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  1. 😏 No way Trump could avoid any deaths but he exasperated it. The numbers would have been much lower.
  2. I wouldn't taken that in bitcoins in 2009.
  3. Have them make me an offer. I like offers with lots of zeroes and commas. 2 or more commas.
  4. A black guy, speaking on black issues, and has zero standing among black people. Hmmm.... why on earth should I listen to him. The track record of blacks who purport to speak on issues and have no standing is very poor. People may not know this because of revisionist history, but there were many conservative black clergy who spoke out against MLK Jr. Malcolm X's issue with King was about his methods not his intent. For those of you who have your gasmaks on, look at a documentary called "Spies of Mississippi'. It may still be on Netflix if they haven't already taken it down. Sad and tragic tale of southern blacks working with law enforcement, FBI and locals to spy on the Civil Rights movement. Another, historical fact. Every failed slave revolt in antebellum south was in large part due to a slave who told the owner everything. I give you Candace Owens, Marcellus, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, and the etc. None of these people, have boots on the ground, trying to actually change anything. They make money off conservatives. Diamond and Silk were so desperate for notoriety they took their 30 pieces of Silver to support admitted white supremacist Congressman Steve King of Iowa who lost all his committee duties by his own party for admitting he felt what was wrong with white nationalism. Are there black conservatives with integrity? Sure. But they are not like, respected or have any say in the party. They are marginalized. Colin Powell is a lifelong Republican. See how he is treated.
  5. More accurate description. Black Lives Matter gaslighted by African American "conservatives" who make a living making white conservatives feel comfortable about bigoted views. And they either are hated by the Black community at large or completely unknown yet speaks for them. Note to non Americans. There has never, ever, ever, ever been any prominent black person in history, who is now beloved or respected by all who was not accepted by his own people. Let that sink in. Harriet Tubman, MLK Jr, Mohammed Ali, etc. These same folks also had hard truths for the black community as well. MLK Jr, in his speeches at churches, talked about crime, moral behavior, etc. The man was a pastor afterall (and like a lot of them he had his own extra marital affairs...lol), Selling out your own pays. If the amount I could get was enough to retire comfortably in Phuket, I might consider compromising my own morals, ethics and integrity and start my own Black Patriot channel. I'd actually wear a 1700s military uniform for effect, including the powdered wig. I'm open to offers Cav, be warned, I will counter offer.
  6. The libturd (I still laugh when I see it..lol), fake news, social engineering, BLM, crips, bloods (sweat and tears ...remember them?), marxists are at it again.
  7. Folks, BLM the movement, just a phrase that was already out is completely different than BLM an organization, started by 4 people who first created the hashtag. Cav, buddy, you have provided zero evidence, this BLM site is orchestrating all the protests. None. Folks, its the equivalent of my having a MAGA site and saying I want an America saying we will conduct a purge like the movies once we are in power and people conflating that with the Trump voters (although now that I think about it they might be for that scenario 🤥). As for the crips and bloods, so what? Of course these posts are deflection from Trump's failings as a leader and even his own polls have him losing badly. He's stopped watching Fox News because they are reporting the same. Complete cognitive dissonance.
  8. Did this guy conflates Star Wars ewoks with Biblical prophecy in Revelations with Soros with Black Lives Matter? LOLOLOLOLOL...my God! Cav, please, please tell me this was meant for a comedy break? It's a joke right?
  9. I've not yet gotten a description of what marxism actually means. And still conflating 4 people who created a hashtag with 1000s of people protesting in over 30 major cities nationally as well as many internationally and none of them are on the news, or hailed as leaders. I've spoken of the site he refers to many times and it falls on deaf ears. Election year hysterics to get votes.
  10. Obummer was creative. It actually got a laugh out of me when I first heard it. However, I just heard a nickname Agolf Twitler...HAHAHA...
  11. The crazy thing is Biden is way in the polls by simply shutting up and Trump is behind by not shutting up. He's doubling down on voters will vote for him if he actually does shoot someone on 5th avenue and is losing the ones that held their nose and voted for him and lied that they didn't vote or voted for Clinton.
  12. Some folks (not just in America) are just statue toppling. Not sure if we can apply this to all. The protests are in over 30 cities in America and several countries overseas. Its organic. And local. Its the government's worse nightmare. No leader. Its a hydra.
  13. Creepy Joe and the lefttard, social engineering, marxist BLM people must have been behind this.
  14. Kellyanne Conway's daughter is part of the lefturd, socia engineering brigade and her Republican husband is making anti Trust ads and saying to vote for Biden for the deep state. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/kellyanne-conways-daughter-claudia-conway-152200808.html
  15. Still more lefturd, fake news, social engineering..when will it end?! https://www.yahoo.com/news/weve-got-something-republican-rebels-090038966.html
  16. Kanye is clearly off his meds but you know what? I don't think he'd lose that badly against politburo, chairman Trump https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/jul/05/kanye-west-declares-he-will-run-for-us-president-in-2020
  17. More fake news, lefturd, social engineering https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/06/why-trump-tanking-polls/613651/
  18. Apparently this is another example of fake news, lefturd bs and social engineering. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-signed-worst-trade-deal-003000308.html
  19. Hitler was antisemitic. At least that's my opinion. 😏
  20. Fake news? https://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/ny-oped-trump-white-supremacist-20200701-5zumhjygabhgfckydm7xyhbm6a-story.html?fbclid=IwAR1yQm8sVMbpZC0cX9M2e-JAFrzoYIVANhIN9uLEwqey2wqpmTw7jS6kiCQ
  21. Looking at the polls, Biden is playing smart. Just stay out of the way and let Trump lose it. The way it looks its a landslide victory for Biden, still 4 months is a long time in politics.
  22. https://mobile.twitter.com/BlueSt0rmRising/status/1274925140606935040?fbclid=IwAR0rLvPJg34mVnBbNHfGP1oC3DZ19U7nPwIy-9JPMIwgZ3eTasWKcExSwhs
  23. Herman Cain is a coon..er..ah...self hating...er..ah...i mean.. conservative Republican who ran for President. He went to Trump's Tulsa, Ok rally without a face mask. He now has covid 19. Sometimes Karma does her job.
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