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  1. togaduke

    Rolex copy

    Thanks I remember yours as well
  2. togaduke

    Rolex copy

    Hello guys any one got a line on a high quality Rolexes the nice ones would love to buy one or more thanks long time lurker...
  3. got one last week for my android, downloaded the app, my cell phone could make calls on any wify network for free, bought the gizmo's at radio shack, and got a real phone number that people could call me on, call quality's not the best as sometimes it drops calls and people can not here you, so I am now just using as voice mail, its a good back up number. as you can make a cell phone work with no cell service..
  4. togaduke

    High Airfare

    its it normal a few months ago most prices, for flight from Chicago to Bangkok, were around 1200, I checked for June or July, and am looking at 2000 -2300, i thought the summer was low season, is just a short time fluke, or is that what its going to be..I really would like to fly Cathy Pacific, with a lay over for a few days in Hong Kong.. are the summer prices always this High
  5. togaduke


    best laugh I have had all month..good one..
  6. togaduke

    Dental Implants

    looks like a great place to get it done, thanks ..and yes there should be two trips..but i can get some done here before cause that would blow the budget, in a good way
  7. togaduke

    Dental Implants

    Any one know around how much a clean place . I need 2. Oh the pain there two thousand each in the Chicago area how much can I save
  8. togaduke

    Gloves Off - Libya

    War on Libya: US and NATO air strikes, cruise missile attacks begin The US began its assault in Libya with 110 Tomahawk cruise missiles (at a cost of $2 million each) launched from US submarines and frigates
  9. togaduke

    Buying a BBQ on Ebay

    I am with you all the way, :evil: and why have things you cant leave in 15 miniutes anyhow..
  10. togaduke

    Be careful where you pee!

    they doint get it right all the time, like the time they said you could not open a master lock with a gun..I know thats wrong..
  11. togaduke

    Thai-centric torrent trackers

    I would like a invite as well and some basic how too's I would love to learn how to download movies so any info would be vary much welcome..thanks..
  12. sorry to here about that for you..but there are worse things in this world..its a tuff life and nobody gets out alive..think about how many people drop dead from heart problims and such many more then aids..which can be managed..magic is still vary much alive..