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  1. Too many. Open a chain. There ya go!
  2. With at least three wives. I'd rather play the field, but to each his own. His life probably didn't suck all that bad, in his opinion.
  3. I always get a kick out of Reagan because my older brother got busted for smoking a joint on his front lawn when he was gov. I never let my bro forget about how stupid that incident was. Unfortunately, he has way more ammo coming back at me.
  4. I don't see what all the fuss is about. I like sluts, and they're a hellovalot cheaper than whores and Normans.
  5. Perhaps Farangman. He's the only Welsh guy I know, but he's a bit too young. Tom Jones may have been aware of them but, believe it or not, I'm not gonna tell you I knew Tom Jones. Everyone else, but not him. Seriously, Budgie pre-dated the term 'heavy metal.' 'Hardcore' is I think how we put it. Before i-tunes and such, I was lucky enough to have even heard them, sitting somewhere, wasted and going, "Whoa." Sadly, I own none of their vynl. Great band.
  6. I knew about YES, but freaking Budgie!!! That's some good stuff right there!
  7. Interesting, never heard of the guy. First saw the Stones at The Forum in 72. I guess he was before my time.
  8. Back in my day, Coolangata was the base of operations for many a surf trip. Sadly I never joined because I had to work. But I have never heard a bad word about Queensland. Asian chicks make it sound even better.
  9. There was a guy like that here who also had a Delphi forum about Bangkok bars. His forum had no traffic so he created a few handles and posted to himself. He was always friendly with himself, though. Mostly Q & A type conversations. It was pretty transparent and amusing.
  10. That ought to bring him out! As an aside, a retired Douglas employee was telling me the other day about disassembling DC-10s. He said it was comical they couldn't pull the things apart where they were riveted and glued. Had to resort to cranes and crazy shit like that and no one knew what the hell they were doing. So those things must have been put together pretty well (please don't remind me of Chicago - I know about that). Of course, they're Boeing now. Double
  11. Yup, you and Kamui summed it up nicely.
  12. I love this... CmOrWG2FTbg
  13. Checkbin apparently does not appreciate the Giuseppe experience, being more of a Savile Row type himself. Or perhaps he's just jealous of those who might still need a haircut from time to time. MpuLw-rxBjw
  14. A planned MRT station.
  15. It's discouraging to those in high quality sector of the school uniform garment industry that every time the subject is broached, people go on about crooked legs and teeth. We offer solutions to these problems in the Arab region and parts of Asia, but they haven't quite caught on in Japan or Thailand. Until that day, let's keep it on topic and not forget, "The clothes make the man."
  16. Just glad to hear the guy in the photos wasn't me!
  17. My first car was an AMC Hornet wagon. I didn't want it, but my mom was subsidizing me on the purchase from a neighbor so I didn't have much choice. It was known jokingly amongst me and my friends as the 'fuckwagon', as if any girl would ever venture into it. It was also called a 'rustbucket' after I owned it for a year.
  18. Cyclical societal backlash is the best explanation I can give you. You must be old, like me. Where and when I grew up, boobs were accepted.
  19. I agree with KS. PC taken to its most stupid level. I went to school with a well known basketball player named Kiki, my brother was nicked the same, affectionately, by family members. The Flip side understand the difference. Just don't try getting a 'TITI' license plate. If you happen to be a swinging Richard, 'DICK' is okay I suppose. Branding a car with a slang name is another matter. Auto makers should be more careful about that. I thought the Pajero thing was hilarius when Crash999 posted about it years ago.
  20. Ha! Tell that to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles here in California.
  21. The British Embassy is (was) pretty vast too, IIRC. Walked across the grounds once, at night long after business hours.
  22. But she was an adult by any country's standard.
  23. Came across this one today, can't replay it enough - cracks me up every time. I remember it as being outrageous and hilarious and everyone knew about it or somehow passed it along before the internet. Was it from the Python TV show, or later? And how were we able to share media, re-runs? F67JhKT5bxU
  24. I think he nailed it when he wrote all the girls need is a good talking to. The govt. folks posturing only drew more media attention and exposed their ages, when they should have been trying to protect the girls while giving them a wrist slap.
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