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  1. Dear all Thai360.com members, I am please to inform you that now I have finished my Ph.D. study. My Ph.D. dissertation entitled "International Retirement Migration of Westerners to Thailand: Decision-making Process, Wellbeing, Assimilation, and Impacts on Destination" will be available on Chulalongkorn University database by September 2017. However, I also upload the file on _27_July_2017_ice_Ethesis_with_Chula_Watermark.pdf'>http://www.mediafire.com/file/ed89il05b ... ermark.pdf I would like to thank all kind participants for making this study possible. Any mistakes are solely my own. Best regards, Kanokwan Tangchitnusorn (ice) email: kanokwan.tang@student.chula.ac.th
  2. Wow @Flashermac You really know a lot about universities in Thailand. Are you former or current teaching staff here? By the way, now Chula is ranked 250 it used to be under 200 some years ago. But, you know, in order to do well on the list, besides the university reputation, it has to have good number of foreign students, foreign teaching staff, and it is obvious that Chula lacks those aspects.
  3. Hi all members of Thai360.com, My name is Kanokwan Tangchitnusorn, I'm a Ph.D student of the College of Population Studies (CPS), Chulalongkorn University, and currently I am doing a Ph.D. dissertation about the international retirement migration (IRM) of Westerners in Thailand. I registered to this forum because I would like to ask whether any of you be interested to participate in my study, which is an online questionnaire, you can check this out here http://goo.gl/forms/dY7GP4SNJG Hopefully, the research results will become part of policy recommendations, which aim to constitute mutual benefits for both retired expats and Thai society as a whole. In addition, please be informed that Information related directly to you will be kept confidential. Results of the study will be reported as total picture. Any information which could be able to identify you will not appear in the report ka. Thanks a lot for reading this post. KANOKWAN TANGCHITNUSORN, Ms. Ph.D candidate at College of Population Studies (CPS), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
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