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    Getting bitten is such an inconvenience but indeed, the smaller ones a are harmless. Scorpions are a different story though.
  2. Online or also great to ask for recommendations from Thantakit Dental Center. I find them very reliable and trustworthy. Plus, they are very responsive to my queries which is great.
  3. I agree. A whole lot cheaper at pharmacies.
  4. Lanna Rehab in CM is quite good too. A friend of mine went there last year.
  5. It's a shame that many quality pool chlorinators are very much available in Thailand, but the management is just being too stubborn. Maybe it's about time that you refer them to PoolMaster? I believe they're the ones who handle the pool supplies of some of the biggest condos in Bangkok. Could be great if you could talk to the management about it. Well, bet you paid for the facilities. If all else fails, contact the local health dept. Best of luck.
  6. Giving blood has indeed evolved!
  7. Interesting title and photos. Pretty scary, and contracting Syphilis isn't sexy!
  8. Yeah simple meds for diarrhoea, headaches, ointments etc. could be purchased on any pharmacy but it pays to be very extra careful when it comes to antibiotics and prescription drugs. Best to get them from the bigger, more decent pharmacies just to be safe.
  9. I had my root canal treatments and cleanings at Thantakit Dental. It was recommended by my colleague who had 2 implants. This dental place caters to expats so communication never became a problem. Facilities are quite impressive too.
  10. Not sure about the one in Sukhumvit but Nantra Ploenchit is nothing spectacular really. Price and location wise, it's quite decent enough. This is good for an overnight stay or two. Just an average hotel IMO.
  11. Never liked the taste of diet sodas but I hope that they'd do something about it, I mean I still see diet sodas everywhere and it seems like Coke (or our government?) is clueless with the effects. Nevertheless, it's still best to avoid these type of drinks, organic sweeteners like Stevia will do.
  12. I believe Thantakit has in-house periodontists now. It has been my go-to place for my dental needs for 2 years. Love the place. Dentists aren't pushy and they're fluent in English.
  13. It's probably her nickname.
  14. It's cool, perhaps Google Earth has based its concept from these?
  15. Tampons are extremely helpful, especially for athletes. I've used it a few times back in college but I was afraid of the toxic shock syndrome so I switched back to pads. I don't think Thais generally use tampons though.
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