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  1. Good rulings! You may have compared the board names. One of us has a dick in his name and the other implies he'd rather not be violated.
  2. I admit that was pretty fucking gay post. I was pandering to Moo-Noi's notion that rugbiers are superior athletes. This guy was stocky and surprisingly fast (still holds the record in the 440m at our school, competing against black dudes). He could probably kick your ass. I stand by my gayness! Edit: Until we get a ruling, of course.
  3. Isla Vista was mellow. I didn't attend, but did a road trip there with a Theta Delt from UCLA. Frat party. Some naked idiot stole the frat flag and my pal (a rugby player) chased him down and tackled him down the street on the asphalt. It was an ugly scene.
  4. You went to UCSB right? Automatic leftist!
  5. So you hate surfers and love migrant farm workers.
  6. I'm sort of with you on this one HH. Income tax is not a big issue to me, being part of the largest population of unemployed in the nation. The Governator has been ineffective on the budget, but I admire him for trying very hard (on other issues as well). Which is why I voted for Brown, he might just be able to deal with the bastards, he's one of them and has a lot more experience.
  7. Fuck-ups of epic proportion are costly. Our grandchildrens' grandchildren (the world over) will still be paying for GWB's damage.
  8. Did I ever tell the story about my big brother getting busted by secret service for smoking pot on Ronnie's front lawn when he was Governor of CA? Too funny, I never let the big bro hear the end of it. Our parents thought he was more perfect than he really was; I had to bring him down.
  9. I fail to understand guys like you who are probably not in the 1% of wealthiest Americans yet blindly support them.
  10. And public. That's what boggles the mind.
  11. I adore Americanized women. Here's a comment I just saw on FB. You guys can finish reading it for me because I got a headache two sentences in. [color:blue]Lisa Maria Von *** I keep her in brisbane she was left to me my divorce due to how much money the ex owes my family. He left her without electricity to the batteries from shore power so she needs two deep vs for her to start and be taken out the gate. One pin is locked on the jets so that needs attention too and her transformer needs replacing but that is it! But she Is alluminum and fiber balsa core. I want to move her to Los Angeles. To MDR BUT I must do that work and bottom paint too change her alloys etc. Total cost is about 20-30k with dock fees here and insurance. Know anyone who would be interested in fractional ownership? I'd give an awesome deal for 50k to be able to use her for x days a year. My average rate is going to be 100k for 20 days a year. If you account for her almost 4m replacement cost, that money would go to renovating the interior with actual beds that are sofas in leather that roll out to queens. 5 in the salon and five In the pilot house and I cam sleep 34 easy with extra floor space. She holds sixty for parties. I just want to add seating/storage to the outside and people can sleep there too. She's built for Alaska trips And she has it all. If I add a jacuzzi she is perfect. Also a live holding tank for fish cause her aft is built for catching big fish and a live holding tank closes the deal. I can do it all with one investor. Then the more I get, the more things she gets. State of the art stainless viking/ wolf subzero etc. She's a baby w/ 1500 hrs on her engines. Scanias from sweeden. I want to repower her to go 20-30 knots, she maxes at 14. Let me know if you have friends inmind? 65'. 18'6"beam 3'6" draft. She can actually back up to any beach and you can step off in four feet of water! I'll send pics, Brian has most. Then on off time I will charter her and let the industry use her a few days for commercials or longer for films. I can profit a nice 30+ a mo? You would get free time if you find me my first investor!!! Sound good? Partner :0). You or Brian can call he has my #. Smile. 10 minutes ago · Like[/color]
  12. Agreed. You'd never hear such USA American political bullshit in such a place as Washington Square. We all go there to escape the rhetoric.
  13. My first real job (mailboy) I had a Cuban immigrant (refugee?) as a supervisor. She was pretty, bright, hilarious, and about as socially liberal as they come. She enjoyed my tales of drugs and debauchery that I got up to the night before when I came to work. She was almost like a second mom to me. However...in her office were portraits of RR. She idolized the guy, and any dissention would likely cost me my measly job. I quickly learned not to broach the subject of politics with naturalized Cubans at that point. Unless you're right wing to the extreme, you just don't go there.
  14. Carter was a good prez? Maybe I need to do a bit of research. I'd like to believe so, I voted for him when I was eighteen* To be honest, I really only remember him for the Iran Hostage Crisis (and being generally weak on foreign policy). But his reaction might have just been a reflection of American attitudes, post-Vietnam. * Nwm2bNCTMdQ What a cool song! It made 11 years olds like myself yearn to be a fucked up 18 year old.
  15. Interesting. Kennedy was a rock star (posthumous, like the band Sublime). Or maybe The Dead Kennedys. No surprise there. Carter, IME, has improved his image through post-presidency humanitarian work, making people forget what a lousy job he did. GHB I have no qualms with, his stock deserved to rise. GWB? Despite what he says, I trust historians will take a massive dump on him in due course. Slick Willy was so damned good his record can't be tarnished, despite his best efforts. Reagan coming in at #2? I don't know how to explain that one. Maybe people are just plain stupid?
  16. A Biden/Palin ticket would be fun.
  17. Agreed. Crap speech. One bonus point for the in-availability of a war ship to deliver it upon. Go Obama!
  18. The 'western experience' does not come cheaply. :smile:
  19. I read something like this on Dean Barrett's website, about when he was editing the Thai Airways inflight mag. He said that type of job got you no respect in journo circles, but a lot of free flights and the hotels loved you. Sounds like a fair exchange to me!
  20. Somehow, I can't imagine his embassy or the American public sympathizing with the guy either. No outrage and the story runs out of steam in a hurry. Just my guess.
  21. Hear, hear! Inquiring minds want to know. Can't blame Stick for the non-pejorative reply. Bust: It's people like you who scare all the newbies away from posting!
  22. Kindly PM me that pastrami recipe when you have the time. I wanna smoke something (not in a gay way)!
  23. I love the stuff, it's used heavily in Mexican food, but a lot of people despise it for its aroma. My ex tells me most of her Flip friends don't like Mexican food because cilantro smells like BO, to them. Seems people either love it or hate it. This thread has inspired me to hit the taco shop down the street for a few $1.15 tacos. Marinated steak, onions, cilantro and hot sauce. Yum. So lucky to have that place in the neighborhood!
  24. Yes, a movie title based on a fart. ...it's blowin' peace and freedom, it's blowin' you and me. :content:
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