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  1. Pre massive European immigration in the mid 1800s, teens were more or less treated like Adults. There were 1000s of unaccoustomed teens among the indentured servants that were 'sent' (forced) to the American colonies in the late 1600s and into the 1700s. Just like many were sent to Australia and a few other British colonies (west indies). These were British teens. In the 1800s, a huge influx of European immigrants happened as we all well know. They came in such huge numbers, unskilled mostly, largely rural, semi illterate, little or no Engish, with too many people, ,chasing too few jobs, that it decimated hundreds of thousans of families if not millions. Whole areas of large cities, New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimre were literally no go zones from thousands of gangs, many present day teens in age. There were no mandatory school and many had lost their fathers and/or mothers or simply abandoned. The Gangs of New York movie is one of the rare movies that hints at the size and scope of the issue. The US cities eventualluy developed the 'Juvenile' system to cope with this. Obligatory school was one of those things to keep kids off the street. The Juvenile detention system, to warehouse them away from adults for a myriad of reasons. Sunday School was also a way to try to keep them morally straight. Orphanages, and other charitable systems were set up for them. As a result, America changed its social view of teenagers. Benjamin Franklin, like many people of the UK was apprenticed at 12 years old in America just like 1000s others at a similar age in the UK. This became a thing of the past in America for logistical and cultural reasons. 12 years old was a fair age in the minds of his age to be sent from home to be apprenticed but 150 years later was deemed an age that needed to be in school and cared after. In the age of affluence of any nation, they tend to coddle their youth. This is true from the days of old. Roman empire, Persian empire, all the way down. America became a global financial power post WW2 and the youth became more and more coddlge for the lack of a better word.
  2. Where are the teachers? Other adults? America is fucked. This seems like a middle class type of school. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=236084591949722&aggr_v_ids[0]=236084591949722&notif_id=1637641299793667&notif_t=watch_follower_video&ref=notif
  3. The right wing has lost in this win. The public overwhelmingly doesn't like the decision. What this also will do is make protesters arm themselves all the more and will be on the look out for Rittenhouse types. More bodies, right wing bodies, will come as a result. It's a net loss for the right. PS: Can any of his supporters provide the gun license he legally would need to walk around with it? Im waiting.
  4. The judge threw the case, he was working for the defense. He went there, with his mother's help (who should be in jail) to kill blacks or anyone helping blacks. He got it accomplished and he got off for it. Its that simple. I don't care to debate the obvious. Those who want to believe otherwise are obviously free to do so. We are at a state in America where primarily the right (although a few on the far left as well but vast majority on the right) no longer have faith in the constitution or laws because they are losing power (in their minds). So, all bets are off. Morals, ethics, the law, decency is out the window. The end game? Their own country or be like the Kurds in Iraq, unofficially autonomous rule in red states. For those outside America who may not be fully aware. The vast majority of those under 30 are far left. Socialism is good word to them. They are for the environment, gay rights, democratic socialism. Kyle Rittenhouse is just the latest salvo in what they deem an existential threat. For them, equal rights, equal treatment under the law, upholding the true meaning of the constitution is no good because it will render them on equal par with those they considered to be below their station/status in America. That's the white power sign our mischievous little Kyle is flashing for the domestic terrorits group, The Proud Boys.
  5. I hear ya but I don't give a flying f*ck if it replaces money or not. Crypto has created scores and scores of millionaires of people who otherwise would have no chance and it created them quickly and in some cases without much money. They didnt have to rent a building, create a product or hire anyone. It has a trillion dollar market value. The only time in modern times that a trillion dollar industry has gone by the wayside is if something else replaces. I'm trying to think of a trillion dollar "business", "asset class" or whatever that has gone by the wayside. Billion dollar industries have (makers of VHS machines, etc) things that replaced by an improved product that replaces. Until something replaces cryptos, its here to stay and it won't be overnight. VHS tapes didn't go out of style overnight. The writing was on the wall months and months prior. All I know is that its been without question the best investment I've ever made. You guys have no idea...hehehe.
  6. I had to channel my hidden Coss
  7. So, what's the latest news about getting back into LOS without quarantine, etc.?
  8. Most investors who trade stocks lose money, most people who open a restaurant go out of business within a few years. Crypto is still the best thing out there for the little guy to make decent money. You dont trade bitcoin, you buy and hold it, it has always gone up...eventually...significantly. The orginator of this thread is likely a multi millionaire in any currency you like and if he reads this thread is having a nice laugh. Cryptos has the most skeptics for those over 40 or 50 and creates a lot of wealth for those below it. The big boys are in it, they just aren't saying it. You dont have a trillion dollar market cap just by the masses, its from billions invested in it from the big banks, the 1 percent. What do they know that you don't?
  9. The market will always find its level. My guess is if there are a lot of sanukers, high prices initially then it comes down. If not as many as expected or needed, a buyers market. Overall, in time, it will sort itself out.
  10. I can't wait to go back to Thailand. I'm guessing a lot of pent up 'energy' from prior visitors. I'm further guessing that getting people back won't be a problem. The cases of Covid19 is. Fully vaccinated may be a requirement. If not, I'd be surprised.
  11. I'd love to have an update from Stonesoup if anyone knows him.
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