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  1. The US system is outdated. It needs to be modernized. First and foremost the electoral college. When half of the last 4 presidents gets elected without getting more than 50% of the people voting for him in a 2 person race that is totally against the doctrine of any true republic or democracy.
  2. It also doesn't help if the cops are stoking the fire as well.
  3. I have been overseas continually for over 10 years. I've met hundreds of fellow black Americans. For the purposes of this post, I'll refer only to non military black Americans. I've only known 3 black American males who have moved back permanently to America. 1 got married to a HS sweetheart, the other didn't plan on staying but...get this...got a job as a stunt man. He is in LA, younger guy, 32 I think, payed his way around the world as a street performer, doing street dance. The guy has crazy moves. He stumbled into the career when a friend of a friend said a movie set was looking for a black guy double who can do 'falls'. Anyway, I digress, they are the only two. No one has stayed for longer than 2 years without leaving permanently. Women are another matter. Many if not most come back, my guess is to look for a marriage partner. Tough for any western woman, especially of a certain age to find suitable marriage partners overseas. America is a fantastic country. Its hard to think of a better country specifically if you are black to fulfill your potential in any field you want to pursue. However, at any time, randomly, you can experience things that are life altering. It can be great for days, weeks, months years and then that one time. I've had a gun pointed at me about a half dozen times in my life. With one exception they were all police officers. And I'm not the argumentative 'why are you stopping me type". I comply. First, you can't win. I know before hand he or she has control. All i can do is argue my case after. Second is my parents. I'm the son of an old school baptist Deacon who was addressed and answered with yes sir, no sir, if he spoke to you sternly. Dad or pop if it was safe...haha. My parents did not accept any disrespect of authority figures by their kids. If you felt the adult was wrong, you told them. They said it was their job to fight on your behalf, not yours. So, I never argued with teachers, cops, security guards, etc. That said, I can think 2 incidents where I could have been shot and those were days there were no body cams. Once in LA, hot summer day, I was told by one of two cops to put my hands on the hood. The hood was scorching hot and my instinct reaction was to pull my hands off it. He pointed and said deliberately "Put....your...hands...on....the....car and I heard the click". My life flashed before me and I said officer, I can't, its too hot". He wasn't buying it in the moment. I didn't know what to do. Luckily his partner who was running my license and plate came out when he saw his partner point and realized the situation luckily. without seemingly to embarrass his partner in front of me he told him, I'll take him. Search the car. He saved my life. I knew it, he knew it and his partner was none the wiser and I hoped he told his partner later after I was released. Would this have happened to Cav or Flash? Maybe...maybe not. I was in south LA at the time, a rough area so the cops are on edge. I co own a condo with my brothers in LA. On hot days I used the pool. Residents have asked me if I am a resident or have a guest pass. I said Im an owner and this lady said, I've been living here for years and have never seen you. I said , I can assure you I am. She proceeded to call the cops .I get it. But an easier solution is the HOA supervisor. Tell them. The homeowners have an elected member you can call. I know this because I wonder why we are paying this person an ungodly amount extra in our fees to sit on their ass. haha. It was what she said in the 911 call that I didn't appreciate. She embellished the story. I was bothering guests, I was aggressive, I was sneaking into the pool. I was wondering who this person was she was describing. The cops came, she made excuses that she had to be careful, "there have been robberies and rapes". Bullshit. This area of the San Fernando valley, was predominantly white, jewish and persian (nice mix...lol) and a stolen bike is about as bad as it gets. I put down a nice chunk of a stock option buyout to get us that place. Its vetted. Its not the hood. LOL. Anyway, things can happen randomly to anyone. There are mass shootings for god sakes. But there are just too many incidents and the minute you leave your house you are well aware that your speech, clothes, body language, etc, has to convey "I am NOT a threat!". No such feeling in Barcelona, Korea, Dubai (where I'm presently on lockdown..worse places to be ), Thailand, etc. I may be seen as one of those boorish Americans but I'm not a physical threat. I'll take being assumed I'm a Trump supporting war monger than the alternative. My cousin said something profound on his social media, when someone said 'When is this shit gonna stop?" and he said "It will stop when Blacks folks react the same way white guys would under the same continual circumstances" and that was a sobering, hmmm..moment. There is a straw and camel's back moment that may happen at some point. It happened in the summers of '67 and '68. Dozens of cities in the north erupted in riots due to a confluence of many factors: The promise of equal rights hadn't stopped police brutality and access to union jobs, etc. The civil rights era turned militant with the Black Panthers and Nation of Islam becoming more prominent than the Civil Rights groups. You also had a lot of black Vietnam vets coming back and had no problem killing someone because it was their job for 2 years and they were facing discrimination after fighting for the country and finally you had the deaths of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr, two voices that were now gone and with it many thought any hope of change. Today, you have a similar match stick scenario. Thousands of gang members in these cities who have no problem shooting a gun, 1000s of former Iraq and Afghanistan vets. These cities have been hit hard economically by Covid 19 with African Americans being the most affected both by the virus and loss of jobs. Also, non black millennials are now sympathetic and may take the streets as well. All this could be a powder keg. The last thing the cities want is a reason for people not to come out and spend their money. People can take a side but one thing is clear, there aren't going to be any winners if it all kicks off. And although the police and possibly the national guard if its brought in can quell it eventually, the optics of that playing globally in this electronic age as well as the lasting economic ramifications, well, you can see its not good.
  4. Interesting about ventilators and vitamin D deficiency.
  5. Again Cav, how many illegals actually vote in elections? I understand better when I get numbers instead generalizations. . Everything I read says otherwise. I'm more than willing to change that opinion if given actual verified numbers. https://www.npr.org/2019/02/26/697848417/some-noncitizens-do-wind-up-registered-to-vote-but-usually-not-on-purpose https://www.brennancenter.org/issues/ensure-every-american-can-vote/vote-suppression/myth-voter-fraud
  6. Doesn't matter what any of us think of it (Democratic Socialism), its probably going to happen. Nothing anyone of the older generation will be able to do about it, if they are still around.
  7. I'm not being facetious when I say that I am surprised its still this high. I think for Trump, with all the baggage, with all that has happened, 42 percent is damn good for him. His approval rating for combating the virus is over 50%. https://www.yahoo.com/news/one-of-trumps-favorite-pollsters-shows-his-approval-plummeting-183959355.html One of Trump's favorite pollsters shows his approval plummeting As of Wednesday, 42 percent of Americans told Rasmussen that they approved of the job Trump was doing as president, while 57 percent disapproved. On Feb. 25, four days before the first reported U.S. deaths from COVID-19, the poll reported that 52 percent of Americans approved of Trump’s job performance, while 47 percent disapproved...
  8. Voting by mail has now been demonized by the Republicans all of a sudden. Red states like Utah, for example, vote by mail. The truth of the matter is the more people vote, the more Democrats will vote and if the Democrats have a big turn out, the Republicans will 100% lose. End of story. Even in red states, if the Dems vote, the elections will be close. The American people are left of center overall. And the trend of the Demographics is that it will be wider. Millennials have a large percentage of socialists among them. They were Sanders biggest supporters. They want European style democratic socialism. https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/kayleigh-mcenany-mail-voting-220733351.html Report: Kayleigh McEnany Voted By Mail 11 Times In Last 10 Years
  9. I'm the Walrus. 😃 (Cav and Flash will get that one. Maybe Coss, not sure).
  10. I'm western without question. When people in America ask me how I'm treated around the world when I travel, I tell them "you are your passport". If I'm sitting in any random bar and a white American is on my right and a Nigerian double is on my left. Once the bartender hears my accent, sees my mannerism as well as my dress which is going to be similar to any other American, he will mentally put me in the same group as the white American. For the most part, with few exceptions globally, people look at nationality and culture over race. Not 100 percent but almost always. I will give you a real world example. I went to Cambodia for the first time in 2006 to visit a friend of mine who retired there. I learned about The Walkabout, in the capital PP. Its the most famous expat bar in Cambodia at the time, maybe still is, if its still there (I haven't been there since). At the time, and unknown to me, there was a no African policy in the bar. There was something to do with some local Nigerians acting badly, I found out later. There is a guard outside, I was by myself, I strode by the guard, who looked at me a bit suspiciously, I went to the bar, asked for a menu and went about my usual business when I was in the bar. There were stares and such from the regulars, all white from various countries I found out later, same as any random expat bar in SE Asia. I didn't think much of it. I just assumed they were all regulars and I was the new guy and needed time to warm up to me once I started coming there regularly. And my natural good looks and charm would do its usual business (stop rolling your eyes). I joked a bit with waitress, asked if it was okay to eat at the bar, she was a bit nervous, okay, didn't think much of it. Eventually, they must have sussed out I was American, not too difficult, and after a while I was arguing football with a Belgian and a Brit about Arsenal. That week, I saw an African try to get in the bar and the security guy, stopped him. Some were across the street, saw me going in and thought it was okay for them to go in. That's what I assumed based on what was going on. We can argue about whether they should be allowed in or not but my friend said they would do a runner or get girls and not pay or wouldn't pay as much (same thing I heard when I first visited Bangkok late '90s). Places where Africans, Nigerians, etc are not welcome, I am treated differently. Why? I'm American. I have rented airbnb from Chinese in Philippines and Malaysia who I later heard will not rent to local Africans. Africans regard African Americans as western. I've been to Ghana and Kenya, they see me as 'white'..lol. I'm over charged the same. I'm propositioned the same. Am I seen 100% the same? No. Globally among millennials they grew up with black American culture, rap music, Obama, Michael Jordan, etc. and I often get 'Yo man" from the teens and 20 somethings, and Im almost always the first black American they meet. I'm old enough to be their father (or even grandfather in some cases). I'm not upset, its not them trying to disrespect, they like the culture, music. The same happens to Koreans when they travel to small towns in America, with Korean drama being big. I will say this, Asian- Americans and non white and non black Americans are seen as more of an oddity. Everyone knows Americans have whites and blacks even latinos but they don't really process it. I have a very good friend, Latina from LA and she is working in Hong Kong and when she says she is American the follow up question is "where are you really from?" I was born in LA "Where are your parents from?" They were born in LA. .lol. I have a friend i met in Korea, heritage is Indian (India), 3rd generation, from Staten Island. He sounds like an extra for the movie Goodfellas. Eats beef complained Korea can't make real hot dogs, with 100% beef like Nathans on Coney Island, went to catholic school, good friends with a relative of former Gambino boss Castellino's nephew or whatever, he's constantly asked "Where are you really from?" and being a typical New Yorker, you don't want to know some of the wise ass answers he comes up with. Especially to non American westerners who he thinks should know better. I''ve done the same. The first time I went to Europe was my sophmore year summer. I flew into Heathrow. I'm 19, all I really know is north Philadelphia and my college town university in Alabama. Hearing a Pakistani and a Black speaking cockney blew my mind. I thought only whites spoke like that. I saw every James Bond movie and Benny Hill rerun. That's all I knew. Mind blown! Same thing in Amsterdam. Blacks, Turks, Asians, speaking Dutch? WTF?! This is nuts.
  11. How many cases of people voting illegally again? Illegal aliens don't vote. Simple as that. For those outside the U.S. who may be gaslighted. They don't want to vote. The last thing they want is to be on any government database. I lived in LA for years. Ive gotten into maybe 3 or 4 small fender benders in LA that were my fault and its evident to any LA resident that if they avoid trading insurance and just want to get on their way, its almost always an illegal. And with Trump's gestapo also known as ICE actively looking for them now, think about it. Logically, why would they go down to a voting poll? Makes no sense. They are trying to stay off the grid as much as possible. People end up on databases for all kinds of reasons. I've moved my legal residence and filed Federal taxes in my parent's state (Florida) for a few years now (no state tax) and a year and a half ago I got jury summons for LA county. If illegal aliens are on registration databases, it wasn't their doing.
  12. For non Americans, Pat Tillman was an NFL player who quit a lucrative professional career to fight the war on terror.
  13. Coincidentally, i've since learned "Susan" is another term for a slightly older "Karen". Becky, is another term which originated in the black community has been the term for a young white girl in her 20s. The name came from the opening of the song "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix A Lot. The first minute of the video gives the source of "Becky"
  14. Western is a country comprised mostly of people from European background and the non western background people have adopted 'western' culture. I think intellectually most would agree on that. Mexico and Canada border America but only America and Canada are deemed western of the 3.
  15. You are right. Western is the proper term because I've seen plenty of black latino and even asian "Karens' in Los Angeles. Woe be the man who angers a 40 ish western woman.
  16. This is not a new sentiment. This was posted on this site well over a decade ago. I remember it well, kept it because it struck a chord. When it was posted, so many American guys at the time said how much the feeling resonated with them. https://www.unz.com/freed/marriage-horror-and-susan-reimer-204/
  17. There is a term I had no idea about but I've heard mentioned by friends. The term is 'Karen' and its a slang for white women over 35 or so. I didn't hear this term from black friends but white male friends in America. I have been living outside America for a decade now so have no idea what is going on in some segments of America. I have a former coworker from Louisiana who explained the term to me. He's a white, male Trump supporter and he like many American men who travel to Thailand and other locations refuse to date or marry American women. He only dates non white women in New Orleans. The term is national now. He said a lot of these women voted for Obama and Hillary but are the first ones to call the cops if a random black guy is walking down the street in their neighborhood. They could also be Republican as well but over all they have an entitled attitude. and this is the latest "Karen" video that has made the news. My understanding is that white women (and this only applies to white women, not Asian, Latino or Black women) hate the term. Despise and one of them tried to say on social media its the same as using the N word for blacks. That didn't go over well. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/karen-n-word-racism-white-women-julie-bindel-coronavirus-a9453201.html
  18. What I have noticed about Republican masses is that they have very few ideological beliefs that are sacrosanct. Dems are a bit more of 'true believers' in what they believe. Not by much. The establishment is bought off as well but they push back a wee bit more on compromising their core tenets. Republicans are against anything the Dems are for. If a Republican is for it, they will be for it. I can provide actual cases. Nixon founded agencies and enacted laws that conservatives would have fought against were it a Democrat. The Environmental Protection Agency to fight pollution and promote conservation. Remember this was the early 70s. Companies were still dumping waste in rivers at this time. Big business were for Republicans. This never would have been supported by Republicans if a Dem had proposed it. Nixon provided Title IX, which sought to force universities to provide athletic teams to women. Completely anti Republican ideals at the time. Same with OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Act which provided national regulations on workplace safety. Big business was totally against it for obvious reasons, yet Republican masses didn't fight against it. It would have been fought hard against had a Dem president proposed it. Reagan got passed the Brady bill, for mandated background checks after Reagan press secretary Jim Brady was shot along with Reagan. Gun rights and access to firearms is as about as sacrosanct as you can get with the right wing and yet they supported this in 1984. It would have seen massive street demonstrations had a Democrat proposed it. Reagan had the biggest pardon of illegal immigrants ever. Let a Democrat try to do it, then or now. If Trump says he is going to propose Medicare for all, Trump voters would not protest against it. Guaranteed. If Trump said he was going green and saving the planet and that climate change is real, they would be for it. Why? It's about power. It's not about ideology. As long as its their guy and their party getting and retaining power, it supercedes ideology. To be fair, Democrats will violate their own beliefs as well, but they will have push back from their own. For example. when Obama pushed for TPP, which would provide a new trade agreement with countries in the Pacific as a counter to China's influence in Asia, Democrats in Congress were against it. They have a line. Republicans have one but we just haven't found it yet.
  19. Interesting suggestions on a post Trump reform.
  20. I'm looking at the polls and one thing that has shocked me is that Biden is leading in Arizona. Arizona was/is a very red state. They have only had one Democratic senator in the last 50 years before their current one and he was about 25 years ago. They are allowed 2 senators per Congress so that illustrates just how red they are. They have one current Democrat elected in 2018, which shows you the effect Trump has had. The current senatorial race shows the Democrat with a sizeable lead outside the margin of error, about 8 or 9 percent lead.
  21. If or when he loses the election, It will be interesting see how Trump reacts and our good friend Cav. If Trump wins, I actually won't be sussed about it. I won't like it but he may be governing a depression and that will be sadistically fun to watch despite the harm it will do millions of people.
  22. The current polls and sentiment is that Trump will lose. I don't think its foregone conclusion but likely. What kind of President will Biden be? Its likely he will be administrating a recession at best possible depression. My overall view is that America is fucked. Sanders would have beaten Trump easily in 2016 and this year. There is a lot of time between now and November. Things can and do change. Especially if there is going to be debates. Either one can self destruct. lol.
  23. To give Cav some ammo, no party that is serious about change and serious about the dangers of Trump elects Biden. His impending nomination says they view Trump like any other 'bad' Republican president and not national and global threat he is. I'm also disappointed in Sanders. His principals and what he believes in is genuine from what we have seen of his political history but he isn't the fighter one would expect either. He embodies what man in the party as well as the right see in the Democrats, a lack of fight and if you sniff the air, a wee bit smell of pussy. Still, there really is only one thing to do in this election.
  24. This is the truth of it all. At least the truth as I understand until someone presents me with a greater understanding that refutes what a lifetime has shown me so far. And its possible for me to change my views. My politics have changed over the course of my time on this forum. I am presented with facts and I act accordingly. I am presented with logic and reason that makes sense and the contrarian thought is steeped with flaws that relegates it to the trash bin. The Republican party has made its case and can only get 40% of the vote. The Democrats have a bigger pool of voters. So, the GOP can't win over enough Dems or Independents to win so must refute to subterfuge. I get it. I understand and such actions I've done personally with a few ex girlfriends who I was cheating on. What makes it worse for the GOP, the demographics are working against them. Millenials and Gen Z are not just overwhelming left, many are left of the Democratic party. My guess is when millennials reach 40 or 50 gun control will be widespread and federally backed. As an example .The HS with the mass shooting is an early indication. The students came out heavily against guns and the sentiment spread to other HS students. These are going to be your senators, judges, state and local representatives in the future. Anyway, I digress. Mail in voting isn't wrought with fraud. Voting fraud is miniscule. The only way to stay in power is to reduce voting. Trump himself said if you allow people to mail in their vote, Dems win overwhelmingly. Bottom line is Republicans haven't been able to make their case to enough people to convince them. Its their own fault. Too much conquer and divide. Also too much hypocrisy. They will preach small government, no debt, cut taxes when the opposition is in power and run up more debt than even the Dems will. When was the last Republican that left the white house with a good economy? Ike. Nixon left carter with a bad economy in '76, Reagan had a crash in '87 near the end of his term. The elder Bush had a recession end of his first term. The son left us with the worst crash since the Great Depression. Dems haven't done great but they can at least point to Clinton and Obama who ended their terms with a better economy than they came in. Plus the giveaways to the poor and working class. https://www.yahoo.com/news/fox-news-chris-wallace-debunks-175321507.html Fox News' Chris Wallace debunks voter fraud conspiracy theories shared on network an hour earlier
  25. ...the main differences are the churches and denominations that are thought to be left leaning, the catholic church, black churches, aren't trying to get power over people. They are just hypocrites. The evangelical leaders want to actual control you.
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