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  1. I saw this on a QANTAS flight recently, they promoted it as a great "Comedy" I didn't laugh much, but it was a good film
  2. I've found with slightly younger kids that anywhere except the naughty bars are fine. not that I've tried to take them to naughty bars, just that anywhere is fine. I'd prefer to go to a more relaxed place up a Soi if possible. usually with an outdoor restaurant, only because that's what I like
  3. And finally a headline that would stop a nation Two slutty Japanese girls expose breasts in public in Tokyo Disgusting! Those Japanese are really kinky http://www.tokyokinky.com/slutty-japanese-girls-expose-breasts-public-tokyo/
  4. MacDonalds never has this on drive through! http://www.tokyokinky.com/soft-on-demand-tachinomi-japanese-porn-stars-akihabara-tokyo/ Porn stars serve food in fast food chain!
  5. Saika Kawakita is latest adult video star to make big splash with Japanese porn debut ??????????????????????????? If she's an adult star, isn't she already a porn star?
  6. We all know this, you lonely, your horny, and you live far from Soi 4 or Thailand even. So you look up a "escort" service and find one you like, the girl boasts a breast size you particularly like Then she shows up, and FARK ME, her boobs are either bigger/smaller than you had been promised! What to do? Well, in Japan we have a TV show to make sure the whores advertised goods are packaged in the sizes you asked for http://www.tokyokinky.com/japanese-television-show-call-girls-naked-breasts/
  7. Dam they are kinky This lass dresses up in Samuri Armour, then takes it off! Disgusting I say! http://www.tokyokinky.com/gravure-idol-shoko-takasaki-armor-yoroi-bijo/
  8. And getting jerked off while singing? Seems fair http://www.tokyokinky.com/tekoki-karaoke-hand-job-karaoke-japanese-game-show-has-contestants-sing-karaoke-jerked-off/
  9. Very old news, If you want something interesting have a look at what they do with satellites
  10. Meanwhile in Tokyo, http://www.tokyokinky.com/busty-gravure-idol-fumina-suzuki-wrapped-plastic-japanese-tv-show/ Fumina Suzuki wrapped her self in plastic glad wrap - I'd be glad if she wrapped herself around me!
  11. Yes, tiny place in Vientiane It all started as a night out at a disco in Sakon Nakorn Provence and ended up in Vientiane
  12. Love how they are described as sweaty - hard work an orgy
  13. Nice arse - was that her arse?
  14. http://amp.abc.net.au/article/9683488 Super ghonorea Caught in "SEAsia'
  15. Yes - not often you go to a disco in one country and wake up with a hangover in another. And with no underwear.
  16. I missed anal sex day! Bugger! There is also "Short women appreciation day" I forget the date so I try to appreciate every day
  17. A Buddhist coffee shop where you can liein a coffin. School hopefully not included. In Ratchada, a gay orgy was firing blanks.
  18. You know, if something like that happened in a western work place, they'd all be getting counciling but in your right in Thailand they're getting lucky tickets.
  19. Did he leave a tip? Curious what number was the girl whose looks can kill Died with a smile I bet
  20. Tokyo Weekly again never fails to disappoint, who would not want a mini toilet bowl to have sex with??? http://www.tokyokinky.com/nikubenki-human-toilet-masturbator-toilet-bowl-sex-toy/
  21. Japan fetish, nipple fucking. Yes, weird https://www.xvideos.com/video29133285/nipple_fuck
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