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  1. So Obama was always richer than Trump and paid more in taxes?
  2. Hey, don't look at the fact, I'm supporting a person who we all know shouldn't be elected dog catcher in a small town. Look over here....LOLOL If this was a movie, no one would believe it. A corrupt, incompetent, broke tv reality star and his former sex escort, faux model wife are president and first lady. Wouldn't make it 1 minute into a pitch for a movie if you were in a producer's office in Hollywood.
  3. Hey BB, does wanting to fuck your own daughter fall into that category? 😏 All throughout America local people elect all types, but the presidency was always held to the highest standard...until now.
  4. ...and as usual, I am the gas mask to the gaslighters. haha We have only seen this typer of cuckolding, this type of fealty on a local level. I can think of two examples. Democratic cities as well. South Philadelphia, a largely Italian American area, (home of the local mafia as well) had a politician caught on tape taking bribes from a federal agent and got re-elected. When the residents were asked why, they said that he kept the pot holes filled, he kept the unions hiring, he took care of them and if he wants to make money on the side, that's his business. A mayor Washington DC, Marion Barry, was caught smoking crack while having an affair with a woman in a hotel room. He got re-elected first by his home district. Why? He is black. The residents of Washington DC are mostly black and he brought a lot of jobs to the city. This type of devotion can only happen locally. Not on a broad, wide scale that is presidents. Even the residents of south Philadelphia and Washington DC would hold a president to a much higher standard because far, far more is at stake.
  5. ....and the support are proud of that loyalty. They actually love that they are part of a group that will excuse anything. tRump is caught fondling little boys and it won't matter. I'm not joking. It won't matter. "he was helping him zip his pants up and looking for signs of STD on his penis" Its that bad. lol.
  6. Let me put this way, there is literally nothing. Including a live streaming vide of tRump being extorted by Russia and agreeing to treason that would get his hard core supporters to drop him. When he said he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and not lose a supporter, he is absolutely right. It's not about what traditionally ties people to a party or politician. Its much, much more than that. Go to the 6th minute
  7. more fake news https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/reddit-users-sharing-industry-secrets-151006987.html
  8. Cav and Paul have more money than tRump.
  9. Antifa / BLM influenced cops abuse Trump campaign official. 😏
  10. No surprise, I may have more net money than tRump and trust me, I'm just getting by...lol. My guess is he has a negative net worth and is juggling loans in the air. tRump introduced a black American specific economic plan. Obviously pandering. He had 4 years to do one and 5 weeks before election day, he is obviously very, very worried. He should be. He can win it. It's not a clear cut Biden victory. Personally, were I Biden I wouldn't debate him. No matter how well Biden does and how bad Trump does, tRump won't lose supporters. Biden is the only one who can lose in this. Even if he does extremely well, it won't bring anyone out who decided to stay home. iden Biden should have taken Pelosi's advice and say, tRump has no respect for the office and his antics in prior debates, rude, no protocol, lying, will demean the campaign rather than enhance it. He should come up with a list of deal breakers for a debate such as an onsite fact checker.
  11. I went to HS out near this area. It was much more homogenous when I spent my last couple years of HS there.
  12. Huh? During the Obama years he was a laughingstock. He was big into the birther thing. He was laughed at. It wasn't until he ran (as a publicity stunt) and said Mexicans coming over were rapists and murderers was when he got a following. The Trump mythology lost its luster long ago. The Apprentice was popular but as a joke. He had gone through multiple bankruptcies by then. People watched it because he was an asshole and the guest were either assholes like Omorosa or cannon fodder for insults. It wasn't like he was greatly loved. The Apprentice was watched the same as watching a trainwreck.
  13. Anyone who said they voted for tRump because he was a businessman and not a politician is either lying and has some other reason they don't want to admit to or simply has zero business acumen. The guy is a joke as a businessman. Again, Herman Cain was a much, much better and proven businessman than tRump and he was in the same primary Republican field. Romney was a better business man as well in 2012. So, we can throw that excuse for voting for him out the window. Anyway, wonder why no one got shot? Hmmm...not that they should be but the cops showed a lot of restraint even in the arrest. And they were threatened. I can't put my finger on it. Maybe someone can help me out. This certainly proves the police use restraint doesn't it? 😏
  14. Trump sucked as a businessman. Before he ran for President he was laughed at behind his back by the NYC wealth class. He managed to go broke 3 times in real estate when other developers were getting rich. Only person managed to do almost as bad was his son in law. Bought a property in NYC just before the crash, owed 600 million I think. Been using his role in the White House to stay off bankruptcy.
  15. Warren Buffet said he paid an effective rate lower than his secretary NOT that he paid less. He pays taxes on capital gains via his company.
  16. He was rotten before he ran for office. He is not a surprise. He was awful before he was running for office (obsessed with the lie that Obama wasn't born in America), while he was running for office, and remained so while in office. His character, lack ethics, morals, etc was and isn't a deal breaker for his base supporters.
  17. He has no track record. He didn't get voted in because of his business ties. He used a combination of populism (he went to the left of Hillary) and bigotry. It's why the alt right, extreme right wing, supremacist groups came to him in unprecedented numbers. Pre Covid the people didn't do much better than under Obama. That is a statistical fact. 40% of the people in America pre Covid didn't have $400. That's a fact. Farmers had to bailed out. These are red states. There is no record to love. They love him caging latino kids, they love him calling African countries shit hole counteries. They love him cutting any programs for any ethnic groups, etc. It's the same reasons people in Mississippi keep voting Republican despite most in poverty. Despite Mississippi being at or near the bottom of all the economic data, etc.
  18. So, with all the things over the last 4 years. Many, many things worse than his taxes. If anyone is trying to tell me that any noticeable number of people who supported him prior to his taxes being released is now changing their minds, they are very, very naive. They didn't vote for him because of what you said. Trump went bankrupt 3 times at least. They didn't vote for him because is a successful businessman either. Herman Cain, one of the people he ran against in the Republican field, was a successful businessman with a much better track record in business. The Obama voters who voted for him were desperate. They would have voted for any Republican candidate who told them they would make things better. They aren't better off. Farmers in those states had to be bailed out because of his mishandling of trade talks with China. It's not about anything tangible. They know Trump is an incompetent, narcissistic person. He is supported because he is symbolic. America is changing and not in the ways his hard core supporters want it to. Trump is fighting to maintain that for them. That's it. Nothing more. Many are as broke as the people in the blue states. If not more.
  19. This is where the real, planned violence is... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/23/oregon-portland-pro-trump-protests-violence-texts?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=theoregonian_sf&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR1_brDxADzPQNTH65cFrmPaXp04SrB7Iy5VmwmaQy8qo8ZITO2PBdz_T58
  20. The podcaster knows fuck all. Fringe right nobodies who are Alex Jones wannabes. They are not taken seriously even by most conservatives. They spent 8 years saying Obama is about to get impeached because....name one of 100 made up reasons why.
  21. Embarrass him? Yes. Hurt him politically with his support? No. It's not about his competence to do the job or his character. Its all about what he symbolizes to his base.
  22. There could be an October surprise. I've spoken of this before. The 3 biggest stock market crashes in the last 100 years in America happened in October either the year before, the year after or the year of a presidential election. Trump has inflated the biggest economic bubble in U.S. history. Bigger than the Great Depression. Trump didn't create it on his own. The bubble started during the Obama years. Towards the end of his administration it stabilized but it was still big. Trump inflated it to gargantuan proportions. The national debt has grown bigger and faster than at any time, even more than the 2 wars Bush started. The stock market has been artificially inflated. We are in a pandemic and the stock market bounced back right away despite all the major companies losing money. It defies all common sense and logic. It's been falling over the last week or so but its still up immensely from the drop during the lockdown. The Federal Reserve is supposed to be independent. The president has traditionally not told it what to do...until Trump. He's threatened the Fed chairmen with replacement (the Senate confirms the Fed Chairman) and meddled in their affairs for purely political reasons. This bubble could pop next Month. Or it may not crash for a months or years (the latter almost impossible historically).
  23. ...and you know what is the kicker? If she wasn't a known conservative, 90% of Republican masses, the every day folks, would be against her being on the high court based on that. They only support this nominee because tRump does and because she would vote favorably for any case before the court that affects tRump or Republican dogma. That's it. Nothing else.
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