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  1. I liked Donnie Gillis, he never took of in other shows in a big way
  2. I'm a bit confused For centuries the royal family had lots of fun, if you didn't have a few mistresses well you must have had some croquet lads attached somewhere Where's the fun gone? Henry the 8 Apart from having six wives, Henry used to have prostitutes over all the time. He even slept with Mary Boleyn, his second wife’s sister. It is said that he fathered two of her kids too. Historian Kelly Hart believes that Henry had at least 12 mistresses outside his wives. Henry #1 The King who holds the record of having the most illegitimate children was Henry I of England. He fathered more than twenty illegitimate kids Edward 'Prince Albert Cock Rick's the 7th 1900-1910 His mistresses included Winston Churchill’s mother, the beautiful Jennie Jerome also known as Lady Randolph Churchill. Surprisingly, he had another mistress called Alice Keppel, who was the Great Grandmother of Camilla Parker Bowles, the wife of the current Prince of Wales, Charles. Edward had a special sex toy called the “sex chair” which he used while having sex. designed by the French furniture manufacturer Soubrier. It allowed the king to have sex with two women at the same time. It is said that Edward lost his virginity when he was 19, and since then he had sex with at least four women EACH weak until his death fifty years later. Historians did the math and they believe that he could possibly have slept with between 15,000 and 18,000 women during his lifetime According to Clare Monagle, these figures might not be an exaggeration. “Yes, it is quite possible. There’s also a chance some of them were actually spreading stories about how many women they were having. There’s a chance this was part of the cultivation of the myth, a PR tactic,” Monagle said. Andrew needs to take a lesson in PR! King Charles II was the first king to use condoms but still managed to have six children as well as at least 14 “official bastards” by seven different mothers Charles #2 Charles had 14 children by his mistresses and agreed to support them all
  3. So cops spent all their money at a new years eve party and need to refill the coffers quick
  4. The Minister has come out and confirmed the government wants him go E as he may invite Anti-Vaxers to cause trouble. They've back down on the application charge as obviously that didn't win. This is all politics, election coming up and a strong anti immigration Minister always looks good and gets votes Sad really As if thw10% unvaccinated are going to be incited by Djickhead But then again, everyone is believing every piece of social media instead of standing back and seeing the real situation Right wing pollie with an election coming
  5. More exciting than that time at the dance comp a dancer pulled the hairpiece off one of the gentlemen
  6. Oz governed already has it noses rub in shit. Courts said he was legal It's all pr to mate the liberals look good Mr Wood says Djokovic is not a direct risk to others; but the reasons for the government pursuing action against him are that his being in Melbourne will excite anti-vax sentiment Mr Wood says the minister, Mr Lloyd acknowledges that Djokovic assumed he entered Australia with the correct documents but the purpose has changed, that it will excite anti-vax sentiment by him remaining in Australia, and Melbourne
  7. O support a new date WWW.MAY8MATE.MATE After all the date has changed before a few times
  8. Oi, the blurb is too good,someone subscribe so we can read here
  9. Ok that clears up what I thought was an odd change of direction You must be pissed
  10. Well they do all wear skirts the men No knickers to boot
  11. I think he's a twat BUT Oz fucked up, he didn't decide he was ok, he had been told it was ok to come, Vic Government, Oz Government all fucked up.
  12. I booked 2 Points TIcket's in April for family to go back, regular price was 1800 I think I saw
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