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  1. I am not quiet. Without question the best investment of my natural life. And I was in finance when Google, Amazon, Netflix and Tesla were a thing. I see these posts a few times and I laugh to myself because it comes across as sour grapes for not getting in. As my post says, I was fortunate to listen to a 23 year old friend who raved about it. Got my first coins at $200 each. First ones mind you, do the math. lol I assume Stone Soup, the originator of this thread if he is reading these posts has stayed anonymous for a reason and thinking to himself "Steve, why bother mate?" haha I saw it as a 10 year plan. I got into it in 2015 and told my friend, I'll evaluate it all in 2015 when I anticipate my preferred retirement age. I never imagined this kind of return.
  2. I got involved in bitcoin several years ago. I recall it hit $1,000 in January 2017. It then went to $19,000 in December of 2017 then went to as low as about $6,000 in March 2020 and then hit as much as $30,000 by December of 2020 all the way to $69,000 in November of 2021 and now down to roughly $30,000. Just some context. Not gonna argue, not gonna debate, just gonna sit back and let people say whatever..with a big fat smile on my face. I wish we could hear from Junglesoup but my guess he couldn't be bothered, too damn rich to care.
  3. Grace and Diana, I remember those 2 specifically my first trip with a coworker and I who were getting away from our assignment in Tokyo for a weekend. They didn't want to give us a room. They thought we were Nigerian (who were doing runners at the time) until they saw our passports...then it was all smiles. An Aussie guy didn't like what he saw and said 'They're bloody Yanks for godsakes and they can't get a room?' haha I have asked around and I'm told go with Soi Cowboy.
  4. My gf and I (yes, gf) are going to be in Bangkok for one night before going to Pattaya. I have not 'partied' in Bangkok in over 20 years. I always made a bee line to Pattaya. Anyway, its her first trip, she's excited and we want to see the 'best' (subjective) area to spend the night in among Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza or Patpong (unless I have forgotten another place). Trip is not till June, we'll get in on a Saturday evening, leaving Sunday afternoon probably next day. Trying to see bars, etc, some shopping, maybe 1 'cultural' site. The second issue is a 'decent' hotel. Not looking for 5 star but not 1 star either. PS: we both like girls so its not bringing sand to the beach or 'coal to Newcastle' she is the 'beach' haha
  5. I am currently living in the UAE. Been trying to get exact entry requirements. There rules for U.S. citizens coming from America, UAE citizens coming from the UAE but not an American living in UAE. I see this among my google searches: Printed Covid-19 travel/health insurance with coverage minimum of $20,000 USD They are saying 1 night must stay in a sanctioned hotel for covid19 test. I am more worried about my Kenyan gf who is coming with me if she can get a visa. Both of us are double vaccinated. I'm triple vaccinated (in the UAE), she double vaxed in Kenya.
  6. There are a large number of people (what constitutes large is subjective) making 10s if not 100s of thousands of dollars off NFTs. Like anything else, if you understand the space and are smart about, you can make a lot of money. As for Bitcoin, I wish I had some cash right now to get in. I don't think we'll ever see a sub 40k bitcoin again once the next surge happens.
  7. Steve


    An interesting view.
  8. Mango Mussolini is actually quite funnny.
  9. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/paypal-lawsuit-freezing-customer-accounts-funds-073128563.html
  10. Steve

    2022 EPL Season

    City have pretty much sewn up the league. Looks like Chelsea and Liverpool are playing for runner up and 3rd. The Arsenal, Man Utd, Tottenham and West Ham...yes, the 'Ammers lol are firmly in it. Happy for them. Palace is kinda my 2nd team but West Ham are an old storied club with a nice working class background with fans so happy for them. Anyway, Arsenal has perhaps the biggest turnaround in any season. From relegation fodder after a month, last in the league, to a top 4 contender in 5 months. Perhaps unprecedented. Things could still go bad but at this point its astounding. I am cheering for Vieira at Palace. I have been to Selhurst Park. Not for a football match but my first stay in London was at a hotel near the grounds while I was in uni. Anyway, the fight for the top 4 to 6 places, the European competition places is red hot. The league cup is especially competitive this season and I must mention Arsenal again, who fought off Liverpool with 10 men to get a draw at Anfield. Xhaka, left alone because of the defense as the last man does what Xhaka does and gets a red card. The team performance after is nothing short of brilliant and they managed to threaten Liverpool once or twice. Arsenal did with 10 men what Sparta needed 300 to do. I'd be remiss not to mention Newcastle becoming yet another club with a sugar daddy and it will likely see them in the top 4 within a few years with the massive spending they will no doubt do and a title within half a dozen years or so is my guess. That's usually how it works. It takes a while for the money to do some good.
  11. I visited America over the holidays. Los Angeles, Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia. Its an emotionally cold, reluctant country where most are quick to give way because they never really know if the other person will go 'postal' or they will be the next to go viral. I get the feeling the government wants us that way.
  12. The question begs, who is overlooking persons fitting that description? lol They are afforded all manner of privelege along with anyone else not fitting that description holding a passport from most of the G8 nations, English speaking nations. Myself included.
  13. As far as I know PI aren't allowing foreigners in yet. Has that changed?
  14. Yes, new name. Well, not really. My own name. Has to be updated 'methinks'. I loved hearing 'hello chocolat' man, i love chocolat' man' from the bar girls, haha...ah...the memories but, over time, I had to outgrow that. I mean, the NAACP in America is stuck with referring to itself with a term that is deemed offenseive today..LOL...National Association of Colored Peoples. haha...I guess it sounded good at the time, over 100 years ago. Same with the UNCF. United Negro College Fund that is now called 'the Fund' and its adverts were common on tv in the '70s and '80s. Americans will remember the commericials "A mind is a terrible thing to waste' So, Chocolat Steve has to be modernized and upgraded. I will miss you CS, but you are outdated and need to reflect the times.
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