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  1. There must be a better way to describe them. Perhaps British nationals of Pakistani descent ( or where ever they're from). I notice that the Thai newspapers describe non-whites with Euro citizenship as "nationals". There is a difference and it needs to be acknowledged. Political correctness will bury us.
  2. My friend just called me with the news. http://www.reuters.c...E9251JP20130306
  3. Compressorhead. http://www.dailymoti...ic#.UPsoSeitEXw
  4. yfs

    Windows 7 Or 8 Laptop?

    If they would just give an option of a Win 7 look upon start up, I think they would realize greater success
  5. yfs

    Obsessed With Pills

    I once had an eye infection while in Pattaya. My girl took me to a clinic of some kind. They gave me pink pills for the morning, yellow pills for lunch and blue pills for the evening. I asked what the pills were and the doctor said "medicine for your eyes". I took the pink and blue pills that day, but then common sense took over and I went to a pharmacy and purchased antibiotic eye drops and tossed out the pills.
  6. Has anyone that has resided at Liberty Place apts. (soi 22) had any trouble getting their security deposits back? I will be on a short tight schedule and I would not want to have any delay. Thanks.
  7. It's wise to have your treatment outside of Thailand. My best friend was diagnosed and treated for colon cancer in BKK. The cancer didn't kill him, but the treatment did. Incompetent doctors imho.
  8. From the nation... http://www.nationmul...y-30195126.html On my last few arrivals to Suvarnabhum I witnessed some really bad behavior. Maybe the Chinese were the inspiration for the snake lines at immigration.
  9. Has anyone used BFS ? Apparently they offer a fast track through immigration, thus avoiding the long lines. 700B seems like a reasonable price. http://www.bangkokfl...hp?our_menu=pr1
  10. A while back, I was walking from the Emporium heading to Wash Sq. when two coppers on a motorbike passed me and stopped a white guy outside of the Dubliner. He was wearing the usual expat wear, white shirt, black trousers and carrying a man purse/computer bag. I was was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and sandals. Looking very tourist like. Needless to say, I did pick up my pace to get away from them. I'm curious if they are profiling "expats" and leaving "tourist" alone.
  11. yfs

    Windows 7 Or 8 Laptop?

    Thanks guys. FYI, at home I have (and use) two Mac minis. One is my music jukebox and the other is my main computer. For work I use my Macbook and an older IBM Thinkpad. I also have a lower end Lenovo I use for travel. I'm not a loyalist to any platform.
  12. Looking to buy another inexpensive laptop. Not knowing too much about Windows, I need some advice from more seasoned users. What would you buy, Win 7 or 8? I am comfortable with Win 7 look, feel and navigation, but is Win 8 an advantage?
  13. I love the clothes line. Didn't take long to be re-inhabited.
  14. They were notorious for bill padding (from my experience).
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_NseBLLHPw
  16. yfs

    Mud (The Band)

    Mud apparently had male back up dancers with them. Was this a regular thing? Kind of odd. Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4G_Aa47vfk&feature=related
  17. It seems he may have bought his way out of a murder charge. Can he now buy his way out of a drug charge?
  18. The Nation has an article about drug uses etc. in the Klong Toei slum link . Now I've been all over Bangkok (I thought), but apparently not to the KTS. Where is it exactly? is it a a dangerous area?
  19. Fascinating case study. I have one question. Where did your relationship go wrong?
  20. KS, I think you're reliance on Google Ads may not be the best idea. Stickman charges 75 bucks/week (monthly?) or so for banner ads on his site. You could do the same, maybe for less. May take a couple of days of sales calls, but it may be worth the effort. You could easily recruit a sales rep from an eager under employed expat over there. Then you could say good-bye to Google. True, you don't want to run afoul of Thai law, but a balance could be found. Anyway, just a suggestion.
  21. In the US one can get it for $60.00. To KS, the cat lives in Ekkamai. The clinic you referred wants 3K. Kittens aren't so bad I guess.
  22. Any suggestions of an inexpensive clinic go get a gf's cat spayed? She received a quote of 2500B. Too much in my opinion.
  23. It appears to be a cross between a tablet and an ultra book.
  24. yfs


    Any recommendations for a VPN provider? Not sure if I'll need one, but some sites are blocked and I may want to circumvent the censors.
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