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  1. Donut

    Laundry around lower suk

    Sorry forgot "right hand side" comin from suk :-)
  2. Donut

    Laundry around lower suk

    I have used one several times on soi 11 - coming from Suk. It is also a travel agency (TIT) - look for sign in the window. Cheap and absolutely OK. /D
  3. Well, I guess that it is mostly because we have always stayed there on the return leg of our holidays. The kids know the place (and I don't mind a few nights in Cowboy/Nana either :-) ). On arrival we usually stay in other parts of Bangkok. The later years we have stayed at Jasmin Suites which is really nice but wife and kids are tired of crossing Asok and really prefer lower Suk - except soi 4 which is too much hassle. /D
  4. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Will take a look. /D
  5. Only a few nights - thanks
  6. Hello guys. As my kids are growing bigger we now need hotel room for 4 which are not easily found. For the past couple of trips we have stayed in a 1 b/r serviced apartment, one of the kids sleeping on an extra bed. However, we would like to stay on lower Suk and prefer an extra b/r. Any recommendations below 3K/night? Thanks in advance. /D
  7. Donut

    How to get to Chong Mek?

    Hi, thank you for the advise, think I will fly to Ubon and then use the taxi option to the border. /D
  8. Gentlemen, I am planning to take my wife and kids out for a little adventure in May and was thinking about crossing into Laos (Si Phan Don) through Chong Mek. All information regarding transportation, visa and hotels/guesthouses is very welcome. Thank you in advance. /D