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  1. ...also the video said Trump has a small financial interest. His friends have a more significant one. Be that as it may, the pushing of it is irresponsible. Anyway, Cav to put a smile on your face a person I know who is a Dem but called 2016 for Trump way before everyone else, believes the polls are off. He thinks its only slightly for Biden. Anything less than a 10 percent lead is only a slight lead for Biden because many Trump supporters don't want to admit they are voting for him.
  2. I have no problem with video calls for prisoners. The way we treat prisoners on a state and federal level is horrendous.
  3. His top person said it wasn't proven. 😏
  4. Some potential hope... https://nypost.com/2020/08/02/relief-neurorx-rlf-100-helps-critical-covid-19-patients/
  5. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-antagonizes-gop-megadonor-adelson-104402601.html
  6. ...and what have you got against Jared Kushner?
  7. I'm not sure what you guys did to piss of Trump.
  8. The misnamed "Freedom Caucus" is the only group I can see who will push a Trump-esque candidate and coalition. The GOP establishment is gonna squash that from the start. We may even start seeing the establishment 'primary' these guys.
  9. I'm going to put a smile on Cav's face with a video criticizing the Dems.
  10. ..and by the way Cav, I support Trump's decision on the Chinese apps. The Chinese knew how to play us back in the '90s, use our greed against us. I fault Bill Clinton, he opened up the U.S. to China thinking once they taste some good 'ol capitalism, they will dismantle their authoritarian state. Biggest misjudgment since the time I warned a guy in Pattaya, not to barfine what he thought was a girl. Anyway, no president is 100% bad or good...except Nixon and Andrew Johnson (and one or two others possibly).
  11. Cav, I know you don't want to consider the thought, but what if...just what if Trump doesn't get re-elected. Then what? Obviously fight Biden but how would Trump supporters feel about a Republican party without Trump? Or are you hoping for the strong pro Trump members to take over the reigns? Serious question.
  12. it's clear. We have to elect Trump to stop Biden from hurting God. God has helped us, its time for us to help him (or her if the feminists are right)
  13. Still ignores the fact that if this drug was the wonder drug you claim, everyone isn't using it and people wouldn't be dying. Why aren't they using it? Thousands of hospitals? Again, I would love for it to be the cure. Nothing would please me more. Same for everyone but its being politicized because Trump looked stupid overstating the drug. It was way too early. The congressman had no comeback.
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