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  1. You can get the exact time based on the angle each hand makes with 12 o'clock. Minute hand does 360 degrees in 60 minutes = 6 degrees a minute, 1/10 degrees a second. Hour hand does 360 degrees in 12 hours = 0.5 degrees a minute, 1/120 degrees a second. If you count midnight as the start, they should overlap 23 times in 24 hours.
  2. Assuming that the 2 is squaring the y in the first term, then yes, you'd use the quadratic formula to solve.
  3. Pretty amazing the guy was able to stay on the lam as long as he did. Not sure what, if anything, will change now that he's dead. I'm sure someone's already taken his place.
  4. Bribery is fully entrenched in the culture of the police. None of them HAVE to do it, they choose to do so, and it's probably a big reason a lot of them seek out the job to begin with. If they truly had a moral problem they'd either not accept the bribes, or find a different job altogether.
  5. I get pulled aside and searched pretty much every time I come home from Thailand. They always ask the same stupid shit....where did you go, why where you there, where do you work, what do you do, etc etc. Then comes the luggage search. They never find anything of course ,and that seems to really piss them off. Fuckers
  6. I doubt they could fill up a theater with enough people who actually care.
  7. I like Bourdain, although since he quit smoking, got married and had kids the show hasn't really been the same IMO. The episode in Laos is from a few years back. He's been to Thailand and Vietnam a couple times, and the show coming up next week is in Cambodia.
  8. Of course it does. Can you name one country that doesn't?
  9. Got sent the above photo by a friend of mine in BKK. The sign above the seats says something along the line of 'these seats for white skinned people' and is part of an advert for some whitening cream. The creams are nothing new of course, and I have no problem with them, but this advertisement is really in poor taste IMO. No shock they didn't put this one in English too.
  10. I've used ThaiFly but never gotten the lowest fare they advertise. I'm pretty sure the dates on those flights are extremely limited.
  11. Anyone used one of those guys out on the streets with a sewing machine? I need to get some work done on a couple shirts I have. I'm guessing I could just take them to one of the tailor shops, but then I'd probably have to endure a sales pitch about buying suits and shit, which I'd rather avoid.
  12. From poking around on the net I was able to find that AIS, DTAC and TRUE all offer data plans for prepaid sims. They can be purchased in hourly amounts, or by paying a flat fee for unlimited 30 day use. TRUE does appear to have the best data coverage around BKK, but I've heard their voice coverage is spotty elsewhere. Since I'll be moving about the country I'll probably give them a miss and go with one of the other two.
  13. I'm aware of how to download and install apps. What I'm after is whether or not the charges for data are included in prepay, or if I'll have to buy a separate plan and have it activated, etc.
  14. I'd also be interested in where you found Citadines for 1200.
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