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  1. Well learn to count, she's 3rd frp, the left She's a beast, She scares me just looking at her,
  2. Far two right look pretty good and the two behind the thing with glasses look good too I'd pretend to eat carrot for a free root
  3. I liked the bloke who put up a signs along the queue of people wanting to see the queen's carcass, 11 kilometres Join here for a republic
  4. I believe last time I renewed which was about 7 years ago I had to do the same. I think it's which renewal you do that includes the free movie watching people crash
  5. I'm anti monarchy, don't like any of them much BUT Fox sells by making bullshit drama about Megan and Harry Sick to death of the fucked fake news! I loved that joke just recently about how the Brit press is calling out anti-royals, but funny, the brit Press isn't british hahaha
  6. Very good bloke Sad indeed I know the daughters from high school age I hadn't heard one also died
  7. Oz tv has had a few questionable kids shows I remember playschool. With male and female presenter discussing what would fit in her box Upshot was his ball wouldn't fit, but the crayons went in and out quite nicely
  8. But but but but Everyone always loved the royals!!!!! All the Thai360 posters did No one ever disliked monarchies. Many a drunk Farang would declare his love for the king
  9. You mean dismantle all the reasons why we had to have a coup? yeah - I can see that working hahahahahaha
  10. Rangsiman Rome looks like a luk krung, interesting,
  11. Be nice to relive some of the old posts. A number of the owners of the giant complexes were gay men. I know this odd fact as a friend of mine, a thai girl worked at one, but dressed as a boy. She/he was a dek serve at one of the biggest venues. She went to the usual end of year party for the business, the owners very generous and threw great staff parties. The gay owner thought he'd found a very cute young lad and whisked her of her feet Only to discover "he' was a "she" and of course had no further interest.
  12. My daughter spent August in Austria Couldn't believe tg he heat, first trip Problem I believe is they don't build housing units shops for that heat But beer She loved the beer
  13. I love Mr Bean and turned it off in about the same time Fucking aweful
  14. great cars but the original land cruisers are better. We had one that had no battery, we used it as a tractor during harvest time, just kept the engine running, but my fav Oz ad is this
  15. Normally you'd expect USA alternance at the funeral as well as other countries But what now?
  16. Can you actually fly in the front line for that long?
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