi coming into Pattaya for a couple of nights. I am looking for a nice hotel that is near walking street, that is punter friendly. I will arrive at the airport around 11:45 pm. Drive to Pattaya, check in, Hit the Disco and see what happens. Also would not mind getting together with any board people on that Wednesday (Nov 7) for a few drinks. I have been a member for years but have only met up with people a few times. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone. I am coming back to BKK for 5 days and I want to find some entertainment. I have done Cowboy and Nana many times. When I stayed for an extended period of time I used to hang out at Route 66. Where is a good place to find some more up scale, good english speaking ladies on short notice. I am looking for more of the Girlfriend experience instead of just short time. There used to be a club that would have a lot of college freelancers. It has been a couple years since I was in town. Thanks for any advice
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