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  1. I'd be surprised if it wasn't done by everyone with the money and network do it. Both parties as well as others.
  2. The NY Times best seller list can be artificially influenced
  3. There is a plethora of people and information still be heard and seen. The fact is the administration is pressuring anyone with first hand knowledge not to speak to Congress. Nixon did the same. Nixon was around in a day where the stigma of impeachment meant more. Before Nixon it only happened once in the 1800s. The public was against him as well. The public was never against Clinton. He had a very high favorable rating and it was deemed by the public and the Democrats as the Republicans simply desperate to reverse two elections. I certainly didn't see a valid reason based on precedence which I described on here a few times. And by that time I was done with the Clintons politically so much I didn't back Gore. It's clear Trump is guilty. This is no longer debatable. It's why the Republicans were first arguing procedural issues and now arguing hearsay rules not applicable to impeachment and arguing well before everyone is heard. Why not wait till ALL the witnesses are called and why do so when the people with first hand knowledge are being kept from testifying. The reason is that the masses are asses as an old Wall Street adage goes. The GOP are masters of the Nazi strategy of repeating something to the point where it becomes part of your consciousness. The interesting thing is had any other prior President we know of, including the beloved Reagan, their asses would be out by now. Trump gets a wide berth. He knows he enjoys that. And that may be his biggest advantage along with the incompetency of the Democrats. We aren't done. We haven't heard the original recording. But the Republican senators are already saying they are voting no. You do the right thing no matter if Trump will not get convicted. If he really could be excused by his base on video handing launch codes to Putin, and the GOP wouldn't convict him you bring up articles of impeachment anyway. Let history judge the ones who put party over the country. Not doing so is cowardice. And a violation of your oath. America is done. It's apparent we have no honor. When you see all this, coupled with the abandoning the Kurds and other things, I believe it will hurt us down the road. Especially against China or any other power. Countries will believe they can no longer rely on America. And they will be right. And some day, I really believe the left version of Trump will come and the same thing will happen on the left and it will be even worse and he or she will have Trump and his support as precedence to excuse themselves. And the GOP will cry bloody murder and lose.
  4. No more hearsay. First hand witnesses.
  5. Again, live tweeting obstruction and witness intimidation during testimony is clearly impeachable
  6. Surreal seeing Trump try to intimidate a witness and obstruct justice in real time tweet. That of itself is impeachable. Fully. I honestly think that 1. He has no idea it is and 2. There is no one there to save him from himself.
  7. Again, the impeachment does not subscribe to traditional law. Wasn't meant to. For example, 3 of Trump's jurors are also his political opponents (Sanders, Warren Biden) for President and in any other court of law would have to recuse themselves. Potentially, a President could have his Supreme Court choice be the presiding justice. I pointed all this out to say that hearsay isn't relevant at all. The Republicans are surreptitiously applying rules of evidence, hearsay, etc, that are applicable to other courts but not to impeachment. And they know the American people don't know the difference. Senators, Congresspersons have gotten censured, etc, over things had they happened in the private sector, they could file a civil lawsuit and win. This is a political process. It's meant to be A Republican can use hearsay or any other excuse they want as a reason not to impeach or convict, but hearsay in of itself is not only wholly admissible but can be used to convict if the Congressperson deems the person credible and beyond reproach. If the Pope gave hearsay evidence, its likely it would deemed very credible for example.
  8. Impeachment is not the biggest threat to Trump getting re-elected. The stigma of impeachment isn't enough. If he gets exonerated in the Senate it's still possible for him to get re-elected. It will make it very hard and it would depend a lot on what is unearthed. The biggest threat by far is the economy, specifically a crash happening before the election. If he wins and there is a crash late 2020 or in 2021, he will go down in history as the 2nd coming of Herbert Hoover. The next crash won't be pretty. It will rival the great depression in size and scope. That sounds alarmist but there are factors in place that suggest it will dwarf 2008. If a Democrat wins, he can blame it on Trump if it happens within 6 months. If it happens longer out, it would be tougher. Obama could blame the economy on Bush and Republicans very easy. Anyway, if the economy crashes and most financiers, business leaders and economists are now openly talking about it happening some time in 2020 (my guess is October for historical reasons), before the election, the Democrats will sweep both houses. Similar to Obama's first 2 years. Trump will fight the 2nd Bush and Nixon for the worst president in modern history and he'll lose to Bush because Bush now seen as your kindly, sweet grand dad and he'll battle it out with Nixon. Younger people will put him above Nixon, those over 50 will put him below Nixon probably. I've said this on here and in the financial section. America is juggling a few different bubbles all at the same time and if they all pop at the same time, we may see a larger Greece where we are limited to a certain amount of money at the ATM for a few days or weeks till they get their hands around the problem. Trump is touting an unemployment rate he criticized Obama and the government over. He was right during the campaign when he said the unemployment numbers were rigged. So are his. The true unemployment number in America is not 3%. Millions have to take a 2nd job, Uber, part time work at a call center in the evenings, whatever they have to do because they can't afford a house and that has driven the millions who want to purchase a home and can't into the rental market so now there is an oversupply of tenants and landlords can drive up prices. Salaries have stagnated. I am currently staying at a friend's home in Los Angeles. It's a part of LA that was notorious when I l left America. It's not as bad due to gentrification several blocks away but I don't venture outside late at night either. If anyone is aware of the Nipsey Hussle rapper murder, I can walk there in 4-5 minutes. Slauson and Crenshaw for those who know LA. The rent he pays for a 1 bedroom apartment is $1,250 and he is older and that is subsidized. That same rent when I left in 2009 was $750 tops. So, the same worker in the same area has to come up with an extra $500 a month. His wages haven't gone up $500 a month. It's stagnant since that time. That worker has to get a roommate or a 2nd job or whatever he or she has to do. I have a cousin in LA who is living with his girlfriend and her child due to rental issues. He or she may try moving to a lower rent area but as far as I know and I have asked, there isn't rent lower than that and if you are so lucky, you will have to drive through a lot of traffic to get to work on time. That 3% are all second jobs and under employment of the young. College grads have school loans and are taking anything they can to pay. They are working as clerks at Enterprise car rental, driving Uber, selling things on Poshmark Etsy, and other eCommerce activities. They are still living at home but if they are in a city where they have no family they are living 2 or 3 to a flat. Renting a sofa is common now. A growing number of people who fell on hard times and have to take a low paying job are now living out of their car. They join a 24 hour health club for showers, drive Uber after their low paying job. The economy was bad under Obama. The reason why there were tens of thousands of people who voted for Obama twice and then voted for Trump in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, was out of desperation. Trump even got some black votes out of that. Obama did the best he could but the recovery wasn't a great recovery. A lot of it is not his fault. America has endemic economic issues that predated Obama's election.The Republicans made sure he couldn't pass anything that would help such as an infrastructure bill that Republicans support, because it would mean hundreds of thousands of jobs. What he can be blamed for is not doing enough due to taking Wall Street, Hollywood and other types of money that kept the status quo to some extent. Hard care Trump supporters, the ones that would actually still vote for him if he shot someone are not motivated by the economy. It's a much deeper issue for them. They put stopping the demographic changes America is going through as paramount. Bigger than their wallet. They see an existential threat to them and their progeny. That is not new. The 'nativists' of the mid to late 1800s and early 1900s felt even stronger believe it or not. The 'latinos' of that age were eastern Europeans (Slsvs, etc), Irish catholics, Jews, all catholics actually who they called 'papists'., and anyone else who wasn't western European, protestant. If you can defend kids in cages, and for some quietly applaud it, it's about demographic changes. When the economy crashes it won't matter. They are voting for non economic reasons. There are tons of Republicans who lost out financially after the crash in 2008 and still voted for McCain. There will be millions who will vote for Trump after a crash, even if they will lose their job or farm as a result. In their minds, long term, they stand a much better chance of recovery with someone who will maintain the status quo. The religious right will vote for Trump no matter what. The religious right are similar to other zealot, tightly knit religious groups in that they will try and take care of each other in bad times and they see their vote as a religious act. Trump will blame a crash on anyone or any thing but himself and some will echo it. Not because they believe it deep down, but the alternative is Sanders or Warren. They will, will themselves to believe it. If this past election recently is any indication, we may break records for the number of people voting. The Republican that lost the governorship of Kentucky had a record turnout of Republicans. What Republican strategists all know is that there are simply too many progressives/liberals/Democrats out there. If Democrats or people who ideologically compare to Democrats vote, Republicans will lose and lose big. Virginia had record turnouts for Republicans when their legislature went Democratic for the first time in decades. That is why Republicans employ strategies that will reduce turnout such as voter ID or reduce the effectiveness of Democrats such as gerrymandering. It's self survival. The future doesn't bode well for Republicans. They have the majority of only one niche: white males. And that number is dropping annually. The only person I can see winning for them in the immediate/intermediate (next 8-10 years) future is possibly Nikki Barber. The country is going to shift far left in the future based on simple demographics. Mllennials, Gen x and Gen y are overwhelmingly progressive. So, back to economics. Back in 2008 it was a housing bubble. This time around we have a housing bubble but also a few other bubbles and when I say bubble I mean exposure over 1 trillion dollars (to put it in context our annual budget is 5 trillion). Credit card/personal debt bubble, car loan bubble, corporate debt bubble, student loan bubble. All at least 1.5 trillion and the corporate debt bubble is at least 20 trillion. AT&T's debt is more than almost all countries. I've read reports of it being over 200 billion dollars. This article is from a year ago and its 160 billion https://www.ifre.com/story/1503131/atts-debt-bigger-than-most-countries-starts-to-worry-investors-5cr3zp3mvq If the economy is so great, then why don't 40% of Americans have $400? https://abcnews.go.com/US/10-americans-struggle-cover-400-emergency-expense-federal/story?id=63253846 On a sidenote, it shows you how incompetent the Democrats are at politics that they don't 'site this number whenever Trump raves about the 3% unemployment rate. Love them or hate them, the Republicans have to be respected thoroughly for the effectiveness of how they perform politics. Amazing.
  9. Coss, also 2 more notable things. Trump has been telling witnesses not to testify in front of Congress and second, the White House won't release the original recording as well as others. And lastly, again, what we do know so far is very, very serious and the Republicans have zero interest in getting all the facts. That is clear. To be fair, I would expect the same of 'some' Democrats but generally speaking the Democrats are much more agreeable when its their person. benghazi investigation, which was a total BS investigation, Obama administration cooperated. The whole 'server' issue came about from a fishing trip because the original Benghazi concerns didn't pan out. Hillary's private server was wrong. But it wasn't unique. Every prior Sec State as well as other officials in all administrations had them. Colin Powell did. Karl Grove deleted literally millions of emails and destroyed hard drives from the Bush administration. But I digress. The Republican view is, whisper it quietly but Trump is guilty as sin, but the Democrats won't be able to prove it comprehensively. That's their view in a nutshell.
  10. Were it my guy, I'd be so ashamed of him, I'd want him out more than the other side.
  11. There is absolutely no way any honest person can look at the present situation and not think to him or herself that Trump has done impeachable acts and its just a matter of proving it without a shadow of doubt to his supporters. There is absolutely no way those Republicans on the committee would have said anything other than impeach were it a Democrat. Impeachment is politics. And I completely understand the politics. There were Senators still willing to vote no on conviction for Nixon. There just wasn't enough of them. Goldwater who brought Nixon the news that he lacked the vote could very well have been one of them. What pundits on the right are doing to muddy the waters is arguing this process as if its a court of law. It isn't. You can impeach and convict a president on conduct that would not be criminal. The process to get the claims to the Congress went through several people, almost all Republicans and some were hired by Trump himself. The actual phone calls haven't even been released. The abbreviated transcript that was doctored to show the most favorable light to Trump is itself damning. The money that was held up could only be done by Trump himself. Anyone lower would be facing criminal charges. What we are seeing are games. Political games. If what we are seeing so far suggests violation of the office, in a perfect, honest world, BOTH parties would be demanding to see everything. I'd be saying the same were it Obama. The fact of the matter is too many people who are putting party and power 'uber alles'. The 'good' thing about this administration is that it has exposed a lot of people as hypocrites. Anyone defending this should apologize for anything said about Obama. And I'm no longer a fan of his and haven't been since his 2nd term.
  12. The sad fact is that his support simply doesn't care BB. They don't care about morals, ethics, the constitution, about America, it's simply about retaining power and the belief that the ideology is worth violating principles over. It's also about saving America (in their minds) and any means necessary fair or foul to that end is/will be justified. There are a lot things unsaid, implied, elephants in rooms...lol. I think I understand it at its core. I think.
  13. The hearings aren't over. As you may recall, Nixon's hearings started out similar and as the investigation went on, they learned more. Would you agree there is more than enough to justify a full investigation where all the emails, recordings, etc, should be looked at? You have people with impeachable character all saying the same thing. Shouldn't the reaction be one where everyone is alarmed and delve into it fully? The reaction from the Republicans is that is that it's hearsay and its early in the hearings and investigation. If we were at the end, it could be argued. But what we have heard so far is shocking. What we hear is fully impeachable by anyone's standard if/when proven.
  14. He is the WH chief adviser and strategist on immigration. Larger question is how did he get the job in the first place? It's not like his views were unknown. His own family has disowned him. What is even more startling is how little the Democrats have talked about him and demanded his expulsion. How do you have someone like this in the administration and its tolerated from either party?
  15. Do you think Trump never extorted Ukraine or that he did but it can't proven or neither?
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