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  1. I'm not that fussy Pulse is optional
  2. Doesn't matter what his taxes say If he's rich, his supporters will say good on him, he's a good businesman If he's poor - Good on him, he's been victimized by the entrenched powers and the swamp Means nothing except we will gloat and we will look even dumber than ever to his supporters who will hate us more.
  3. "I don't think this may cover New York restaurants" "I won't be flying until COVID is over" Well DUH
  4. It is their fucking choice, no one is holding a gun to their heads Hopefully darwin's natural selection will weed them out
  5. What wonderful writing, we are all feeling the ravens of age peck away at us, piece by piece. Wonderful
  6. People need to remember we are the product, and really as such, apart from getting email, which you can get free from many places, we really should be getting some of the $'s After all, if a youtube page gets the owner $'s, why not the thousands of emails I send
  7. I remember meeting a bunch of the "original" old timers living at the Nana in the late 90's, Most gone now, Alec, Eddie, and many other fixtures of the lounge downstairs and breakfast. Breakfast was always a fun event, seeing who the girlfriend de jour was, and the very occasionally, farang family who somehow had booked the very very wrong hotel
  8. The irony being we have all bitched about the false news on facebook, well , it's all gone
  9. Google as well is in this and they fucked it up by trying to threaten to leave Oz only to have Bing/Microsoft say yeah, we will pay for the content we steal, ooops, use It's being discussed globally at the highest level This could be a major global change.
  10. Ironic I was working on a project with one of the mobile / ISP's just before this happened Obviously that's on hold
  11. I love twangy guitar, sounds like a clip Tarantino would use in one of his movies
  12. Oklahoma bombng was political as well remeber
  13. Great pics of the blondes mate, stay safe though!
  14. The level of organisation and skill is pretty amazing
  15. That really should have a time lapse video, was amazing to see that Good pizza too
  16. Thanks for the update, been about 6 years since I was there last, so the change is continuing at a rapid pace Other thing I remember is back in the 90's Vietnam spent one of the highest % of GDP on education Pays of in the long term
  17. Smile you bastard in that photo, you will be back somewhere cold and lonely soon!
  18. Agree - An old friend was the CEO of a very high tech factory in Bangkok, as I went to Vietnam for my first trip he said rather cryptically, "Tell me what you think of them when you get back" Wasn't really sure what he meant After a week I knew exactly what he meant, I'd never seen more industrious people. What I thought was garbage collectors picking up paper was people making paper-mache note books for tourists Tiny metal shops would collect iron filling and go next door and smelt them down again I cam back and met
  19. Military have totally fucked Myanmar for the Burmese people. They are so much more dedicated people towards education, work ethics etc. If not for the military they'd be way ahead of Thailand, who by the way want to be like Myanmar Cocks
  20. So coz the commies changed the name of Peking we can't use it either? The military are fucking idiots, but they chose a name that was the original name not some colonialists cunts name. The original Burmese (oddly you can use that) independence group Aung Sang etc, chose Myanmar as a name too, but then, they must be fucktards yeah?
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