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  1. With that in mind, I'll say a rant. All manner of groups have a beef. From far left to far right. Some of the members have resorted to violence. Antifa has fought fascist groups. 2nd amendment groups have done some violence. Incels have done mass shootings. The far right militia have invaded both the Michigan state house and Capital Building. All these groups didn't have a life or death issue. You are still alive and life is not taken along with losing your right to owning a gun, or living in a "libtard" America as our friend says, or if you are gay and can't marry another man, etc. None of them involve loss of actual life. The cops and other people killing specific people randomly are literally a life and death issue. When I am stopped by a cop I know its potentially a life or death issue. Literally. I've said this before. I've had a gun, cocked and pointed at me about a half dozen times in my life, with one exception, ALL of them was by police. And in this America, the immediate thought process is automatically, "well, what did Steve do for them to react like that?" . That is the first thing. Unless someone knows me personally and even some of them. People may not agree about the exjudicial killing of people by cops. That debate is over. That horse has been beaten to death. I do not believe that the far right view that they are being arbitrarily targeted is true but it doesn't matter if they believe that. And if they act accordingly, society has to deal with it in some form or fashion. The same thing with cops and others killing without either being prosecuted for it or the matter requiring a herculean effort to have any semblance of justice. The conversation is over for many of the young now. They see it as an existential life or death issue and are acting accordingly. Whatever happens...happens. It will either be squashed or changes will happen as a result. But the BLM marches have begun a response now that there is no more gaslighting debates, etc. America has headed that way. My guess it will get messy...very messy. By a variety of groups. So, people can do all the memes they want if it gives them some emotional comfort. They can vote for people who will support laws, relegations, that support their view of things. It won't matter. We're past the point of debate I think. That's what it seems like from what I read and see.
  2. If only the above meme was true. lol
  3. Republicans demand action against Auntie Maxine....okay? So the f*ck what? LOL. 'Ooohh...that's scary'. Hey Coss, Republicans being fair minded as they say they are, they had the same outrage when the fringe right went to the Michigan state house, didn't they? I can't find any links. The "deep state" must have scrubbed the net of that, yeah, that must be it. LOL... As far as the court case, and what happens if the judge and the city throw the trial, I don't care what they do. That city gotta live with whatever they do. American history has shown there is a breaking point. Maybe this is it, maybe its not. But either way I'm not giving a f*ck. The far right talks about rights as if its life or death and to them it is. This is actually life and death and repeatedly acting in a manner that tells said group "Not only don't we give a f*ck, its okay". When the masses stop debating, seeing its no use, trust me, the gov't local or otherwise is going to make changes.
  4. "How ya dern?" I recall hearing that when I was in Alabama. https://www.facebook.com/tariqnasheed/videos/788749505379717
  5. I would but pc has a 'libtard' max filter.
  6. Hey Coss, Another thing I can't logically get my head around. QAnon said there are far left child trafficking pedo rings, right? But Trump has wished Epstein's girl pimp luck and Trump cuck Gaetz who Trump supported has been banging more 17 year old girls than the captain of my HS football team. I'm confused. How can QAnon explain this? Is Gaetz banging underage girls a false flag...flag being the optimum word.
  7. Actually its an easy call. All things being equal, the next determinant is ethnicity/gender, etc.
  8. 20 years late to it but at least its getting what seems to be its proper attention. I hope its in earnest. https://www.yahoo.com/news/13-investigations-no-court-martials-120018004.html
  9. One of the few things, or rather rare things I fully backed Trump on was his wanting to pull American troops out of war zones globally. He was stymied by BOTH parties because they have a vested interest in keeping the war going. History has told us it wears a nation out. The Romans did it and it was one of a few major reasons their empire fell. Biden is committed to a hard date. September 11th. Apropos. People are saying "We can't or the Taliban will take over". My answer is "So the fuck what?" They were there before we went in and were it not for them housing bin Laden we would have let them stay there. Bitch and moan about it but not commit troops. I am for limiting our presence on the ground in NATO as well as Korea. Russia is not going to attack a Euro nation. Lets put that bullshit theory to bed. Ukraine used to be theirs. I don't like that they went in, I am fully for keeping them out of G8 and punishing them diplomatically and economically. But its a somewhat "internal" fight if we take history into account. As far as Russia advancing on Germany, Holland, etc, it won't happen in a million years. They will try to re-secure their influence in the former Soviet Bloc nations as a buffer like before but as far as EU proper, nothing to worry about militarily. Russia will interfere electronically, economically if it can or politically but physically? Nah. They won't. Same to a lesser extent in North Korea. We had about 28k or so stationed there. I'd reduce that to 5k. North Korea is NOT going to invade the south. It's an unwinnable war and the China is dead set against it. Why? Because it would be giving America a great excuse to be on their door step in huge numbers. Americans are more worried about North Korea invading than the South Koreans are.
  10. Jesus loves him https://www.yahoo.com/news/liberty-sues-jerry-falwell-jr-162325226.html
  11. Matt Jailbaetz...hilarious.
  12. Looks like Congressman Matt Jailbaetz is going down. Coss, why no comment about him? Hmm....Biden is worse than Max Jailbaetz? Fox News had only 1 thing about him on Tucker Carlson who he pissed off. This is huge. Why isn't Fox News reporting on it? Why is non elected and private citizen Hunter Biden the center of attention? I'm scratching my head as to why. I mean a sitting Congressman is buying and banging girls underage girls. That's not newsworthy? Are they going to try and deflect that Clinton banged women? Adult women? That he broke no laws except the laws of God. 😁 If you in for that sort of thing. I am the son of a baptist Deacon so I have to ask.
  13. Two things are keeping the Republicans a force Coss. First, their willingness to do literally anything to win. Their willingness to violate any ethical, moral or even legal standards. They see their fight as a fight for survival literally and practice politics as such. Second is the shockingly inept Democrats. They have the numbers but are themselves corrupt and beholden to groups that hurt their turnout at the polls by siding with them. Medicare for all is a no brainer. Big Pharma and the whole medical industry are against it. They have bought both sides. There are just as many struggling Republican voters out there with all kinds of maladies as there are Democrats. There are just as many Republican voters who know they are one medical emergency away from insolvency. They won't put up a fight. Polls say the same. Democratic leadership won't do it because of who they get their money from. That issue is also one of the reasons they fear AOC and her like minded representatives of getting power. They have no problem enacting it. The Democratic leadership fears the money will dry up. AOC, Omar and the rest don't take money from big donors. On the right, those who are true believers in what the party say they stand for: high morals, small government, etc. have no place in the party. They won't do what it takes to win such as brazenly lie or adjust their views and morals accordingly.
  14. I like her in part of how she pisses off the right for just existing. It's funny seeing them go overboard about a young woman just starting out in her political career. The 'crazy bitch' is the Georgia female congresswoman talking about lasers from the skies starting California forest fires and a QAnon supporter. She is truly a dumbass. She's been on tape not knowing basic middle school government civics. She actually thought it was against the law to be sworn in on anything but a bible. Stupid shit like that. You don't hear anything about that do you? The right will back any crazy bitch as long as its their crazy bitch. Hypocrisy of the highest order.
  15. Coss, (and others), I'll explain the over the top vitriol towards AOC. Even before she set foot in Congress the right wing went at her as if she nailed Christ to the cross. Why? They are scared shitless of her. She took down the 2nd ranking Democrat in Congress. She's young, attractive, fiery, smart, Latina and she won without any big lobby money. That is scary as hell to both parties actually. The Democratic leadership fear her as much as well. She can't be bought, has strong convictions and is a future (and now present) star. Republicans see a future threat who can get the female vote, black and latino vote, young vote and siphon off some Republican votes. They are trying to nip it in the bud. Freshman representatives have no power. Whatever committee assignments they get are at the whim of the head of the party. So, the vitriol is way out of step with the norm. What made her different is that she was heralded and even Pelosi had to negotiate with her (and others like Omar) because the public, millions outside her district liked her a lot. What you smell is abject fear. So, they go after her with everything they got to "kill her" rhetorically speaking while she is knew. Take away the future threat. Many Congresspersons speak on the border. Almost all their comments are unnoticed and have no national following. Before she set foot in Congress AOC's twitter account went up hundreds of thousands. That's scary as hell to both parties. The Democratic establishment fear her because she is not beholden to the same people/companies they are. She's truly independent. That's not acceptable. The Republicans see a potential president. She would do a lot of damage in the swing states. And...she would greatly threaten red / purple states that have a large latino population: Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and the biggest prize of all Texas. She would presumably get the black vote. She would get the young vote (18-30) easily and she would presumably get more of the female vote than Dems usually get. She scares them both her ideology and potential power. So you are smelling fear. She is no Hillary Clinton. The right wing is desperately trying to paint her in such a way. But she's not. Think about. Why should anyone care what she thinks about the border. All she represents is her NY district. She is not part of the Democratic leadership. What Pelosi says about the border or anything else matters. What any member of the leadership says matters because they have the votes. The rank and file pretty much go along with what they say. AOC isn't part of the leadership and can't tell the rank and file what to do. What she does have is her immense popularity across many groups. So, the posts you see on here are basically projecting abject fear.
  16. Not as extreme, but complaining about Biden is like a former party member complaining about Adenaur in post WW2 Germany...lol. No matter what his faults are, he's infinitely better than who came prior.
  17. Glad you asked (lol). In every state that has loose, relaxed gun laws such as open carry especially but also concealed weapons in public gun laws this is what I would propose. In open carry states especially, get as many Moslem, Black and Latino gun clubs as possible. Have them all open carry. And the same in concealed weapon states, make it known they are carrying concealed guns. I guarantee you 100 percent Republicans will pass gun restrictions. California had open carry until the Black Panthers did it in the late 60s. Then Republican governor Ronald Reagan (Yes, 'that' Ronald Reagan) with the full blessing of the NRA, outlawed open carry as a result. 😁. What I would propose for safety of these groups is they tell the local police they are forming it and make it known so that they aren't targeted and if they are sue the f*ck out of them. So, go completely the other direction. Let them have to walk around with a guy in a thobe (That arab thingy they wear) with an AK 47 over his shoulder in Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, Kentucky (all open carry, there are more). Trust me on this, you'd see the laws toughened dramatically. The Republicans and 2nd amendment people want no gun restrictions for themselves in actuality. Not for anyone else they hate/fear.
  18. Coss, I could get Republicans to go for a complete overhaul of the 2nd amendment very easily. Its so simple.
  19. I'm all for the 2nd amendment. I've owned one. However, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, gang members, mafia of all sorts have guns illegally. It's a massive problem. I'm not saying the Democrats have the right plan. However, the Republicans want to do nothing about it except lock up people after they have committed a crime instead of working to get the guns out of their hands. The last time the Republicans backed any kind of gun control was when one of their own got shot (Brady and Reagan). Until then they didn't give two shits because it was happening in certain areas away from themselves. The response these days in mass shooting is give everyone a gun. Except.....well, I won't go there or I'll be accused of something.
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