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  1. Im no fan of Kamala Harris. She was not one of the candidates I wanted to win the primaries and she was not the choice I would have made for VP, BUT......Graham is full of shit, again. https://www.yahoo.com/news/did-kamala-harris-bail-minneapolis-130000474.html
  2. Rush Limbaugh is dead. 😁 🖕 RIP (Rot In Pain)
  3. Barcelona FC needs to file a lawsuit. 😁 Their brand is being irreparably damaged.
  4. Currently and the last 4 years have proven all I said about America on a downward spiral we won't recover from. By the time we get it together or think we got it together it will be too late. I may sound like I don't love the country but I am just being honest. The Romans, British, all had their heads in the sand while the empire was going down living on past glory. Instead of doing what had to be done.
  5. A secret video has revealed a Trump supporter meeting Trump and Trump asking for his endorsement. I can't fully make out the person. Could be Cruz, Graham, or someone we know personally , Coss any luck in identifying the supporter?
  6. When these groups were targeting synagogues, mosques, Blacks, Antifa, the government was fine with them. UNTIL they started targeting them. Then all of a sudden, "we need to do something substantive about these groups". I've posted several times reports by the government itself about infiltration of these groups among law enforcement and military. They have begun targeting elected officials at the highest rungs of power in the government and they are scared shitless. Pardon me if I have run out of 'give a fucks' if one of these guys gets to Graham or whomever. https://www.yahoo.com/news/police-forces-long-tried-weed-130138278.html
  7. I still haven't heard if the capital building rioters were wrong or not, just deflecting. And Trump was never going to be found guilty with enough Republicans so its not a win. He's gone down as the worst in history. Terrible legacy. The biggest question is why is he still being supported when his own party says he not only incited it but refused to stop it. That's the big question that his supporters are not answering. Is it because they are in favor of all of it?
  8. Did Trump do anything wrong at all in connection to the Capital building invasion?
  9. Surprisingly decent speech by Moscow Mitch aka Mitch the Bitch aka Lord Voldemort.
  10. Why are we mucking around? Hang the bastards. https://www.yahoo.com/news/five-charged-proud-boys-conspiracy-173719455.html
  11. LOL...not really funny, but these GOP leaders who talk tough are cock sucking, beta, male, cuckolding sycophants. There are ZERO reasons to vote for these guys. None. It takes a lot to make the Democrats look better. And these Democrats leave a lot to be desired.
  12. GOP....enough said. Censure Graham and any Senator that was there.
  13. I think if you are in a group that that this kind of thing is more likely to happen to you than any other group, you are insane for not spending the couple hundred bux for a car cam hidden in your car covering all angles. Also good for accidents that aren't your fault. https://www.facebook.com/frederick.findlater/videos/1790681127771813
  14. wtf? https://www.facebook.com/Jody88Highroller/videos/2294640763955141
  15. A phone call? Grow up. https://www.yahoo.com/news/former-israeli-ambassador-calls-biden-215001276.html
  16. Most of the charges are bullshit things like criminal trespass. Its all being whitewashed (no pun intended). https://www.yahoo.com/news/jenna-ryan-texas-real-estate-153614599.html On January 15, Ryan was arrested and charged with two federal misdemeanor counts of knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted government building without lawful authority and disorderly conduct.
  17. It would be poetic justice if a Trump appointed judge made them pay hahaha
  18. I committed sedition and violated several federal laws because I cucked for Trump isn't a defense. https://www.yahoo.com/news/capitol-riot-suspect-known-qanon-070146912.html
  19. Fox News viewership has taken a big hit apparently. The voting machine companies have filed lawsuits, and they have a strong case. I recall Lou Dobbs having to do a fake interview with one of those companies where they basically let the representative dismiss every claim. The company, Dominion I think, threatened a lawsuit. Fox News is clearly not news. CNN, MSNBC and a few of the others have their issues but they are news in their non pundit news areas of the network. Fox is all propaganda all the time. We can blame Clinton for letting the Republicans dismantle a century of media laws so that damn near all the information in the country, at least 90 percent is a half dozen hands. It used to be you couldn't own more than one media in a market. For example, if you had a TV station in NYC you couldn't own the newspaper or radio for the same market unless the FCC approved. And they would look at how much of the information you would control. Clinton did away with that in the 90s. Something Republicans wanted to do for a while. Anyway, hang the traitors.
  20. Can't see your thumbnail, probably my pc. That said, I agree in general about the Democrats. And I'm open to any viable alternatives.
  21. Not Cav specifically, we have history and its been relatively cordial.
  22. https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/woman-who-helped-coordinate-attack-on-capitol-smashed-window-with-pipe-arrested-174619359.html
  23. Lou 'cuck' Dobbs most hilarious moments https://www.yahoo.com/news/lou-dobbs-most-unhinged-sycophantic-015151547.html
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