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  1. i checked it, link works! But maybe not inside Th...
  2. http://www.soraaoigirl.com/tussinee/2_tussinee_free_video.html
  3. thanks :hubba: :hubba: :hubba:
  4. Cum and see shaved Tussinee: :hubba: http://camgirlgalleries.com/tussinee_14/ato.html : :happyeaster:
  5. back in the 80s early 90s sometimes - today, no way
  6. just 2 posts to stay on 17'000 :alert:
  7. i think Mr. Sledgehammer Chuwit don't care a lot about that - he is now Deputy Leader of Chat Thai...
  8. i advise, it's my grammer because i fallen under the table with laughter when i heard this joke last weekend. hmh, not shure, did i about the joke or the beer?
  9. I heard this last weekend: A blind man and a deaf man has to made a live concert. So they get on stage. After a while the blind man asked his partner: "Do the people dancing already?" The Deaf answers: "Do we playing already?"
  10. The crime rate here is not high but getting up every year. Our parliament has the discussions to ban the army guns from home. We had some homicide in families in the past three years. But ban the gun or not, we have so much aggressive Immigrants from the Balkan here, that we don't have anaway a peaceful living here anymore.
  11. under the bad circumstances Thailand is at the moment, maybe we should not count to fast :alert:
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