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  1. I take it back, seems a number of countries do the pardons, just no where to the extent that the USA does, 4 cases in Oz, similar in UK, Germany etc.
  2. Just looked that up, this is interesting It is customary that the federal president becomes the honorary godfather of the seventh child in a family if the parents wish it. He also sends letters of congratulations to centenarians and long-time married couples.[19] They must like big families
  3. Ahhh - fuckin idiots - explains it all, Any other first world allows this?
  4. Why the fuck can a USA president even give pardons????
  5. Really appreciate your writings. The blondie when you was young is cute. Though lately I also have a thing for MILFS I remember Dusseldorf well, lovely town, thought the Repperbahn in Hamburg was far more adventurous. I remember hanging out with a USA Soldier in various bars as he wanted company, ended up in a brothel, when he suddenly burst into my room and jumped out the window onto a fire escape telling me to follow Turns out the military wanted him back and he had snuck out for fun. AWOL I think it's called Very exciting evening for an 18 year old hitch hiker
  6. Altered Carbon So much nudity and sex - dreadful An interesting Sci Fi series
  7. Apparently the Russian one is 5% more effective and a lot cheaper https://www.livemint.com/science/news/sputnik-v-russian-covid-19-vaccine-to-cost-less-than-10-per-dose-abroad-11606263092368.html Multiple main stream sources as well https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/russia-e2-80-99s-two-shot-sputnik-v-covid-vaccine-to-cost-less-than-2420/ar-BB1bjEaM
  8. Coss - doesn't matter what clubs she's in, anything from her is just shit news. She has multiple biases, means nothing and totally misleading. Mekong, agree, however as you'd know, there isn't an equal format of methodology, so it's all pretty valueless except as big picture. A number of countries have set out to test everyone, many others don't, what is the cause of death and is it listed as COVID or something else that could be COVID assisted? Hence the reality is not being measured across all the countries with the same methodology. And that isn't happening.
  9. Son is a murdering arsehole, ok, that's clear But asking his mum to comment is cheap shots, should never be allowed, what does it prove? Mums love their kids quite often regardless of what they do and often don't believe it. They often belive the kids are innocent because believing makes the mothers a failure mentally, it's even studied. TV series even, psychological text books etc. Stupid cheap shots
  10. The GOld Coast in Queensland used to sell tins of sunshine
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