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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-camp-denies-hired-armed-150100289.html Trump camp denies it hired armed men at Florida polling place who claimed they were sent by campaign
  2. The scary thing isn't that Trump would do it. He's fully capable of it, no surprise there. The scary thing is Trumpers would be all for it. No issue at all. If you can look aside at kids and babies in cages, there really isn't anything much you will say no to. You don't have a line at that point. Despie the fact his very own FBI dismissed that antifa was big and organized and causing riots. Also bear in mind, America's high command in the military is overwhelmingly Republican. Not many Democrats among them. Why 780 retired generals and former national security leaders spoke out against Trump https://www.yahoo.com/news/why-780-retired-generals-and-former-national-security-leaders-spoke-out-against-trump-204428356.html In the speech, Trump proclaimed himself “your president of law and order,” and claimed the protests had been hijacked by “professional anarchists, violent mobs, arsonists, looters, criminals, rider rioters, antifa and others” intent on “domestic terror.” News cameras showed some of the hundreds of National Guard troops from around the country that had been sent to reinforce the D.C. Guard, and there were reports that 1,600 active-duty troops were on high alert just outside the capital. Privately, Trump was threatening to invoke the Insurrection Act in order to send thousands more active-duty troops onto the nation’s streets in a show of dominant military force, criticizing weak governors and mayors around the country for not doing more to forcefully stamp out the protests.
  3. When the respected voices of your own party are calling you out. It's more than bad. https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/george-will-donald-trump-end-presidency-prediction-065515965.html
  4. I hope this doesn't become a trend. But it also illustrates just how bad 45 is. Nixon is turning in his grave out of happiness. He may end up not being the worst president in the last 100 yeras.
  5. There is massive corruption. Trump became part of it. In fact, made it worse. "Such a shame that so many don't see the corruption...." To others, Sanders was possibly the only one who was not corrupt to any substantial degree. One or two of the Republicans in the 2016 primaries...maybe. For the Dems, 2 maybe 3 this election in the primaries.
  6. tRump is so desperate he's not even cogent any longer. He agrees to a debate to a moderator he says is far left. What dumb fuck agrees to that if that's what you think? You have a choice and a say in who moderates. I'll explain trumpism to you. He knows he may likely lose the debate and he's preparing an excuse ahead of time. If he does decently he will say despite the far left moderator, he kicked ass, if he doesn't its the moderators fault. On a sidenote, im not so sure Biden will make it to a 2nd term physically. The office is mentally and physically draining. Trump is able to do it at his age by simply not doing the job. By just tweeting and watching Fox News all day and letting his minions run the country. Not too different than Reagan who literally napped his way through 2 terms. That's not hyperbole. That's documented by his own administration officials. Look at the before and after photos of the presidents that actually did the job. Clinton, Bush 2, Obama, aged visibly in 8 years for fairly young men at the time.
  7. Obama is a great public speaker. He is scathing too. I think Biden should not have agreed to a debate. He's ahead and has a pathway to victory. The bad that can come of a bad debate far, far exceeds the good. People who are voting have long decided. The ones who are not voting need a reason. Saying 'Trump is bad' isn't going to do it. May as well as go to each stop and say 1+1=2. We know that already. He should be talking economy - economy - economy and how it applies to the working person. Nothing macro. Jobs, wages, etc. Hammer that. Let his surrogates do the Trump is bad stuff. In fact, I'd tell them to talk economy as much as they can mixed in with. The Dems are awful at politics. I've long said that. Trump spent his 2016 campaign saying anything he thought the people wanted to hear. It works. It's always worked in politics.
  8. Eventually tRUmp has fucked up EVERY thing he's ever tried. The presidency is just one in a long list.
  9. ...his reasoning was his taxes..LOL..dumbass. Just lost millions from fans canceling you. The best thing about the tRump prresidency is so many famous people outting themselves. We don't have to guess any more.
  10. My money is on dumbass. Any other suggestion doesn't pass the logic and reasoning test.
  11. 50 Cent should write a class on how to destroy your career and credibility. Backing a person that is likely going to lose the election. What an idiot. his base fans are Democrat. You can't try to fuck up any more than he is doing. No wonder he had to claim bankruptcy after fucking up a couple hundred million.
  12. https://news.yahoo.com/rush-limbaugh-says-lung-cancer-032146486.html
  13. The Dems are the worst at politics. Not only should they be shouting this from the rafters. They need to say what they will do for the people. Repeating Trump is bad is tantamount to repeating 'water is wet'. We know this, what are you going to do? Both parties suck for several reasons each, some reasons they share, some they don't.
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