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  1. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    Pre Ayatollahs Iran was very tolerant and it was pretty secular .Women wore scarves over their heads...maybe. Same brand of Islam. I heard a guy on the BBC talk about a photo of a graduating class at major university in Cairo and maybe one of the women covered her head. These days nigabs. Same brand of Islam. Iraq pretty much the same. The culture changed in each example. Syrians are shia and the Syrians in America act very secular. Senegal has always been a matriarchal country to some extent. It was that way before Islam and stayed that way after Islam.
  2. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    My experience is that religion is cultural to a large extent. Lebanese, Senegalese, Moroccans moslems are pretty much like many western Christians, they are moslem in name only, maybe..do some religious stuff around Ramadan...maybe but by and large not really. Saudis and a couple other countries tend to be more religious.
  3. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    I heard one commentator say that Kaepernick is seen as Ali - lite. The Ali during the Vietnam draft days was vehementally hated. My parents didn't like him at that time. Lots of after the fact faux support said about that time but in reality that period is seen completely opposite of how it was viewed back then by most Americans including blacks. He was moslem for a start and most blacks back then were deeply religious baptists or AME, anyway, the thinking is Nike (who won over 2 other major shoe companies it must be noted) is seeing him as a potential Ali sorta, kinda in terms of risking his job for his beliefs and that history will show him in the same vein as Ali, which may seem a bit too much honestly but that's the thinking. He'll become iconic and they will cash in on that. He's not as hated by vets as some think. https://www.businessinsider.com/veterans-support-colin-kaepernick-2016-8?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=topbar&utm_term=desktop Jesse Ventura applaulds him as well. The tea leaves are saying Kaepernick will come out positive on the right side of history eventually. Who knows. Another commentator on this said he would advise CK to drop the lawsuit against the NFL. The last thing he should want is to actually go back and sit on the sidelines and be marginalized. lol...the NFL in hindsight should have probably given him a QB job and just sideline him.
  4. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

  5. chocolat steve

    Jack Ma retiring, but that pic?

    I guarantee you he is the 'most handsome" man in China. 😍
  6. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    Nike has had sweatshops for ages and always made money. I personally don't think its to deflect off that because their sweatshops wasn't in the news. I think Nike is doing what Nike always does and that is to sometimes roll the dice and guess ahead of the curve. They are guessing in time, they will be on the "right" side of this issue. Its a gamble that may not pay off but early reports are financially it was a good move, despite the initial drop in stock price. http://time.com/5390884/nike-sales-go-up-kaepernick-ad/ The 'boss is always right' or such similar views is accepted but its not always across the board. I grew up in Philly, heavily unionized city where school girls wore one of two jackets. Their boyfriend's letterman's jacket or their father's local union jacket and the latter was worn partially for protection or access because the various unions respected each other. Unions wouldn't cross a picket line. If the carpenter's union was striking, you weren't going to get the drywall union, plumbing union or anyone else to go into that building. No matter what their boss said. That was widely applauded. One could apply the same viewpoint in that case. The kneeling issue has morphed into an NFL union issue. The NFL negotiated with the player's union about how to come to an agreement about it. The NFL offered 100 million to causes last season to the NFL players union to stop kneeling. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21606390/nfl-offers-100-million-plan-social-justice-organizations-partnership-players Some things the fans support that the players demand such as addressing head injury/concussion issues and some they don't, like the kneeling thing. Lastly, having sweatshops wasn't enough of a trigger to stop buying Nikes. It's interesting the kneeling issue is. lol
  7. chocolat steve

    Germany Thread

    I want to be educated on this. The Syrian migrants I understand. There is civil war going on. The African migration I assume is an economic one? I was hoping to visit eastern Europe next year, and some point get a eurorail pass and visit several European countries. Do I need to fear for my person? You are your passport. I can have a twin in Nigeria in the same place but my passport makes me "different" sometimes I get mistaken for native African...usually by native Africans...lol..which I find complimentary (My answer to are you African...400 years ago I was). Anyway, I like to get to the root cause of things, peel away the layers and get to the essence of something. The progressives I know say had the west simply stayed out of these countries or not meddle politically/militarily the problem would not have occurred. I don't know enough about that to know that. I had a friend in Hamburg and she said her son spoke rudimentary turkish simply from having schoolmates. Europe for the most part is/was homogeneous to varying extent. Some places like Belgium and Switzerland spoke 2 or 3 languages not including English but by and large European nations were fairly homogeneous. Unlike America where we were always diverse. One of my other questions is, if migration was cut to zero, that wouldn't solve the socio-cultural problems such as assimilation, etc, would it? Demographic trends are not going to change much I assume?
  8. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    It seems like the players standing for the national anthem is an age old NFL tradition but if we do a deep dive it isn't. It really didn't start until 2009. The military has been paying the NFL millions to do patriotic things like fly overs, and inclusion of military in the opening proceedings. The reason may have been that the military was finding very hard to talk our nations youth into joining and being sent to Iraq or Afghanistan. https://thinkprogress.org/nfl-dod-national-anthem-6f682cebc7cd/ Has anyone actually seen this Nike ad? No matter how you feel about Kaepernick personally, it's hard not come from it inspired. Yes, at the end of the day they are trying to sell us merchandising but its a pretty inspiring ad and the 'sacrifice everything' statement is a snippet and its not something you would typically remember about it or it stood out. If anyone else, less controversial had done it, it would have been praised by everyone I think and the "sacrifice everything' controversy wouldn't be an issue...just my guess.. Kaepernick narrating it is the only thing about that changes it. Which I get. I get that totally. Its polarizing but that's what Nike seems to want to fly in the face of anyway. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/upasite/index.php?sid=04856d579b5bfc742008817345c55ec5
  9. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    Apparently, Trump's biggest regret in his presidency so far was apologizing...of sorts...for going back and criticizing the Nazis n Charlottesville. It wasn't his idea and he regretted it . https://www.cnn.com/2018/09/04/politics/woodward-book-trump-charlottesville/index.html
  10. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    As I understand it, Puma and Adidas were vying for Kaepernick's signature as well. Nike has had a history of going against public opinion. The Barkley ad about him not being a role model was controversial and talked about not for days or weeks but for years. After Tiger Woods' private life became public and his persona imploded as well as his golfing success, his major sponsors left him...except Nike. And Nike got out of golf in terms of clothes, etc, but still sponsored Tiger. Amazing. Nike has a history of making bets against the grain and its always paid off. People always have and always will buy Nike. Even with the links provided above. Liberals and progressives who fight against those conditions still bought Nike and conservatives will still buy Nike. Nike supporting him is huge. Very, very huge because Nike and the NFL have symbiotic relationship. Kaepernick's lawsuit, which has some merit, is going forward. Nike doesn't do anything of this nature without crunching the numbers, putting its finger to the wind and seeing where it's blowing. And its never failed to be on the right side in hindsight. My guess and its only a guess, there seems to be enough evidence to suggest collusion by the NFL and they will likely settle for big bucks out of court. It's just not in the NFL's interest to have a case of this nature dragged on for months. And even if they win, the players who are kneeling will be even more emboldened. This whole matter has changed its narrative. Kaepernick kneeled because a vet, a white vet, told him it was respectful to do so but that fact rarely gets talked about because it doesn't fit the accepted narrative. My guess is that with him losing out on an NFL position, those that were very opposed to what he was doing was happy he lost his income. I get that. I have a few older brothers who served, my oldest brother was in Vietnam, one during the Panama war and a few cousins who were in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. I didn't realize we were a military family but I guess we are. So, I totally understand the optics of seeing someone seemingly disrespect the flag. But if we are brutally honest and I try to strip away the veneer to get to the heart of it, his detractors don't really care or believe in his stated reason for kneeling. Its a 2fer..lol...they believe the issue he is kneeling for is overstated at best and an extension of Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, MIssouri and Baltimore and secondly the very public 'in your face' optic of him kneeling in front of the flag during the national anthem and for those who aren't American, I would say its almost akin to religious heresy. It's of that magnitude. Which isn't lost on me.
  11. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    I'm not sure how I see Nike disrespecting those who lost their lives in wars or in the line of duty. Obviously I feel for anyone who has lost a loved one but Nike used that in context.Up until her letter it was okay to say someone "lost everything" in a fire, "lost everything" when some scam artist took their life savings, "lost everything" when they became homeless for whatever reason. Is loss of life now the only appropriate use of the phrase? I've seen that post and its viral and if some are honest its about not liking the kneeling in the first place. Which I get and understand whether I agree or not. The national anthem is a trigger in America culturally that most outside America don't understand. I believe the way the government reports economic news is at best misleading. This started before Obama got in office. However, I was among those who said the numbers that were coming out of his administration were not accurate. I worked in finance, you can't trade on altered information. You need hard, accurate information. Obama didn't make them more accurate which I faulted him for. Politically, he couldn't or wouldn't. The hypocrisy is that Trump, rightfully, questioned the numbers if you do a deep dive into them. But they are okay now that they are his numbers. The tax savings he gave to companies, manufacturers are going back into buying more company stock. CEOs have a lot of their salary tied to the shares of the company, so its a no brainer for them to buy back stock to raise the price. As for jobs, people are working at jobs they don't want. Many of the great jobs before 2008 never came back. The reason why Trump got votes in some districts in Wisconsin and Michigan that were long time Democrat strongholds was because those jobs were gone, Hillary never visited there out of arrogance and Trump did and promised them those jobs. They held their nose and voted for Trump. Those working class jobs that paid great aren't coming back because they have moved permanently. The U.S. economy is a good looking apple with a rotten core. There are endemic issues that will come to fruition. I am adamant there will be another crash, worse than before. Numbers don't lie. Its a matter of when not if and this one is going to be nasty and it may have the same effect the that WW2 had on the British pound. In 1900 the British pound was used as a global reserve currency twice that of any other country. After WW2, it was even with the dollar and continued to rise and by Nixon's deal with the Saudis it cemented the dollar as undisputed globally. We may see the emergence of another currency or currency hybrid equal to America after the next crash. My guess is something engineered by China. https://www.cbpp.org/research/economy/chart-book-the-legacy-of-the-great-recession
  12. chocolat steve

    Warning to everyone, HIV test came back positive...

    I certainly hope so. I never took "your health is everything" seriously until my youth was gone..lol
  13. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    Regarding the abused and murdered children. I firmly believe many of the thousands of missing children in America are due to various types groups as well as individuals. I have friends in the DC area and for a time (maybe still is) there was always a teen girl missing. There was a theory that groups or individuals were posting flyers targeted to teens. "Earn $25 dollars an hour. No experience needed. High School students wanted" things of that effect. You call the number or email and some were told to show up at a certain address. This place was secluded where knockout chemicals and a van with darkened windows was waiting. I've long heard missing children were taken out to remote places in Idaho, Montana, etc .for who knows what purpose or someone's cellar somewhere. My guess is the FBI knows what's going on and doesn't let the public know because of the backlash and outrage.
  14. 15k a month there is like 50k a month here. It's a shame. Genocidal acts and I don't want to over use that term is shameful the lack of international action. Saddened for those lost lives. A friggin' shame.
  15. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    wtf! No mention of a motive. Not in national news either. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/08/31/records-more-than-40-pipe-bombs-found-in-arizona-mans-home.html