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  1. Goodness me!!! you and my wife should get together, I'm sure you'd enjoy the gossip and scandal mongering, clearly you share a genetic strain which baffles me. JP
  2. Thanks for posting that, it could so easily have been me or I suspect any number of posters here.If the next test is positive its going to take a while to adjust to your new reality but the advances in HIV management are huge and its no longer the disaster it used to be. JP
  3. I got an invite once from a girl I'd met in BKKchat up to Chang Rai a few years ago this thai girl normally lived in Norway but we both happened to be in LOS at the same time,it worked out great, Chang rai was such a boring place we never left the hotel, for a while after she started coming over to London for the occaisional visits.I was invited to go over to stay with her family in Norway but when I declined it provoked a crazy arguement that split us up, but thats another story. JP
  4. Does anyone use Bangkok Chat these days? That was an excellant meeting point a few years ago.Thailand friends is usually quite good, but bare in mind those girls are probably getting dozens of mails a day. For english speakers try out the thai yahoo chatrooms or ICQ. Its a bit labourious and antisocial but I used to have great success with students who were online using their uni PCs, a lot of them can't afford their own PC and won't go out of their dorms in the evenings, but that meant being awake at 5 and 6am UK time!!!! believe me it was worth it. But that was all such a long time ago now I've given up the chase. JP
  5. There was one occaission when staying at Ruay Chai apartments, the lift was out of order. The walk up to the 20th floor with my new friend for the night was memorable!! JP
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