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  1. Not if you schedule it for September 30th (a Friday).
  2. No no, not what you think.
  3. What's the purpose of that? If it breaks then your stuff will smell.
  4. With all the bombings, Thailand best not mess up that which they do well.
  5. It seems that those in charge that have the least amount of knowledge seem to come up with these ideas. With a little effort they could already be doing this.
  6. It seems I need to transfer my old sim card in my good 'ole Motorola flip phone and go 4g with AIS (if I want to keep my number). So where in Bangkok does AIS have offices in which to do so? Are they still in the Glass House ? Are Telewiz outlets an option? Tnx.
  7. It's just a film student video. The coke use was more implied than actually witnessed on video as was the beat down the Thais gave the ruskie. Maybe it was the tossing of the beer bottle off the train upset the eco-minded Thais
  8. So to speak, yes. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3022110/Internet-Explorer-dead-Microsoft-unveils-test-version-Project-Spartan-browser.html
  9. yfs

    Fifa Corruption

    This article may help you understand. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/fifa-case-highlights-long-arm-us-laws-220728614--sow.html
  10. yfs

    Duty Free

    The jury is still out on that.
  11. Is there a financial ceiling on the amount of goods one can bring into Thailand (currently)? A friend of mine had some dresses for his gik (still in the package) and the customs officers charge him 1000 baht as a duty. I think he got taken.
  12. Has it impacted the Pattaya tourist numbers?
  13. yfs

    Thai Baht

    I like your answer. I would have just said the Thai banks were manipulating the Baht.
  14. Many accusations. Me thinks he has to answer a lot of accusations that all have a familiar pattern. The following is the latest. http://www.tmz.com/2014/11/20/bill-cosby-forced-oral-sex-victim-jonny-carson-louisa-moritz/
  15. yfs

    Jack Bruce

  16. I think Youtube has caught up with VDH's methods. I think an updated VDH will soon appear. I think maybe the newer more popular vids are being protected.
  17. Anyone know of any European based free email services? I don't like the idea of snooping by certain governments.
  18. What? Fortified red wine? According to US laws (and treaty agreements) when a democratically elected government is overthrown via military coup, financial aid must be cut off. Now all sorts of exceptions can be made (Egypt s a prime example). Up to the affirmative action president Obama.
  19. Flash, 1. First off, no one is shocked here in the US. No gives a shit in reality. For those that care i.e. : ex-pats and regular visitors, it's a different story. 2. The amnesty bill is in no way comparable to a coup. 3. Your sister should not rely on televised news if she wants to keep up with Thailand.
  20. yfs

    Vietnam (Hcmc)

    Any bars or action in the area?
  21. yfs

    Vietnam (Hcmc)

    Any suggestions for a (Saigon) hotel in District 1 that is girl friendly and near other western friendly bars? Price 40 -50 usd.
  22. If the reds elect people that commit offenses that can be grounds for removal, then thats the way it is. Last call for beers.
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