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  1. You're assuming I was aware of this before I posted right? Also, not to belittle any human suffering, each person has to make a judgment for themselves. Thousands still visit mainland China despite proof of prisoner slave labor. Some may even say why visit the U.S. for certain things domestically as well as internationally. Each person has to make their own judgment. Using your implied criteria, most of us would probably have to limit our holidays to Sweden....and I bet someone could come up with a good reason not to go there as well.
  2. It would have to take something major. Something that probably most of the world would join in. More than likely of a politcal or cultural basis. Something on the level of the boycot of South Africa or Lybia years ago. If I'm consistently mistreated personally, then I'd stop going. Other than that the country can't get rid of me, I'm stuck on the place.
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