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  1. COVID entrepreneurs, they need a medal!
  2. Does Stick still have his website?
  3. Of topic, but why do you need to be black slave descendant to support BLM?
  4. No, not China's style, never has been, They want economic ownership,
  5. Was talkbg about Iggy tours recently, he spat on a friend of mine who was in the front row. My friend didn't wash for weeks.
  6. And half the greek and italien mansions in Oz
  7. We never hear the good news do we now
  8. You guys have no clue how powerful the Talaban is! 18 months of a global covid epidemic, with no access to vaccinations or COVID work test And they take over the country, and beat the USA? Man, they are TOUGH!!!!
  9. This is svery bad, Cav, I mean Coss, dam you two look alike, STOP USING THE INTERNET Excellent!
  10. Meanwhile in Australia, State of Victoria has declared a state wide lockdown In the requirements the following appears ((Masks remain mandatory in most indoor and outdoor settings across the state, and people are not allowed to remove their masks to drink alcohol.))
  11. How to talk to girls at parties A female alien arrives in Croydon 1977 and parties with punks. Best line Just as the bloke is about to get lucky, the hot female alien looking into his lap says "Your penis is small and folded, like the bud of a tiny pink flower" Boy looks sad Hot Female alien then says "Oh, it's loosing it's structure"
  12. Isn't she a woman who became man but competes in women's events? Still bloody amazing to get that far. It is a Pinacle for many athletes to be called an Olympian
  13. Talking to some colleagues in Hong Kong and Philippines, they have had 4 to 6 shots of various brands
  14. Our python, Darwin Albino, is now 2 metres long but still at the thin stage, he will fatten up over the next few years. Very nice snake he is
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