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  1. <<he reserved the two highest floors for himself, installing a spa, a wine cellar>> Surely putting a cellar on a top floor of a building means the building is a tad short, or he employed Thai architects? I had read he sold advertising space for a Thai publication to Thai's, my understanding was he's fluent in Thai. Who knows?
  2. Imperial Department Store sells rocket launchers? Wow, I usually only buy my tampoons from them! Lucky I didn't get them mixed up!
  3. "if david Attenborough ends up on similar charges I will lose all hope n humanity " Could be, he does like the birds
  4. A few main Hotels in Sukhumvit down 80% - so I don't believe the numbers
  5. I question the numbers as Laos tourism is down over 50% - and it was empty last weekend, plus I have been flying in and out weekly and notice no queues, unless it's to leave, and now that's gone too.
  6. How funny, in Indonesia I can buy beer etc any time of the day, and disco's close when they want to . . . . . . . Malaysia isn't far off that either,
  7. As a well educated and traveled Thai lady, I have found it fascinating that tampons exist. Growing up in Thailand we never had these. I discovered them by accident in a 7/11 in Malta, and at first thought they must be dildo's for minions, but it turns out these little vagina torpedo's can soak up some serious menstrual expressions. I asked some of my female friends in Thailand, and they all exclaimed they could never use them as it feels uncomfortable to have an object in their birth canal for so long, my katoey friend thought the opposite of course. The other draw back is of course you can't give tampons to young girls as it will encourage them to be promiscuous and can't fit these inside as it takes away there virginity. So gentlemen - do you prefer girls who use tampons or pads?
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