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  1. All the ones I know speak Afrikaans. Mostly engineering and accounts. I suspect most of the other 86% may not look Afrikaans.
  2. I know a number of South Africans living in Thailand, Back when True Visions was UBC it was 1/3 owned by a South African company, a decent number worked here then.
  3. Ahh DC-10 - Flash will remember the 50year old there with the hot body who won one of the dance comps How old is she now? Has to be pushing late 60's?
  4. I look for forward for your first reports in 206 days time
  5. A bloke I knew was a Cost Watcher, incredibly brave men. Alone in the middle of nowhere, locals may or may not dob you in to the Japs, on;y allowed to use the radio at extreme times. Very tough. Was a photographer when back home in Oz, pretty much same job he had in the war. No one seemed to know what blokes like him did. I was in Guadalcanal a few months back, still can see wrecks, mind you the whole Micronesia/PNG/Solomons region is littered with wrecks gun emplacements etc.
  6. Didn't the Italians miss out on being in the Soccer World Cup? I wouldn't believe anything he says
  7. Be careful no one has been trying to hack you. Do you have a back up email with Gmail? I do, it's good, it notified me on rare occasions I get people trying to hack me.
  8. What's the date again? I'll look for an excuse.
  9. Note to self, glad I am not in Sillypore that week.
  10. Would be good, no idea if I am around that week, but if I am, Ahh, fond memories of a certain Dance Comp with Father T
  11. That's a bit stupid Cav He was 9 at start of 14 at the end Here is the report from Snopes, https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/george-soros-ss-nazi-germany/
  12. You've got this wrong Cav, Australia has a bad track record of blindly following USA and UK regardless if it's good or bad. New Zealand, (fuck, can Coss see this?) have FAR FAR FAR bigger balls than Australians, they stand up to the USA, UK and many others for what's right not blindly toeing whatever USA/UK says. Israel, Human Rights etc NewZealand are much much better than Australians. They have a great tradition and I wish Australia was more like them. To be honest, as an Aussie, these aresholes below, I think they are rather revolting Aussies there.
  13. It's amazing the number of street walkers in Tahiti, most very ugly men, but quite a lot. Economy isn't doing that well, but great place if you have lots of $'s, virtually no taxation
  14. B3en there a few times, I think or thought I'd posted a pic from there It's a bit of a time trip, feels like walking into a department store 50 years ago Fashion seems to be from the 60's too
  15. I was there for this, Tahiti still has some great dances, competitions all the time, a few times, usually once a year go back to basics including lovely topless locals. Friend of mine is a champion dancer (female) very hot and stunning, everyone thinks she's Tahitian, she's Vietnamese, born and bred in Tahiti.
  16. And we never made a lot of those weapons that suddenly Germany had when Germany couldn't manufacture weapons
  17. Yeah, we have our own little rocket festival too you know
  18. Local school used to do this, was quite fun
  19. Mekong I was thinking the same, maybe around Hi Chi Minh memorial, not saying that as a joke, but only wide streets I know. Ahh the irony! Actually Vientiane with the new Riverside road would be better, except if you went off you'd end up in the Mekong. Ahh the irony.
  20. Trump will win, will just get worse
  21. I've found the queues hit and miss. Same flight, same time, same time. Long queues, no queue
  22. Got to position yourself to be in right places I the opportunity can be seen and grabbed. Too many people don't think about how to be in right place to expand.
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