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  1. What's really interesting is the amount of connections made by IoT The communication rates while tiny cover massive numbers of devices And as we slowly move to smart cities, the number will explode Not just reading your gas water electricity meter, but seeing how many cars are travelling down a road and changing lights to green instead of sitting there doing nothing while the light is red
  2. Correct And they don't use the hypertext platform which is essentially what TBL invented Netflix uses an internet connection to fetch its data Nothing to do with TBL hypertext links If the language seems familiar I went to the source so nothing really to add anymore He sums it up nicely
  3. No - stop trying to get all lawyers How clear is this << So pretty much all the functions are apps except maybe browsers>> Your just being a dick now
  4. Did you even read what I wrote? I've mentioned many times you can use a browser, say safari and then open gmail, that's a browser You can use gmail app on your Apple No longer a browser but an app You seem to want to argue that www is everything For many it's passing away, For the record, I use gmail in a browser
  5. Well done you used the "I" and not the "i"!!! Just wait till we get rid of digital computers,
  6. War - what is it good for? Well, all that darkness at night allows for better astronomy War - what is it good for was also the original title for Tolstoy War and Peace
  7. For the last time, world wide web is web pages/sites, browsers used to see them An app is an application, It doesn't need HTML, Tim invented the "browser" and apps doesn't need browsers It's independent software that uses the internet to communicate to servers It's not the internet, as you mentioned, and apps aren't browsers or the internet
  8. <<The world wide web, or web for short, are the pages you see when you're at a device and you're online.>> EXCEPT If you are using a mobile or an app, then you are outside of the WWW I can't wait till we get quantum computers and go back to analogue and get rid fo all this digital crap
  9. One of my all time fav movies, Ry Cooder soundtrack is awesome Great actors
  10. In the 10 minutes since I read that The unfortunate named CIM Business Events, CIM could be a business event I guess, in Thailand they have CIM bars just for that! https://www.cimbusinessevents.com.au/thailands-world-of-possibilities/ - yep you can get a police escort, they seem to know how to book A company called Asia Luxe apparently offers the police escort but yet to find their web site This mob offer motorcycle escort, VIP transport and body guards, AND for the 24 hour package @ 85,000 baht you get an "English Communicative Bodyguard" AND a cup of Starbucks coffee! Yes - I am not lying https://www.firstclassbangkok.com/package/bodyguard/ If in Bali - book here https://7.holiday/thing/police-escort But best of all If your a FAT BASTARD like me - you too can get a police escort - doesn't say the price but it's legit and in Queensland https://www.police.qld.gov.au/units/police-wide-load-escorts
  11. Used to be a published list fo what you could get, quite common back in the 90's I've been escorted into the secure area of the airport to meet friends directly off the plane from overseas, Obviously still going if you are Chinese perhaps?
  12. This has weird written all over it Why did the Nauru diplomat still have concern about the "Former Home"? Did he still own it? Is he Thai or Nauru? Who owned the money originally? Dodgy Chinese or Nauru person?
  13. Plenty of service apartments that do short term rentals with services included I'd look at Ari area Not as in your face as Suk and many nice markets etc easy to get around and easy to get to Sul as well
  14. She's back in Thailand for a few weeks heading to Laos
  15. I've been using these maps for decades, I find all sorts of places Thai Locals are amazed I know about all through the Nancy Chandler (now dead - her daughter I believe updates) maps Have a look here https://nancychandler.net/bangkokmappdf.html They are all over the internet to just download as well
  16. Spill check has a field day with my typing You, Taling Chan floating markets Another thing to do The train station that is near there has a great ride down to the sea and a fishing resort, I did it with Old Hippie many years ago, Great trip, catch a train, get an amazing lunch, Samat Prakan maybe it goes too? Can't remember the name of the town but all the wet seafood markets are amazing, And restaurants are pretty fresh
  17. Hahaha made me laugh This is a quantum computing joke, quite good. Policeman pulls over Heisenberg for speeding. Cop: Do you know how fast you were going? WH: No, but I know where I’m headed. Cop: You were going 95 MPH. WH: Great, now I’m lost!
  18. Buffet Lunch at the Oreintal Taking Chan floating markets get the Thai your The sois around Kho San are actually not bad Nonthaburi Peir used to have some amazing restaurants Get the regular boat from the river all the way up to Nonthaburi Get out of town River Kwai is actually good fun, rent a car and drive there and back, stay on the river There is a zoo there that is open plan, so not bad, not your usual caged Thai animals Go visit Ho Chi Minhs house, then drive or get a bus across the river to Savahanaket Or there is now a fast train from Vientiane to Luamgprabang That's supposed to be good. Return via Chasing Rai if you like. Visit the Elephant Temple but that's hard to find in Luangprabang. Is the Ancient Bangkok place outside of Bangkok still going? Worth a visit There are some very up beat eating places away from the farang getting near the various units that are great fun at night to eat andiaten to music. They are all still going post covid and worth a visit usually have night markets tied to them
  19. Was the mother of pretty much all the boards Then they spilt and formed new ones Few would know anymore The website has gone Along with the branded caps, pins etc And the wonderful galleries
  20. Noce to see you UG - like you I was originally on ASFO I believe it's still going with 2 posts a month from Lonewolf ST - PLEASE Some more!!!!!
  21. I think she's great Not bad looking either And even the opposition leader gave a good positive speech Yeah - like most mongers - Stick is pretty conservative I suspect,
  22. A long time to have nune of that David Crosby gone, Hell of a 60's reunion going on aged 81
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