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  1. Interesting suggestions on a post Trump reform.
  2. I'm looking at the polls and one thing that has shocked me is that Biden is leading in Arizona. Arizona was/is a very red state. They have only had one Democratic senator in the last 50 years before their current one and he was about 25 years ago. They are allowed 2 senators per Congress so that illustrates just how red they are. They have one current Democrat elected in 2018, which shows you the effect Trump has had. The current senatorial race shows the Democrat with a sizeable lead outside the margin of error, about 8 or 9 percent lead.
  3. If or when he loses the election, It will be interesting see how Trump reacts and our good friend Cav. If Trump wins, I actually won't be sussed about it. I won't like it but he may be governing a depression and that will be sadistically fun to watch despite the harm it will do millions of people.
  4. The current polls and sentiment is that Trump will lose. I don't think its foregone conclusion but likely. What kind of President will Biden be? Its likely he will be administrating a recession at best possible depression. My overall view is that America is fucked. Sanders would have beaten Trump easily in 2016 and this year. There is a lot of time between now and November. Things can and do change. Especially if there is going to be debates. Either one can self destruct. lol.
  5. To give Cav some ammo, no party that is serious about change and serious about the dangers of Trump elects Biden. His impending nomination says they view Trump like any other 'bad' Republican president and not national and global threat he is. I'm also disappointed in Sanders. His principals and what he believes in is genuine from what we have seen of his political history but he isn't the fighter one would expect either. He embodies what man in the party as well as the right see in the Democrats, a lack of fight and if you sniff the air, a wee bit smell of pussy. Still, there really is only one thing to do in this election.
  6. This is the truth of it all. At least the truth as I understand until someone presents me with a greater understanding that refutes what a lifetime has shown me so far. And its possible for me to change my views. My politics have changed over the course of my time on this forum. I am presented with facts and I act accordingly. I am presented with logic and reason that makes sense and the contrarian thought is steeped with flaws that relegates it to the trash bin. The Republican party has made its case and can only get 40% of the vote. The Democrats have a bigger pool of voters. So, the GOP can't win over enough Dems or Independents to win so must refute to subterfuge. I get it. I understand and such actions I've done personally with a few ex girlfriends who I was cheating on. What makes it worse for the GOP, the demographics are working against them. Millenials and Gen Z are not just overwhelming left, many are left of the Democratic party. My guess is when millennials reach 40 or 50 gun control will be widespread and federally backed. As an example .The HS with the mass shooting is an early indication. The students came out heavily against guns and the sentiment spread to other HS students. These are going to be your senators, judges, state and local representatives in the future. Anyway, I digress. Mail in voting isn't wrought with fraud. Voting fraud is miniscule. The only way to stay in power is to reduce voting. Trump himself said if you allow people to mail in their vote, Dems win overwhelmingly. Bottom line is Republicans haven't been able to make their case to enough people to convince them. Its their own fault. Too much conquer and divide. Also too much hypocrisy. They will preach small government, no debt, cut taxes when the opposition is in power and run up more debt than even the Dems will. When was the last Republican that left the white house with a good economy? Ike. Nixon left carter with a bad economy in '76, Reagan had a crash in '87 near the end of his term. The elder Bush had a recession end of his first term. The son left us with the worst crash since the Great Depression. Dems haven't done great but they can at least point to Clinton and Obama who ended their terms with a better economy than they came in. Plus the giveaways to the poor and working class. https://www.yahoo.com/news/fox-news-chris-wallace-debunks-175321507.html Fox News' Chris Wallace debunks voter fraud conspiracy theories shared on network an hour earlier
  7. ...the main differences are the churches and denominations that are thought to be left leaning, the catholic church, black churches, aren't trying to get power over people. They are just hypocrites. The evangelical leaders want to actual control you.
  8. Not finding it out just now. I'm explaining what the fundamentalist Christian are really about to those that may not know And as always and try to be on balance. The churches that support the left, often over look or even exonerate actions and behaviors on TV but they preach against on Sunday morning or often, don't even mention it in church.
  9. I'm not even sure he even got married in a church. Donald has only seen a church for marriages. The next church he goes to, will be for his funeral. What I like about his term though is it has exposed the evangelical, Christian right to be nothing more than pseudo Christians who use religion as a facade for trying to obtain power and project their ideology on people. They don't believe in the bible. They want you and I to believe what they tell us about the bible. Its about power. Making America a quasi theocracy they get to control all other facets of society. They can tell you if you don't vote for who you tell them to, or support what ever legislation then you are against God. They can also threaten politicians as well. Don't believe their stance on abortion as well. If their daughter got pregnant by Julio in east LA or LaQuan in Compton, they'll be driving her to the Planned Parenthood clinic themselves. It's all bullshit.
  10. Truth is all we have are scientific models based on similar viruses. No one really knows. Viruses morph, go dormant, all kinds of things. The best guess though is there will be a second wave within a year and it will be a different strain. That is normal for pandemics from what I understand. Spanish flu being the best example. What happens after is anyone's guess. Perhaps we've reached relative herd immunity by then?
  11. Not surprising and China will get away with pretty much whatever it wants. Who is going to stop them? You won't see them kicked out of the G8 like Russia. Too important. Also, they are not doing much too dissimilar than America whose actions they will refer to with a 'What about when America did this?" rebuke.
  12. Sewing hate or not, who is going to stop trading with China? Yes, there will be some, but enough to dent them?
  13. The big cross your fingers moment is if the virus behaves like the Spanish Flu and brings along a second wave with a new strain. This may also means it goes dormant after that like the Spanish Flu. The other fear is it becomes an annual event like the typical flu. We haven't found a reliable vaccine for influenza for 1000s of years and although science and medicine is light years more advanced, I don't see a cure happening. Treatable? yes. Cure? I don't think so. I'd love to have a cure. I have elderly parents with diabetes and I'm no spring chicken myself and I'm sure I'm predisposed for diabetes and the last few checkups I had, my blood pressure was higher than usual. However, I don't think we will see a cure. I pray I''m wrong. I'm basing it on history. History of the flu as well as humans interacting internationally greater than it has ever done. Finally, we have made it easier as a society with how to interact and deal with animals and nature.
  14. Greed hurt these companies in China. They gave China advantages they wouldn't give others. Business, manufacturing and proprietary secrets for access to that billion plus market.
  15. The character of your government is exposed in a crisis. Pear Harbor, everyone came together both parties. Same with the Cuban missile crisis and 911. This has been a clusterfuck. The present administration and their minions will say 'the Dems want us to fail and have been fighting us from day one'. It falls on deaf ears when the leader is nothing but antagonistic, no attempt to work with anyone. No compromise, finger pointing, accusations. I am not being biased about this. Its plain to neutrals as well. There was an opportunity here to put things behind us, at least for the interim of the crisis. If you look at history, the current president met publicly or privately with the opposition. Either included them in the process, sought their input, even symbolically, but at least made the attempt. Some asked for a 'truce' for the sake of the crisis, they kept the opposition up to date, etc. The only reason why the Dems even know what's going on is because they chair committees that by law has to be updated on certain things. Anyone site me where Trump has made any attempt? Offered a truce or olive branch? Exactly.
  16. We all know who he voted for, don't we?
  17. Of course this will either be ignored or deflected by parties known or unknown... https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/songland-contestants-tune-for-florida-georgia-line-so-good-it-makes-one-judge-mad-030159549.html White House portrait unveiling may be the latest casualty of the political divide Yet this modern ritual won't be taking place between Obama and President Donald Trump, according to people familiar with the matter. And if Trump wins a second term in November, it could be 2025 before Obama returns to the White House to see his portrait displayed among every U.S. president from George Washington to Bush.
  18. I wouldn't call how Trump was elected democracy. Its not a democracy when the majority of the people voted against you win. That's not a democracy. The electoral college isn't the stuff of democracies or republics. The history of it was meant for the elite to be able to change an election if it thought the people were not just wrong, but dangerously so. What we have is it working in reverse.
  19. Because its all bullshit. Trump would actually be ballsy (and stupid enough) to want that. But the Republicans know that everyone is dirty and if they go after a sacred cow, it leaves everyone open. Its the MAD theory in effect. Mutually assured destruction. And there is plenty of dirty laundry the GOP has. This is two things. First, to rile up the base, distract them. Give them something to back the GOP on, someone to hate. Second its Trump changing the narrative from the present situation which isn't good. The Republicans control the White House, Senate and Supreme Court. They have all the power to do whatever they want to, to Obama. If nothing happens it means one of two things. First, it was all bullshit and deflection, which it is and second, (this is the excuse of the minions), its the deep state. If the deep state is that good, where it neutralizes a person and a party that has control over the White House, Senate and Supreme Court, then the Republican party are toothless. I'll go with the deep state since they have that kind of power. Why vote for a Republican who says he'll dismantle the 'deep state' when this is proof they are shooting more blanks than Pattaya punter after a soapy. That's the state of America today. The Democrats are spineless cowards, who will bully their own in primaries (like Sanders and anyone too progressive). but are scared to engage the Republicans because they know the Republicans have no line they will cross and the Republicans have no ethics and morals. None, whatsoever. Biden, as much as much of a doting codger as he is, is slightly better but also shows you how bought off the Democrats are. Not to mention how Bloomberg bought his way in as well. These are also the reasons why America is done as a force it once was. When you have a people electing someone like this, its a sign. Obama is the last gasp for some semblance of maturity. I had issues with him but at least he was an urbane, level headed leader. Bush before him wasn't the brightest bulb but he had standards. There was a certain respect for the office even the worse Presidents had like Nixon as bad as he was. But there is a segment of America who live in their own 'Merica bubble who have never stepped on foreign soil, seen much outside their county or state who follow the pied piper over that ledge waving a flag. With both parties competing to see how much monopoly money it can print to stave off the masses, bailout their donors before it all comes crashing down, its a matter of when not if. The Chinese have their own issues as well but at least they have a plan. America doesn't. It's plan is to act in the moment of every crisis with almost total disregard for the intermediate or long term effects. Law of unforseen consequences in effect.
  20. As I've been saying as Coss' article points out. Trump is betting that most of the new deaths will continue in the same groups of people which won't be voting for him anyway. It's a 2fer. as we say. And if The Atlantic knows this, the Democrats do and they will not say this. Why? Any number of reasons ranging from incompetence in politics to not putting thought to voice for some reason I don't want to give voice to as well.
  21. Unless I'm forced to (and Ameicans may be made to do so by withholding a variety of things if you don't) I'm not taking any hastily invented vaccine. I'm not anti vaccine. Just anti rushed research. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-pushes-warp-speed-effort-on-coronavirus-vaccine-ignoring-lessons-from-a-longago-drug-calamity-140324220.html Trump pushes 'warp speed' effort on coronavirus vaccine, ignoring lessons from a long-ago drug calamity
  22. Just my own thoughts but knowing how many of the far right think my guess is the sudden push to open up the states are: 1. The cases have been primarily blue states, NY being the biggest. 2. The belief that the economy has to show signs of a rebound for Trump to get re-elected and 3. The most recent analysis of those who were affected the most are people they are not going to suffer for in a lockdown.
  23. some might call those types cowards.
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