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  1. @Mekong, Graham was not the owner of any of the establishments you mentioned, he was the manager with and small share on them. Actually he had to vanish himself after moving to Pattaya and later to Hua Hin... he took some money from few folks (dumb folks) to open a bar in an Pattaya Soi 7 alley (the bar never opened) and tried to sale what was not his property.
  2. 1) Secrets, It's just different and my home when in Pattaya. 2) Stringfellows, as everybody going there, just having drinks with the boys ;-) 3) TQ, a great place for after work and meet with my mates. 4) Las Vegas, I know Peter and Ning and I like chatting with them. 5) Nevada's, one of my regulars is there, one day I will end up marrying her. After those bars? All is good with the right attitude and alcohol in my body. :-)
  3. Since few years ago it's been common in the gay community the use of the T (Truvada, which is a blue pill) prior unprotected intercourse. If a guy invites you to take a T :-)
  4. Everything has its right time and most probably the board time is over, it did happen with others and it may be happening with this one too.
  5. Monzoon


    ??? -> SD -> LK -> WhoIsNext? LOL
  6. Absolutely agree with you. Soogmak RIP
  7. It's not a new development. They basically say that the individuals who are taking combination antiretroviral therapy on regular basis and do not develop mutations of the virus stay healthy. I do not have access to the full article @ The Lancet, but the article abstract is available here for all (need free registration) http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140673607609489/abstract
  8. Yes, this is available almost everywhere and in some places since long time ago. Procedure is not cheap. http://www.aegis.com/news/bp/2005/BP050804.html
  9. Long time ago, when there were no retroviral drugs and HIV diagnostic was equivalent to death sentence. Today this is not the case. The scenario today is that those who are taking retroviral drugs on a regular way and how is prescribed by the doctor do not die. Many times, HIV affects to people with other problems: drug consumers, alcoholics, ... By definition these segments of population are problematic, it's very easy they 'forget' to take the drugs and it's damn easy they develop resistant virus, so they have to change medication all time. Today there are a lot of good combinations of retroviral drugs, so they have a next oportunity changing the drugs they are taking... and this keeps going for a while until they totally fuck up. It is true that some of the retroviral drugs do have side effects, but today there are combinations that do not have any kind of side effects that would cause significative problems to the users. By definition ALL drugs (even Aspirine) have side effects, but in many cases those side effects are not important if you compare with the benefits the drugs are giving you.
  10. Check your private topics, I've just posted something to you there. Good luck mate.
  11. Mononucleosis is EASILY passed through contact with the saliva of someone who is infected, either through kissing or sharing a drinking glass or eating utensil.
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