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  1. Your a brave man! We expect a full report
  2. Mekong, does Vietnam have the same style as California?
  3. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-asia-43482011 Very sad. Loved them. And Dengue Fever
  4. That's actually interesting, I'll buy you a cup of coffee if you;ll check it out The GIF's or videos are cute
  5. So Houston has these too? is it common across USA? I didn't see it in Hawaii or Guam, the only USA places I've been to lately. Are extra's on offer, or just perve? Im and happy perve of course
  6. Seriously? Some stunners there, the dicks, well, they are in cowboy and everywhere else too. I'd go except I'm not sure there is old fart access Where do you go in Bangkok to find better looking girls per sq metre? Some of the dance oriented massage parlours have them, but the cost is high Mind you, none of these would go with an old fart I am sure
  7. Gee cav I thought you'd like to see a patriotic woman!. So cav, your basic argument seems to be, in order to get a good government, we need a crazy man first?
  8. Flash, Hillary looks ok in a swimsuit! Nice knockers!~ Cav, would you do her?
  9. Apparently this is a "thing" in the USA, Vietnamese Coffee Bikini Shops Seems a good idea to me! I wonder if they can do a skinny decaf double shot latte with a twist? https://www.yelp.com...fee Shop Bikini
  10. Now here is a group of people doing something useful in Bangkok If only I was young enough to wear a pair of togs www.madstash.co Apparently every 3rd Saturday
  11. I love photography, but it seems Japan is getting a bit straight lately, No more kissing girls photo exhibitions! Yuri Girls’ Love photography exhibition latest fetish event in Tokyo to be cancelled http://www.tokyokinky.com/yuri-girls-love-photography-exhibition-fetish-event-tokyo-cancelled/ Good to see, err, good to see that it was cancelled!
  12. In other news, Shioli Kutsuna shows off nude body with tattoos in The Outsider sex scenes I have no idea who she is, but I love a full back tattoo
  13. In other news, nearly half the Japanese women have dated a white bloke http://www.tokyokinky.com/japanese-women-dating-foreigners/ 209 women (51%) said that they had never dated a foreigner. 82 women (20%) said that they had dated a foreigner in the past. 72 women (17%) said they were dating a foreigner at present. And 41 (10%) said that they had never dated a Japanese man. WTF????? Now I hope they aren't all fat slobs like this bastard, or me! http://www.tokyokinky.com/gaijin-how-to-get-laid-as-a-fat-guy-in-japan/
  14. Fuck me, that thread has nearly a hundred butts
  15. Seeing some peoples obsession with multiple posts one after the other, and multiple posts about news in countries we'd rather forget, I've decided we need a SEX IN ASIA thread This is great, some amazing butts in here, "Who has the best butt in the Japanese sex industry"? A serious news article for those serious about fucking Asians, http://www.tokyokinky.com/sexy-ass-butts-japanese-gravure-adult-video-idols-models/ The link above has many many more, but (5555 funny pun) these are the best IMHO My fav
  16. Pasir Riz to my memory had a kampong there, wasn't that hard to get too. Maybe your a lot older than me vintage kwai
  17. A mate from Tokelau does it almost continually to me. It's like drinking beer with a chiropractor
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