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  1. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    This is what I think might be a very real scenario. I'm totally convinced there will be a very, very nasty economic downturn and calling it a downturn may be too kind of a description. I would not be surprised about a full blown depression on the order of the 1930s. We forget that we were a hair from it in 2008 and this time around there isn't just one bubble (back then it was subprime loans in the housing market). This time around we have that again but there are 3 or 4 other bubbles that are at least 1.5 trillion or more in exposure. So, this happens under a Republican president and that party gets booted out. Even the Trump supporters abandon ship just as some Republicans did with the party in 2008 right after the October crash. This will usher in far left, democratic socialism and that person may very well use the precedents that Trump has set with what many will deem executive branch overreach as a reason to mandate wide, whole scale changes to society and the economy. That president will have probably both houses of Congress. The supreme court may still be tilted right as they don't change with elections but any retirees or deaths will bring in a moderate or liberal to re-tilt the court left. That is the main thing that I think conservatives/Republicans need to mind with the current administration. There is a new lowering of standards, etc. I'm not saying it to critique Trump but just stating facts. When its your guy you overlook it. Just like how Dems overlooked what was deemed executive branch overreach from Obama's use of executive orders. I may sound alarmist but I think its a distinct possibility. FDR wouldn't have been able to do what he did were it not for a the Great Depression and I see the same scenario coming. Whether you agree or not, I see medicare for all as our version of national healthcare. Possibly some sort of VAT on all goods and services.Imminent domain to be used to take over properties for bullet trains between cities and states as well as to expand urban mass transit. I can see green energy being de facto law of the land going forward. Banks being heavily regulated. Maybe a basic income like what Yang is proposing of 1,000 dollars for every adult. Something Switzerland tried but was rejected by voters eventually. Lobbyist power and money reduced massively. Overall, basically, a European style economy. And I think the level of attack on Ocasio Cortez and to some extent Omar is that the Republicans as well as the Democrats see the future. I've never seen freshmen congresspersons get that much scrutiny ever. They are under a microscope for a reason and that reason is fear. That type of person will possibly be running the Congress in 4 to 8 years ushered in by an economic collapse where people lose faith in establishment politics from both sides.
  2. chocolat steve

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    Triple Frontier [2019] Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund and Pedro Pascal as ex special forces who attempt to rob one of the world’s most violent cartels. I liked it. It's a story of greed and friendship and a backhanded slight against how the US military/government treats the soldiers who have done the heavy lifting in wars for our politicians.
  3. chocolat steve

    New Zealand Thread

    My sincerest condolences. The last place you expect to see a tragedy like this is NZ frankly. Generally speaking, I've rarely ever met a Kiwi that wasn't cool as shit. But you can always have a bad apple or two in any society, even the best of them. The prime minister's comments were spot on as a reaction to it. This tragedy tells all of us that we must fight hate everywhere, and no place, no matter how unlikely to have such events are vulnerable. It only takes one person.
  4. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

  5. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    Despite what the government numbers are saying, people are living paycheck to paycheck mostly. They are mostly in jobs they don't really want and are doing just to survive. I'm not putting it on Trump. This started under Obama. The 2008 recession ended the great jobs. We were technically expanding but it was all propped up by the Federal Reserve, the US Treasury and Congress. It's going to be a nasty recession. Much bigger and deeper than the 2008 recession. You are warned.
  6. Gold and silver has been a proven asset in bad economics time for 1000s of years.
  7. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    When Trump was on the campaign stump he kept hammering to the crowd that the economic numbers were fluffed. That the true unemployment rate (under 6 percent officially at the time) was really about 15 or 20 percent if you count under employed. That the Fed was propping up the economy. That the jobs numbers were very wrong. It resonated because the government and news told you one thing but your life and everything around didn't reflect it. It was the government saying 'Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?'. Trump was absolutely right. We never recovered fully from the 2008 crash. The great jobs before the crash never came back. People were desperate. They were not seeing first hand this economy that was supposedly getting better under Obama. There were thousands and thousands of people who voted for Bernie in the primaries and Trump in the general election. Hillary was seen as part of the problem. There were many Democrats in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania who voted for Trump. They held their nose and did it. They didn't tell their family or friends.They were never going to wear MAGA hats. I live outside the country. I wonder if things have really changed for the good. Trump is touting the very same stats used in the prior administration that he called fake. The murmurs I've heard from the ones who voted for him out of desperation and it was really a no pro establishment Hillary rather than a pro Trump vote. I have a good friend who fancies himself a very good amateur political scientist. He thinks the Democratic voters who took a chance on Trump now regret it. They would vote for him over Hillary again but if the Dems can field someone who can address their economic situation they'll gladly give him or her the vote. Then he says there are the hardcore Trump voters who aren't doing much better if at all from the Obama years BUT they feel better about themselves and live vicariously through Trump. They will vote for him again because they have lied to themselves. They won't vote for Bernie they will vote strictly identity politics. There are many, many people like those in the article below in California who have not seen anything improve one iota and in some cases worse. Thoughts? https://www.cbsnews.com/news/los-angeles-hidden-homeless-priced-out-cbsn-originals/?fbclid=IwAR3tTo6tUBXG2ltRpBUSThom4x1AvJS2FmIMO8vEV7JhTwMTv9qhMndj1sE
  8. chocolat steve

    Been Seeing This Niche in Porn

    I don't watch porn as much as I used to but a buddy of mine was telling me about some hot new porn actress (actress...haha...that term still makes me laugh). It was on Pornhub (this is not a paid endorsement plug ) and I noticed while looking at the pages, there are a LOT OF porn themes centered around incest. Sometimes its 'step sister' and 'step daughter' but a lot of are brother sister, step mom, cousin, etc. What the fuck is this? Porn mirrors society to some extent. What the fuck is going in America where that is the preferred theme?
  9. chocolat steve

    A Letter From Death Row

    Sad, seems we will never really know the truth. I don't know all the facts but I am also aware people are often scapegoated for convenience.
  10. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    I'll make it up to the progressives on this thread with the following post 😁
  11. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    One of the few times pretty much everyone will agree on this administration's actions. This crazy bitch shows no real remorse and seems very non chalant. Stay the fuck out there. You made your decision and I'm not gonna buy into the she wasn't an adult and not able to make rational decisions either. Not this time. Fuck this crazy bitch, not my tax dollars. Sorry, her attitude grates me. She seems to have no concept of the magnitude of her actions. I sound like a triggered alt right nationalist...haha. PS: She is kinda cute though but....
  12. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    That surprises me since the religious right is very supportive of him. The religious right pretty much has one standard. Anti abortion. That's it. Lip service to anything else.
  13. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    National emergency proclamations are typically bipartisan.
  14. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    No matter what you think of the National Emergency, there are possible future ramifications if this is precedence. Lets say its 2020 and the global economy as well as America is in massive and pervasive economic turmoil because all the bubbles of America, China and other countries have all come to fruition. America elects a far left of center President. This President uses this precedence to say one or more of the following is a national emergency and skirts the Congress: * Health care is a national emergency and so medicare for all. * The banking system and big banks are a national emergency so they are privatized by the Fed. * Climate change is a national and international emergency so forced conversion to green energy. See where this is going? When you make rules and laws and set precedence its not for now, it should always be seen as something a future person you don't want can use.
  15. chocolat steve

    Usa Thread

    Supposedly we are arming people (Locals as well as possibly neighboring troops) or toying with doing it ourselves to take over Venezuela for supposedly "humanitarian" reasons and for "democracy" but we don't do the same for Honduras and other places. Maybe...just maybe...its the oil. China has spent 76 billion dollars there, far more than any other South American county. So, this may be a showdown. https://www.truthdig.com/articles/the-real-reason-the-u-s-wants-to-overthrow-venezuela/