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  1. yfs

    Macbook Air

    Do the Mac naysayers also drive Oldsmobles and Vauxhalls?
  2. All those dancers have a price. It's just that they're more discerning.
  3. Go with IP board. I'm a member of a Philippine related site that recently made the switch from FusionBB and it was quite successful. If you're looking for name recognition, go with Nanaplaza.com. When riding the skytrain I always enjoy hearing the announcement "Na na, Na na, next stop, Na na." Nana has name recognition. However the home page should reflect that it's not an exclusive monger site. But as previously mentioned, you need to decide just what product you wish to offer. There are loads of sites that relate to nightlife and they (mostly) suck.
  4. My expat friend (in Bangkok) was under the care of a GI doc for two years before his doc recommended a colonoscopy. It was too late. He had cancer that required a large portion of his colon to be removed. He paid for the procedure (out of pocket) so he could keep some of his colon since his insurance would only cover a colostomy and removal of the colon. I'm sure he told me more of his story, but I could only think about getting my ass back to Cali and in to the doc's office asap. I did, and every thing check out ok. Whew. Get it done.
  5. yfs

    "New" Nana Plaza

    No pic but a link for a pic. http://www.bigmangobar.com/wp-content/uploads//2010/12/nana1.jpg Fairly current and not in the data banks when I posed the question. Finally some relevance.
  6. Doll House is open 24hrs daily and I believe VooDoo is too. Of course there are the blow rows. Santos and Raymond streets.
  7. yfs

    "New" Nana Plaza

    Chuckwoww is spot on.
  8. yfs

    "New" Nana Plaza

    Thank you, but I've seen the Stickman pic already. I was seeking something more current. Maybe this site is no longer relevant.
  9. yfs

    "New" Nana Plaza

    The search functions poorly at best.
  10. yfs

    "New" Nana Plaza

    Upon my last visit, the Nana Plaza had razed several beer bars and began work on a new outdoor venue. Any progress been made? Any business? Any pics?
  11. From my experience I would rate the following.. The former Northwest Air (not so good, but they kept my drink full. American Airlines (not so good) United Airlines (cunts and assholes).
  12. One more thing... The Pornstick can easily be thwarted if one were to routinely wipe clean their hard drive. A single pass of zeros will suffice quite nicely. Those engaging in illegal activities or a messy divorce may want to consider more passes.
  13. Huh? What? Doubtful at best. Now if you are re-directed to secondary inspection and the subsequent Q and A session gives the TSA agent further reason to suspect something more, (or just being an asshole), then your laptop or memory sticks/card could very well be impounded. However it's not routine. I have traveled with my laptop, seven times since June 2010 between BKK,MNL and LAX without any problems. My guess is that Khun Sanuk (and others) are just quoting rumour (that those on the left are eager to do without due diligence).
  14. yfs

    PC music players

    I have a new pc for the office. I have itunes for my music listening but is there another player out there that people like? Random play is a function I require, but that's about it.
  15. yfs

    Ear buds

    Can anyone recommend quality inexpensive ear buds? My iPod one's are ok for low noise environs, but I want more bass and a good seal into the ear canal.
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