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  1. So, now that we have that settled, and the deflections are done with, lets get back to the various posts. Especially Bernie having a massive, populist campaign. Trump was originally self financing (because no big money wanted anything do with him) and then he took big money. Robert Mercer pretty much owned Trump after his election. The reason why you saw Conway, Bannon and others was because they were Mercer's people. Trump has seen gotten so big he didn't need Mercer money any longer. But initially, white nationalist Robert Mercer was de facto President. Not that Trump had a problem with it initially. Evangelicals have backed him fully because he exchanged their full support in exchange for total access to him and his word he would try and make America the theocracy they want it to be. They basically want the christian version of Iran eventually. However, the country, especially the young are becoming increasingly either atheist, agnostic or similar to Europeans, Christian in name only. Non observant.
  2. The irony is it is taking Republicans to do what the Democrats should be doing.They will do more damage than the Dems will I think. https://www.yahoo.com/news/the-lincoln-project-republicans-reminder-oath-111019393.html
  3. There is a saying that you get the government you deserve. It's true in a democracy.
  4. First i'm in LA. I can't respond immediately, 2nd the amount is for the CALENDAR QUARTERr. He raised 87 million in 2019. He's well on his way over 13 million to date as well as monies he had prior to running prior to his announcement in February 2019. Its called 'carry over'. Bernie had monies already (same with Warren) that were carried over to his campaign.
  5. The new USMCA which is the new NAFTA, is significant in one main thing that is never discussed. NAFTA basically stopped illegal immigration from Mexico.And it did so at the expense of the American blue collar worker. Especially Michigan auto workers. There is a net flow of people going back to Mexico than coming. Why? There is no economic need to be in California any longer. The jobs in Mexico have gotten so good there is no need. A poor Mexican can now get a solid middle class job in Mexico than come to California or Texas and be solidly working poor. When Trump made his initial speech about illegal immigration from Mexico he couldn't have been more wrong. The illegal immigration is coming from south of Mexico as the migrant issue showed. Immigrants since the founding of America have come for one reason and one reason only with few exceptions, MONEY. The initial religious zealots in New England and Mid Atlantic states are one of the rare exceptions (slavery being another but that is still about money) as well as others. Everyone else came for the money. The Irish, Germans, Slavs, Russians, Sicilians, pretty much every American of European ancestry and the irony is the progeny of those Americans are now demonizing central Americans for doing the same thing that their forefathers did.
  6. The new NAFTA deal is only slightly better. Noting of consequence. It is not revolutionary in any sense of the word and deed. It alienated two biggest trading partners. Is it better? Sure. Should Trump get credit for a better deal? Sure. But again, its not as big as advertised. For what we got out of it, the vitriol and bad taste left to our biggest trading partners wasn't worth it. The same deal, slightly better deal, could have been gotten with less overt aggressive politics. So, its better and it should be applauded. But its being overstated for what it is. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/what-are-the-differences-between-nafta-and-the-usmca
  7. The Bernie article about socialism is a 'meh', article. It has no bearing on his reputation. Bernie has raised the 2nd most money of either party candidate with NO CORPORATE donations. The media does not tell that story. That is HUGE obviously. Trump, and most of the Dems except Warren have accepted a huge amounts of PAC money and big money donors, etc. The well over 100 million dollars Bernie has raised with small donations is unprecedented and is being under reported because Faux..er..ah..I mean Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, are all part of big corporations that buy off both parties. That is why they are scared as hell about Bernie because he is proving (along with AOC and the squad) that not only can you win without taking bribes you can raise just as much money doing it. Republicans don't have that ability. The first Republican candidate who can manage that will be able to use that as a platform to rise. So, trying to paint Bernie as fake or whatever, even if its true, is a non starter. It's falling on deaf ears. He came out of the Warren, sexist thing recently getting even more support. Warren lost that PR battle. Trump got impeached going after the wrong candidate, like the dunce he is. Bernie, not Biden was the real threat. He will lose against Bernie, and lose fairly big. This will depend in part on Bernie's running mate. If I had to suggest a person for Bernie, I'd say Julian Castro, or a moderate woman but not Warren.
  8. Bernie will win fairly handily I think. In 10 years Texas will become a blue state. The same thing that has happened to Virginia, NC and Georgia is happening at a faster rate with a few different dynamics to Texas. Thousands of Californians have moved to Texas. Texas is importing Democrats from California mainly. Some are conservatives but not much. Also, the latino birthrate in Texas and the republicans demonizing them has created their own issue. Texas is majority non white demographically now. Only voter suppression laws are keeping it at bay. As I've said before, Beto shouldn't have been a threat to Cruz. It should have been an easy win. It's a red state. It has been red for a while now but it will be purple in a decade and most likely lose one of its senate seats to a Dem at some point. The Republicans there who win will have to be moderate to win. It's going to be hard for hard line conservatives like Ted Cruz to keep winning statewide elections. Virgina was a solid red state, now its tipped blue. North Carolina was a solid red state now its seen as a swing state because of the flood of highly educated progressives to their research triangle as well as non southerners with money moving to places like Charlotte, a banking center. So, a lot of New Yorkers, and others. How do you think Charlotte was able to get a pro LBGTQ law enacted? Unheard of in the south. Georgia is going through the same. Atlanta is now a global city. A flood of non southerners have moved there. In the '90s it became a mecca of non southern, educated blacks, who were not going to appease the southern racism. Also thousands of latinos have moved there initially for farm work but are now opening up businesses, etc.
  9. We are a friggin' joke to the world. and the world is wondering if they can trust a people who would elect him. The world thinks he is a complete nutjob including our allies. That is indisputable.
  10. You can find a few good things of every bad president as well as plenty of bad things about every good president. The best thing to happen to Obama and how he is viewed historically is perhaps going to be sandwiched between 2 of the worst presidents ever. Trump thinks he is erasing Obama's legacy, he's actually enhancing his place in history. I totally agree about the drone program. It started before him but he increased it. I've said on here it is both illegal and impeachable for the extrajudicial killings of US citizens. People also don't mention that he was the one who revived the hunt for bin Laden. Made it a priority. Psychologically, it was huge to finally get him. Also, he made peace with Cuba. That has been vastly understated. It's huge. Trump is reversing it. Purely out of spite and one of the biggest bone head things to do. Cuba poses no threat to America at all and there can only be positiveness with opening up to Cuba. Trade, tourism, etc. If you want to end communism in Cuba you do it the same way you changed communism in China....trade. Opening up markets. Foreign policy wise, he had a few big wins. Not all, TPP was wrong but overall, he made America respectable again to the world after Bush's disastrous and extremely unpopular war with Iraq and the scope and degree of the war in Afghanistan.
  11. I've yet to hear any list of presidents better than Obama overall, in the modern era, since 1960.
  12. Trump changed LONG before the 2016 election. Both parties are corrupt. The Democratic machine tried to do the same to Obama and in a sense Trump did what Obama did. He got so much ground swell from the actual voters, he couldn't be denied in the primaries. Trump was a birther all throughout Obama's tenure and very, very abusive in language in text. He was never going to run as a Democrat after that. The Republican party leadership tried to do the same thing to Trump. The party leadership didn't want him. A litany of Republicans including Romney, Kelleyanne Conway, McCain, GOP heavyweights and a host of others spoke out against him seeing it as it was, that the GOP long term was not going to do well being known as an outright racist party. But the groundswell he had was too big. He was fought tooth and nail all through the primaries. I've been on record saying that Trump taking on China head on is a very positive thing. However, he has fucked it up because he did it without any sort of strategy or input from economists about short, intermediate and long term effects, etc. This trade deal, phase one isn't a cure all. It's positive but like a lot of things the administration grossly over exaggerates the deal and truth is the disparity of trade with China has gotten WORSE since Trump has taken them on. China has agreed to buy pork, a lot of it, billions worth ONLY because of disease in Chinese pigs now and something they were going to do anyway. Is it a positive? Yes. Is it the magnitude he claims it is? Of course not. Trump has never given an accurate description of ANYTHING since he's been in office. I guarantee you 100 percent what actual will happen will not be as good as what is announced, which was done to avoid headline about the impeachment. America has lost well over 100 billion dollars already BECAUSE of starting the trade war. His berating the military high brass is huge and much more important. A multiple draft dodger calling the military high command all sorts of names. The hypocrisy of the right is in full view. They are the pro military, respect our fighting men party and as usual, its all bullshit, fake nationalism. He has lost the confidence of the joint chiefs, we have lost ALL our major allies in some form or fashion. America is now a politically and militarily isolated country. Trump has made us a pariah. The ONLY country that will go to war with us is Israel in Iran and that will never, ever happen because the islamic world will go nuts if Israel is involved directly. We are fucked.
  13. Trump on Starr during the Clinton investigation.He was a 'lunatic' back then to Trump (who was a Democrat back then) but now its different. All prior impeachments were wrong EXCEPT this one. it's not even worth debating. Debating the veracity of this is a waste of time. It's akin to arguing 1+1=2 to someone who is adamant the answer is 3. This administration is a complete shit show. Many said it was going to be bad, but it exceeded most people's fears. https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2020/01/17/trump-comment-ken-starr-lunatic-newsroom-vpx.cnn
  14. Dershowitz has been doing everything but get on his knees with his mouth open to have some sort of role in the administration. He has completely ruined his reputation with everyone. He is part of the NYC social set and they have completely ostracized him. Rightfully so. He has been on record as much. He is not invited to social dinners, etc, any longer. He didn't lose his rep with the OJ case because he back pedaled from any claim of his innocence and said 'the prosecution didn't do their job' Implying with dog whistles that OJ was guilty and he could have went to jail had they prosecution presented a case. Starr has to completely contradict his prior assertions in the Clinton impeachment which shows you he is full of shit and like most lawyers, has no ethics.
  15. Bush pushed for a war. It wasn't as if it was intel coming in and he felt he had to react to it. There was wide skepticism from the start. It was the tail wagging the dog. It wasn't the various intel areas of the government sounding the alarm to act. There was no internal pressure from the military or the intel community that Iraq posed an immediate threat. It was all Bush pushing for it and using any scrap of circumstantial intel to do something he was going to do no matter the intel otherwise.
  16. Sol while Trump will likely be exonerated, I think he will lose the election. The fact remains that there are far more people who are Democrats or willing to vote Democrat than there are Republicans. That's why the Republicans are hanging on dearly to the electoral college. Which I think eventually will be done with. Anyway, Bernie will get the nomination and will beat Trump fairly easily. The big question is if the polls in the summer show Trump has an insurmountable mountain to climb to get to re-election ,what will he do? Cornered rats are the most dangerous. Will he find some ready excuse like bad health? Will he start a war? Will he use the government to indict his enemies? The only saving grace is that there is more of "us" than there are of "them". Trump will end up costing Republicans future national and state elections. What will define the near future for any Republican candidate is if they supported Trump. I think that may happen. Just like how voting for the Iraq war has come back to haunt both Dems and Republicans. The same will be for Trump. If you notice no Republican talks about his or hers support of Bush. And the Dems, politically weak, do not play that card.
  17. America has changed. Nixon won a resounding landslide in 1972. One of the biggest landslides in presidential electoral elections. When the facts were out his approval rated plummeted to about 19 percent I think and he lost enough Republican senators that he would lose the impeachment trial. 19 percent of the public is still way too many, 1 out of 5 people willing to look away from the law. Today, Trump has a hard core support in the 30s or 40s percentage. That should scare not only the other Americans but the world. We are rotten from the inside and with that many people willing to look past ethics, morality and the law, its now too late. It's like the Roman empire at the end. Living on its former glory but endemically weak at the point of no return and I believe the election of Trump and his actions that are not a concern to so many Americans is a clear sign we are clearly a spent force. Eventually I think a far left administration and Congress will come to power. Demographic changes are going that way, but it will be too late to get any of America's former glory. America will always be a power. But nothing close to post WW2 eminence. Perhaps similar to pre World Wars 1 and 2 UK and post World Wars 1 and 2 UK. No longer able to project the same power but a force nonetheless. It will be China's century.
  18. Unfortunately nothing will happen. The Republicans will vote in lockstep. The only thing that will change their minds are the polls. The truth is irrelevant as we all can see. If there is a indisputable facts and the polls in their state still say they will get re-elected if they vote no, they will do so. Ethics and morals and the rule of law has gone totally out the window. Gentlemen, we are witnessing proof of the American republic.
  19. "The facts don't care about your feelings", I'm quoting far right pseudo intellectual Ben Shapiro
  20. 11 Americans injured in the Iran bombing. As well as others. Trump's administration tried to cover it up .He is directly responsible for those injuries.
  21. The intelligence community didn't fail in the Gulf of Tomkin, etc. they gave the president the facts and the presidents in those situations worked backwards. LBJ wanted to be in Vietnam, Bush wanted to be in Iraq and lied, nuanced, ete the intel to get the desired result. Bush pushed for going into Iraq, not the bureaucrats or the joint chiefs of staff. They were ordered to make it work. Same in this case. The leadership lied about the threat of the Iranian general.
  22. Devin Nunes was a co conspirator in the very crime he was investigating. What's worse is the Democrats knowing this and doing jack schitt about it. Amazing. I don't expect the Republicans to do anything a blatant conflict of interest but the Democratic establishment, specifically the leadership, Pelosi and others have given me no reason why they deserve my vote. What to do? The only honest actors in all this are the far left. At least AOC and the others have not taken big money donations and are honest to themselves. I may not agree with everything but I appreciate they are the only ones who at least try to be honest.
  23. or worse yet, they dodged the draft.
  24. 😁 https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-supporters-share-more-fake-news-junk-news-oxford-study-a8199056.html Trump supporters share more fake news than anyone else, study shows
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