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  1. It's not just Bangkok,that's for sure. Happening here as well. Traffic busy here and people not wanting to let people merge etc. It the traffic wars it seems that the nice guys finish last .
  2. I am 45.A middle gen exer I guess. Great to see so many baby boomers living their life in Thailand. Congrats.
  3. Hahaha,I think I know what you are trying to say. I'm hoping to be a little indecent a few times myself.
  4. Thanks guys.Lots,of good info here,well appreciated. My friend often stays at Areca Lodge and he has suggested I do the same. Not really thinking of the trip yet as it is a ways away,but will continue to read more on here.
  5. Thank you,I will take you up on that if the dates coincide.
  6. Some fantastic videos in this thread.Thanks for the contributions. Has helped me pass some time.
  7. Thanks gents. Will not be arriving till late next January,but am looking forward to it already. Have never been to Pattaya,I have a friend that wants to meet me there,so I said "sure,why not" I am a single man,with no ties,other than a job. Really want to go to Hua Him this trip as well. Enjoying reading the forum so far.I can see some real characters already.
  8. Hello,new to the forum but have been to Thailand twice. Looking to learn more about Thailand from the site. Thank you.
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