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  1. Thanks for the headline/link mishap call Schiff doing a better job than I thought he would.
  2. If big money Dem donors were smart (and they usually aren't), they would donate money. https://www.yahoo.com/news/susan-collins-lincoln-project-do-your-job-maine-ad-163601145.html Ad targets Susan Collins: 'You’re a senator. Act like it.'
  3. https://www.yahoo.com/news/steyer-us-reparations-for-slavery-will-help-repair-the-damage-225252324.html 'I could've f------ gone!': Trump blamed John Kelly for his own decision to bail on a WWI memorial visit, according to a new book
  4. Schiff is doing a good job. Again, the presentation isn't about the verdict. That's already decided. It's to leave Trump and his political surrogates on the wrong side of not just the law, morality but also the wrong side of history. What is most scary is that its been painfully obvious Trump supporters have some higher reason personally and as a collective that they deem more important than their own ethics, sense of fairness, morality, the rule of law and the country itself, religious conviction. Something they prize above all. Whatever that is, it's obviously dangerous.
  5. ...in addition I recall reading how outside species were introduced to Australia that disrupted their ecology. Some sort of frog that if bitten emits an pungent odor so they multiply without any real predator for them, except man. This is something i recall hearing about many, many years ago. [Edit-- just looked it up. Cane Frogs. ] In Columbia they have Hippos from a private form Pablo Escobar had now they are dominating the rivers of Columbia. Totally disrupting the ecology.
  6. Florida has a HUGE problem with invasive species. It's a potential huge ecological issue for America as a whole because these species are expanding their territory outside of Florida. Its not just animals, its also fauna/plants. Many people in Florida imported (often illegally) birds, snakes, insects, plants, from all over the world from places with a similar type of climate so they can thrive. Some animals escaped or people got bored and let them go or the animals got too unmanageable and if they were illegally imported they feared giving these species to the authorities. The net result is introducing things to the ecology that is extremely disruptive. My parents are retired south of Miami. My mother complained about giant lizards outside her back door. I realized after a description and some research this wasn't native to Florida but a species brought in from Asia. America has a potential ecological time bomb on its hands. There are plenty of examples of how new species enter a new ecosystem and ended up making native species extinct. Jamaica once had a pandemic from this. Jamaica had snakes back in the 1400s when Columbus first went there. When sugar plantations were set up the planters feared many of these snakes and imported mongooses from India. The mongooses killed off many snakes.....who were eating the rats. The rats flourished and there were wide spread diseases as a result and there was almost an epidemic that was squashed in time. The introduction horses by the spanish in central and south America inadvertently altered native Indian tribes west of the Mississippi. Many of the horses ran free (our modern day mustangs) and the Indians adopted horseback culture. This enabled certain tribes who were warlike to dominate and take over vast amounts of territories from peace loving ones. It changed the entire landscape of tribal native America for ever. If you notice tribes east of the mississippi were on foot. The Mississippi river was too vast for the horses to get across. https://www.nature.org/en-us/about-us/where-we-work/united-states/florida/stories-in-florida/combating-invasive-species-in-florida/
  7. I think you are 'almost' right. The stats say they are doing better and have always done better than certain groups. We know what 'certain' means. Life is tough for them. but they can always count on doing better than 'certain' (haha...dog whisle) groups. The fear is being EQUAL with those 'certain' groups. This goes back to the 1600s when we had indentured servitude like Canada, Australia, many British colonies. Because of insurrection and potential insurrections, a class system was developed. One group were made slaves, the other was just poor with the potential of moving up (but it rarely happened) and it was classic play one maligned group against another.
  8. Bernie is going to win the nomination. And he will kick ass.
  9. I saw that BB. Trump blatantly lies and its so pervasive and he lies so much, everyone has stopped calling it out. The Republicans repeat these lies and the Dems and the media don't even correct them. There are 2 rules. One for Trump and one for everyone else. No one else can get away with the continual lying and bad behavior. When he was doing on twitter during the Obama years, no one paid much attention to him. Now that he has a core group of about a third of the country, its serious business. We have people , some of whom will not be mentioned...hehehe....blindly ignore it and have what can only described as a messianic view of him. It goes far beyond support. It's tantamount to cult worship. As a person who grew up in the church with an assistant pastor father, it closely resembles a religious experience.
  10. How is my exposing Melania's escort service racist? LOL. I actually said I admire her journey from commie to cummy....hahaha..had to laugh at my own joke. Really though, as you know its the hypocrisy. All the first ladies have been pretty good over the years. Melania has been damn good....hehehe. You gotta pity her though. She is obviously overwhelmed by the position. Totally unprepared for it, that's plainly obvious. Their marriage sucks. The irony is the Clinton's seem to have a stronger marriage. Melania refuses to even hold his hand in public events. I guarantee you they haven't had sex in months. Trump has to google her old pics to see what she looks like naked. Anyway, the Dems are making a decent case to the American public. The Republican senators in unsafe states are scared as shit. They are gong to have to vote no and suffer the consequences. A ton of Republicans in the house have already planning not to run because they know they will lose. McConnell himself has less than 40 percent approval rating in Kentucky. He is without doubt one of the most morally corrupt, evil senators I've seen since Newt Gingrich and before him some of the old segregationist holdovers like Thurmond. I'll even throw a bone of a few bad Dem senators as well like establishment Boxer.
  11. Why are you and Rev Al always playing the race card? lol Did you kiss the ring and bend the knee? If drone attacks are the standard, then Bush and Trump are just as bad as Obama, right? Really.
  12. Pence is a fake Christian. Sold his soul for power. I have more Christianity in my pinkie than he has in his body. Being Trump's cuckold may come back bite him in the butt. https://www.newsweek.com/pence-lev-parnas-video-twitter-ukraine-impeachment-1483149 LEV PARNAS ATTORNEY SHARES VIDEO OF MIKE PENCE WITH INDICTED GIULIANI ASSOCIATE AFTER VP DENIES KNOWING HIM
  13. In context buddy but you already know that, invoking the great one was needed to show hypocrisy. Why are you calling the greatest president of the modern era a name. Show some respect for his person.
  14. Trump will get his votes of fear but blatant disregard for the rule of law like below will put voters off. Lindsey Graham has been caught out and is grabbing at straws and failing miserably.
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