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  1. Coss, this will put a smile on some people's faces on here but America is done. Finished. Kaput, Fini, terminado, เสร็จ He minimized the severity of it from the start despite getting briefed early on it about the dangers. A more detailed briefing than the one that Congress got and prompted his fellow Republicans to warn of dire danger to voters and having them sell stock. He was only concerned about the stock market and economy and how that would affect his re-election. Fuck the lives of people. So he sugar coated everything, politicized and weaponized it against enemies until the lives impacted couldn't be ignored and even then his advisers had to cajole him into it. Even after the fact stopping Democratic critics of getting needed supplies behind the scenes. The man should be looking at being removed by his cabinet if not impeachment but instead he's a viable candidate for re-election. I'm sure this has made some people smile approvingly and its up to them to sort out that morally. For me, I have lost all faith in us and it marks the final stages of the country's life as a power. We are Rome 400 AD Living on past glory, laughed at by rivals behind the scenes. We can do the Trump is bad thing ad nauseum like CNN and MSNBC and tons of podcasts but when nearly half the electorate doesn't care, does it matter? You are simply preaching to the choir. And the others would rather go down with the ship. Best to rule a shell of a nation than to share it with a functioning one.
  2. Fox News helped spread the disease along with Trump initially.
  3. This is first case to affect someone I know personally. We worked together a long time ago. About 5 days ago she reported having some weird flu like symptoms, went to the hospital. Found out it was covid19. She was sent back home. Then she posted this about 30 minutes ago. She was very big when we worked together and she lost a lot of weight very quickly. My guess is some sort of bypass surgery. I'm also guessing she had some residual health issues from years of obesity prior. Diabetes maybe, hypertension. who knows.
  4. ...and the reason why America is doomed is that roughly 35 percent of the country is willing to let the country literally go to the shit as long as they run it the way they want it.
  5. Fake news https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/28/trump-coronavirus-politics-us-health-disaster
  6. His support is doubling down. I've heard someone describe politics in America as a religion. It's literally how people really view their politics if we are using the dynamics of religion applied to how politics is practiced, especially on the right. But to be fair, it can run across the spectrum, but the far right know they are in the minority and have a bunker mentality the same as early Christians and the Romans. Trumpism is a cult.
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/trump-gretchen-whitmer-michigan-coronavirus-feud-032411002.html Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Says Medical Vendors Told Not To 'Send Stuff' To Michigan
  8. I want to revisit this again. Exactly what should I walk back? I posted the article. My comments said its a Trump state with likely Fox News viewers. Its a public article. You make up your own mind. lol. What did I do that was wrong? I shouldn't have posted it? You stated 2 things the article said the man did. You left out the article's statements on what Trump said about the chemicals. Was the article wrong? If Trump did not say it, your beef is with the author of the article not me, but they wouldn't have posted if he hadn't. NBC news isn't some right wing black guy in his mother's basement, wearing boxers (to be fair, I'm black and wearing my boxers as I write this ) making tin foil hat statements. It's a legitimate news source.
  9. It's a patchwork health system, Coss. This current crisis proves that a decentralized, for profit health care system is the worse possible thing to have in a pandemic. With a viable national healthcare system, resources can be far easier to coordinate and needs distributed appropriately but the present administration and party is not only against it but under the cover of the crisis is working to dismantle the remnants of national healthcare because Obama is the one who made it. This is denying more people from access to healthcare.
  10. ....and forgot to mention. The larger point of a Trump supporter with so much belief in Herr Fuhrer, they consumed chemicals without the advice of a doctor. Even if the item is used and possibly part of a cure, Trump is discussing it in the context of his own self serving needs. That is the larger point as well.
  11. Hello specialist. Hear what? If the medicine is good to use so be it. The article posted quoted people. They, the ones in the article, are the ones saying that about Trump. If they are wrong about that the issue is with them. I am not a doctor, I have no idea if it is good or not good. They self medicated based on what they heard from Trump. Those are the facts. I'm not sure what I "don't want to hear"? Really. I appreciate your comment and input and attempt to add clarity, but again, the article speaks for itself. One can say they are wrong, one can say they are right. THEY said that about Trump. Not I.
  12. Wrong man for the times. He has managed the whole thing with only re-election in mind. The fate of the people he swore to protect is not a consideration but you get the government you deserve.
  13. The person's own statement Cav. They invoked mein Fuhrer's name. I'm slow sometimes but a person got sick saying Trump said it was a possible cure. Er...ah...okay.
  14. You can select the 2 or 3 worse presidents in our history and I guarantee you I can find a couple accomplishments. No administration does everything wrong. None. Hoover, Nixon, and yes Trump. Therefore, yelling about an accomplishment at the top of every building as if its to justify an already bad administration is intellectually dishonest. It's gaslighting of the highest order. In the same breath current supporters will say he's the best president ever and site some stats while at the same time saying Obama is the worst and site some stats and the interesting thing is the things that the current administrations supporters have used to quell any criticism (unemployment and the stock market) are the SAME exact accomplishments by the previous administration. And the main critique of the previous administration (the debt) is ignored when sited about the current administration with jobs and stock market numbers, the same ones they ignored by Obama. You can't make it up. Obama had a much bigger cut statistically of unemployment and a bigger rise in stock market prices and a much lower debt in comparison.
  15. Wow. So the US couldn't handle anything before 2016? Hmmm....ok. I guess we had secretly spent the last 4 years from nothing to number 1. Okay, my sarcasm meter is up there. Just my guess, but maybe....just maybe we were always ranked number one...just suppose and just maybe...maybe....DESPITE the present administration cutting funding we fortunately remained so. Just maybe...maybe prior administrations handling of SARS, MERS, H1, etc, and their not going to epidemic levels was because we were prepared already...just maybe... Just suppose. I know its probably not so but lets pretend in an alternate universe.
  16. Obviously a never Trumper. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/new-york-city-coronavirus-healthcare-workers-trump-easter-183638991.html I'm An ER Doctor In NYC. Trump's Coronavirus Plan Isn't Just Dangerous, It's Deadly.
  17. Then there is us, but a few of my British friends say the same about Boris. Some refer to him as Donald Trump lite
  18. The preview of the upcoming Demographic Wars has begun. Several times on this thread, I have warned about the millennials being very resentful of the baby boomer generation. Most of the responses were unsympathetic...lol and was a litany of their faults. Its a war the older generation simply can't win. There are numerous videos of young spring breakers openly snubbing their noses as the quarantine and openly bragging they can't die from the virus (not true in some instances) but you boomers will. The police in some areas are looking to thwart groups of kids playing a game where they breathe closely on, sneeze or cough on fruits and vegetables at the supermarket. The anger against the older generations is real and now it seems its at the point where they really don't care about the deaths. Its at that point. We have a preview of it in Japan. A society built on honoring the elderly. Those of you who live in Japan know of young people literally abandoning the elderly. Korea has a similar but smaller issue of that. The biggest generational wealth transfer in history of mankind has begun and eventually the millennial will end up with that money. The ones of this generation will get into politics and other institutions and they will not be kind in policies, laws, regulations and money regarding the elderly. As I stated before, they grew up knowing nothing but wars. Their entire conscious lives they saw 2 wars (Afghanistan and Iraq), a crash, and a life of college debt that their preceding generations did not have to endure. Lastly, they know they have inherited the biggest credit card in history, the national debt that they know they didn't incur but have inherited it by a generation that knowingly did it to them. The anger is real. And its not going to end pretty and YOU WILL LOSE.
  19. The government, more specifically, the Penatgon, the Department of Defense have done a lot of scenarios an 'what ifs?'. The movies we see about government secret plans aren't born out of some Hollywood screenwriter's mind. It's based on actual facts. They research things like that as a screenwriter. I have 1 or 2 struggling sreenwriter friends in LA and they tell you, you don't write about things you don't research first. Even if its tangential. That said, I find it very, very hard to believe the defense department doesn't have a paper on pandemics. One thing that is a fact is that there within the government there has always been people who study such possibilities. But we are now struggling on how to cope with one when its hit us. So, something within the government is not right. Either they have forgone the plans that were recommended on some internal white paper on it or we got rid of the people and/or departments that are related to it. Furthermore, there are many non governmental or affiliated civilian people and organizations who have studied this from professors at universities, think tanks, research facilities, etc. I am sure there are internal voices in the government as well as external who have some sort of readiness plan or at the very least a list of things that needs to be in place for this sort of inevitability. Especially given the fact that the major countries all have extensive biochemical weapon including contagions. Something isn't right.
  20. This is a guy who could easily dismantle Debbie, black patriot, etc. and Tucker
  21. Lets be accurate. BOTH parties are using the tragedy for non Covid19 specific things. The Dems are using it to attach progressive items like climate change/emissions, student loan forgiveness, and other things. The GOP is using it as a gigantic slush fund with no accountability or way of the public to know what happened to the money. The Dems voted no because of that. McConnell wants to give the Treasury Security the ability to give 500 billion dollars to whomever he wants, for whatever reason and without any accountability at all and no transparency. Do you think that is a good reason to vote no? I would totally agree to remove the progressive attachments. I agree with the ideology but those items should be strong enough to pass on their own. This should be be politicized in anyway. I think the bill should be as politically pure as possible. From both sides. The progressive attachments help the masses. However, they should be enacted under regular congressional means. I do believe they should be able to stand on their own merits and if they can't be passed, get the votes in election time, the traditional way. The GOP is so corrupt though, even moreso. The slush fund is a bailout for the people who fucked up the economy.
  22. I did sir. I posted about Dems in another post.
  23. Arizona is a Trump state and considering their age, probably Fox News is their only source of news. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-kept-saying-basically-pretty-013927321.html 'Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure': Woman whose husband died after ingesting chloroquine warns the public not to 'believe anything that the president says'
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