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  1. BB, if you are not a straight white male, you have to prove yourself to the Republican party by being farther right than any white male. Second, if you are from a group that is a core Democratic Party niche you have to publicly shit on that group. In the 2016 primaries, Carly Fiorina was extremely vocal on being against abortion. None of the other candidates touched it. But being a woman, she had to prove she is against women. There is a gay Republican named Milo something or another,, he didn't back gay marriage. Candace Owens attacks any black person who isn't a Trump supporter. Lastly, if you notice at EVERY Trump rally where there are black guys, they make sure they dress in MAGA hat, flag clothing, etc. If you are a black male at a Trump rally wearing regular clothes you are immediately looked at suspiciously. No one talks about this. Black republicans who are part of the crowd MUST dress in overtly Republican/Trump clothing so they arent challenged for being there. That fact tells you all you need to know
  2. Did a little deep dive into the black patricide...er..ah..patty cake..er..ah..patries...I mean black patriot. It's part grift. Its obvious he relies on it for money and the other is I guarantee you he has no physical / emotional connection at all to the black community at large. Pretty much typical. I'd be shocked if he is married or even has a girlfriend. lol lives either an asexual life or gay feelings that hasn't come to fruition. Not trying to make fun of him, even though it seems, but I've seen guys like him once in a while. Know the type.
  3. How I feel trying to convince people you can't negotiate with today's Republican party.
  4. I'd actually be curious to know the background of this Black Patriot guy. I have two educated guesses of how he grew up. 3 actually. But usually these types are usually from 3 categories.
  5. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/biden-approval-rating/
  6. Tucker will go to the left of some issues. Trump did that as well. He went to the left of Hilary on some issues. And won. As an aside it shows the Republican masses don't really have an ideology. Trump has gone to the left of somethings and they didn't bat an eye. They applauded it at his rallies. But when the Dems propose it they decry it. Hypocrisy but its not about ideology. The Dems in charge change their ideology for the almighty dollar. Which is not good, but its politics. But the Dem masses don't change their politics masses only have the politics of power. That's it. If Trump proposed the Dem issues (Medicare for all, $15 minimum wage), he'd still get elected.
  7. Coss, I'm telling you, you haven't dodged a bullet. Tucker Carlson could run and win and he's miles and miles smarter than Trump. The left knows this and have been dissectingand attacking his nationalist talking points weekly. Rumor is he could run and if he does, he'll get the nomination if Trump doesn't run. The religious fervor for Trump is based on fear. Largely driven by demographic and cultural changes. Trump was willing to give voice to their fears in no uncertain terms, unabashedly and openly fight these changes unapologetically. Now, you can't debate anyone on that side. They will argue both sides of the issue, using no logic or reason when it suits them. You are better off arguing with a 3 year old. Not joking. I understand it even if I don't agree with it. The fact is America has always been in a constant state of change since inception. It's impossible not to be when you are a land made up vastly disparate peoples from all over the globe. 150 years ago it was a debate about Catholics, Jews and non protestants. It was actually a much more vicious and pervasive debate believe it or not. And it took basically post WW2 for it to go away. It's not spoken of much but Henry Ford was an open and unashamed antisemite. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/henryford-antisemitism/ And in a newspaper he bought, openly had articles about the "Jewish conspiracy". He had factories in Nazi Germany throughout the war and actually got compensated when they were bombed. American hero flying ace Lindburgh of German descent was openly pro Nazi and anti semite. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/lindbergh-fallen-hero/ https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/lindbergh-accuses-jews-of-pushing-u-s-to-war America created a very draconian immigration law in 1924 which basically shut off immigration. It was passed based on open fear of the large numbers of Italians, especially Sicilians as well as eastern European Jews who came by the hundreds of thousands late 1800s and the first couple decades of the 1900s. In fact, Sicilians in New Orleans and a Jew in Georgia were the only non Blacks to be lynched in the deep south. Whiteness got redefined over and over again in American history. Various groups were included over time whe originally viewed with an asterisk (Irish, Slavs, Jews, Sicilians, Bosnians, Turks, Portuguese, Greeks, Arabs, Persians, various Latinos like Argentinians, Cubans, etc.) Latinos went from being 8% of the population in 1970 to about 24% now. America will be bilingual regionally for sure, nationally possibly in a decade or two. Now, we all know that other countries managed bilingual and even mutli lingual countries very well (Belgians, Swiss, Senegal, Kenya, etc.) and truth is there were neighborhoods in Chicago, NY, Philadelphia, where you rarely heard a word spoken in English for decades. But its all lost on today's mob. They don't care. All they know is things are changing and the change is different and in their minds, challenges their place in society. Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California was originally Mexico and so when America took it over, Latinos were already there (along with native peoples) but that's lost on them too. So, the real driving force behind Trump is 'fear'. Its a base, carnal reason. Which we all understand even if we don't always agree with. The hatred of the left is that they are blamed for not only accepting it but wanting it. Not sure if that's true or not but its why the left is seen as an existential threat to America even though the left in power looks demographically like them. The whole 'east coast elites' and 'global elites' coded speech is specifically white progressives and Jews. And there are those who are demographically seen as the enemy who have joined the Trump train in order to be accepted by the present majority. That's been that way since time immortal. It's also a grift for others (Candace Owens). But as far as this guy, not only will he do it, but a part of me thinks he would enjoy it by the 3rd or 4th time, if Trump runs his hand through his hair and looks down smiling at him as he's looking up. This is of course assuming Trump is able to manage being aroused without chemical aid.
  8. Im going to shoot down a point on one of these memes. You know why there is a lumber shortage? During Covid19 lumber companies couldn't do their job for obvious reasons. Also, there is a red hot real estate market now. Hence a shortage. It's actually a good thing. Econ 101, in economic booms, demand for certain things is so high it creates a shortage until the industry and market can adjust. A lumberjack is a great job to have right now. Plenty of work.
  9. Right wing groups are well known to send out outrageous lies as facts. Until I see a deep dive of any memes, I'm going to assume its false or way out of context until proven otherwise. They could be true but there is so much intentionally false info being sent out, you have to assume its false. I've pretty much debunked all the ones on here I do know off hand.
  10. I'd love to hear the deep dive on it. What exactly is the reason. The lumber I already know. But for argument sake, what specific Biden actions raised these prices "all of a sudden" since January 6th? I'd love more context .
  11. Serious question Coss, if Trump told this guy to suck him off or allow him to fuck him in the ass and he'll guarantee his political future, do you think he would do it? Really, no joking around, serious question. Second, an observation. The loyalty to Trump is astounding. It's truly on a religious level. I grew up in the church and although my church wasn't a cult, I've seen people who were in cults. I mean cut and dry, pass any cult test. The loyalty to Trump is on that level. Professors will be discussing this in the future at the University of Auckland or University of Otago. The truly unique thing about the religion of Trump is all the prior people who ran cults of a large size were highly intelligent, intuitive, people. By definition you have to be. Charles Manson didn't have a lot of members. He wasn't that smart. Also, it was mostly women. Jim Jones had hundreds, both men and women. And although evil incarnate, Hitler ha an obvious genius. Trump though? Head scratcher.
  12. I think the military-industrial complex is much too strong and will get their way.
  13. last 5 completely false but ok
  14. Er..ah....the money didn't even arrive yet. This was announced roughly a month ago. The money doesn't go overnight. Second, what is wrong with giving the arabs there money? No one and I mean no one, in my estimation, should say a damn thing until they have seen how the Palestinian Arabs live. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-56665199
  15. Obama is racist? He's a lot of things but tough to put the 'racist' tag on him. I'm no fan of his for a number reasons. I don't think he's anywhere close to being as bad of a president as Republicans say. In fact, I'd put him in the top 25% of all Presidents. But I will preface that by saying I have a fairly low estimation of almost all President, and again, I don't like him much. Anyway, let's see, white mother, raised in Hawaii, by his white mom and white grandparents, in a state (Hawaii) where there are very few blacks. I'm trying to find his racist background. If he was white he'd be called a liberal. The church he went to in Chicago was Michelle's church. This 'hater of freedom' re-initiated the search for Bin Laden and succeeded where Bush couldn't in 7 years. Hmm...hater of freedom. Didn't he also sign a massive blue lives matter law that put billions into law enforcement. This while during his presidency where the whole Black Lives Matter started over a few very high profile, global police or citizen shootings? (Zimmerman, Mike Brown). Obama is a corporatist. Like many modern presidents.
  16. Kiwi story. I was sitting on a plane waiting for the other passengers and some guy sits next to me, rubs my shoulder, smiles and he looks up and his girlfriend is smiling. I'm thinking what the hell. Okay, some 3 some set up, cuck thing. Turns out I was wearing a t shirt that says 'Rub me for good luck' with a clover underneath it. An old St. Patrick's day t shirt I had. They were a young Kiwi couple and he says 'Doing what your shirt says. My girlfriend is nervous about flying'. LOL...I have never met a Kiwi that wasn't cool. Ever. Even the Kiwi UCLA law student that broke my heart. She was obviously a huge All Blacks fan and made me swear, I would still support them when we broke up. lol. I kept my promise. There is a Rugby bar, I presume owned by a South African called Springbok (not sure if its still operating, but I'd go there once in a while hoping to run into her. It was basically the one place in LA that (at that time) had live rugby matches via satellite.
  17. Change of pace 'people are people' story. I spent my last 1.5 years in a HS in the suburbs, upper middle class, Republican area. No need to tell you the demographics. Anyway, my parents hated rap music. They didn't like it, didn't get it and one of the reasons they wanted me to go to this HS was for a 'better class of kids'. Anyway, I first picked up rock music at this school and got into various genres of rock. This was also the dawn of the video, MTV era. My parents hated seeing rap videos, being the son of a baptist Deacon and sunday school mom, its understandable. Anyway, they now saw me watching videos by Danziq ('Mother' is my all time favorite Danzig song) and she was shaking her head, I left the inner city and picked up heavy metal, some of it the whole 666 devil thing. You can imagine old school baptist parents seeing the borrowed albums from classmates that had the pentagram, devil's head, 666 all over it. Out of the pot into the fire and she wanted to know what the hell type of school is this. Basically, kids are kids, parents are parents, and she found out at PTA (Parent Teach Association) meetings that the suburban moms had the same issues she did. It's a small world.
  18. There are people who were teens or early 20s in the same town as death camps in German or Poland, who were paid to sweep floors or file papers. There were no jobs because of the war so they took the job. Now in their 90s are arrested and tried. There are literally 1000s of Americans who participated in lynchings. Still alive, living their best lives. The woman who got Emmitt Till killed, the most famous of all lynchings is still alive, accessory to murder. Living her best life. There is a term in Florida and Louisiana, "Gator Bait", basically bait used to attract alligators to kill them. The term came about using black babies and small black kids tied to stump to attract alligators. Many of them, still alive, living their best lives. https://theundefeated.com/features/the-gut-wrenching-history-of-black-babies-and-alligators/ The police and others when you see videos of black women and children beaten are just a leftover from earlier times. It was always excusable to do this in some form or manner. ,,but taking a knee is unacceptable, and you hate America about actual killings. Storming the Capital Building, over ideology, nobody dying, was "American". Its a dichotomy, hypocritical concept, it doesn't have to be logical because you simply change the rules to fit your side. You literally apply both sides of an argument when needed. My apologies, I'm race baiting. Culturally, in America if you are Black and say the truth that makes America look bad, its called race baiting. If I was white, Republican and running for office and use racist tropes to get votes that's politics.
  19. Actually it seems the rules for who is Black according to the majority culture in America changed for Kamala. Traditionally, culturally in America for 400 years if you have any black blood "the one drop rule", you are black. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One-drop_rule#:~:text=The one-drop rule is,or colored in historical terms). There were Americans who looked 'white' who were considered black because they had a black ancestor somewhere. Even an 1/8th black, (Octoroon, Louisiana) you were black. There were many Americans with black blood, a fraction but at least a drop none the less, who passed easily white in life, even blondes and they were considered black You are black. Her father is Jamaican with some black blood. Tiger Woods is at most 25% black, probably less but was considered by the majority culture, media as Black. Even if you're not even black but 'look' black, you are deemed black. The Supreme Court case in 1967 (yes, believe it or not, 1967) that made it so that Virginia couldn't ban marriages between blacks and whites, was actually a marriage between a white man and a native American woman who grew up in the black community and for purposes of labeling was deemed Black. Using what America has always applied to the matter of who is Black, Kamala is black. The guy below is Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Long time congressman for Harlem, NY in the 60s. He passed as white when he was younger in some schools. Black. Kamala is much darker. Go figure.
  20. I don't think anything in terms of jail time will happen to Trump but hope springs eternal.
  21. Actually, it was very obvious he'd still be very relevant. He still controls the Republican party. Not as strong as he once did but he's definitely the head of the party in terms of who the Republican voters want the most.
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