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  1. 12 minutes ago, cavanami said:

    Blue lives matter, black lives matter but I say, cut to the chase, ALL LIVES MATTER!

    No trick, no gaslighting, truth!!!

    I'm a little slow today. So, people shouldn't say 'Blue Lives Matter', if they back the police?

  2. 25 minutes ago, cavanami said:

    ALM....All Lives Matter. Why discriminate and say only BLM?

    This is an old conservative trick. For those of you outside America who get gaslighted with this. There is obviously implied, too. 

    Cav, I'd like to ask you a question. What do you think when people say 'Blue Lives Matter', is it appropriate? 

  3. I notice our friend Cav has a video (which I will not view) trying to link BLM to violence. Complete and utter bullshit. 

    Black Lives Matter has been thoroughly infiltrated and the media and right wing know exactly what they are. An LBGTQ leadership using black abuse as a front to push LBGTQ. Nothing wrong with being gay, but the founders were all gay and their site's statement has been changed at least a handful of times since I've first seen it from very pro LBGTQ primarily to listing it along other things. 

    This site was using LBGTQ terms such a Cis-gender, etc. and has gone through numerous changes. This is the most watered down I've ever seen it. The main ones who started the hastag were lesbian and one 1 gay male. None were straight. 2 of them got married. Again, nothing wrong but they were pushing more LGBTQ issues within black communities than fighting for black causes and the masses stopped supporting them cold. "black lives matter" is repeated at protests, almost always by non blacks is because its the only phrase that everyone knows from the Mike Brown murder. Blacks as a collective stopped supporting them or using the hashtag a few years ago. 2 main reasons. Too much of a push for LGBTQ and that George Soros helped them financially. One of the members, possibly another was in a Soros affiliate funded apartment in NYC. I know this sounds like right wing conspiracy theory stuff but this was known 'on the street' 

    this is part of their mandate as they see it. 


    We make space for transgender brothers and sisters to participate and lead. We are self-reflexive and do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk, especially Black trans women who continue to be disproportionately impacted by trans-antagonistic violence. 

    We build a space that affirms Black women and is free from sexism, misogyny, and environments in which men are centered. 

    We practice empathy. We engage comrades with the intent to learn about and connect with their contexts.



    Black masses do not support BLM. The media knows this. The NYC police infiltrated it and found nada. 


    “The documents uniformly show no crime occurring, but NYPD had undercovers inside the protests for months on end as if they were al-Qaida,” said David Thompson, an attorney of Stecklow & Thompson, who helped sue for the records.

  4. 4 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

    Most of the Germans still wish to be good allies but under current circumstances people either laugh about the US or close their eyes in despair. We and the world pray for a change, as many Americans do I guess. Trump is the lowest level of a US Presidency one could imagine.

    Were I to advise the German government, I'd suggest to wait out the current administration. The odds are they have will only have another 5 months before a 'regime change' .In a worse case scenario Trump wins, be patient for 4 years. Work with America on what you can, avoid and ignore otherwise. 

    Merkel and Obama had a professional relationship from what I read. It wasn't touchy feely but it was effective. 

    Not sure what Cav is going on about Germany being bad allies, but it certainly does not reflect the average America's view. Not at all. Both parties. I've never heard a conservative or Republican trash Germany. 

    That advice is the same for Britain as well. Wait Trump out. If he picks on you, ignore, don't engage. If domestically they want a respond find the right words. I've had to work with people like Trump. I've had bosses like Trump. One guy, complete asshole who took over when my former boss and mentor left the company, was similar. He would blame me for things that were obviously not my fault even if proven so, so I didn't fight him, I just waited him out because he made mistakes and eventually he got fired. It took months but it happened. The same thing with Trump, wait him out and let him continue cutting his own throat as he has been doing. The country can only take so much drama. Its tiring and the mood is the people are tired of it. His hard core supporters love it but deep down they are worried. Very, very worried he won't win the fall and are hoping for a last second win. If or when he loses, they will blame everything and everyone: the deep state, Obama, Hillary, the liberals, the fake news, all of the above. And the rest of us won't  care because their relevance will be gone with Trump. They will spend their time accusing Biden of things Trump was doing. Its Biden that needs to ignore that if he is smart about things. 

    The senate will be gone I think. Its not looking good. The House of Representatives will definitely stay Democrat. The new senate will probably replace 2 supreme court justices. 

  5. Trump wants to label Antifa a terrorist group. What is his criteria? I have no problem with this if there is an accepted standard we can all agree with. 

    Lets look at Antifa on one side and the KKK and neo Nazis (whats the difference anyway?) on the other. 

    1. Which one has destroyed property? Antifa check...neo Nazis/KKK check

    2. Which one has taken innocent lives. Meaning non combatants in their struggle  Antifa, none, neo Nazis/KKK check. 


  6. 4 hours ago, cavanami said:


    America doesn't need BAD ALLIES! Understand that?

    Germany is a good ally? Start at the end of the Viet Nam war and work up to today and then comment if they are a good ally...

    We have NO allies. Germany are a great ally. From the most progressive Congressperson to the most far right wing, Germany is universally accepted as a great ally and friend. You may not but the country doesn't agree with you. Your opinion is your own but no one (and I mean that as generally accepted opinion) agrees with you. 

  7. So America doesn't need allies? Wow. All other prior presidents are wrong? There are multiple posts on here I have criticizing the Dems, Pelosi with words like spineless and weak willed and internally robbing Sanders, but I guess that's too soft on Dems. I've said Obama's extra judicial killing of Americans with drones overseas is criminal, but I am one sided? lol...ok.

    Anyway, back to reality. I saw a twitter post that said "So people to resort to civil unrest and billions of dollars in damage before the authorities would even charge the cops who murdered George Floyd. Next time someone asks "How you gonna change things if you refuse to vote?" Tell them this is one way we can do it. 

    Sad. Very sad. 


  8. 7 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

    Mostly. But Bubi lives.

    Roughly 60 years ago President Eisenhower visited a place called Siegburg in Germany where I went to highschool at that time. He was greeting the crowd and I was waving an American flag. I swear this is the truth. Now look at Trump, I start vomiting.


  9. I got news for you. The U.S. is fucked either way. Overall, Trump has been a mitigated disaster. Do we have one ally left? Really, we literally have no allies. That is just one of a laundry list of things. 

    Every Republican in the last 50 years ended their term with a crash or recession and more debt than they started with. Not that the Democrats are gods gift to politics, but the Republicans have no record to stand on. The party of fiscal sound governing is complete and utter bullshit. 

    Obama lowered the unemployment rate and the stock market hit new high and debt went up most of his term. The Republicans kept talking about the debt. Trump gets in and all of a sudden the debt isn't an issue and its the stock market and unemployment is touted. Trump shows complete hypocrisy from what he criticized Obama about. He was right about some things about Obama's term but then did the same and worse. 

    He'll lose big in November likely. One term and out and history will not be kind. I guarantee you by 2024, anyone who supported him won't be admitting it. Just like you can't find anyone who'll admit to being big for Bush. The only Republican any of them will admit to is Reagan. That's it. The Eisenhower supporters are mostly dead. 


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  10. 25 minutes ago, buffalo_bill said:

    "They" is they and BuBi .

    Of course you have proof of Soros financing the protests. Share it with us.

    Well, it worked if Trump ends up gone. I don't want a guy in office who controls the white house, senate and supreme court and too weak to keep his job. Leave, you cant protect yourself, with all those resources and all that power. How can I expect you to protect the rest of us. 

    Bye. Get someone else in there. If what is alleged is true. 

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  11. I want to point out one thing. The media, the so called left wing media, will use different language when the looter is of a different hue. I've seen two news reports where there was obvious looting. One older white woman taking clothes out of a store that was looted and saying "we don't know if she may be working there and is taking the items home"

    Some shit is endemic. Everyone is looting. Its across all demographics. This is Seattle, not Brooklyn or Atlanta. 


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  12. I do find one thing about that article curious. Why does it have to be no other cause but race related but the various opposite matters that make the media its up for debate. If that guy had a white girlfriend for example, can we say it was race related? There could be other extenuating circumstances. He's simply a mugger and a car thief. Why can't that be the simple explanation? 


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  13. 2 minutes ago, cavanami said:

    ...that's mighty white of you 555555555555555555

    (and yes, this is sarcasm)

    I took it in good humor...no worries. 

    Where is Bruce Springsteen on this? Its his hometown. I've been there actually, white working class , blue collar area on the water. At least 30 years ago it was. 

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  14. There are never any pristine uprisings in America. None. The current protesters learned from others. America was founded on violent revolt. The various uprisings and revolts in American history, that today are celebrated by all if not most, Whiskey Rebellion, just after the country was founded, various union protests, both right and left wing. 1968 Chicago convention for the Democrats, the Selma marchers being attacked,  Bundy farm having armed people ready to shoot law enforcement. 

    So, forgive me if I find the current protests, revolt, uprising, riots, whatever we choose to be consistent with ALL such actions in America from all sides. 

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  15. in other news, white supremacist Congressman Steve King loses his primary race. He was the guy who was making comments for years about the end of 'western civilization' to outside people and then he just came out and said why is white nationalism and white supremacy a bad word? what a dumbass. It wasn't like the GOP didn't know he was a blatant racist, they just didn't do anything about it. Then King gave them no choice but to strip him of any committee duties, no power except his right to vote on legislation. 

    His district in Iowa though, still gave him a fair amount of support which tells you how parts of 'middle America' is. They kept saying he misspoke and he's a fine Christian man. 

    He is one of Trump's 'very fine people'. 

    I've never found an American who can trace his arrival to America prior to 1619. Are there some out there? Sure, but they are such a small number, you have look hard for them. Blacks were brought in from 1619 and are still not 'western' to Steve King and others who think like him. Native Americans aren't western and they were hear for 1000s of years. So you see how asinine the reasoning is that doesn't pass a logic test. 

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  16. Furthermore, we still have two other events going on concurrently. First, there is still an active virus. With more people in the streets, there will be more deaths and second, we are in a recession and these uprisings and protests makes a recover that much harder. 

    The government is over the barrel. Trump is playing into it. He is talking tough and exasperating the situation. 

  17. Coss, I'm going to be accused of being a cynic but that NYC is 'bending the knee' ala Game of Thrones because of fear. He and the union have publicly  backed the most blatant murders of unarmed people in NYC in the most obnoxious tones. 

    He is looking at a scenario he can't control. He better do a photo op. What I see in the pic is NOT his history. They had a slowdown when there were marchers for Eric Garner who was put in a choke hold. 

    So, pardon me for not buying the sincerity. NYC like multiple other cities is no longer a protest of one group, Blacks, the protests are diverse now and that makes things exponentially more difficult.

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