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  1. Because your forever posting old news clips, which is so farkin annoying, Is it some weird NZ humour?
  2. Spanish Version of Hemingway For Whom the Bell Tolls But I can't find the full movie Looks good Screen_Recording_20231203_213029_Chrome.mp4
  3. https://tubepornclassic.com/videos/148351/hideout-in-the-sun/ https://xhamster.com/videos/mona-the-virgin-nymph-1970-738364 https://www.xvideos.com/video56561283/el_satario_or_el_satiro_1907_first_porn_film_in_history The last one looks interesting
  4. Using the term "oldest existing porn in the world" is very misleading Old porn movie is what they are. Porn has existed for as long as people can draw.
  5. Been many times, took the Darlek there on her first visit to oZ. I've found a great place at Cleveland recently for Pies. Awesome ones
  6. I remember working on a concert of theirs at a pub in Oz, he was so fucked up the tour organiser called a dodgy doctor who gave him a massive injection of various things that got him up and on stage Great show Amazed he lived as long as he did
  7. Joe Bugner was a pretty good boxer. A signed dedication in my office
  8. Lovely.for.thw millions of kids. Just lovely.
  9. Pretty useless having rights if settlers walst in and take your land. Israel has never had a peace accord Dodgy agreements that never go to the final agreement
  10. Huge difference between antisemitism and anti Zionism.
  11. I can see why Rugby is so popular in NZ
  12. On a less serious issue, gun fights between students, especially at trade schools is getting out of hand. Family member had a group of kids shoot up their house, by mistake as the idiots got the wrong house, In Udon Thani quite a problem, not sure if it's being reported
  13. <<“Amazing Thailand” you will be amazed how many gum murders there are here but we keep quiet about.>> es - I've often thought GUM shold be banned Singapore banned GUM and they have a very low murder rate.
  14. Great irony Israel financially supported Hamas as they wanted PLO gone Typical, time and again USA Israel every power mad country finances the enemy, thinking the enemy of my enemy is my friend Yeah Sorry but they ain't
  15. Ha! He's asked me out for dinner afterwards All I needed is a 2nd hand WRX and meet him outside the ANZ before we drive off to dinner
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