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  1. yfs

    Do Not Learn Thai

    I've found if you ask 5 different Thai people how to say or pronounce something (in Thai) you probably get 5 different answers. Same with asking "fluent speaking" farangs.
  2. I'm looking to get my 5s battery replaced in BKK. Any recommendations of reliable shops? Thank you.
  3. yfs

    New Apples

    Some iphone 5 batteries have been recalled. You may want to look into it.
  4. yfs


    Been transferring over in Taipei for the last couple of years and I figured maybe I should check it out. Any tips of what to do, where to stay, getting around, where to drink, etc? Not interested in the p4p scene. I would only be interested in 2 - 3 nights. Thanks.
  5. yfs

    Bangkok Taxi Video

    He's lucky the driver didn't attack him with a rusty farm tool.
  6. yfs

    Sim Card For Vietnam

    I'm planning to travel to Saigon and environs soon. The last time I was there I bought a sim card (cant remember the carrier) and I was constantly bombarded with promotions via sms. What is a good (carrie)r sim card to get?
  7. yfs

    Sim Card For Vietnam

    It never occurred to me I could block the provider's sms messages. I just figured that was part and parcel with the sim card.
  8. yfs

    Eye Glasses?

    I always went to Beautiful Optical, now Top Charoen. They seem to always have a sale and they will bargain,
  9. Been thinking about buying a house, but I really don't want to live in a cinder block house. Has anyone bought or looked into pre fabricated housing? Does it exist there? FYI, I'm aware of the restrictions on farangs owning property in Thailand.
  10. yfs

    Pre Fabricated Housing

    At those prices (and size) I'd buy two. One for me and one for the tilac and her (visiting) family.
  11. yfs

    Pre Fabricated Housing

    Thanks. I saw some of those. That's what stirred my interest.
  12. yfs

    7-11, Ais Divorce

    This will impact me. However, Family Marts seem to be popping up all over. http://www.khaosoden...s-ais-services/
  13. An hour ago, a friend of mine (using Line) relayed video to me showing soi 7 in Pattaya was rockin' on. No music but plenty of drinking and laughter.
  14. yfs

    How Will Thai King's Passing Affect Nightlife?

    I will probably end up in bed much earlier, thus saving 3-4 thousand Baht as a result.
  15. yfs

    "forgery Gang"

    I have not seen any mention of this topic (until now). I've seen those guys around but never in my wildest imagination did I think they were nefarious. Here's the latest... http://www.nationmultimedia.com/national/Eyewitness-flies-in-to-assist-body-in-freezer-prob-30296904.html
  16. yfs

    Tilac, I Want To Eat Steak

    My gf du jour has requested dining steak. I have taken her to farang restaurants in the past and have ended up finishing her plate. I don't want to cheap out but I don't want to spend a fortune on this gamble. I need recommendations on places to take her that won't break the bank. El Gaucho, Landmark, NY Steakhouse etc. are out of the quetion. Suggestions?
  17. yfs

    Tilac, I Want To Eat Steak

    Some great suggestions here. A friend also recommended Tony Romas and/or Tenderloin. I'll check out Tharn Fai kao Grill room sans the girl. I think she really wants a falang style restaraunt.
  18. No talk of deportation (hence the 150K ?).
  19. yfs

    Tourist Visas

    The Thai consulate web page states that one must provide copies of air ticket and bank statements when applying for a tourist visa. I'm not wild about sharing personal finance info with anyone, let alone dodgy govt. officials. So I'm thinking I should open a savings or checking account with a minimal balance. Does anyone know the minimum amount one could have in an account that would be acceptable?
  20. yfs

    20 Year Anniversary

    Not if you schedule it for September 30th (a Friday).
  21. yfs

    Cockatoo Freakout

    No no, not what you think.
  22. yfs

    Mid-Air Thefts

    What's the purpose of that? If it breaks then your stuff will smell.
  23. With all the bombings, Thailand best not mess up that which they do well.
  24. Hellooooooooooooooooooo Vietnam !