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  1. wern't they found innocent? 😒
  2. Larry Elder, a black Trumper, long time gaslighter, lost in his bid to unseat the California governor. He lost badly but in a way he won. He was the leading candidate among the choices if the people recalled Newcom, the governor. Larry Elder is a piece of shit. One LA publication was fairly accurate when he was described as a 'white supremacist in a black body' or something to that effect. Some will say how can a black person be a white supremacist? How can a Jew help the Nazis and some did. The slave plantations had many who would happily help the master unseating plots to escape, knowing it would result in the person being tortured or killed. Even if it was someone he or she was related to. The movie Django was not all fiction. The character Stephen was common on plantations. I looked deeply as any layman could into Elder's background. He went to a famous LA High School called Crenshaw. They are famous for historically being a state power in basketball. Maybe the most state championships in that state, not sure but it wouldn't surprise me. Larry grew up hating his father for years and was estranged from him, his decision, for many years before they made peace. I have met people who were in HS there around the same time. Elder was by all accounts invisible. He literally had no friends, no girlfriends, nothing. By his own account and his older brother's account when he called in to his radio show, Larry came straight home, studied, read comic books and never really left the house at all. His brother talked him into playing little league for a season but that was it. He was either teased or ignored by the rest of the mostly black school. Larry left LA for Brown then Michigan law and only came back to south Los Angeles to see his mother only. Larry has been on tv literally condoning every single murder by police of blacks. No exceptions. Even Trump said Floyd's death was wrong. Truth is Larry has a visceral hate for his own kind because (and this is supposition), he was never accepted, ridiculed, teased, by other black kids in school so, playing amateur psychologist, he is subconsiously happy when other blacks suffer, especially males. The one thing I am glad about Trump is that they have made black conservatives like Elder either prove they are moral and ethical and live by the conservative dogma or they are hypocrites and Larry has proven it with the things he condone from Trump and his actions in the campaign. Larry is only comfortable around those that hate Blacks as much as he does, the far right. Every group has these types. I have met Thai women who will not date, marry or cross the street to spit on a Thai man due to the years of abuse they suffered at the hands of a Thai father, brother, others and they have never known kindness from a Thai man. We have met those types. Part of the reason they like the scene is because it brings them in contact with foreign men and they love flaunting foreign men in front of Thai men. When I was in HS in the suburbs, there were white girls in my class, nerds, who were teased by the cute cheerleaders, teased by the boys, and only had books and studying as their comfort who (now realized) wanted to date me after I showed them some intention, partly because they could flaunt me in front the boys and in others, teenage angst behavior to their fathers. I had a very good friend who was on our little league team. Great kid, crazy as hell, and to him, had your stereotypical 'overbearng Jewish mom' and the last thing he said he would do is marry a Jewish girl. I learned some Hebrew because his mother compromised that he could play baseball with us on Saturdays if he studied for his bar mitzvah. He took out his anger towards his mother on the religion. He ate more pork than the rest of us, he didn't want anything to do with religion at all. To this day I know some of the prayers, etc, because I had to help him study so we would have our 3rd baseman and lead off batter. Me being a nerd, I actually found it interesting and liked it, and his mom would derisively say to him "Steve is a better Jew than you are". He loved hanging in our neighborhood and I'm not sure if he was called Benny Black because he hung in a black neighborhood or his last name was Schwartz (meaning Black). I heard years later, he married the whitest, gentile girl he could find and changed his surname. If its so, my guess its partly to get back at his mother. She seemed nice to me and the rest of us. She always fed us, had a kind word, etc. but Benny swore she was the devil incarnate who would henpeck him to no end about whatever. Anyway, Larry Elder is kinda sorta like the others I mentioned. Has a deep hatred for his own due to painful childhood experiences. My first girlfiend in LA went to his High School. He was obviously many years her senior and when I started listening to him on the radio and then later saw that he was self hating, I asked her if anyone in her family knew of him. She had an older uncle around that age who went there, maybe a class above, can't recall but he had also confirmed that he was pretty much invisible. No interaction at all, at school. Nothing, his brother was fairly popular and guessed that Larry being his younger brother, was spared worse than what someone like him would have gotten. Finally, Elder is a trained lawyer. He's smart. Very smart. Knows how to expertly gaslight. He's been doing it a very long time. But when pressed he will do what other conservatives in that space do 'talk very fast, say a lot of various things' while avoiding the original assertion. Just to show you how totally incompetent the Democrat party is in the art of politics. In a state that is 30% latino and a vital vote. It was hardly mentioned that racist/bigot Stephen Miller, the one who talked Trump into separating children and babies from migrants as a deterrent, and putting them in cages was brouth to prominence on Larry Elder's radio show when he had a then HS student Stephen Miller on regularly to discuss immigration, etc. And even while in the Trump administration, Elder never disavowed him. How that wasn't made front and center in ads to the latinos of California is probably one of the most incompetent political non acts in history.
  3. the coach of my HS track team now, brother died in the tower. He's since become very right wing.
  4. I was getting ready for work when it happened and thought it was just a freak accident. On my way to work, the 2nd plane hit and I knew then, America will never be the same. We sat in the front of the tv all day to work, getting things half done. I felt badly for my nephews. My thought was that they were now going to live in a world similar to Israeli and Palestinian kids. This was going to be normalized. They wouldn't have the same happy childhood I had. A friend of mine wanted to literally make Afghanistan a parking lot. As the days went on I got some of the 'then' alternative media and gave some context to it all happening. Why bin Laden was doing it and against us and how we read him wrong, took him lightly and it could have been avoided.
  5. Bitcoin retreated price wise for a few months and is now coming back. Mining uses up a lot of power. My guess is that technology will fix that issue if it grows. Solar? Wind? whatever. It's a problem waiting to be solved. Be that as it may, those that bought cryptos anytime before January is making out like a bandit and even if you bought at the previous run up (December 2017) at almost 20k and held it you are still well over 100%. If Stone soup kept even 1 of his coins judging from 2014 prices he's made out very good. No one is talking about that. He was right. And I hope he posts. Anyone know his whereabouts?
  6. Yeah, for far too many, modern meds came too late. In LA I worked with a couple people who died of it and way back in the early 90s and I think they would be alive had the contracted it today.
  7. Bush was too weakened at the end to end the war. I'm not even sure he wanted to. The military-industrial complex is in the DNA of the Bush family. Obama ran on ending it and a combination of being completely lied to about the war by people within the military and government and him not having the political strength to end it, he left office with the war still going on but not to the same degree. Trump also wanted to end it in earnest, fair to him, and when he demanded it within to start the process, he was overtly lied to by the generals, CIA and depart of defense intelligence. Biden is an old hawk. He knew the bullshit because he was part of it. He was going to end it no matter what and he's paying a political price for it. The media, both sides, are making him pay a dear price. The fact of the matter (and James Carville says as much) is that we lost the war. The war was lost a few years ago in earnest. Afghanistan isn't called 'the graveyard of Empires' for no reason. No one has been able to conquer the place. Ah..er..I am wrong. Only one thing has been able to conquer Afghanistan and that is Islam. Islam took about 300 years give or take to convert them and the moslems going there and the ones staying there paid a very heavy price. They suffered a lot of kidnappings, deaths, etc. So, unless you are willing to fight ongoing for a couple centuries, you're going to win. These people live a very rough life generationally, so hardship is encoded in their genes. They can wait you out and while doing so, will hit you and when you counter that they figure out a new soft spot. And when you lose a war, the exit is never, ever smooth. You don't dictate how you leave a war you don't win. Saigon, the last Nazis trying to spirit away to Argentina, Brazil or where ever. The Japanese soldiers able to leave the many south Pacific islands after their comrades made suicide advances. Could the exit have been smoother? Absolutely. Could the exit been smooth. Absolutely not. How America leaves isn't nearly as important as leaving. In such exits there are always going to be a civilian population left hanging. Ask the French women who sold ass to the German officers in Paris.
  8. I would be surprised if the America as we know it today is still the same America by the end of the decade. Definitely won't be by the end of the decade after that. Economically America will implode. There are systemic and endemic financial issues that will not be addressed because both parties will not agree on necessary things. Case in point, the present infrastructure bill. The Republicans know its desperately needed but won't support a Democratic run government for fear Dems will get the credit and secondly (and to some extent legitimately) Dems will add in things that they couldn't get passed with a straight vote such as things related to climate change. When the Republicans are in power and try and pass an infrastructure bill they throw in things that counter Dem ideologies, tax cuts for the wealthy, big oil, big pharma, type of goodies. Another main reason is that about 45% of the country no longer are willing to support the constitution, rule of law, fairness. America is a center left country. Gen Z and Gen Y are farther left, and so the future of America is leftist. Republicans know in a fair election they will not win. So, they want to pick up the ball and kick it out the yard. They see cheating as the only way to win elections. Furthermore, by 2040 and definitely by 2050, America will not look like them. So, they want either a coup, a separate nation or something where they can rule themselves or rule the masses if they can. They are desperate and reactionary and more fascist as a result. Texas and other states are now trying to rewrite history books that label the KKK as bad. Literally. And depicting slaves as 'foreign or imported workers'. This would also include how the Civil War is depicted. When the Republican party can't even bring itself to criticize the January 6th insurrection, its basically an admission they no longer have any iota of morality left. That they are more than willing to go on with a sham of being a Republic and since they practice the art of politics much better than the Dems, they are also more than willing to get in the mud and shit if thats what it takes to win. They often support hypocritical point of views and issues because when you are trying to lead with no regard to ethics or morals you are forced to contradict yourself. BLM marchers should have been shot, but the January 6 invaders were tourists. No supreme court justices in the final year of a presidency when a Dem is in charge but we will do our duty and confirm a justice close to the election when its our guy and we'll do so unashamedly, open and make no apologies for the hypocrisy. America is done. How will it likely look after? Still a power, still relevant but visibly no longer the global power it once was I'd somewhat like the UK in 1945 and 1965. By that time India, Palestine, and the colonies in Africa and the Caribbean lost to independence. And what is left of the commonwealth act far, far more independent of the UK.
  9. Note to self, buy router related stocks.
  10. I wonder what would have happened if they had thrown out the election and declared Trump the winner and enough for the presidency? And with a Republican supreme court. My 'what if' is if the election was stolen in open day light, with a 'so what, fuck you' to the American people. Civil war? And in what manner?
  11. Impeach Biden https://edition.cnn.com/2021/07/02/economy/june-jobs-report/index.html he US economy added 850,000 jobs in June, when adjusted for seasonal changes. It was far more than economists had expected and a signal that American job growth is accelerating. It was the biggest monthly jobs gain since August 2020, when the economy added 1.6 million jobs.
  12. Hey Coss, Can the President of the US arbitrarily control global oil prices? Even if he allows high production in America? Just asking for a friend. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/05/oil-explainer-energy-prices-rise-after-opec-fails-to-reach-deal.html Energy prices are hovering above the $75 level after OPEC and its allies could not reach a key deal on their oil output policy last week, amid rising tensions between Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Without a deal, oil prices could surge and threaten to derail a frail economic recover https://indianexpress.com/article/explained/explained-why-oil-prices-are-rising-and-how-it-will-impact-india-7341460/ Why are crude oil prices rising? Crude oil prices have been rising steadily since the beginning of 2021 when Brent Crude was trading at about $52 per barrel buoyed both by hopes of improving demand due to economic recoveries across geographies as well as supply cuts by key oil-producing countries. The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries extended supply cuts made in 2020 when crude oil prices had reached a low of under $19 per barrel through the first five months of 2021. Saudi Arabia notably made an additional voluntary production cut of 1 million barrels per day between February and April of which only 250,000 barrels of production has been restored in May and 750,000 barrels of production is set to be restored over June and July.
  13. Also, Coss, as I've always said the bad thing about these supremacists is they are cowards. Because they are cowards they go after soft targets. Its why you see a lot of videos of attacks on isolated women, children, older people and if its someone 18 to 30, the person is isolated. Dylan Roof said he chose the church (filled with the elderly) because he didn't think he would get out alive if he went to a place where young black adults congregated. Notice how these groups NEVER go to these areas uninvited and/or without police escort. A white Texas gun rights group wanted to march through a black area, might have been Dallas. In a bad area and they asked the local black activists if it was okay. They had to. It would have went pear shaped very, very badly had they didn't, gun in tow or not. The activists said no. They saw for what it is. Why do they have to go through THAT neighborhood for gun rights? Its a strange dichotomy but systemic targeting left such neighborhoods dangerous (over policing, etc) and so you have an area where shooting people isn't an issue. It's done regularly. Going out in the middle of woods with AKs shooting at straw men with slurs written on it is one thing. Doing for real is another. Especially against an area where they have been doing it real time routinely. I've heard the term 'battle ready' branded about. Same with some latino areas. Proud Boys once tried to go to Maxine Waters office in South Central Los Angeles, asking the cops for protection. The cops said we can protect you when you gather in front of the office and local gangs patrolled the area for them. There is no parking lot they can go to, they had to find street parking and they didn't exactly fit the neighborhood profile. They got driven out. A few them were denyinig who they were with. The one thing with cowards is they are dangerous because they go after soft targets, but because they are cowards they will give up the fight sooner than anyone. Hence Philadelphia. Even if they were armed to the teeth, and willing to use it they'd be slaughtered. The police, their ally, would have to get them out.
  14. My hometown. Philadelphia is probably the city most associated with symbolism for the founding of the country. It's also a city that has some of the grittiest people (yours truly excepted). They came in the middle of the night very quietly, with zero fanfare no advance notice for a reason. From what I know about Philly, a city where I can't even visit my old area, they got off very, very lucky. And they know it.
  15. The Republican masses are gone. Done. They'll be for an all out Civil War. The establishment of the party know this and are probably as scared of the masses as anyone. They are trying to walk a tight line between being in the favor of the masses and decency. It's not an easy line to walk. There are a few who are happily going along with the madness because they are in it purely for the power and visibility (Gaetz for example) and these folks are completely corrupt morally. The party is rotten in the core. Very rotten. So are the Democrats but in a more traditional type of rotten. The Republican core see no problem in literally anything. Including assassinating certain folks. There is no line with them. None whatsoever. I suspect the military high command knows this and have some internal issues themselves. We've seen one retired general or admiral too many condone some things. The military has had an issue with these types for a couple decades now and are just starting to address it. It may be too late. Look at Flynn, very, very high up in the military command structure when he served and he went full MAGA and full on insurrection. That should scare the shit out of people more than it has. If at all. He's not alone.
  16. The event itself isn't the worst of it Coss, its the actions of the Republican party. Instead of being embarrassed people representing their party would do such a thing, they are against any investigation of it. Why? Because they and their supporters saw nothing wrong with it. I've heard Republicans I know minimize the event. And yes, unfortunately I know a few.
  17. With respect to history and lower species, mankind has progressed. And societies deem themselves enlightened. Does a truly enlightened society enslave others? Modern enlightened societies are inclusive are they not? They battle the base instincts we haven't been able to remove genetically. Domination (unless she's dressed in a German military officer's uniform and orders you to call her Frau Mistress), random and arbitrary violence, removal of justice, fairness in all institutions but most importantly in the legal system.
  18. ...luckily for me I have British sounding surname. Must have been why I was a wee bit luckier to at least get the interview.
  19. Another thing Coss, there are stats and damn lies as the saying goes...sorta. Hmm...slavery in the areas now deemed USA started at least in 1619. America as we know were British until 1776 but in reality until the war ended in the early 1780s. The importation of slaves ended in 1809 (by the British) to the Americas. So, America imported the lions share of its slaves as a British colony. And if we use 1776 as a start, then the USA proper imported slaves for...hmmm...carry 24...plus the 9...carry the 1, okay, 33 years. So, in that chart, does America get credited for slaves since 1776 or 1619? Hmm...just wondering. Because I don't think it was put up there to gaslight and even so, Its "only" 377k, so, was it really that bad? I'd also like to add that what made the slave trade in America uniquely bad was that your progeny were slaves forever. Even the children of slaves in Arabia were deemed moslem and thereby protected by the Quran. Not that the Arabs treated slaves with anything other than brutality. Just saying. Also, two other things. If one can think of any form of depravity today. These thoughts and acts in mankind are centurie old. Imagine such a person on his own plantation, with legal ownership over other humans and being free from any consequences to carry out any depravity? Including raping little boys or girls. And also it might be added, very unique that they enslaved their own children borne from rape. Its hard to find the same done in other places. Not even the Arabs. Secondly, the issue isn't just slavery. Slavery ended 150 years ago. Had the enslaved or their progeny been afforded full rights and justice and fairness offered to any other US citizens INCLUDING immigrants who came later, I don't think it would be such an issue. It seems in America conservatives try to reduce it to slavery and it was so long ago but knowingly exclude that the legacy of slavery includes another 100 years of government apartheid, institutional, systemic and endemic regulations, laws, etc, designed specifically to marginalize those descendants. Including up to today in EVERY institution. A few examples. Its been proven that black homeowners routinely have agencies undervalue their home, even in a hot real estate market and there are untold billions as a collective lost in the sale of the home. Now, their property taxes seem to be assessed fairly though..hmm..wonder why? Every major bank (and numerous regional banks), Bank of America, Wells Fargo, every single one, if you google has been fined for lending discrimination. Charging higher interest rates for the same financial background and credit rating. The car loan industry has an even more egregious history. Education? Hmm....black boys as young as Nursery school are suspended from school in all socio-economic groups at multiple higher than any other group. Interestingly enough almost all are done by the so called "Karen" teachers. My cousin teaches 4th grade in Philadelphia and said she has many students who were suspended by "other" teachers and she's never had to once. Wonder why? Employment? You can google multiple studies where 2 sets of CVs are sent to a company with equal backgrounds. One with a British sounding name. The other with a name you may see in the NBA. Guess who got called in for in interview about 8 times more? Its a tough one. Law enforcement? As you know by now I've posted a link numerous times on the FBI 2006 report about white supremacists joining law enforcement in large numbers. Darrell Wilson who murdered Mike Brown for example, came from a police department that was not only corrupt but also found to have KKK members. But that was left out of the main media, even the so called 'liberal media' like CNN. The amazing thing is there hasn't been more violent uprisings. The far right stubs their toe and there is a mass shooting. They aren't being killed. They think I can't have that 24th gun to make it a clean 2 dozen, welp, I'm going to shoot up a shopping center. Blacks in America would love to have their problems. Wonder if they are up for a trade?
  20. Hey Coss, Can you tell me any institutionalized slavery industry in Africa before the Arabs and Europeans were there? Yes, slavery happened on every continent. But I'm talking about it as an industry. I'm at a loss with respect to Africa specifically, where slavery prior to the Arabs and Europeans was reduced to POWs who eventually became part of the tribe, intermarrying, etc, and many returning years later. Because as you know there were no walls or barriers separating these tribes. Also, as I understand it the enslaving powers gathered slaves one of two waves. Directly or extorting/paying one tribe to enslave its rival or neighbors. Basically, someone is going on this slave ship. You or the other guy. Finally, I find it interesting that someone would indirectly justify enslavement of people they now call their descendants supposedly fellow citizens. Furthermore, if we are going to use the 'well, they were involved too', then can neo Nazis justify the holocaust because its fact that a few Jews helped the Nazis get other Jews? As well as some German Americans, American citizens, fought for the Nazis? As well as Italian Americans for the fascists in Italy. Does that justify the Nazis? or the other way around? Not sure. So, is the assertion some are making that American slavery isn't wrong if any Africans in some form or fashion? Or that American blacks can't state that America enslavement was wrong if Africans were in the process at some point? I've actually been to Cape Coast in Ghana, a British slave fort. Took the tour, talked to local people as well as others in Accra, the capital. Apparently they were given no choice and the biggest tribe there, the Ashanti, fought the British initially. And then were forced to help in the trade or end up on the ship themselves and 1000s were anyway. Interesting. It's all very interesting. It explains the Republican support though.
  21. ...related to my other post, I'd also like to see the G8 or even better the G20, get involved in the environment as well. The Sahara desert was once mostly grasslands. There is a present plan to plant a million trees in sub Sahara to stop the expansion of the desert. I applaud that. I'd love to see a financial incentive to save the animals of Africa that are used for Chinese meds or western exotic markets, etc. If the lasts Rhino is gone its not good for all of us. So, how about an incentive like the more Rhinos such and such countries have, the more money. Pay these game wardens a good wage. Use modern technology, donate it, such as drones, night vision glasses. Give these game wardens the salary and tech to do the job. Same with saving the Amazon in South America. I'd love to see some leadership at the G20 level for all these things, green, environment, etc, lets get together and work on viable solutions. We may not agree with most things with Russia and China but they are globally influential as well and so work on common / mutual interests.
  22. The Paris Agreement was something similar to what I wanted to see the big nations do. My preference would have been to have the G8 unite to change all their economies to green in come industries. Cars for a start. All government cars over a certain time, be hybrids or whatever kind of vehicle that we can get a consensus on. Also, there are some government functions all governments do well. I read a study years ago about the big inefficient ones. Conservatives like to say that the government doesn't know how to run businesses and that's not true. What you will find is corruption, graft, etc, behind huge so called inefficient state owned businesses. There are all kinds of consultants that can spot things as well.
  23. Here is the thing about that inefficient rail. Money changes hands it isn't lost. Those workers, reinvested their salary into the local economy. They bought or rented homes. They shopped at the local grocer, all manner of businesses. The economy actually distributed their salaries back into the country. Private businesses sometimes takes that revenue overseas. Not saying the private business who bought the rail did but if they are a multi-national company some of that money may have been redistributed overseas.
  24. One thing we should be doing is not having a congresspersons salary and benefits determined by them. For example. Cav obviously hates Nancy Pelosi. Part of his taxes pays her salary. Nancy Pelosi is elected by the people in the San Francisco area. Not even the whole city, only a part. Why should Cav's taxes pay the salary for someone he had no say in electing? Congress tries to gaslight the American people saying 'Well, she is doing things for America' Bullshit. Her primary responsibility is to serve the people in her district. She has no obligation to help a coal miner in West Virginia or a rancher in Kansas or a suburban mom outside Philadelphia. Nor she should she. There are things before Congress that regularly concerns all Americans but in theory she votes by how much it positively or affects her constituents. So, her district should be paying her salary and benefits. I would even say not even the state of California but that state can make its own decision but for sure, none of us should be. Let each district or state determine its own salary for the people they represent. If Texas wants to pay Ted Cruz 1 million year, that's their business and if NY wants to pay AOC 50k a year, that's their business.
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