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  1. Is it just me or a bad photo? She's got a bit of a pud there
  2. agreed Mekong, And the BiB are the problem, even if your an honest cop the pay is so low you have to take bribes or have a second income as a few honest cops i know do.
  3. Instead “Thirteen Lives” was shot in Queensland, Australia, and Howard remotely oversaw a film crew shooting exteriors in Thailand. That's what the link says Your not very good at being accurate anymore I note again Saying Qld and Thailand implies half half. The Thai part is minutes only. Made in Qld, outside scenes with no main actors even shot in Thailand Whole thing should have been shot in Thai
  4. I gave up Thailand becase my last lot of kids were all in the High or just about to enter age. So only way to get them into decent affordable schools, Oz has a great fee education, was move to Oz It also gave the wife the chance to get her passport, that took a bit under 3 years of paperwork and waiting. Wife also got the chance to open a business and decide she likes it here. Oldest girl moved here, studied hospitality and now is perm resident, Youngest three all doing tertiary studies except last one who is in High School and doing Electrical Apprenticeship at the same time. Bastard gets paid $300 a week for a days work will jump to $400 a week when he starts doing 2 days a week with the electrician. Not enough tradies so government supports him So of the 5 Thai's here with me, I don't think any will ever want to return now judging by their plans and conversations. That leaves me kinda stuck here I used to travel extensively for work but with COVID that stopped and now I can travel again, I don't want too Will I go back to Thailand? I hope so. All the above will visit this year, my wife will go to Thailand twice. I'm a huge believer they need to maintain their Thai identity, but they have little desire to move back, only the youngest who is being asked to train for a national sporting level has talked about representing Thailand rather than Oz, but that's more about how he will advance in that sport. My Sister in Law was trapped here during COVID, I think she will go home for good. Good. She's bat shit crazy. Of the 4 kids back in Thailand only one talks about coming here. she has landed a job at the university she studied at teaching the very tight niche and has a job for life, something Thai's do like. Getting her here would mean trying to find an advanced Australian manufacturing company, not something we have much of, or studying again. So yeah - FAMILY - Will I return once they all piss off? I doubt it, Vietnam and other places are more appealing. Mekong, without the wife, would you prefer Vientnam or Thailand?
  5. Well according to your link there - it pretty much was, with small amounts shot. Given the amount of stock film used by the industry pretty much no film would ever be shot 100% on location - except of course the industry does say, shot in Queensland But what would I know At that time 100's a day dropping dead of flu - let me go get that article hahahhahahahahah
  6. Made on the Gold Coast Australia, no idea why Howard didn't choose to make in Thailand Theres a good industry to work with
  7. << e.g. if death rate is 10% of 1,000 people that's 100 people. But if something is 1% of 10,000 that's also 100 people.>> I'm waiting for your fellow mathmagician Mekong to drop in with his Flu is killing more people again
  8. Yet it's in Ukraine. Ukraine was the home for many dodgy scams as well. I'm thinking not all is clear in love or war
  9. Coss your supposed to know a bit about marketing aren't you? << Yes the people at the news paper drew our attention to the survey. But the Survey is from the Thai PR dept. People who choose to do the survey, are the targets.>> The targets are those who it's intended for, by shifting the delivery, that doesn't make the targets you or me. It's a silly survey but as Farang you sure are showing you don't know much
  10. I'm actually wondering, if the people at the newspaper, where the actual recipients. i.e. they work for a newspaper, and they just passed on the link for a good story. Newspaper aren't always that smart - noting I am 4th generation newspaper and publishing.
  11. You know, if you remove the "O", it's a lot more interesting <<The Oral History of CUM Transmissions and Throbbing Gristle>>
  12. I'm not sure What is it you think they meant to say? Where did you hear about the survey maybe? Why the embassy questions
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