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  1. Kids already get a 25% discount, generally. Thai women get screwed. Although I once read something on Dean Barrett's website about his friend who took his Thai wife out to dinner in New York and the waiter offered the wife a children's discount.
  2. They're probably working on Jesus flavor in Florida right now.
  3. Lou used to like to sit on the edge of the stage, totally comfortable with the audience (same with Ray Davies, if I'm not mistaking the two), not like you'd expect from his reputation what with having pals like Iggy. Some of my high school buddies were extras in 'Rock n Roll High School', but I thought it would be a boring way to spend a day or two, so I opted out
  4. I have to agree with you about Rory Gallagher. Saw him a few times, but the time frame you're talking about I saw him at a small venue (Whiskey or the Roxy) and it was so intense I felt priveleged to be one of the relatively few who appreciated his talent. I had a smile on my face the whole time, I remember that much (and I don't think it was due to any hardcore substances). I'd been to some bigger concerts, the Stones as I mentioned elsewhere and Alice Cooper at the Hollywood Bowl (which was a spectacal), and a bunch of artists I liked at the Santa Monica Civic (like the Kinks, Lou Reed, Mott) but when stadium concerts became popular, I just wasn't interested. I can only be around so many other dumbfucks at the same time. Funny you should mention Lou Reed. I didn't get to see him that early in his career, but those two live albums with Hunter and Wagner on guitar are among my favorite live albums. I heard they dubbed over them (a la Kiss Alive), did they sound so good when you were there? (like you'd remember:)
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