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    Diary of an ex-bg

    She can do it by herself if she really wants too. I always believe 'If there's a will, there's a way'. She maybe can do it either she maybe not. I NEVER agree if someone would turn to work as a prosititue just because they are poor, they have to support thier family. But I can't blame them ,we are all dealing with different life's issue, right?. Nobody wanted to be a prosititue if they have a chance, if they have a chance to do it over again I wondering a single of them would ? You and I are lucky to have education , be able to chose our own life ,A lot of people aren't that bless .
  2. 007

    Diary of an ex-bg

    I have nothing to offence you GTG, but I think in relationship have lots of subtle.I think love itself have no boundary.The marriage is the rule to say you shouldn't love someone else after you did say'I do' But sometimes heart want the heart want. Everythings have the price to pay, If he married he have to pay that price for those guilty he may feel. TTM had done what he thought is right for him and his ex -bar gf You have to admit that is good for her to have someone care her enough to bring her out of the bar instead F--k and leave.
  3. I will post one day about a friend who lost her housekeeper because the young housekeeper missed her buffalo so much she had to go home. Wow, that 's a cute story. I would want to hear that from you someday Khun Jasmine:)
  4. The biggest asset Philippinos have is their education system, from what I have seen its far ahead of Thailand. Skilled Filippinas are sought after in many countries for work, and they have the ability to think for themselves and trouble shoot a problem, a skill sadly lacking in Thailand. You think not being colonized makes you special?? I think its one of the reasons Thailand is so far behind the rest of the world... We, Thais should regret that we haven't been colonized? Thais are so stupid that why our country is so far behide because those colonizer cant colonized Thailand? If the only way to be developing country at same level as USA ,UK ,etc is colonized by them. I prefer this way,tobe what we are,to choose our own way,not just because colonizer want us to. You said that Phillippine have a bett education system , I dont know but what I KNew is they speak english. And perhaps that ability to speak english leading you to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND what they are thinking and talking about? A coin have 2 faces, what Fillipinos had lost because of the colonized, Nothing?
  5. the Filipinos seem to adapt better than other Asian nationals.. Sorry If I am wrong, not offence to Filipinos,but I think the reasons why Filpinos seem adapt better would have something to do with colonized peroid. Look back to thier history they was colonized by Spain.That's why they are called Phillipines (King Phillip of Spain) then Japan for a while then America. that Is one of the main reason to force you to be adaptable, you must. I was once in Philippine my guige Tony siad" Phillipine named by Spain,dedicated to King Phillipe We are Filipinos and smoke Philipe Morris"