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  1. Josh,


    I'm sure you have heard about a conspiracy theory about HIV is not a cause of AIDS at all. But it is believed or made to believe for political reasons among health professionals just to get the reserch fund flowing in, etc.


    I would love to read about it. Can you point me to the right direction ie. any source on the internet?


    What is your view on this matter?


    Maybe I should start a new thread.




    Goodness me!!! you and my wife should get together, I'm sure you'd enjoy the gossip and scandal mongering, clearly you share a genetic strain which baffles me.



  2. I got an invite once from a girl I'd met in BKKchat up to Chang Rai a few years ago this thai girl normally lived in Norway but we both happened to be in LOS at the same time,it worked out great, Chang rai was such a boring place we never left the hotel, for a while after she started coming over to London for the occaisional visits.I was invited to go over to stay with her family in Norway but when I declined it provoked a crazy arguement that split us up, but thats another story.



  3. Does anyone use Bangkok Chat these days? That was an excellant meeting point a few years ago.Thailand friends is usually quite good, but bare in mind those girls are probably getting dozens of mails a day.

    For english speakers try out the thai yahoo chatrooms or ICQ. Its a bit labourious and antisocial but I used to have great success with students who were online using their uni PCs, a lot of them can't afford their own PC and won't go out of their dorms in the evenings, but that meant being awake at 5 and 6am UK time!!!! believe me it was worth it.

    But that was all such a long time ago now I've given up the chase. :angel:



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