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  1. Thing is about COVID - Back in Feb/March/April people were going crazy, numbers went up, and it was a global disaster Many times the numbers of daily infections and deaths, yet the USA seems to be in denial. Nearly as many USA people died in WW2 as have died from COVID
  2. PS - Anti-Vaxers across the Pacific region have been banned outlawed and general told and forced to fuck off A massive Measles rampage even means when I needed proof of vaccinations to go to many Pacific countries. They take anti-vaxers far more seriously than anywhere I know, proof of having a vaccination for measles etc is pretty impressive
  3. I'm hoping to get vaccinated soon, only by dying do I really prove it didn't work, and anti-social as I am I don't think I want to go that far I am amazed they could pull of the vaccination this fast, never before . . . .
  4. USA was once the leading country with great unions, May 1, the labor day celebrated across the communist world is a USA event and taken elsewhere Death of Unions is very sad Though I do notice that crazy leather shirt guy, who I do enjoy watching, has been dumping on Trump lately, as well as Republicans
  5. I thought he died years ago, was often in movies playing himself which I liked
  6. You should add is COVID a conspiracy, is the vaccine a conspiracy?
  7. Amazing lack of Trump news in the press, however Bidden does claim to raise federal wages to $15, and bring back some small union rights Trump tried to kill off
  8. Covid in USA has now killed nearly as many USA military as WW2
  9. You note that all the recent trumpet posts have been thanking Trump and the military If anything smacks if we wants coup that does
  10. It shows a level of complete disdain to any logical thinking They don't want logic, just emotive bullshit to rally their troops
  11. Or we could all talk about fucking in Asia
  12. Didn't Trump say he'd show his taxes then didn't??
  13. Trump not being at the crowning of Joe, I think was very very smart move. It enables to him to show that the "Swamp" (Which he if anyone is most part ofF)is the same Republicans should have boycotted etc etc We think he's a prick to do so, but his supporters will love it and it affirms his continued comments that the Repub's and Dem's are not representing the people, only he does, ideally under a dictator ship I suspect
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