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  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2019/07/25/irs-turned-over-nixons-tax-returns-same-day-that-congressional-panel-asked-them/ IRS Turned Over Nixon's Tax Returns Same Day That Congressional Panel Asked For Them https://engagedscholarship.csuohio.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=3076&context=clevstlrev 1965 Federal Tax Returns As Evidence in Non Tax Cases https://qz.com/1749471/if-scotus-follows-precedent-trumps-tax-returns-will-be-released/ If The Supreme Follow Precedent Trump's Tax Returns Will Become Public Cav, since Nixon. It has been tradition, not law, from BOTH parties that if a candidate was not willing to disclose their taxes they were not considered. You may or may not admit this was also your view as well. If Obama or Hillary elected not to disclose their taxes, I'd like to hear with a straight face that you would have said it was okay not to. Trump himself said he would until he realized that his support would vote for him no matter what he did or wouldn't do. Those are the facts. Voting for someone when its known he has outstanding loans to banks in enemy states and can be compromised, well, its hard to take someone seriously like that about that issue. The premise that someone can't comment about Trump's taxes until they disclose theirs is some far flung talking point from somewhere. Sorry, that argument makes no sense.
  2. There is a long precedence of legal jurisprudence where obtaining tax records are okay. Its not even an issue. Nixon's tax returns were part of the Watergate investigation.
  3. What? lol Obama is out of office. If he has committed some crime and its proven. I have no problem with any proper legal remedy. None. You keep bringing up Obama as if I am excusing him for things that Trump has done. Nothing in my posts have done that. In fact, I've said he committed crimes myself. So, I'm not sure what Obama has to do with anything. If the purpose is to excuse Trump and his surrogate's crimes because "Obama broke laws too', then all that argument does is say you justify criminal activity. Flynn is an un-American, un-patriotic person. End of story.
  4. There are some serious civil liberties issues with this. BobbyRush is a broken man. He was bought off by Bloomberg to chair his campaign. Mike "Stop and Frisk". From Chicago Black Panther in the '60s to establishment mascot. Sad. I don't believe for one second Rush came up with this on his own. He's just paid to be the face of it. https://heavy.com/news/2020/05/hr-6666-trace-bill-bobby-rush/
  5. Africa has been closely monitored since the Ebola days. Africa has been the subject of the possible next wave. So, we know deaths of Ebola but not oovid 19? Covid 19 is the first disease in Africa to be rampant but no one knows? All continents are fairly reported EXCEPT Africa including other non African 3rd world countries with similar lack of infrastructure?
  6. Again....and again. I'm not debating his guilt. I'm not saying he committed a crime. I'm saying his actions are unAmerican. He is someone that shouldn't set foot near an administration in any official capacity and he has brought dishonor and shame to himself and the nation.
  7. You are being either knowingly or unknowingly misstating what I said. Where did I say anywhere he was guilty of a crime? I stated facts and I've yet not seen ANY evidence to contradict the facts as I've stated. I'd be the first one to say its proven innocent. Address what I wrote please, NOT what I did NOT write. Russia invaded Crimea in 2014. Russia is the enemy of America. Flynn, a retired U.S. general met went to Russia in 2015 and publicly criticized his President to an enemy foreign power and received money for it while sitting next to Putin. Those are the facts. What is it is not true? We won't even get into the fact that Trump placed such a person in his administration in a sensitive position. There is credible reason to believe the FBI acted unethically if not illegally to convict a man who lied about and took money without reporting it from a foreign enemy
  8. Flynn a retired U.S. General goes to Russia in 2015 and speaks critically of Obama and sits next to Putin. Gets paid for it, does not report the income. Russia had annexed Crimea in 2014 just to put the time in some context. FACT. https://www.factcheck.org/2017/12/michael-flynns-russia-timeline/
  9. Well, that wasn't an answer. I'll stand by those facts until otherwise proven. Flynn, a U.S. general met privately with the enemy of his country and is still being supported by the administration despite actions that most Americans would regard as treason. The FBI used unethical means (of which they have a history of ) to go after a traitor. I think I got the gist of it.
  10. Anyway, the AP article is accurate or it isn't. Flynn met privately with high level Russians, the enemy of America or he didn't. The FBI overstepped its bounds going after him or they didn't. Until I get evidence to the contrary those are the facts.
  11. Interesting during the Obama administration, rumor is reported as fact but with the current administration its fake news.
  12. Not shocked at all. https://www.yahoo.com/news/ap-exclusive-top-white-house-221739591.html AP Exclusive: Docs show top WH officials buried CDC report
  13. The Democratic party has a big problem on its hand. The Biden sexual assault/harassment claims have to be dealt with. The Democratic party are hypocrites regarding it. Especially with the amount of pressure on then Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh. I think the Dems will look at the polls going into the convention and if Biden is still ahead comfortably he will remain and if they polls are weakening badly enough, he'll be forced to step aside. And if that happens its a whole other can of worms of who will be the nominee. Sanders or an establishment candidate. So far, Biden's numbers are fairly strong. He will win if the election is held today. But will the polls remain strong from the barrage of bad press and Republican talking points, Fox News and debates? Biden was never a good candidate in my opinion. But in truth, you don't have to be. Trump has set the bar so low that an average Dem candidate should be able to win. An average Dem candidate should be able to beat a man who has never been able to get more than 50% of the people on his side. Those that say Biden is not a good candidate so I'm voting for Trump, were always going to vote for Trump no matter what. Using Biden as cover is to counter the social backlash. If someone likes Trump they like Trump. I have childhood friends of decades that are Trump supporters. Politics is just one thing we won't discuss.
  14. On another note, I was discussing Presidents with someone. I think in time Obama will be viewed as a great President historically. What is my criteria for 'great'? It's when all Americans generally view the person as great. Both parties. Lincoln was a Republican but Democrats look at him as a great President. Truman was a Democrat, but Republicans look at him as a great president. Generally speaking. In the last 100 years or so, there has only been 2 great Republican presidents using that criteria. Eisenhower (1952 - 1960) and Teddy Roosevelt (1901 - 1909) and before Roosevelt, who? Lincoln? Hmm..maybe Grant...maybe. Anyway, we haven't had many great Republican presidents.
  15. I didn't say he broke the law. I never mentioned the Logan Act. Stop inserting allegations I have never made, please. C'mon Cav. That's unfair. I just stated facts. He, a former General, with all kinds of military secrets met with the enemy of the country privately. He met with their ambassador and other high ranking officials. That doesn't bother you? The FBI has always done dirty tricks. Against both parties, all types of people. There is 'left wing agenda' within the FBI. They have targeted tons of Democrats, they have over prosecuted all manner of people. Its interesting that now that its someone that was in the administration the FBI is the bad guy. What happened to Blue Lives Matter? hahaha This is about Flynn. Did he or did he not meet with Russians at a time when they were openly against the U.S. and put sanctions on them. Sanctions BOTH parties agreed on. It's a fact or it isn't
  16. Did Flynn, a general, meet privately with the Russian ambassador on multiple occasions even after we placed sanctions on them for invading Crimea? Yes or no.
  17. The extremely low deaths and cases in Africa are even more interesting than the low numbers in SEA.
  18. China lied and lied massively about the virus. I would be surprised if they had deaths less than 50k or 60k and I'm being generous. There are stories about cremations happening 24 hours a day for days on in. They were building hospitals less than 2 weeks at a time. You don't do that for 3k deaths and the number of cases that number of deaths usually brings. 100k deaths wouldn't shock me. That said, nothing will be done. They won't pay a price for it other than their reputation. The only way any kind of punishment will work is if its the global community and that won't happen at all. Too many big nations rely on Chinese trade, tourism, etc. I'd suggest the opposite. We know they will lie but why make them even more apt to keep things secret for the next crisis? Give them a safe space to be as open as possible. If they think they will face criticism for being anything close to honest, they will keep things secret as well. They also are very, very sensitive to their veneer of invincibility. We want them to be a team player as much as possible.
  19. I'm hoping this ends or at least severely slows down international animal trade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vS0N17DlE30&t=13s
  20. Three countries with a fair number of people either Chinese or of Chinese ancestry as well as visited by Chinese tourists. Still, 685 deaths in Philippines from one source (not sure how up to date), Indonesia, 10k cases, now less than 1k deaths, Malaysia over 6k cases, 107 deaths. Given the populations of each, PI, 100 million, Indonesia 267 million and Malaysia 31 million, any death is bad any case is bad but given the number of people, all three are poor countries and by definition poverty and bad health and pre existing illnesses go hand in hand, would it be more accurate to say the opposite. Even given the temperature. Heat and humidity is not going to kill any a influenza family of viruses. Slow it down? Possibly, depending on the strain. But again, I'm surprised its that low. Also, Africa. Sub Saharan Africa is very poor as we all know and a lot of people, elderly included who are in bad health. The number of deaths given their population and already ill people is shockingly low (thank Goodness).
  21. I disagree totally with Charles Koch but you know what? I admire him. I love how he didn't sell out for more money and kept his company private and powerful. Something to be learned from that.
  22. For me its the moral equivalent of former General meeting privately with an ISIS member. Nothing technically illegal about it. The FBI knows about it perhaps breaks rules to set him up, convicts him and then being angry at the FBI only. No difference in my book.
  23. Flynn should not have been involved in the administration. FBI setting him up or not, he should not be working in the government and that is the comversation Trump and his supporters don't want us to have. Flynn is the one that is flirting with treason. He meets multiple times with the Russian ambassador as a private citizen and he is a former General in the US military. How is that a good thing? How is that not borderline treasonous with all the secrets he knows? He met with the ambassador WHEN AMERICA HAD SANCTIONS AGAINST RUSSIA. Does he have a right to meet? Yes. But any American who is comfortable with a general meeting privately with Russian high officials at a time when the Russians are openly antagonizing the west, invading Crimea, etc. you are un American, If that's okay with you. That a general who does that should be in the present administration of have anything to do with the government in any official capacity. It also shows Trump to be a traitorous bastard. To still support a general who has done that. If the FBI did anything, go after them. I have no love for the FBI given their history and the years they had under Hoover especially (that building should not be named after Hoover). Flynn is a traitorous SOB and Trump is worse for supporting him. End of story.
  24. "You get the government you deserve" I've heard that said by a Brit once and it rings true. I'm far more apathetic this time around. When all is said and done the collective who are making the wrong decisions will get fucked by it. All I can do personally is position myself to do well no matter what happens or whoever wins.
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