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  1. My Penis is hungry

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    Hurricane was the mainstay of Battle of Britain which is often overlooked, by far more hurricanes deployed and had greater kill numbers, Spitfire came into it's own after that There were twice as many Hurricanes in the Battle of Britain, and mostly Hurricanes at the start, They shot down most of German aircraft, and more of the bombers - which was the key Spitfires, a much better fighter to be honest, concentrated on the fighter escorts, it's diminished role is that frankly not enough had been built by then to actually make the numbers, whereas the older Hurricane was just far more numerically superior by a ratio of 2:1 at the start of the war. THe spitfire is commonly called a "Thoroughbred", and the Hurricane a "Workhorse". The Hurricane was also able to inflict more damage, but being slower but more stable platform, needed the Spitfire to let it get to the Bombers, One famous Spitfire fighter said without both, the Battle of Britain would have been lost, and he would not have wanted to be a hurricane pilot carrying the bulk of the fighting in 1940 The SPitfire and also British Bombers raiding Germany all played important parts in the British Victory, But all said, it was the dull workhorse the Hurricane that inflicted far greater damage that the Spitfire, and was in far more numbers than the Spitfire And was the main contributor in winning in the Battle of Britain
  2. My Penis is hungry

    Usa Thread

    Florence didn't disrupt the Telecom networks nearly as much as other similar beasts have, so I suspect the cost of recovery is lower
  3. My Penis is hungry


    3000 local languages, a tad hard
  4. My Penis is hungry

    Travel to Vientiane

    Nok Air includes the bus as part of the ticket to Vientiane border going on memory. For Hotels I love the old world charm of http://www.malinamphuboutiquehotel.com/mali/ Dumcunt can be found at his Pizza Restaurant, named after a Australian Kangaroo Bor Pen Yang is great for a view and cigar of sunset, and it even has very friendly girls if you are single.
  5. My Penis is hungry

    The Anything Goes Youtubery Thread

    love the flesh coloured bra of the end girl in red
  6. My Penis is hungry

    Any New Jokes

    That's great I read last night Chuck has chucked her out of the house
  7. My Penis is hungry

    The Anything Goes Youtubery Thread

  8. My Penis is hungry

    Usa Thread

    And She SWALLOWS! https://www.xvideos.com/video16590015/cute_hijab_blowjob_-_tarfe.ro This one does it in the car, but sadly spits https://www.xvideos.com/video16773823/arab_blowjob_in_hijab
  9. My Penis is hungry

    Germany Thread

    oops ignore
  10. My Penis is hungry

    Usa Thread

    While I find it looks pretty silly, I have to say No one in a Hajib has ever sacked me, punched me, stolen from me, reduced my salary, fined me, tried o jail me, refused to give my rental bond back to me, sold me something that didn't work, or was over valued, tried to scam me. Men in SUITS have done all of those. Let's ban suits, coz I fucking hate wearing them, and so do most people I know. OH - and don't anyone come back with "They hide bombs under the hajib" cos a lot more people have been killed with pick up tracks and bombs in the USA than Hajibs
  11. My Penis is hungry

    Germany Thread

    Nasiadi, you are very correct in the issues, One thing I observed with the ending of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, as a huge influx of money from the UK to create jobs, and similar time, growth in Ireland. Suddenly Paddy had a job, "Hey Paddy, come down and blow up this pub on Friday" - "Sorry, I can't do Friday, I am doing overtime, maybe next week" Stop using million $ bombs to bomb the countries, use Credit cards with $5000 credit on them. All of a sudden, by dropping thousands of those, you have people opening business, employing people etc The expression, The Devil likes idle hands is very true Keep people busy, and they are often happier and not so keen to fuck everything up, they have something to loose now.
  12. My Penis is hungry

    Global RIP thread

    I liked him, could do comedy and action etc, very versatile, but his looks just too handsome, looked like an action figure
  13. My Penis is hungry

    Tablet bends 'like ancient scroll'

    Wasn't this invented years ago?
  14. My Penis is hungry

    The Golden Era of Thailand Travel: 1947-1979

    The one famous Hotel I still remember is the Florida Hotel, up from Suan Pakkad Palace (great little Palace well worth a visit) Also that one in Suk Soi 2? With crazy rules and lots of cats, but a great pool and very original 60's interior, dam have to look, The Atlanta, it is pretty cool, but bloody cats, no no sluts allowed hahahah Run on conservative principles and imperiously heedless of fashions and trends, The Atlanta is untouched by pop culture and post-modern primitivism. Its style and atmosphere hark back to gentler and more cultivated times. The Atlanta is popular with cultured occidentals, with writers, academics, artists, cinema & theatre and other professional people, with dreamers and innocuous eccentrics, and their families, who can afford to stay at more expensive places but choose to stay at The Atlanta. The Atlanta is against sex tourism. Sex tourism is exploitative, socially damaging and culturally demeaning: those who want to buy sex should do so in their own country. I love the revues But most of all, don’t stay here if you have an Asian wife. The management concludes that any interracial relationship must be rooted in prostitution even if your wife is not Thai, presents a First World passport upon check in and is middle-aged like yourself. In other words, NOT “obviously a bar girl.” They are not straightforward about it either, preferring instead a subtle, catty approach to expressing their disapproval while continuing to take your money. At least it’s authentically Thai in that respect.
  15. My Penis is hungry

    The Golden Era of Thailand Travel: 1947-1979

    Samlor's still going in outer parts of Bkk, and definitely in some of the quieter North East. Loved the Siam INternational, was there for last days, HUGE amount of land Bob Hope risking his life near Udon Thani, good man!