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  1. It is the main beach on the western side of the island. It is where the ferries arrive and depart at the ferry pier. Took my diving license here at a shop still in operation some 20 years later.
  2. I usually go with: Wooii,, guu mai son jai sak tee lohk. It`s a bit of a conversation killer, but then again, I find little pleasure in lenghty conversation with thai people these days. Mission accomplished.
  3. Good report! Yeah, I recall that. On the trip we were offered pills against seasickness, we politely declined, but the missus sure regretted that later on....
  4. Pescator


    To the OP. My language is only spoken by approx. 6 million people and is of no use whatsoever in the big wide world. Therefore, our education system takes great emphasis on teaching a number of international languages. I was taught 4 in school - which by no means is unusual - and have at a later stage learnt thai. I am a bit surprised that you have german and particularly french friends who speak english fluently. I have 3 good german friends, they have many talents, but english sure isn`t one of them. And I shall not even mention the french, who for some obscure reason still believe their language to be the lingua franca.
  5. More on "thai postal service". When I arrived in Sakon Nakhon, I wanted my family in Denmark to know that we had arrived safely. We would be away for 6 months on that trip, so I went on my merry way to the post office - no, not that post office - to send 3 letters to my folks, my grandmum and my brother, resp. The clerk at the post office took my money, but I didnt actually see him putting on the stamps. In hindsight that was a bad call. A couple of months went by in Mubaan far far away. Then one day the mail man arrived with a letter for us. It was from my embassy, my parents were very worried that they had not heard a single word from us since our departure and they had contacted my embassy to try and find us. I had not left a forwarding address as I was on the move a lot. The missus stayed at the Moobaan most of the time and I would every so often come back from my travels. The embassy managed to track down my inlaws` address and urged me to contact my folks asap to reassure them that everything was okay. The clerk at the post office had just taken my money, thrown away my letters, and thus causing a lot of concern. .
  6. At least they tried to deliver the parcels. I once shipped a 20 kilo package stuffed with clothes to the inlaws in Sakon Nakhon. I arrived a few months later only to find out that it had never arrived. Off to the post office. Mai Mee. No habb. Then my eagle eyed missus spotted a dusty package in a remote corner of the only room of the post office. "That is my friggin package, why did you not deliver it FFS". "Oh, that one? It is to big to be delivered by the mail man as he rides a motor bike". No attempt had been made to notify the inlaws that a large package had arrived for them from farangland. We brought back the package on our motor bike, only later to discover that now the package now weighed considerably less as all the best stuff had been "removed".
  7. It is rather over the top in terms of politeness. Why would you answer: "Yes Sir" to someone asking if you are fine? Besides, it is kinda short. Thais dont expect that answer and think about it. If you asked me: How are you today, are you fine? And I replied with a mere "yes". That is a bit of a conversation killer I only ever use this expression when being ironic/sarcastic in a humourus way. By being overly polite with someone you don`t really agree with, I find that this term works well.
  8. Pescator

    Isaan Food

    Yes, they prolly all know that pidgin name in your area. Try that upcountry and all you will get is blank stares.
  9. 555. No, but I think you get my drift: mundus vult decipi ergo decipiatur. The world wants to be decieved so we do it. And what I was getting at was this: I saw many a girl in farang bars telling farangs what they will like to hear. That is not necessarily the gospel truth, as I am sure you know. That in many cases includes the: me no like thai men, only farang
  10. Pescator

    Isaan Food

    That is easily explained, the thais you have met don`t know the names of various fish species, most likely only 2 or 3. And that certainly does not include mackerel. The smallest tuna species is the Skipjack tuna, and still it grows up to 70 centimers or more. Try ask them: What is the english name for ปลานิล Plaa Nin, Tilapia or ปลาดุภPlaa Duk, catfish. The 2 most common fish, found everywhere for sale in Thailand. My guess would be, that you will come up with a blank
  11. There are thousands of Thai women "working" in farang bars. They all say they don`t like thai men, take one`s cash and when the deed is over with, they go straight home to Somchai, the motorbike driver from Nakhon Bumfuck Nowhere.
  12. Pescator

    Liver Flukes

    You can not only get liver flukes by eating uncooked freshwaterfish or snail, but also by swimming in lakes that are infested by liverflukes. The liver flukes seem to a particular problem in the Esan, where occasionally one can still come across a bill board saying: Esan people dont eat raw fish, to prevent them from following this die hard habit. My ex hailed from Sakon. And the large Nong Han lake in this area is known for being infested by liver flukes. Hoi Khan.
  13. Maeng daa is the giant rice water bug as depicted by Flashermac and Maeng Daa Taley the horse shoe crab. You can get giant rice water bugs pickled in a jar and when you open it, it will trigger a gag reflex. A most revolting stench hard to describe. Compareable to the swedish "surstrømning" should anyone be familiar with the horrible dish consisting of rotten herring. Pimp, you mean?
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