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  1. Seriously, that is a lot of, hmmmm, Tony Blair???? I can't find a link to Bernard Oliver staying with the Krays,, nor much else to substantiate the claims,
  2. No more Hookers in Bars? THat's not very HAPPY of the NCPO is it?
  3. Flash <<Hitler's nephew's sons are still alive,>> I didn't know that till I looked it up today, fascinating Hitlers nephew fought in the USA Navy in WW2, and Hitlers dad lived in England and shacked up with a Irish bird!
  4. My Penis is hungry


    Seen that bike at a show in Pattaya
  5. Kilt girls rock - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AG0U30Xbqyc
  6. Scotland only built it's Forth Bridge in 1964? Very primitive!
  7. Whenever I read something like this the first thing I do is to test it. And it's a load of crap. 100 000+ Muslims, many Japanese women, who married muslim men (no shit?) first muslims in early 1900's, first mosques in 1932, then there have been a number built since then, about 40 single story, and 100's of smaller one room places. 100's of different books on islam written in Japanese as well as translations of the Quran. "The Japanese government does not keep any statistics on the number of Muslims in Japan. Neither foreign residents nor ethnic Japanese are never asked about their religion by official government agencies Maybe Japanese just aren't as mad as others, but why the lies in the original Because it feels nice to read it?
  8. <<what will happen to Scotland`s share of the UK national debt,>> UK would owe Scotland
  9. Scottish Pound has always been around, UK would owe Scotland money, they've already had their own very odd legal system, "Guilty, Not Gulty, and the unique "Your a muckle mongrel curr, but we kinna find a way to lock you up so we're letting you go you scum, but your not innocent! "
  10. Geezus, the bloke who fell under the bis and it stopped inches from the rear tires going over his head was lucky! India - my first impressions where how dirty it was, then I repeated that thought often, with an occasional thought about cows, and cow shit,
  11. WOW, NCPO announces cleanup and they get her!
  12. Hmm is occupancy is down further than the 10.9%?
  13. Yep - that's the right way to look at it, numbers drop so things are getting better. July 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 ============================================================================== Total Arrivals (’000) 2,224 2,056 1,846 2,050 2,280 2,340 2,270 YoY% 22.5% Occupancy Rate 60.4%
  14. http://bangkok.coconuts.co//2014/08/25/uni-teacher-blackmailed-teens-sex-police-say
  15. How can you get bail if all the courts have said no? Ooops, sorry, I thought I was in a real country
  16. An interesting fact, which famous Nazi aircraft designer developed a Mach 2.1 fighter jet, and worked in China?
  17. I just noticed a bunch of Thai Facebooks posts about this, they have NO IDEA why they are doing it, it's become a challenge your friend with zero knowledge about the reason, as misguided as that is it has some element of good behind it, now it is just a silly thing,
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