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  1. https://www.thaiexaminer.com/thai-news-foreigners/2022/05/19/sex-drugs-found-in-room-of-dead-australian-billy-james-simmons/ Death of a young Australian man being treated by police as a tragic accident after an investigation this week which has reignited speculation about the dangers posed by hotel balconies in Thailand to partying foreign tourists.
  2. I draw the reader's attention to this article from 2014. And importantly, I'm not bring USA politics, to the assertion contained in this post. Though I do use, the storming of the Capitol in the USA on Jan 6 2021 as an example, of the Democratisation of Knowledge in the Internet Age and how a large proportion of people, do not understand this. What I am referring to is video footage of the moments the storming of the Capitol began and how citizen journalists and open source software have, with the New York Times, enabled technology to pick out the leaders of the Proud Boys, in the footage and follow them. These guys (dressed as normies - their words): 1/. Led crowds to the Capitol. 2/. Distracted police and moved barriers. 3/. Started fights and were first to break windows and doors. 4/. All whilst dressed as (normies) normal protestors with no insignia and scarves over their faces. The citizen journalists and open source software have, with the New York Times, made the identification of these guys and their actions, obvious and plain. My comment is that, in the Internet Age, not only do people leave digital foot prints, with their cell phones and social media etc, but facial recognition and even old fashioned photos, can track you down when there's thousands of people, waving cameras around. I think the only way to avoid identification in something like the Jan 6 insurrection would be to : a/. not be there b/. not do it. I still can't believe how many of these people, who are being prosecuted for crimes, videoed themselves in the act. Not very clever, the public at large. I know that some on this board are not only tech fluent, but conceivably experts, so I hope you'll share with me the amazement, that normally clever people, really don't know, that the Internet is an open book. Keep it in the USA thread will ya?
  3. Gotta do a search in thee archives
  4. War in Ukraine is getting boring so neeed to ramp up drama
  5. So this is the photo that got removed by a mod and now you've put it back???
  6. Let's kidnap Mike Pence This is stunning and amazing
  7. Blocked in Australia! Sneaky
  8. will give it a play, se what happens
  9. Maybe they sold more the the gear box was better in the P6
  10. Is anyone still using torrents? I haven't forever But have a recent desire to return to downloading some tv series Any suggestions on good web sites and clients etc?
  11. Rover had an amazing gear box, was just wonderful
  12. I like a Thai girl with a pearl necklace
  13. You missed how the $150 million was spent
  14. Fuck that's aweful, to me then in early teens I thought it was quite good. No idea it was a copy of a copy of a copy back then
  15. Ivanka is distancing herself a bit from Daddy, close enough to get his voters, far enough to get some more. Boy isn't demon spawn Cheney so unlike her evil father
  16. Also by an Australia singer in the 70's. Great song for covers
  17. There used to be on Youtube a good clip of the band playing Gloria on SNL. But it's gone, bummer as a great clip
  18. I like most of that list except the Ozzies, Patti Smith is a very nice lady
  19. Still - I would not want to be the tattoo artist once a skilled fighter finds out,
  20. Bali has opened up for digital nomads in quite a big way with new visa https://fortune.com/2022/06/07/bali-indonesia-digital-nomad-visa-remote-work/ Seems nice
  21. about 10 years ago maybe more the rules to enter Thailand where you needed to have a ticket out of the country, Entering from Canada the airlines needed to see a flight in and out. Mate had a one way ticket to Bangkok and was planning to drive to Vientiane and get his paperwork in order there for longer stays Something he'd done many times before However how to get a cheap proof of flight out of Thailand? Air Canada wasn't going to let him board and he needed a ticket in minutes to prove he had an onward flight out of Thailand, something cheap HAS to be an airline, not a car or anything else Nok Air had/has a scheduled flight Udon Thani to Vientiane So he booked that flight - was then $50 - bargain Got on the Air Canada flight to Bangkok Unknown to Air Canada or many people, Nok Air flight Udon Thani to Vientiane is a bus
  22. I didn't know that, being in Oz we know these chaps Boring musicians, but have a small following
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