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  1. i checked it, link works! But maybe not inside Th...
  2. http://www.soraaoigirl.com/tussinee/2_tussinee_free_video.html
  3. thanks :hubba: :hubba: :hubba:
  4. Cum and see shaved Tussinee: :hubba: http://camgirlgalleries.com/tussinee_14/ato.html : :happyeaster:
  5. back in the 80s early 90s sometimes - today, no way
  6. just 2 posts to stay on 17'000 :alert:
  7. i think Mr. Sledgehammer Chuwit don't care a lot about that - he is now Deputy Leader of Chat Thai...
  8. i advise, it's my grammer because i fallen under the table with laughter when i heard this joke last weekend. hmh, not shure, did i about the joke or the beer?
  9. I heard this last weekend: A blind man and a deaf man has to made a live concert. So they get on stage. After a while the blind man asked his partner: "Do the people dancing already?" The Deaf answers: "Do we playing already?"
  10. under the bad circumstances Thailand is at the moment, maybe we should not count to fast :alert:
  11. the countdown is going on 23 hours! :bangit:
  12. 28 hours to go to fasten seat belt :grin:
  13. I will put a banner on Sukhumvit. 2 days till fasten seat belt! :grin:
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