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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-threatens-twitter-facebook-over-122500633.html Trump threatens Twitter and Facebook over 'illegal situation' as US coronavirus death toll nears 90,000
  2. In truth, every nation's people thought it became great because of its exceptionalism. The Persians, Romans, British, all thought the same. America is no different.
  3. Interesting analysis from a real political scientist on the election. The person appears to be a Democrat, so we should take that into account.
  4. ....and to add. I sincerely hope she her results are accurate. I'd love for nothing better than her 100% results be true. Until they are independently verified, you can't say she has done it. I ran a world record 100 meters yesterday. I went to school on a track scholarship (fact), I'm credible. See how easy that is? Logically and using reason, there is very, very little chance a person with a 100 percent cure rate isn't being duplicated, isn't on national news, especially Fox News given her ideology instead of some site no one has heard of.
  5. it was asked and answered sir. Up to you to accept my answers....or not.
  6. This? lol That's 'proof' of a nutjob? Er..ah...ok. Okay, you said it was your opinion. Doesn't meet any one else's standard of a nutjob but again, its your opinion. That said, I will discount future similar references.
  7. Mitch lies. https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/trevor-noah-mitch-mcconnell-obama-085002243.html
  8. ...and one last thing. One doctor is found credible by the right and but 1000s of scientists with the best minds, highest credentials say there is climate change and we aren't to believe them. Arguing both sides. Credible if the person with credentials aligns with my ideological view, not so if they don't.
  9. Until her findings have been independently verified, its bullshit. She is the only one globally who has a 100 percent record? BS for now. It could be after its verified but for now that claim has to be placed in the bullshit folder. 1000s of hospitals and doctors are doing the same thing. And have not had the same results.
  10. The fact that BOTH Conways spoke disparagingly of Trump initially nullifies your statement. He never changed. He never wanted Trump, never wanted to be in the administration. No proof of that. I am still waiting for the proof he is a nut job unless a Republican not liking Trump is your definition? States change demographics and politics all the time. California was a red state until 1992. Alabama and MIssissippi were Democratic states until after the Civil Rights era.
  11. Texas is technically majority non white. Most of of the estimated 55 fo 57 percent of that is Latino. But Texas has a fair amount of conservative latinos actually. But still the state will be purple in five to ten years. I'd like to know specifically what makes George Conway a 'nut job'. Within the Republican party he is respected.
  12. And the right are different? The Dems are incompetent. There is no kamikaze mode. They are a huge, diverse group and some of these groups are in conflict with another. The Democratic party is trying to herd cats. Given a common enemy they will sometimes come together and vote and that is when the Dem full power can be realized because there is no way the Republicans in its present form can win any presidential elections and most state wide races if Dems vote in numbers from all groups. Same with most city elections of America's 50 largest cities. The Republicans have a tenuous hold on any office because they are operating from a lack of numbers. Those numbers are working against them each year. Hence Trump trying to end immigration from non western nations as an example. I get it. Out of desperation people will hold on to power any way they can and violate moral and ethical rules to do so if not violate legal ones. Trump is so polarizing he may have done Republicans irreparable damage. If he wins, who runs in '24? Gabbard? There will have to be extenuating and unique circumstances. Its going to get progressively harder and harder for Republicans to win elections even statewise. 25 years ago, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia were solid red states. Today all 3 are at or near being a toss up state. Name one solid blue state that is now a toss up? None. Even Texas will be a toss up state in 5 to 10 years for sure. Texas! Once Texas goes its over. There is no way any Republican can win the presidency with California, NY and Texas going blue. They have to make up those electoral votes somewhere. My guess is the Republican party will change and co opt groups like Asians, some latinos (Cubans they already have, but anglo latinos are a very doable niche). Luckily for the GOP the Dem party is a huge, disparate party. They think the Dem party is monolith but it isn't. The Dem party has huge internal problems and their voters are no where as loyal and passionate as the Republican party. There is a saying "Republicans fall in line, Democrats fall in love" If the Dem voter isn't excited about the candidate they won't turn out. Biden for example will not get the young black vote. He won't get the Bernie supporters as well to vote in numbers. The establishment Republicans hate Trump secretly but they got out and voted because they would rather have Trump than Hillary. And they hate Trump. The Lincoln Project, co-headed by Kellyane Conway's husband ironically enough who is running blistering ads against Trump and his allies. They voted against impeachment out of fear. That tells you all you need to know. They won' t allow another demagogue again after Trump. My guess is Trump will try to build a family dynasty like the Kennedy and Gore families and prep his son in law or son to run in '24 but it won't happen. The turnout by Dems against him if he gets through the GOP primaries will result in a resounding loss. The Republican party knows it has to change but its spent so long on certain narratives its like trying to turn a 757 or a oil tanker. Each year their numbers are shrinking. The 'solid south' is withering. By the end of this decade, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas and Tennessee will be at best toss up states for the Republicans if not slightly blue depending on the state. That's why you see the near religious fervor support for Trump. The 'end is near'. The Republicans will be a visibly minority party. There is a chance for a 3rd party to split off from the Dems (a far left progressive party) and that may save the GOP in terms of power and prominance .
  13. ....its going to be a winner take all final and if either side wins it won't be good.
  14. Finally, the belief on the right that those that those that pushed back on Trump touting an unproven drug against Covid 19 specifically is because those that don't like Trump don't want a cure in order to hasten his reelection chances is...well, I won't give it voice. But that's the prevailing thought. And as such I see there is no room whatsoever for compromise with any party that thinks that is the belief of their fellow citizens. We're done. it's why I say we are a dying republic that is now hastening down that road. And there is a similar view on the left to be fair. They deeply believe the fringe right simply doesn't care about certain lives and in some cases are happy to hear of fellow Americans demise. It's over. All I'm going to do is put myself in a position to be as secure as possibly but as far as faith in the country? None.
  15. First, the Senate wouldn't pass it and you well know you need the Senate. Second, there shouldn't be a law in my opinion. No one is saying there should be. However, he has to for the lawsuits against him based on precedence and if the SC allows him to keep it private, the conservatives on there have proven what we all know. They aren't upholding the constitution, they are the legal arm of the Republican party. Trump lied. Its a fact. No way to cut that pie any other way. Among a loooooooooong list of lies continually. All presidents have lied. Sometimes they had to for the sake of the country. But this is just habitual, narcissistic, lying for no other reason than its a personal trait and easy .
  16. I think I've got the hard core Trump supporter pegged (no pun intended ) but I'll get banned if I say it..haha. I understand the core reasons. There can only be one logical reason for electing someone so obviously unqualified. Anyway, Howard has softened over the years. I don't say that as a a criticism. He's in a different space. Not as angry. He's filthy rich, happy, nothing to prove anymore. Sees his own mortality, he's 66. He's more retrospective of things now. https://www.nydailynews.com/snyde/ny-howard-stern-trump-hates-supporters-20200512-k3z6fmgqgbbtxjsyocj46mtvse-story.html?fbclid=IwAR3BJeUEFdw67key9TqpNTPAGcEFI2kSD-y3lZruklKMq_1VqvZ8AhpZEzs Howard Stern to Trump supporters: He hates you and so do I
  17. Buffalo Bill, EVERY candidate for President since Nixon has furnished their most recent tax returns by tradition. There is no law but since Nixon committed tax evasion, all future candidates did so by tradition to show they have nothing t hide. Trump knew that and never said he was never going to show it. He said he was and he lied. He showed returns, carefully picked from years that showed him the best light. All candidates show the last 5 years. Both parties, all candidates, except Trump. And the Trump supporters are hypocrites because had Hillary not furnished hers, they would have said we shouldn't vote for her. And they used her tax returns to go after her. And then hypocritically. Too much half truths and hiding context from SOME of his supporters. Its not honest.
  18. If she has a license fine. But doctors disagree on things. The far left has doctors. The far left has most about 98 or 99 percent) of the scientists on their side for climate change but the right dismiss all of them and cling to the ones who have been bought off. The guests on there were talking some anti semitic things like "Khazarian bankers" and things like that which doesn't help their credibility. The gist seems to be trying to justify Trump touting that drug early on. The drug may be useful but its not a cure all. This is a new disease. The final determination of what it takes to cure it won't be known for months. This is not the movies where after 2 hours time lapsed you cure a new disease or virus. If we look at all the prior viruses that popped up, Nile, SARS, MERS, Ebola, HIV, Zika, were there ever any solution after a few weeks? No, many of them if not most , the disease just went back into hiding and can re-appear at any time. As many diseases do. There still isn't a cure for the 1918 spanish flu. The bottom line is Trump should not have touted something so early in the life cycle of the pandemic. Its the norm for him to do rash things like that and it could have or may have caused deaths in doing so when you have the president, who people are looking to for leadership say bonehead things...repeatedly. And you have supporters trying to work backwards. It's not a cure. If it was we still wouldn't have the body count we had. It may help, but everything is all experimental right now. This is worse than Trump was reckless. End of story. And this time it had the potential for life or death ramifications. He doesn't think through much at all he speaks off the cuff. That is not always bad but he has a pattern of not thinking most things through.
  19. Cav, I actually listened with all the open mindedness that I could muster. That's all I'll say about the video.
  20. The stock market took a dip based on suspected rise in a Covid 19 second wave. I don't know what part of Asia specifically. Maybe Korea or China? Although Japan is particularly vulnerable.
  21. TYT is a progressive channel but I like them because they are open about and can back up the things they say. I disagree on some things and they openly invite conservatives to counter. You rarely ever hear counter arguments on Fox News and if so they choose someone weak. CNN and MSNBC are also often guilty of picking an opposition view by someone that is not good at defending their point. With TYT they will talk to anyone.
  22. I feel silly for even debating this stuff. I'm not going to spend (more like waste) time about it. This reeks of bullshit.
  23. Fact 1. Trump knew ahead of time ALL candidates furnish taxes by tradition since Nixon. Fact 2: While in primaries he said he would furnish taxes. Fact 3: When he realized his supporters and the GOP were willing to be hypocrites about him being the only one not having to furnish one and still get support, he didn't. Supposition 1 / Fact 4: This raises multiple red flags of him fighting it in court based on the first 2 facts. He has financial links to Russian, Saudi Arabian and Chinese banks. He has fought for Russia to be let back into the G8. The likely reason is that it has embarrassing items on there that either makes him a possible/probable compromised president and/or shows just how bad of a business man he is. Probably not even a real billionaire. The fact that his support are for him being able to hide his tax returns speaks volumes. (as well as supporting a general meeting with Russians and getting money to speak badly about his president).
  24. We will see if the SC is a puppet court or as the GOP who put them there asked for, are 'strict constructionists'. There is plenty of precedence that this shouldn't even be an issue. The very fact that Congress got Nixon's makes this question laughable. The court even considering the matter makes them suspect. It is routine for the SC to tell lower courts they will not hear a case that is basically a waste of time.
  25. Of course there are some things that are private. Your medical records are but if you are sued for giving someone an STD or HIV then the court can order you to give up yours. Your school grades are private. But if you want to go grad school you need to give up your undergrad transcript.
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