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  1. Biden was never my choice BUT the alternative was infinitely worst. Secondly, this whole 'he is senile' thing is just BS. The guy is competent. Trying to pull competence out of a presser as the sole reason is desperate. Biden has had a stutter since childhood. For a while now, even during the Obama years he has made gaffes, spoken off the cuff and it didn't sound right. He is effective and competent. I'm not saying I agree with everything he is doing but he's obviously competent. The WH was a complete mess under Trump. Today's southern and midwest Republicans try to take credit for ending slavery. Look at the Senators from slave states or slave friendly states in 1860. Almost all Democrats https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/36th_United_States_Congress . Northern Republicans and Democrats ended slavery. It was regional. Look at the south and midwest in 1960, the ones who opposed Civil Rights. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/86th_United_States_Congress Democrats. Post civil rights the deep south changed to Republican. Look at the deep south and midwest in 1984 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/98th_United_States_Congress One of the biggest bullshit, lie in history is present day southern and midwest Republicans (former Dems) taking credit for ending slavery and for Civil Rights when it was a NORTHERN and WESTERN America's doing. Instead of owning and saying 'mea culpa' They lie. Present day Democrats aren't shit but the Republicans are pure evil I've come to see. Literally will say or do ANYTHING. I have not seen a line. I've yet see a line they won't cross. Dems have a line at least. They are corrupt, incompetent but at least I know what they will not do. Not so with present day Republican party. Completely devoid of morals and ethics while wrapping themselves in the flag. Really are present day fascists these days. Notice how when I post actual facts, actual rebuttals, its never challenged?
  2. ....for example, I think Bush's 911 bill contained verbiage that said students can no longer include student loans on personal bankruptcy filings. Hence the massive 1.5 trillion dollar mess we have on our hands. What student loans have to do with 911, is anyone's guess.
  3. A little context for the non Americans. I'd defy any one to find any major bill that didn't have a of bullshit. Its called politics and negotiation. In order to get votes, unfortunately you add in what we call 'pork'. Trump's bills had more than its share of utter shit. Obamas and Bush's. Its intellectually dishonest to try and make it seem its unusually wrong. Its a Covid19 relief bill if we are using the standard for any previously named bill for a specific purpose.
  4. Coss, maybe you can help me out again. So, Republicans railed against Clinton as an adulterer and possible sexual assaulter but they voted for a KNOWN adulturer and admitted sexual assaulter (grab them by the pussy). I'm trying to apply all reason and logic because the Republicans are known self described 'common sense' type of people. So help me explain this obvious hypocrisy.
  5. an adulterer and alleged sexual assaulter: My reading comprehension skills are lacking. Are we talking about Trump or Clinton above?
  6. America had completely open borders for decades. Also, completely open ports. The vast majority of immigrants just came in, that's all. There was no rule. Ellis Island opened up for a variety of reasons, one of them was disease control. So many different people were brought together in cramped slums that cholera, small pox, german measles, etc, would ravage entire sections of cities. Outbreaks were common. Also, there was a growing nativist movement like the above meme. The majority culture had 2 big issues with anyone who was Catholic, Jewish or eastern Orthodox religion. The very same arguments today by the right was made about many of the very same people's great and great-great grandparents well over a century ago. Oh, the sweet irony. Also, America has no official language. English is just the most used. Interesting thing is no one has ever, ever taken issue today with the various Chinatowns and Little Italies across America. Hmmm? And as far as the constitution. Only white males with property could vote. I wasn't even considered fully human (it may delight some....haha) and women were more or less chattel to their husbands and fathers. 65 percent Americans own property these days. Of that a certain amount are non white. So, in essence had we adhered to the strict interpretation of the constitution, roughly little more than half Americans could vote. Americans already here have always had issues with immigrants that were different than them. This would include the great nordic migration in the 1800s in the north central states. Ben Franklin warned of Germans and actually called them 'swarthy'. lol. The KKK had its biggest membership in America in the 1920s (Trumps grandfather was in it I think) and the KKK made inroads in the north. Why? They changed tactics to being anti Catholic and Antisemetic. The north were more liberal than the south so anti black wasn't something of a rallying cry as the northern cities had freed blacks for decades. What they objected to were religious differences among the great influx of Sicilians and eastern European Jews and eastern Orthodox waves that came in the early 1900s and this resulted in the a draconian 1924 anti immigration act that pretty much killed immigration from Europe and other areas for 40 years until a 1965 immigration act on the heels of the Civil Rights struggle. Just a little context for our non American friends.
  7. Democrats are great liars. No doubt, but they pale in comparison to the GOP. When you are the minority party, you do will more immoral and unethical things to stay in power. You have no choice.
  8. The Keystone pipeline spilled nearly 400,000 gallons of tar sands oil into a wetland in Walsh County, North Dakota. On Oct. 29, 2019, a nearly 400,000-gallon oil spill was discovered in the Keystone pipeline system in North Dakota. The spill inundated a wetland with heavy crude oil mined from the Alberta tar sands.
  9. I want to get the logic of McConnell. The filibuster was created in the 1950s so southern senators can kill or delay civil rights legislation. Okay, so it has a bad origin. McConnell himself halted it to get around Democrats under Obama's administration. Hmm....okay. Prior to the Obama administration, the filibuster was done on average once a year. But was done 81 times under Obama. Okay. So, McConnell is saying Dems are not being bipartisan but he told Obama and bragged about it that he would not work with him on anything and he went on to delay or obstruct everything Obama tried. He's lied repeatedly and broken his honor (no Justice in an election year but gave Trump a justice in record time during an election he lost). Hmmm....Coss or anyone else, I'm looking to be convinced Moscow McConnell should be supported but I can't apply logic to it. Need some help on this one.
  10. Senate Current rank Historical rank[a][1] Senator Party State Seniority date Other factors Committee and leadership positions 1 1692 Patrick Leahy Democratic Vermont January 3, 1975 President pro tempore Chair: Appropriations 2 1743 Chuck Grassley Republican Iowa January 3, 1981 President pro tempore emeritus Ranking Member: Judiciary 3 1766 Mitch McConnell Republican Kentucky January 3, 1985 Senate Minority Leader 4 1775 Richard Shelby Republican[b] Alabama January 3, 1987 Ranking Member: Appropriations 5 1801 Dianne Feinstein Democratic California November 4, 1992 Chair: Narcotics Caucus 6 1810 Patty Murray Democratic Washington January 3, 1993 Chair: HELP 7 1816 Jim Inhofe Republican Oklahoma November 16, 1994 Ranking Member: Armed Services 8 1827 Ron Wyden Democratic Oregon February 6, 1996 Chair: Finance 9 1831 Dick Durbin Democratic Illinois January 3, 1997 Former House member (14 years) Senate Majority Whip Chair: Judiciary 10 1835 Jack Reed Democratic Rhode Island Former House member (6 years) Chair: Armed Services 11 1842 Susan Collins Republican Maine
  11. The House Rank Member Party District Seniority date Previous service [b] Committee and leadership positions 1 Don Young R Alaska at-large March 6, 1973 Dean of the House 2 Hal Rogers R Kentucky 5 January 3, 1981 3 Chris Smith R New Jersey 4 4 Steny Hoyer D Maryland 5 May 19, 1981 Majority Leader 5 Marcy Kaptur D Ohio 9 January 3, 1983 6 Peter DeFazio D Oregon 4 January 3, 1987 Chair: Transportation and Infrastructure 7 Fred Upton R Michigan 6 8 Nancy Pelosi D California 12 June 2, 1987 Speaker of the House 9 Frank Pallone D New Jersey 6 November 8, 1988 Chair: Energy and Commerce 10 Richard Neal D Massachusetts 1 January 3, 1989 Chair: Ways and Means
  12. The incredible ability to ignore the 'too many to count' wrongs of Trump and at the same elicit such pettiness to Biden is astounding and now makes clear how much America is fucked and those very same folks are happy with it because they know they can't hope to get this much power again.
  13. When selling your soul and selling out your community no longer pays..... https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/stacey-dash-apologizes-controversial-political-003405751.html
  14. Moscow Mitch is a slimy f*ck.
  15. Dr. fucking Seuss? Republicans got nothing else better to do than complain about a book? Biden must be doing a good job if this is the problem. LOL...my goodness. And the Republicans straight out lying that Biden is the reason. Bullshit. The sad fact is the Republican politicians are not even trying to nuance things, just straight out lies. The rest of us can post lies. Its not good, but we are not elected. America is so fucked. Democrats who act like Republican lite to get the suburban vote and in the process distance themselves from their base. Also, incompetent as hell. Can't seem to carry out any major agendas. On the other side, Republicans have just completely gone to the dark side. They want America broken down to make it easier for them to replace it with fascism disguised as a republic. ' Im not even saying its a legitimate criticism of Dr. Seuss but that's an issue from a private company.
  16. Apologies to anyone on this thread who said there was voter fraud and I denied it. This is my apology:
  17. I think it is unwise not to try to understand or too easily dismiss the tens of millions of Americans who think the Capital building attempted coup and other non democratic acts. This number of people is too big to ignore and they are part of every fabric of society. The question is what to do?
  18. https://www.newsweek.com/fact-check-did-joe-biden-cancel-donald-trumps-operation-targeting-sex-offenders-1572529 Fact Check: Did Joe Biden Cancel Donald Trump's Operation Targeting Sex Offenders? Operation Talon, an operation under the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), is part of its wider Operation Sex Offender Alien Removal (SOAR) initiative, according to information provided to Newsweek by an ICE official who remained anonymous because of operational security concerns. Operation Talon has been postponed, not canceled, according to ICE, which confirmed that high level ICE officers decided to postpone it, not the Biden administration or the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). However, the belief that Operation Talon had been canceled has become so widespread that it prompted a letter of concern from February 18 from Eric Schmitt, the attorney general of Missouri, and signed by 17 other state attorneys general, urging that the operation be restored . The letter was addressed to Biden, the DHS and ICE. According to the ICE official's knowledge, planning for Operation Talon began in January under the Trump administration before Biden entered office and was scheduled to take effect toward the end of February. It is planned eventually to be enacted, but the ICE official was not able to provide a date. Although Operation Talon is on pause, it is the latest operation as part of ICE's SOAR operation, according to the ICE official. SOAR "is a coordinated foreign-born sex offender enforcement operation that builds on ICE's ongoing efforts to target and remove these egregious criminal aliens from our communities," as stated on ICE's website. The SOAR initiative is an ongoing umbrella operation that Operation Talon falls under. SOAR carries out ICE's mission to remove sex offenders that are living in America illegally, the ICE official said. The ICE official was unable to say whether arrests were made under Operation Talon before it was halted. However, investigations under SOAR continue. This Operation Talon should not be confused with an Operation Talon mentioned in an online report from 2000. The ICE official confirmed that the 2000 report does not refer to its Operation Talon. It mentions an operation of the same name that began under the Clinton administration. The ICE official said that lack of further public information about their Operation Talon is to prevent the operation from being hindered when it eventually goes into effect. The Ruling False.
  19. Even if you are a Republican, Ted Cruz isn't fit to lead you. He has no spine. Any supporter of Cruz says a lot about themselves more than anything else. Cruz is the ultimate beta small "b". I wouldn't be surprised if he likes watching his wife get fucked...not that I'm judging him or anyone if they do. I've been asked once or twice by the odd couple here or there over the years. Anyway, it's hard to believe Dershowitz saying he was by far the brightest student he's taught at Harvard Law School. It speaks more about Dershowitz than anything else. Cruz was mage laude but there are a lot of people who were. Obama was editor of the law review for example. Top student. I've yet to see any thing that resembles superior intellect out of him. Any.
  20. Coss, I need to find a virgin to sacrifice to the almighty Trump god. Can you spare one?
  21. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/02/26/politics/trump-gold-statue-cpac-2021/index.html
  22. The question begs. Why? https://landreport.com/2021/01/bill-gates-americas-top-farmland-owner/
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