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  1. Bizzaro, quite interesting then they can't defend themselves that well,
  2. Ive been driving for Amazon recently Amazing what people buy Seriously, is a carton of Coke or dunny paper that much cheaper? Nappies must be, My best delivery? 9 packages to a house, 8 of them a mixture of nappies, baby wipes, baby formula etc, And 1 carton of wine I laughed Mum!
  3. My old company I worked for spent a fortune in 3D, waste of money People with glasses and motion sickness just spoil it for everyone else I have seen an amazing 3D display that was directional The view depended on where you stood or sat in relation to the screen, Your watching the tv, a person drive in from left and parks the car, As he opens the door, those on the left side of the room can see into the car, on the right side of the room those could not, just the car door blocking the view, Was amazing, super expensive, was managed by using masses of tiny cones for the screen, which pointed in different directions to offer diffferent views
  4. Gee lets steal the name from a famous TV show nightclub
  5. Good mate of mine was half Japanese, half NZ He fell asleep after a drunken binge in Tokyo where he was working in his tiny unit, which had a verment problem Woe up with half his face stuck to rat paper, that super sticky paper used to catch rats,
  6. Going back quite a long time I lost a large sum of money, so I got drunk, and ended up sleeping under Bush's window within the APEC security perimeter, must be nearly 20 years ago??? My wife somehow got the drunk who's bus stop I was sleeping at to answer my phone, so she found out where I was She arrived at 2am in the morning to get me, with a USA marine really pissed of myself and a thai drunk had made our beds under Bush's Was a very large amount of money,
  7. This is rocket science so to speak Must be some pretty smart people working for the regime,
  8. What are the new areas I wonder, might be worth checking out,
  9. That's more interesting, she's a blonde too
  10. Mekong with a million in the bank where would you go? I'm no longer interested in Thailand, I admit Laos is tempting but I lack the requisite wife, Vietnam is attractive but it's getting so crowded out Oddly I do still love bits of Malaysia, Even remote Philippines has some lovely spots, To be honest, I'd probably settle for Tahiti or FSM both I love working in.
  11. I've got a huge cock but Charlie has a bigger one
  12. Well I'm glad your disappointed then, I feel touched, in a Old Hippy Happy way
  13. No you can't buy land or a house with out having the right visa's, which aren't easy tp get it's gotten harder, A chinese bloke has had to sell his $24Million home because he didn't have the right residency visa's. Buy off the plan, no problems Countries around the world hate foreigners, whoever that might be, buying land Except Europe, where you can get a 1 Euro home in some places Housing in France etc is pretty cheap compared to Oz, or Thailand even if you go rural
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