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    Trojan Attack?

    I'm running a Mac OS 10.7.4. Installed Avast and it found infections in my Limewire folder (remember them?). A windows killer. Been there for a while. It was an exe file so it never caused any trouble. Nothing related to my most recent issue. Thanks for the recommendation on Avast.
  2. That's a lot of Baht considering. What do the Thai extra's make?
  3. yfs

    Trojan Attack?

    I received an email from a trusted friend. The message text said "this is really awesome..." and had a link. Well, I clicked on the link and several pages of a get rich quick scheme popped up. i close the window and went on with my day. The next day I discovered that emails from my address book and inbox were sent, with the same link and message. Fortunately Yahoo only allows 20 messages to be sent at a time. I checked my mailbox and noticed several emails were there that I never heard of. So I purged those. I logged out, then deleted my cookies and logged back in with a different browser and changed my password and security questions. Do I need to do more? I then warned all my friends in address book not to click on any link from me. Do I need to do more?
  4. yfs

    Ear buds

    Yes, i'm on my second set. I was pretty rough on my first pair. Must be careful when pulling player out of my pocket. Good sound quality for the money.
  5. yfs

    Ear buds

    The answer is Skull Candy. Ink'd are what I'm using now. 15 dollars. Good starting off point. There's better, but for just walking around, these buds are pretty good.
  6. yfs

    New Ipad Cover

    Bought a new iPad (3) and need a cover. I plan to use it primarily on airplane to watch movies. I will need on that has an adjustable viewing angle. Can anyone recommend a good one? Thanks.
  7. The video appears to be what news agencies refer to as "b" roll. Not actual footage of the hooker(s) in question. Just background footage to feed a salacious audience. CNN does it all the time. Whenever a sex issue concerning Thailand pops up, they send a crew down to Patpong to get some footage.
  8. It's not just conservatives that cry about sex tourism. Adjust your filters.
  9. It boils down to a Cheap Charlie (Carlos) refusing to pony up. He's probably the most hated man in the SS now. Maybe the US military too. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/international/ho_lombia_twist_4oMCMx8CRfOyJhODIuCcfM May have to drop down to Colombia in the not too distant future.
  10. yfs

    Saving Files

    I use both Windows and Mac and for both I initially save all my files to the desk top. Is there any operational disadvantage in doing so? I can't really see any, but I'm no techie so that's why I ask those of you that are. Thanks.
  11. For that kind of money one would think that proper loud speakers would suffice. Not lesser audio quality head sets. Go figure.
  12. yfs


    I have found that Tagamet works best for my stomach upset. Is it available in Thailand ?
  13. I was reading a Philippine centered board and someone stated that in Angeles City, the Euro was not being accepted for conversion to Pesos. Now that really wouldn't surprise me since the people of the PI are easily led (misled) by rumour. And the credibility of the board members on that site is questionable too. What about Thailand? Haven't read anything here (good or bad) lately about the Euro.
  14. Listening to it now... http://absoluteclassicrock.co.uk/ Absolute Classic Rock is a great station.
  15. I would guess no and then yes. I wonder if changing your user name would be just as effective?
  16. Don't have an iPhone but i do have an iMac and i don't need iTunes. Perhaps you could expound on your statement.
  17. yfs

    Tiger Air

    I did some checking on some PI boards and learned that the flights begin on Oct. 31st and they will fly Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, utilizing the Airbus 319.
  18. It seems Cebu Pacific now has some competition. Has anyone flown on Tiger to Angeles yet? The flight times are better and the prices look good too.
  19. yfs

    Cloud Computing

    My friend is now hyping his NAS (Network-Attached Storage) system. It's his personal cloud server. Do some web searches to research it. Basically you buy your own server/storage device, attach it to your network and you're done. Well maybe you need to configure a bit. But for 100 or so bucks you can create your own cloud. That's how I understand it.
  20. Are pre-paid phone numbers transferable if one were to change providers (AIS to Dtac)?
  21. Go to http://actiontravelac.com/ for booking. In Manila check out the Executive Plaza and when in AC select the Central Park. Action travel is reliable.
  22. yfs

    PC music players

    Been using the Monkey for some time now. Thanks.
  23. Was the Englishman upset over the sign being ignored or that he didn't have the balls to ignore it himself?
  24. This guy is a real cult figure. It appears that John Galt has piqued the interest of many over at BigBabyKenny.com. It looks as if he is actually posting over there too. http://bigbabykenny.com/?p=4143#comment-73879
  25. yfs

    Macbook Air

    Quick reply was not directed towards kamui's post.
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