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  1. The world has spoken What has never been discussed in America is that there was immense pressure on the America in the Civil Rights era. The young in England were very vocal to their government for not doing more to call out America. Also, there was a huge fear in the government that they would lose out in the international community. What has been pretty much excluded from the road to the voting rights act is that at the time there was a cold war. There were scores of new countries, specifically in Africa and SE Asia into the UN. The USSR was telling these countries that they never owned slaves or had colonies and that they shouldn't side with a nation that is oppressing people that looked like them. Starting with Ghana in 1954, many African nations became independent as well as the Caribbean (Jamaica, etc.) So a whole lot of new votes in the UN as well as spheres of influence. LBJ knew this all too well. The southern states didn't because it was only local to them but the government had to look globally for obvious reasons. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/01/world/george-floyd-global-protests-intl/index.html
  2. Now fast forward to today, you have cities like LA, and Chicago with tens of thousands of black and latino gangs who are well armed and have shot more people exponentially far more than the cops ever have, add in the 1000s of former Iraq and Afghanistan vets in those areas. The vast majority have extensive search and destroy experience. The guy who set up sniper fire on the cops in Dallas was a war vet in the middle east. One person took out several cops. Expand that to hundreds? Again, it can and likely will get very, very ugly. The government will eventually win...but will lose with the billions in destruction, the economies will be at standstill. Also, the 1967 and 1968 riots were in the north. Today it will be in the south as well, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Charlotte, Memphis, etc. Lastly, those riots in the 60s was almost exclusively black. From what we see of the uprisings today its far more diverse. So you have latinos and millennial progressive whites involved, plus agent provocateurs from the fringe right who are itching to start their 'Rahowa' (racial holy war) as they often term it in their chat rooms and see it as a chance to put to practice what they do out in the woods at target practice.
  3. Detroit was one of the worst as well a Newark, about 100 cities in total in various states of uprising.
  4. Uglier then. In the summers of 1967 and 1968, there was open exchange of fire between the police/national guard and inner city blacks in scores of cities around the country. Makes anything we have seen from Ferguson, Baltimore, etc, look like a church social. There were 1000s of people with Vietnam war experience. There were ambushes, sniper fire, military tactics used by these guys. It was very, very bad.
  5. 🤥 https://www.yahoo.com/news/twitter-takes-down-washington-protest-230300318.html
  6. The worst thing Trump can do is call the national guard. He is saying it to seem tough to his core supporters. No need to. They are all in. He calls in the national guard or whatever kind of force, he has handed the election to Biden on a platter. Young people will turn out in droves to vote against him, even in red states. Also, it will get ugly. If you think turning over cop cars and such is bad enough, try bringing in the jack boots. It will escalate. The national guard will quiet the streets but no one is going to shop with an armed solider on the corner. The economy will nose dive even more. Curiously enough the stock market has remained stable. Its obviously being propped up. It should be crashing with nationwide unrest. That tells you all you need to know about the system being rigged for the haves against the have nots.
  7. Sorry Cav, I respectfully disagree with that. The system is rigged against all of us. Some groups realize it and some groups don't realize they are victims. Both parties are wholly controlled by people who have their own agenda and that agenda almost always is bad for the rest of us. Its not in the interest of companies to pay a good wage. They want the best labor at the cheapest price. If they could get software engineers for minimum wage they'd do it in a heart beat. Things we take as a no brainer today, such as dumping chemical waste in rivers, smoke stacks of factories sending tons of smoke into the air, even Republicans don't want that in their cities and towns. No child labor. Over time pay. Companies fought these regulations when it was legal to do all of it. Even Republicans see these things as wrong now. But if you allowed the companies open reign, do what you want, no legal consequences, do you think with what they know, no company would go back to dumping chemicals and waste? Would not hire kids in factories? Someone would. So, they get as close as they can. They buy off both parties to get as much of that. Some will do the right thing but some will do what ever is economically feasible and damn the rest of us. The millennials are right. The older generation, as a collective, sold them out. Yes, we did.
  8. Supremacist groups have infiltrated law enforcement throughout the country, operating secretly are all throughout America. This has been increasing for years. There is a 2006 FBI report https://www.pbs.org/newshour/nation/fbi-white-supremacists-in-law-enforcement on it. The report took months to compile. Bush didn't do a thing about it. Shockingly Obama didn't act on it. One of several issues I had with Obama. Trump probably likes what is going on. So we have 15 to 20 years of infiltration. Philadelphia cops, (330 cops) https://www.inquirer.com/news/philadelphia/police-philadelphia-facebook-comments-racist-20190601.html one of the Dallas cops a sniper shot, https://www.huffpost.com/entry/slain-dallas-cop-mightve_b_10953276?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAF_v5TB022tvy4-_8sL862qKa1uXJn-ieTm9DZsqpPNeAC41dvJ7rQJWQXPklde3Q988P4j4gHtPqGATg-x8nJUb2DRyq7LsTLxEy_bwj99VDWMVx8dNuKPLqPD2GZfw4H2rhLOdKOWosZPu9scewoAzqGhTeQ1YJi4rBbFZFCVF were all part of neo Nazi groups. The former head of the Grand Dragon of the Maryland KKK was a Baltimore cop. There are over 80,000 cops nationally in all departments and I heard a recent report that at least ten percent, 8,000 were part of these groups. 1 out of ever 10 cops. Think of the large urban police departments? Policing in America is broken. As I wrote before. It doesn't matter what face is at the top. The person who is chief is never, ever, ever a reformer. To make it up the ranks you have to not just look the other way but protect all cops from any act they do, even if improper. That's why you can have a black police chief and still have abuse. https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/crime/bs-md-ci-cr-officer-assault-20200602-gxwdnzlwuzdtxmqt4gpy3eugmq-story.html As I stated before the police can't be touched because they provide millions of dollars to the city because their primary job is to impose a de facto tax via writing tickets for anything whatsoever and if the mayor tries to reform them they cut off the revenue via what is called a 'slowdown' where they stop writing tickets for mundane things and only address felony crime like murder, assaults, things of that nature. Here is what happens to a mayor who speaks publicly dressing down the police: https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/tickets-drop-92-week-apparent-nypd-slowdwon-article-1.2066763 and to feed the prison industrial complex by arresting anyone and to escalate interactions where there is no crime so the person reacts aggressively and gets themselves arrested. Many of the prisons are privately run and contractually the city and state has to provide enough people for it or risk getting sued. https://rollingout.com/2013/09/26/what-private-prisons-suing-states-for-millions-if-they-dont-stay-full/
  9. Its interesting that some people are more outraged about the reaction than the act that triggered it.
  10. I'm liking this guy Jimmy Dore. Good counter to the "other" right wing videos on here.
  11. He's right wing probably. Dumb ass.
  12. Two things, you are deflecting. The president is encouraging the police to break the law and abuse citizens. He is or he isn't. It hasn't been denied so we'll take that as a yes, he is encouraging illegal behavior. Second, the police get a lot of money and resources from the Federal government because the cities and states are broke. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violent_Crime_Control_and_Law_Enforcement_Act The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, .... provided for 100,000 new police officers, $9.7 billion in funding for prisons and $6.1 billion in funding for prevention programs, which were designed with significant input from experienced police officers. That was the start. Various Federal agencies since 1994 have given millions in equipment and money to local police forces all over the country. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1033_program 1033 program. In the United States, the 1033 Program transfers excess military equipment to civilian law enforcement agencies. The program legally requires the Department of Defense to make various items of equipment available to local law enforcement.[1] As of 2014, 8,000 local law enforcement agencies participated in the program that has transferred $5.1 billion in military material from the Department of Defense to law enforcement agencies since 1997.[2] According to the Defense Logistics Agency, material worth $449 million was transferred in 2013 alone. Some of the most commonly requested items include ammunition, cold weather clothing, sand bags, medical supplies, sleeping bags, flashlights and electrical wiring. Small arms and vehicles such as aircraft, watercraft and armored vehicles have also been obtained. Homeland Security provides a shit load of things as well https://www.dhs.gov/LEP-resources
  13. Here is a little secret non Americans. EVERYONE hates cops. The GOP and some politicians make this 'Brave men in Blue' verbiage is bullshit. Cops have been co opted by cities to be a revenue source because the cities are broke. For about 30 years now, all cities require the police department unofficially to write as many tickets as they can. How do I know? I went to a church in LA that had 3 cops and they said that when they started out they gave warnings for broken tail lights, etc. However, over time things changed. Your promotion is tied to number of tickets and arrests you have made as well as how you do on the exam. Two of the cops were patrolmen in LA and the 3rd worked in Inglewood. They said, the last thing they want to do is right a ticket for a tail light for a poor person in south Central going to work at a minimum wage job but that is the job. You have a partner and he wants that ticket. So, the public hates cops because all they do is look for a reason to take your money. And if you are 18 to 35, they look for a way to escalate a situation to get an arrest. I've had that happen to me. Right from the start they are confrontational, ask questions in a tone that is accusatory iin rapid fire to get your anger up. I know the game and i act as calmly as possible. It unnerves them. I've been asked a few times if I work in a law office. I say certain things that gives them pause. "what do you do?" With all due respect officer my place of employment or my employment status is not germane. That makes them very wary. Anyway, everyone hates them. Cops aren't around to help, they are there to take. Yes, when called they help but typically on patrol they are looking for any opportunity to take your money or your freedom in an arrest. Every American has had a cop car trail them for blocks. They are looking for any small infraction to write a ticket. "You didn't signal 100 feet from the stop sign" as if you can judge exactly 100 feet. Cops have told me you can not fight that in traffic court at all. Impossible. What I do is when cops are trailing me looking for any excuse is I simply pull over. I signal and pull over. The cop has to either drive past or talk to me. They always ask why I pulled over. Well, officer, you are following me. So, I pulled over. Why did you do that. You are following me. Well if you are not doing anything wrong why did you pull over. With all due respect officer (my standard line), if I wasn't doing anything wrong I wouldn't be followed, would I? Okay, so now I'll know what the potential issue is. Well, you blah blah blah. I don't say anything and if he asks me I say I am not going to incriminate myself. Right now, your opinion, not mine is what is important right now. I can deny it and still be given a ticket. So, i'd rather not give it. Yes, cops hate my passive aggressiveness but it puts them on edge because they sense they are being set up. I'm the type of asshole who will get their business card, under protest mind you "why do you need it" but by law they have to. And I will write a letter of complaint to the precinct captain, copy it to Internal Affairs and send it to the Chief of Police. Will it end up in the trash? Maybe, but the last thing a cop wants is a complaint in their file. When they go for promotion, public complaints are a huge factor. No one wants a Sergeant out on the streets supervising other officers if he is overly aggressive. They want a calming element. Anyway, as I said, cops are hated by the general public. Celebs, politicians, people of fame and influence are treated well by cops. LeBron James is speeding the cop is almost always going to let him off and get an autograph with a story for every one "I pulled over LeBron James once, great guy,..blah blah". Same cop stopping Steve, speeding, endangerment, etc. I say all this to say that the the animosity against the cop is across all strata of society in America. I've been to a couple dozen countries and cops overseas are great. I expected a bit of American style policing in London but they were fine. The Thai cops are fine. Okay, maybe because I'm a tourist and that means money but by and large they are okay other than the extortion once a month if you have a motorbike and there are road blocks...haha With regards to the protests. We have to discount some of the rioting. There is ample proof, from me on here but there is plenty out there of the police themselves initiating riots as infiltrators to give the police a reason to arrest otherwise peaceful protesters who have not violated the law. The cops hated being taunted in freedom of speech and unable to arrest and harass. So, they start it from the inside. No one investigates this. They were in Ferguson, MIssouri, Baltimore, doing this. Instigating as undercover cops. And these days the 'very fine people" Trump likes have also been infiltrating these groups hoping to start some sort of "race war" they preach about in private forums. https://www.yahoo.com/news/on-all-sides-fears-of-outside-agitators-in-floyd-protests-184606899.html The American government, city, state and federal have given the police gestapo style powers. The law has been changed where a police officer can get away with straight out murder. They can shoot someone if they THINK their life is threatened. THINK. It's up to the officer to determine his own fear. It's impossible for lawyer to prosecute you if you say you felt threatened even if you aren't. You determine it. The court can't. You get stopped and the cop says the tone of your voice and 'stance' is threatening. They define that. Calm, cool and collective Steve can be said to be 'aggressive and threatening". And you know who hates the cops too? Not just the far left, that's a given. But the far right. The milltias. The white supremacist groups. They hate cops. Probably more than the far left does. They envision having to go to war 'with cops' when it all "hits the fan". The ONLY role Americans see for cops is to 'control' over groups. That's why the police are called if someone is using the condo pool instead of the condo itself. Its why someone in a department store will call the cops instead of the store security. They know the cops are assholes and hoping the cops will be assholes to the people they don't like. Finally, the reason why the government, city, state and federal is fine with the cops power is because they have fucked over Americans so much in all facets, that they need the cops as a physical buffer between them and the people. And the cops have broken that one line, the sacrosanct line about the press. And are given free reign via Trump calling them fake news.
  14. You are trolling now Cav. the video speaks for itself. C'mon. Next.
  15. Anyone who watches the video can plainly see the guy is looking to agitate people. C'mon Cav. I say the same thing for people at MAGA rallies who hate Trump and are not press. Why the fuck are you there?
  16. The guy is going around agitating people. Its not just walking and talking to people. This guy sounds like a nationalist. PS: Trump is a protagonist. Its going to be fun to see how he reacts if he loses in November.
  17. Trump is complicit for all we see happening.
  18. An argument that the Republicans get away with is the economy. Which tells me the Democrats don't know shit about basic economics you pick up in the first semester of a finance or econ class. The Republicans know more about Economics I'm guessing, and fuck it up for their own purposes knowing the opposition doesn't know how to counter them. During the Obama administration the narrative from the right was 'this is the slowest recovery". Obama inherited the 2nd worse economic crash in over 100 years. It was hair close to being a full blown depression. Simple U.S. history tells you we have NEVER recovered fully in such declines in 4 years. We call it the Great Recession because it was the biggest recession we have had historically. The Great Depression that started in 1929 didn't really get turned around till World War 2 into the 40s. The Republicans know that the breadth and scope of the 2008 crash that they let happen as the party in power, wasn't going to get turned around in 4 years. What compounded the recovery were 2 things. One of them you can blame Obama for and the other was the Republicans deliberately hindering the recovery. They opposed things they agreed with such as infrastructure spending. The economy recovered, weakly but that's the norm. The recovery was actually good comparatively. The American economy went into a recession in the mid 60s. The stock market didn't recover to a new high until the mid 1990s. https://www.macrotrends.net/1319/dow-jones-100-year-historical-chart The Ronald Reagan 80s never got close to a new all time high. Obama had a much steeper unemployment rate going down than Reagan https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/unemployment-rate Trump inherited a stock market that was hitting record highs annually and an unemployment rate that was breaking records annually going down. He didn't do shit but continue already existing trends. All the Dems needed was someone who could give voice this. I'm a bit surprised Obama couldn't because he is very eloquent.
  19. Is it a president's role to police the press? That's a dangerous game that has never, ever, ever turned out well. Ever. Did I mention 'never' and 'ever'?
  20. Bush's response if he's critiqued about his presidency "At least I wasn't Trump"
  21. Coss, I remember the right calling those that didn't like Trump 'snowflakes', always crying. If that didn't turn out to be the most hypocritical statement ever. You have the seat of power and almost the entire government under control and complaining about the 'deep state' and can't get things done. What I'm shocked is the cavalier demeanor of the left about going after twitter and the free press. Freedom of the press is part of the original rights deemed sacrosanct. Twitter is an open and free platform that Trump himself used to gain power. I have little doubt when the Republicans discuss politics behind closed doors, they are dismissive of the fight in the Democrats. The choice is the gestapo or vichy France. And I won't take the bait regarding the electoral college. The GOP will be against it soon enough if or when they lose elections with the popular vote. Its been inconsequential in 99% of the elections despite it being flawed. What will be interesting to me is seeing how far Republicans run from Trump if or when he loses. Do you think he'll run again in '24 if he loses? I wouldnt' put it past him. One thing that is absolutely going to happen is he will be on twitter every single day opining on Biden if he loses. And another thing that will be certain is he will be ranked among the worst presidents ever while Obama will be significantly ranked above him. Such will be his legacy. Historians will be arguing among each other between him, Bush and Nixon.
  22. Jimmy Dore is a comedian by profession and has been left wing longer than Bobby Hull (if hockey fans get the reference). He's not a Blue Lives Matter fan apparently lol
  23. Every president, no matter how popular had issues with the press. Its just the nature of the animal. Obama had quiet wars with certain media outets. It never extended to using the office to go after them. The worse it almost always was for Presidents is to give exclusives to rivals. Not call on them in protocol (seating and agreements between white house correspondents decide among themselves who gets priority questioning and its rotated). But an executive order to let them be sued? Specifically twitter? These precedents are going to come back and bite the Republicans in the ass when the Democrat version of Trump gets power and one day there may very well be. I bring that up because the trend is going left and they will remember and there will be one person who comes and does even more on the left. But other than a very few people, the right is scared of Trump. Not him personally, they have no respect for his person, but the people who support him are feared. There is no reason to support the GOP if we now see they have no balls.
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