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  1. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    I've heard him criticized for many things but not hypocrisy (not that I don't put it past him) but specifically what so I am educated about him. Secondly, can Biden beat Trump? I am not sure he will even get the nomination? Long term, I think the Republicans are going to have to trouble with a candidate after Trump. Its still very early but, win or lose (and you never know who emerges) I think Trump has made running for GOP a whole lot harder or obvious and not so obvious reasons.
  2. chocolat steve

    Strife in Hong Kong

    At some point, I fear the mainland will say enough is enough and crush it. And if or when they do, there won't be enough of a protest from nations about how they did it.
  3. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    One of the most outrageous things that surprisingly enough rarely gets talked about is Nixon breaking American law and every moral/ethical standards because of the lives lost, talked the South Vietnam leader into rejecting peace with promises and assurances from him of what Nixon would do for him after he is elected. It was supposed to be a November gift to the Democrat nominee in 1968 to have peace and Nixon killed it, and anyone killed in that war since 1968 lies squarely on his bloody hands. He further compounds it by not paying promised reparations of $3 billion to the North Vietnamese in the Paris peace talks. The North Vietnamese didn't trust him (rightfully so) and held back on POWs until they got the check that never came. Nixon knew about it. The CIA said there was a distinct undercount of POWs/MIAs that returnees said were in the various prison camps, names and numbers. Nixon doomed them all to whatever cruel fate that would face (torture and death most likely) knowingly because he didn't want to pay them out of spite and pettiness. This isn't talked about at all. Any, and I mean ANY positive reference to him, in any way shape or form is an affront. Sold out his own people.
  4. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    The Dems are no where close to being that smart or Machivelian. They are totally clueless as a party. The choices we have are Machivelian right or "Dumb and Dumber" left.
  5. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    Bolton is among the most hawkish. I swear if he was President, 100% we'd be in a war with Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, N. Korea simultaneously. And as usual with those who have promoted war the most and came of age in the 60s, he avoided the Vietnam war himself. He supported the war, but just didn't want to actually fight in it.
  6. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    During the campaign Trump (rightfully so) said America should detach itself from the major overseas entanglements (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc.). Hiring Bolton (and its not like Bolton was an unknown entity) was totally contrary to that thinking. From my reading, Bolton and others who was brought into the administration wasn't his idea but Trump was either asked, pressured or somewhere inbetween to bring in certain people. Some he got along with (Kellyanne Conway) and some he didn't (Bolton, et. al). The story I read was that Billionaire Robert Mercer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Mercer had a HUGE say early on. He donated a lot privatelhy to the campaign and is the reason we saw Conway, Bannon and others in the WH. There are a number of articles that discuss this but surprisingly the mainstream media both conservative and otherwise have said very, very little about him. Rumor is the relationship has cooled. https://qz.com/1451236/robert-mercer-trumps-biggest-donor-is-at-it-again-in-2018/ https://www.cbc.ca/news2/interactives/sh/wex94ODaUs/trump-robert-mercer-billionaire/ https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/06/why-the-mercers-trumps-biggest-2016-backers-have-bailed-on-him That said, I was fairly confident Trump would be re-elected. But now I'm not so sure. There are a few things that would play heavily. One of which is the economy. When the impending crash/recession or whatever one may want to call it, happens it will play a huge part. If it occurs prior to the election, Trump will be out. Recessions have taken down Presidents before, both Bushes for example. The latter made it easy for Obama to win. The trade war with China is affecting his base. If it continues without resolution, that will play a big part. Also, who the Dems nominate. I don't think Biden, Warren and pretty much anyone other than Sanders can beat him. Warren may poll well against him but so did Hillary. I don't think she will get enough white males in the heartbelt to vote for her and won't get a big enough share of white women. The other voting niches (Latinos, Blacks, Millennials, etc.) will vote for her in big numbers and will come out to vote for her.
  7. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    On a side note, Savannah is a quaint, nice city. Went there once, gorgeous tree lined streets. I think they were Willow trees if memory serves me right but I am not sure. You get a bit of the 'old south' sorta feel. No idea what its like to live there but it seemed nice but this was years ago.
  8. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    If anyone thinks America has any privacy rights left and this can't convince then just wait till some future time you try to get a job or visa or whatever and are denied over social media. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/green-card-or-us-citizenship-applicants-may-have-to-provide-social-media-identity/articleshow/71001746.cms
  9. chocolat steve


    ...anyway, the UK is big enough to get through anything I think. If history is anything to go by.
  10. chocolat steve


    Great that you are making money. May it long continue. May the forum be prosperous. I mean that, I'm not being sarcastic. I want us all to do well and would be sad to hear the opposite. That said, your prosperity is anecdotal but the stats suggest you are the aberration not the norm. Anyone that shorted the market and bought real estate in the midst of the carnage in 2009 made out like bandits. I think I read somewhere about the extraordinary amount of wealth some people got in 2009, 2010. They were able to pick up assets at fire sale prices. However they were not the norm. I had a friend who was in the mortgage lending business in 2007 and 2008 and chastising and teasing me for not getting in on the business. The industry seemed like it was literally printing money. Of course after October 2008, that business bankrupted. Point is (and I sincerely hope this does not include you), there are always plenty of people making money off economic bubbles. The person buying tulips in early 1637 Holland thought he was about to live like a royal.
  11. chocolat steve


    I'm convinced there will be a massive global crash, much bigger than 2008. The EU is going suffer a bit more than some places like the better Asian economies from what some financial experts are saying. Its debatable if Germany is actual in a recession right now. If its not, its very close. And of course its Europe's biggest economy and if that's teetering on recession so goes the dominoes for the rest of Europe. That said, is the UK better off on its own with this impending crash or better off as part of the EU? There are advantages and disadvantages to each.
  12. chocolat steve


    I didn't think it would happen (Brexit) and mistake or no, the people voted.
  13. chocolat steve


    This is comical to some exit. The people voted to leave and it seems the powers that be don't want to. The UK can decide its own fate. You are big enough as a nation, economically speaking to be on your own but I can see the advantages of a union with the EU. As well as some disadvantages. Helps trade but may have an impact on jobs if too many people emigrate to the UK.
  14. chocolat steve


    RIght, I was thinking London and didn't mention a London (south) vs North as well. The north were pretty much pro Brexit weren't they? Specifically rural north. Brum was slightly Brexit, but Manchester, Bristol and Liverpool were majority remain I believe which goes with the urban areas with fairly large immigrant populations as London.. Newcastle wanted out I think as well. (I remain to be corrected). The UK were on their own before so its not like UK hasn't been there before.
  15. chocolat steve

    China Thread

    I think Bannon and others are over optimistic with regards to China. China is behaving no differently than any emerging power in the cusp of being the strongest in its era. America did the same. America went into conflicts without too much of a thought of what the world thinks because no group of nations of significance was going to risk America's ire. The British empire behaved the same, The Spanish empire, all the way back to the Romans and Persians before them. It's just the way of the world for apex powers. Question. What would happen if China said 'Enough! and sent in troops and squashed it by any means? Really? Would there be UN sanctions? Russia doesn't even carry the same power and took Crimea with only being booted out of the G8 for it and some sanctions that even now are being talked about by Trump to end along with a call for their inclusion back into the G8. And China has far more international power than Russia. The media would talk about it as I said in a prior post, some vague rumblings by a Senator or two and an MP or two in the Parliament and 'this is worrisome' coming from the PM and Trump but nothing of consequence. No sanctions, boycotts, no UN declarations. China is too powerful now. Again, its their century and as much as I hate to see what they would do with that power, it would be hypocritical not to say America and others have done the same. Also, Xi has pretty much iron clad rule. There is no dissent of any consequence internally. He has played chess with regards to internal politics in the party. He has near supreme power. HK will always have an independent spirit but it won't amount to much. China has the say so over its ports, airports, etc. Economically China has them by the short and curlies. HK economy will hurt as a result of China but in the long run, they will "bend the knee" , albeit reluctantly, to borrow from my favorite show, Game of Thrones.