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  1. My fav Beer lady in Tahiti, given she's 40+ she is pretty hot
  2. My Pacific Favorite is this one - mostly because of the name, Thai's get a giggle when I show them the can - Pronounced in Tahiti as Hi Na No
  3. I still swear that Han Noi Beer and Saigon Beer are the same beer in different bottles Same as Fiji Bitter is identical to XXXX - even the same colours. Mind you South Pacific Lager, especially the "Export" is a good drop, made by Heiniken
  4. Hey you know I'm passionate about my physics. Actually black is by definition absence of all colour or wavelength. So you misinterpreted the concept of wavelength absorption. Bleach as a colour, which should really be called "some colour almost black" doesnt reflect wavelength.
  5. I did a search, of nude girl with Feck. This is what came up.
  6. Shit, just like Black isn't a colour
  7. Two Japanese web sites worth a look, no need to read, the pictures say it all https://mov20.com/644/ https://minkch.com/archives/20579.html
  8. Tokyo Kinky has a great issue this week A wife with a shaved paipan, how to draw naughty girls, and Olympic condoms for the Olympics
  9. I'm enjoying the Thai model groups on facebook This one is lovely But the wording is sometimes a bit out there Like this <<Anyone need an American chocolate man for •Acting •Voice Acting •Modeling I’m available!>> A chocolate man, just in time for Easter! Seriously you have to wonder. Good looking bloke I am sure but calling him a chocolate man?
  10. Thai girl in gym, but no idea where in Bangkok
  11. And from Facebook ขออนุà¸à¸²à¸•à¸à¸²à¸à¸—ริปนะคะ ทริปชิวๆครั้งที่ 52 ทริปชุดไทยทริปสุดท้ายของปี วันอาทิตย์ที่ 26 พ.ย เวลา 14.30-17.30 น. ทริปชุดไทยà¹à¸™à¸§à¸à¸´à¸™à¸£à¸µ à¹à¸¥à¸° ทวารวดี à¸à¸±à¸š 4 à¹à¸šà¸šà¸Šà¸¸à¸” 4 นางà¹à¸šà¸š สถานที่วัดเฉลิมพระเà¸à¸µà¸¢à¸£à¸•à¸´ นนทบุรี ช่างภาพท่านใดยังว่างไปà¸à¹Šà¸²à¸™à¸™à¸°à¸„ราฟป๋ม ค่าทริปเบาๆ 800 บาท โอนจองภายในวันพฤหัสนี้ลดเหลือ 700บาทค่ะ รายละเอียดตามลิงค์นะคะ http://www.dpixmania.com/forum/index.php?topic=50266.0 ขออนุà¸à¸²à¸•à¸Šà¹ˆà¸²à¸‡à¸ าพ สื่อ เจ้าของภาพด้วยนะคะ Please allow me to travel. I'm not sure if this is the case. Sunday 26th of December at 14.30-17.30 hrs. Trip to Kinnaree and Dvaravati with 4 sets of 4 models at Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat Nonthaburi. Rip 800 Baht Transfer within this Thursday to 700 Baht discount. Details by link. http://www.dpixmania.com/forum/index.php?topic=50266.0 Permission to photograph the media with the owner.
  12. Now tell us how you did it, she's a bit hairy but nothing a shave wouldn't fix!
  13. Yes! I tried to embed also, no luck but lovely
  14. Bugger, got that wrong, More like these, normal nipples
  15. Thankfully I began to find more boobs like these, which was a nice, as most of the Asians had pretty normal nipples! I was happier nipple hunter after that oooops I mean like these
  16. Then my next was like this, yes, with the classic shark attack stomach to boot, I was beginning to get worried Asians had weird fucking nipples,
  17. My first Asian nipples where like these, long pencil ones, so was the second and third, so for a while I though all Asians had this type of nipples
  18. Yep, I do like Indo girls, great curvy bodies. Not that I've had a lot of experience, but I did was great
  19. I found this insane blog, with the worlds weirdest porn, it claims to be indonesian but who knows. People can judge anything about me, especially the readers, for me it does not matter, because that's the fact that I've been through all this time. I think a lot of women on this earth, who actually have lots of sex adventure, but no one has dared to express it. Why be afraid and embarrassed? That's all our rights, is it just men who have passion and libido? Women also have, only they are usually shy and afraid to reveal it, what else to distribute it. As for me, what I want to live for what it is, which is important I do not want any ties. Many also say that the relationship between husband and wife must be more delicious, because there is a basis of mutual love, who says? Many also the wife who was not satisfied and did not experience orgasm because the husband did it quickly without foreplay and no matter whether the opponent is satisfied or not, the important thing he had an orgasm. Consequently what did the wife do? Mau nyeleweng also afraid, want to masturbasi embarrassed, though sometimes there is also a secret to masturbate, Hi .. hi .. hi ..! Deh loe! This time I will tell you my first experience of having real sex or make love (ML). I did this when I entered college at Airlangga University (Unair) Surabaya. I was in college there to major in veterinary medicine. Among my boyfriends at the time, the most familiar to me was Charles, his son quite handsome and clever. But unfortunately Charles finally did not continue his lecture because he felt broken with me (not GR lho!). Charles is indeed the guy who first felt my crown, I did it voluntarily without any demands. I assumed that we were like each other like and need each other, does not mean that as a bond which I must be willing to become the wife of Charles later. This is what makes Charles finally beaten and broken heart, because after I dedicate my crown of mysels, Charles felt responsible and would marry me. While I did not want to get any bonds, then Charles broke my heart and quit college, since then I also do not know where he is, if if this time wherever Charles was and was reading my story, I'm sorry, not me intends to hurt her, but that's how I am, Natalia who still remains as it once was. From the beginning of my acquaintance with Charles, we had indeed felt each other's fit. Many things we always do and spend together, somehow Charles's feelings to me at the time, but I consider Charles no more as a friend who is familiar and nice to talk and hang out, or maybe as a sister who can be invited to vent for example. Our relationship is getting closer and closer, we also start by kissing each other, hugging while sometimes touching each other and mutually squeeze, of course in places where quiet is possible. Later we also often do petting or oral sex. If this one we do sometimes at my house when there is no one, sometimes also in boarding Charles, or in cheap inns by paying a joint venture, know Charles is not a native child of Surabaya, both parents are native and live in Medan there. We reach the satisfaction through oral sex relationship, we kiss each other, muttering each other and mutual fondue. Our hands touched each other and stroked our respective sensitive areas, until at its peak we lapped each other with the position 69. Head of Charles immersed in my crotch, vaginal mengoral and lick my clitoris. Instead I was also busy shaking Charles pubic trunk while my mouth sucked the head of the trunk of his cock, kujilat seeds pelirnya to the head of the stem of his cock. At first I was not allowing Charles's sperm to spill out in my mouth, but eventually-eventually I let the sperm spurt in my mouth. Even a few times the sperm was originally accidentally swallowed into deliberately swallowing until it runs out. Initially I was disgusted and almost want to throw up, what if the burst of his sperm spurted out loud to clog my throat. Indeed experience is the best teacher, finally I was accustomed and arguably proficient in doing oral sex until my opponent orgasme play, and sperm sprayed out in my mouth, then immediately swallow it out until clean again. The same thing has been done Charles from the beginning we have oral sex relationship, and Charles was also started mengoral vaginaku, long before I dare and want to do oral sex on him. Charles always did not let the warm liquid coming out of my vagina pit, spilling over the bed sheets we wore. Charles always licked and wiped out all my fluids while I was having an orgasm during my dioramas, about the pleasure I had at the time, it was so hard to describe with words, because there seemed to be no word or phrase that could interpret how delicious it was at that orgasm. One afternoon and the day I forgot, Charles and I came home late afternoon because there was no activity on campus. I asked Charles to stop by my house as usual, and at that time in my house also no one, my parents are busy with their respective affairs, while my sister is still in college and the little ones have not come home from school yet. The empty and lonely atmosphere and condition of my house allowed Charles to be free to cheat me, Charles began by kissing my thin, tiny lips. We kissed and muttered each other, our lips parted to each other, and our hands grabbed each other and squeezed sensitive areas. For a long time we wrestled in my bed, until finally we stripped each of our dresses, as usual when we do oral sex. Then we were naked without a piece of yarn that covered our bodies. And the kisses and kisses have turned into licking that we do, we licked each other up to our favorite position that is 69. Apparently I first experienced orgasm while performing oral sex this time, I really drifted and obsessed with the sweeping tongue Charles play average every part of my vagina. Frankly I can not bear the moment my clitoris licked what else dikulum-kulum. Usually my blood seemed to simultaneously flow over my head and gathered in the crown of my head, if so dam my defenses broken by the storm and the wave of my great devastation. But this time Charles apparently last longer than usual, it is not usually Charles was able to maintain his orgasm for so long when kukulum stem his cock. This time it was different, and as his orgasm did not come, Charles changed his position by cradling my body in our position to face each other. Charles again kissed and crushed my lips, still felt the sides of my mucus sticking in Charles's mouth, it tasted a little salty with a very distinctive aroma, because I also once lick my fingers after masturbation, then my fingers are also filled with liquid pleasure enjoyment orgasmeku. While kissing me, Charles grabbed his cock and rubbed the head of his cock rod between the cleavage of my vagina lips, I felt a tingling mixture of pleasure, there was a distinct excitement I felt at the time, which made my vagina burst again wet with floods of fluid that flowed from in my womb. Charles started stabbing the tip of his pubic cock in the gap of my vagina, the pressure of his cock rod felt a bit painful as it entered too deeply into my vagina hole, until sometimes I was a little choked and moaning, but over time I also could not stand the treatment like that, I felt that Charles's pubic trunk was inserted deeper into my vagina. Charles seems to know what I want too, he started rubbing his cock deeper into the vagina. I felt again the pain inside my vagina that had never been entered by anything, this time there was a little pain from it. Charles apparently understood that too, and he did not go on with his rash, occasionally continuing his urge to get his cock deeper, Charles also giving me some free time to breathe in the pain and pain that mixed in my vagina. Finally half of Charles's trunk pushed into my vagina, and Charles began pumping it slowly while continuing to press until his cock rod could actually fit in fully inside my groin. The pain and soreness that I experienced also gradually disappeared with the pleasure that I had never experienced before. Charles accelerated his pounding, his cock rod pushed in and out of my vagina, which was getting muddy by the unstoppable mucus, coming out of my womb. "Oo .. Ooh! Aduu .. Uuh!" I can only screw up, my hand reaches for everything around me, and my bed linen is the target of my handkerchief, I squeeze my bed linen until my bed is getting messy. My body trembles a little, I feel there is something strange inside my vagina, I seem to be urinating but not my urine that flows out, but I know it is my bursts of bursts, which again wet my vagina. My vagina twitched strongly squeezing stalks of Charles's cock which is still engrossed to keep pumping my vagina pussy, my vaginal twitch that finally also makes the defense of Charles come broken too. I could feel a terrible burst in my vagina as Charles released his orgasm. Long enough we hugged while the position of Charles pubic trunk is still plugged in the vagina, I felt Charles pubic trunk slowly back to normal size in the vagina. Our lustrous liquid mixed inside my vagina was seeping out through the cleft lip of my vagina lips, lately I only knew between the seepage there was a red spot that soaked my bed sheet. Goodbye my crown, so murmured to myself as I kissed Charles's lips, the first person to give me true satisfaction. THE END
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