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  1. My Penis is hungry

    Thaksin's son tipped to help lead Pheu Thai campaign

    Gee - It's just like the Bush or Kennedy families in the USA! Or in Oz the Beazley family, This is so common (and not good) in politics all over the place BUT - I never see the same sort of outrage - in fact the Kennedy's are revered and considered they should be all in politics Ahhh - the hypocrisy of keyboard warriors!
  2. My Penis is hungry

    Guess where I am?

    Bust can't play 555 It's not a laundromat, but there are pegs at play
  3. My Penis is hungry

    I am out

    I've stopped posting much, it's nt the USA stuff, that was all in one thread, great! It's all the other shit, Coss, it's very weird you say take a loose view, when you post nothing but non thai stuff and many posts a day, I didn't think Mekong would leave, but it's just no fun if it's not thai, fuck, I can go talk about UK/NA/ Etc anywhere else on the web, why do it here and fuck up what was once a great board, Yep, it what it was, but why not either let it die respectfully, or try and keep it going
  4. My Penis is hungry

    Usa Thread

    Or maybe highest%
  5. My Penis is hungry

    Usa Thread

    USA I believe is only place 50% of population are practicing Christian's
  6. My Penis is hungry

    New Zealand Thread

    One mans perversion is another man's sheep 🐑
  7. My Penis is hungry

    Another Darwin Award Applicant

    Where is the wrong in what happened?
  8. My Penis is hungry

    The (Real) Leader of The "Free" World

    What crash? Is this the same theory as rioting in the streets when dad died and son took over That never happened either, Has anyone on this board actually predicted a major global event? I know I was, nope, no rioting, made me feel lonely as a farang I also said Trump would win, but I hated saying. Global financial crash, doesn't that happen pretty regularly? WFC, Asian Crisis, Indonesia melt down, USA housing Bubble, Blah blah blah, None have ended any country
  9. My Penis is hungry

    Any New Jokes

    I want that shirt
  10. My Penis is hungry

    The (Real) Leader of The "Free" World

    A global cuntry leads with support from others. I suspect the number of countries supporting China and depending on it is growing
  11. My Penis is hungry

    New Zealand Thread

    It's a spin off from cowpat frisbee
  12. My Penis is hungry


    I loved the hovercrafts I wanted my school to let me build one, but wouldn't. Earliest bit of engineering wonder was the lift Vs thrust power difference
  13. My Penis is hungry

    U.S. Mission in Thailand to Cease Providing Income Affidavit

    Rubbish, old Alec from Nana passed away, his son came over, was easy for us to get the account closed and changed to $'s. Just have the same paperiyoud need in your home country
  14. My Penis is hungry

    The End of Pax Europa?

    Indonesia has a great law, often used, no "god" can be criticized, anything from Allah, Christ, Buddha, Krishna, whoever. It's a good rule i think. Banning religion until your 18wouldbe better, but this is good
  15. My Penis is hungry

    The End of Pax Europa?

  16. My Penis is hungry

    I googled Thai Girl getting Whipped,

    Google is fucked I googled Thai girl being fucked hard while lying on her back Fuck me! She's not on her back!
  17. My Penis is hungry

    I googled Thai Girl getting Whipped,

    And this is what I got! I CURSE YOU SAFE SETTINGS
  18. My Penis is hungry

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    Oddly, while I love gratuitous nudity, I think I prefer the original. Finding the French Plantation was a bit surreal for me, however I'd bow to Flashes comments as I would have zero idea of reality
  19. My Penis is hungry

    Bullshit topics

    Are wetalking about the off topic spam from Cav and co? Or just other spam?
  20. My Penis is hungry

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    WHich version? Original or re-mastered? Original has no nudity, remastered does and is about 30 minutes longer
  21. My Penis is hungry

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    My kids favourite movie growing up, they loved it apart from the ice-pick scene
  22. My Penis is hungry

    L'Origine du Monde, model uncovered, ahem!

    A bit hairy, nothing a wax and whipping wouldn't solve
  23. My Penis is hungry

    Travel to Vientiane

  24. My Penis is hungry

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    Very fond of Amy, What I hate about her dying, and of many other similar artists, is the hypocrisy about moaning about her death I'm not one of the people who say "She died to young, if only she gave up drugs/booze/stray men how much greater her music would have been" - I feel that some artists create the works they do because of what they do of screen. They know they are being self damaging, it's part of what makes their art, what it is, that we like, I feel it's often hypoctritical to say "Oh what a loss to music, I wish they had stopped doing all that bad stuff".
  25. My Penis is hungry


    She's kinda cute