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  1. I seem to remember seeing somewhere that they only grant citizenship to 100 applicants with PR each year and that in the last few years its all been suspended? Simie.
  2. Gobble, just to add to Coss's comments if you think there is'nt much to do in Pattaya during the day (totally disagree with you on that myself as it happens) you'll be lost in AC which has about 1% as much to do during the day! Simie.
  3. Flash, and I'm sure you can sing all verses of "Land of my Fathers"?...in Welsh of course I'm from the clan Fraser myself. Scots father, grandfather and grandmother and all three of my siblings born in Scotland. I was the only one born south of the border. Simie.
  4. Munchie, great thread and thankful light relief from the USA thread! I'm surprised we hav'nt had a Rab C Nesbitt clip yet from one of our more tech savy members? That might really test the language abilities of our colonial cousins?! Simie.
  5. No great point really, just that my post was about farangs dying on Samui and I was'nt discussing Thai deaths. Just out of interest I noticed a statistic somewhere that an average of 38 Thais a day die in motorbike accidents. If that figure was a correct average it would really be quite staggering as it would work out at nearly 14,000 a year! Simie.
  6. Limbo, I'm sure thats correct but when you look at the figures you have to remember that most of the Thai's are living/working there even if there are actually from another part of Thailand where as most of the farang are on a short holiday. Simie.
  7. Hav'nt been to Samui for years for various reasons but I remember one time there where 5 farangs killed in one weekend on motorbikes. A Thai girl I was with at the time said to me "why farang come here to die?". Simie.
  8. JS, funny you should mention that. I must admit I hav'nt been to Samui for years, used to go regularly but the last time was around new year 2004. I was living in Bangkok at the time and popped down with my now wife. In the few days we where there I saw more fights in Chaweng than I've ever seen in Pattaya! Simie.
  9. Rickfarang, you had a motorcycle accident and survived, lucky for you I'm glad to hear it. Many thousands in Thailand every year don't. Including my father in law who died in september after being in a coma for 2 weeks after a motorcycle accident in the village. If you ride a bike in Thailand you are taking a gamble. You may never come off, you might have the odd minor prang or you might end up dead or in a wheel chair for life? I'm not suggesting blokes have unprotected sex, however if you have unprotected sex with a women who is HIV positive there is about a 99% chance you will not become HIV positive from that one encounter. You would have been lucky just as many are on their motorbike. However if your one of the unlucky ones you face the future having tests and taking anti retroviral drugs. If your unlucky on a bike you face a coffin or life in a wheel chair. The thing that really tickles me at times are blokes I'm met in Thailand who are paranoid about HIV and relay to me how they are worrying themselves sick if they have one broken condom and they then roar off on their hired bike as pissed as a fart?! Simie.
  10. Examples of suicidal behaviour could be jumping off a 20 store building or driving into a motorway bridge at 90 mph. Barebacking in Thailand is risky/unwise in the same way as riding a motorcycle or joining the army are risky. There is a risk of death from barebacking in just the same way as there is from the other 2 examples I gave. But just the same as the other 2 most people who indulge in it do not die as a result. Simie.
  11. Flash, I don't know anything about this particular case. But as you said Thai police are not supposed to be armed off duty. But as I'm sure you know yourself this often is'nt the case! How many times in your long experience of Thailand have you read about a pissed up off duty cop starting shooting after a row with someone? :smirk: Of course most of these cases are between Thais, so don't make the news in the farang media. Nothing to do with this particular case, but unfortunately guns and drink just don't mix. I remember my father telling me about a young guy in his unit in North Africa during WW2. He took a captured Berretta on leave with him to Cairo and pulled it and shot and killed a guy in a drunken argument/brawl in a bar. He was later hanged for the killing. Simie.
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