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  1. Took him a while We is actually my point, Many people on the left also want the gun ownership without legal impediment
  2. Vote Bernie Sanders? Oh shit, he's long been a pro gun supporter As have many demovrats Problem is Americans are parapoid They fear China, Mexico, they think marijuana will turn you into a hyperactive mass murderer They want guns because they think having a hidden 9mm pistol will fend off the USA Army/Navy/Air force if the USA Government decided to take over TAKE OVER???? WTF THEY ARE ALREADY IN CONTROL America's problems aren't gun laws, it's the USA Psychotic state of mind They fear every one They need guns
  3. While I love my brilliance of forecasting it's demise, 50% of it's price 6 months ago It's still up a squillion percent from 5 years ago
  4. Your welcome to your opinion of course I'll stick to facts
  5. Good price! Thailand rural areas are as expensive as Oz almost
  6. I don't know about you but I tend to only rub against people unless sex is involved, or flaming on the internet
  7. Coss <<China didn't get big, by providing everyone with a great education and lots of wealth, and now they have started to do so, the folk are going to turn.>> Vietnam and India certainly did I know China I'd have to check, I think you'll find that statement is totally wrong and the opposite is true
  8. I got a lovely group of coconuts
  9. Gay mates in Melbourne alerted me to it, they don't seem to be saying its not
  10. Had a very weird experience in Oz recently, kept hearing a household fire-alarm go off, After much confusion as it wasn't very loud and not coming from any houses, it was a yellow crested cockatoo in a tree that had decided to copy that noise, No idea why but fricking annoying
  11. The one KS mentioned isnt' that one able to mimic things it hears? I believe one in the gardens of the Oriental Hotel, not sure if your familiar, but it's on the river side of the old authors lounge, through the little function area, two birds in a cage,
  12. I don't think is now the RIP thread Bust, was seperate coz it was a mate of KS
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