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  1. I just realized that "Ignore Users" function that you set under your profile doesn't work. Two users I had ignored in the past I now see their posts Not that it really matters anymore
  2. The world according to New Zealand
  3. NZ can now fly to Tonga, Samoa and the Cook's, actually all work places of mine, which I can't get too, pity I'm not in NZ
  4. I thought it cured everything? Including Coss's USA posts? Shit stirirng of course
  5. Then I'll stick to the flat earth theory. Question - the flat earth people, how deep is the ground?
  6. Is that because the earth is flat and we are looking at it side on?? Actually you can see earth, I assume you are joking
  7. Have they tried silver yet Cav?
  8. Gee Paul, and yet you continue, I see a mod has already shown that you do, you must have a very crooked bed. Par for your course though as we all know.
  9. Nasiadai, always enjoy your posts, hope to continue for a long time to come
  10. Oh No! You're onto us - aren't all log in secret????? That's why you caused so many problems - by trying to "out" people on boards. Tsk Tsk - not nice
  11. I thought that was the New Zealand thread
  12. I love it Can we have a fatman thread?
  13. I so love Beirut, the Paris of the East, simply stunning Amazing women, even more amazing nightclubs. Israel always fucks them up whenever Lebanon gets settled and proporous Before you dicks jump in, the both sides in Lebanon have proven to work well together, I have a video of this just horrendous.
  14. Ahhhh - so it is you! I was right Mad as ever which is comforting to know
  15. Mate of mine was driving around with his girlfriend of the month in Bangkok, when he asked what that building was. She told him it was a prison and he jokingly said "Can we go and have a look"? Next thing he knows the taxi turns and he's inside the prison. Then it gets REALLY weird! She tells him they can meet a prisoner, he's pretty impressed, he's a rather interesting kinda guy, so he was loving this unusual tourism Out comes a man and sits down and the girl and him chat rather amicably She turns to my mate and says "This is my husband, how did you know he was in jail"? Bizarro coincidence - I know the girl and my mate so it's totally true, Every time we went out together and passed another prison on the river to a favorite restaurent he'd ask if she knew anyone there
  16. Last time I was there they'd all gone from memory, I remember going along the road on a bike, I believe it's even partially paved now, but my memory isn't great. That would be 3 years ago now.
  17. Sigh - I so miss the old days of the treacherous bamboo huts teetering over the Mekong on the Laos side. Was quite the experience, only a few decent hotels then, the local owned Day Inn, huge ceilings and a bar downstairs with bullet holes in the walls and the coldest Beer Laos. Every second bottle opened would do that freezing thing. And an American named hotel I forget the name, on the way out to the airport. It had one of the only disco's in town, apart from Meena on the way out of town, never went to that one. The water front was a steep slope down into water, with great little set up at night restaurants Beer was very cheap, Mali Lamphu wasn't as it is today. A bit of a dump. The fountain was good though, unspoiled like it is today.
  18. I know that song, Phil Covid sings it. He was in the band Covides
  19. Derek Ho couldn't have been that old? Every year I go up to the north shore, it's amazing surf, and oddly very easy to get out there, not that I would
  20. First time I had a reubin was at the no name bar on one of the food nights - dam good!
  21. I've taken a few groups of technical teams to Canada over the years, the part of the trip they like the most? GOing to Costco and buying 20Kg's of Vitamins, I could never understand that
  22. I used to hang out in Huai Kwang quite a bit, some cool places there. Also in the daytime nearby was a massage and blow job place with older ladies but boy had the years honed their skills, very talented, and cheap
  23. It has an Ian Dury feel to them, great find Mrs Mekong
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