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  1. I used to love The Straits Times, was a good rag, I notice a very serious news article, https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/131591674/how-the-price-of-mcdonalds-in-new-zealand-compares-with-the-rest-of-the-world?cx_testId=3&cx_testVariant=cx_1&cx_artPos=0#cxrecs_s You pay more for Maccas than we do!
  2. I've given up typing on my mobile and expecting coherent text, I think a mix of fat fingers, illiteracy, and a kinky setting to my spillcheck
  3. My Penis is hungry

    Can Eat?

    "Can Eat" hahahaha - I have photos of when the family first arrived in Oz, went to a nice park and I was showing them the view but no one was replying, turned around to see them trying to corner a large goanna for lunch
  4. 60kph? Fark that's flying, in Oz we can't even get the same gauge track and the main line between Sydney and Brisbane keeps getting cut
  5. I didn't know modern car batteries had liquid you could open and drink? However a real problem, in Oz at least, is that when getting bogged in the dessert people have been known to drink the radiator water, in the past we even got told that, however today it's full of anti-freeze etc and kills you. Which a number of desperate people have died from
  6. I learnt on the farm, as I did the car, but as I also learnt, riding around crazy on the farm and driving with other vehicles is very different SR400! Ahhhhhh Sighhhhhh I wonder if part of the problem is all the tourists see little kids and 80 year old granny riding around and think it's all ok? One of my daughters has an odd problem, In the village she is by far the best on a motorcycle than anyone else in the family, been controlling the bike since she was maybe 4 or even 3, riding alone since about 8, But put her in a car and she was awful, She can't steer. She's great on gear changes etc, But she seriously keeps leaning when wanting to turn, it's so ingrained in her she hardly moves the wheel at all. It would be funny if it wasn't so scary at times, They all have manual driving licenses except one of my other girls who went for an auto, and now of course wants a manual
  7. Love Deano. Sad about his son. Loved the movies with Jerry Lewis and his tv show
  8. Nailed it! Exactly the the problem << once they land in Tropical climes they all claim to be able to ride a motorcycle>>
  9. Wasn't there a case about 15 20 Mayne years ago some metal scavenger found radioactive material in a dump and eventually died?
  10. Fucking idiot Australia tourist. I hate Bali. 60% tourists are drunk obnoxious Australians. Digital nomads though Indonesia has a good visa for those
  11. You been slapped with a flip flop Can be pretty tangy
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