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  1. Decades ago there used to be gatherings of a large group of mongers, Meet up at a place near cowboy, usually one with great burgers or a midget at the door run by Santos, Then off to all the bars as a large group, numbers fluctuating depending where someone dropped of or rejoined the mob. And the great joy was a post on Monday or Sunday about the bar crawl. Who got drunk, was the most handsome man, an online debate would follow on line defending oneself from disappearing so soon, and your opinion of that great bar sucks. For those living overseas it was a great way to remember what you might be missing In Oz we'd have our own get together, sitting at a mates place, now passed on, getting Thai food and beer, if lucky even Thai beer, and talking about past bar crawls. Ahhh the mamories!
  2. Agree totally, however how do we do a blind test? Have someone in Germany visit the Reperbahn and another co.eto Thailand? Obviously we know who to send here!
  3. I have to ask, is sex with well endowed Thai lasses good for your blood pressure? If so a medical airlift to Thailand should be organised
  4. I'm.at the age now where I am thinking of taking up addictive drugs as I will die before they kill me.
  5. I loved how old man Ferrari sat and watched the whole race, ford flew in flew out
  6. And in reading that I found out the Kennedy jnr jnr is an anti vaxer www.vanityfair.com/news/2021/05/how-robert-f-kennedy-jr-became-anti-vaxxer-icon-nightmare/amp
  7. I remember a lovely afternoon with you as we watched the market set up in amazing time an skill
  8. Some bloke who wrote music stuff for some Broadway musical died
  9. Yeah the stick up the nose till it hurts seems universal
  10. Hey I am quoting you!!! Has to be BRITISH not English Sean Connery Scottish Timothy Dalton Welsh Pierce Brosnan. Irish
  11. Cillian Murphy great actor but to skinny, and looks like a baddy Liam Neeson would have been great a while back too old Maybe not posh ex navy officer enough but I like Clive Owen, from Shoot Em up. For a black female What could better than a posh sounding Thandi Newton Great for interoogation scenes I can see the similarities Connery Vs Thandi
  12. Madonna - I loved her music, but more important a lot of respect how she handled her career, she owned all her music, label assets far better than most other artist. And wasn't afraid to cut across genres, Now you may not like white women, older white women, but this is pretty fucking hot for a 63 year old! ps. I love MILF's, it's the only advantage of being back home. Then again I've never had a real type, as long as it's female, has a pretty face and a great smile, then I'm pretty happy, red, green, brown white, tall short, skinny curvy, tats no tats,
  13. Maybe it's just me but I get a bit disturbed by these very young girls videos. I think it's a bit weird, like that sick Japanese fetch with young girl bands that only middle age men watch Took a bit to find but the Sun from the UK sums it up perfectly. UNCOVERED The shocking world of Japanese pop music where teen singers are unashamedly idolised by MUCH older men WITH increased concern about the sexualisation of our teens, we look at J-pop and the disturbing realities of the Asian music genre https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/2410264/the-shocking-world-of-japanese-pop-music-where-teen-singers-are-unashamedly-idolised-by-much-older-men/ Maybe it's just me,
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